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Survivor 3: Immunity Challenge #7

Discussion in 'Reality Bytes' started by Colin, Jun 4, 2007.

  1. Colin

    Colin Oh... this is not good.
    Staff Member Administrator

    Apr 22, 2001
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    Dacia! Trajan!

    Welcome back. It's been a few weeks, but here we find ourselves back at the illustrious Immunity Challenge Arena.

    To Ease everyone back into the swing of things, we're gonna have a challenge that's not overly insane.

    But before we can get started with this week's challenge... some business... Dacia... you have one extra participant, you'll need to sit someone out.

    Top Cat steps forward...

    Top Cat: "Colin, at this time, due to personal reasons, I wish to withdraw myself from Survivor. "

    *everyone stands somewhat stunned by this announcement*

    Colin: Well, if that's what must be done, I respect that decision. One of our producers will escort you out.

    *Top Cat leaves at the heel of a producer*

    Okay, well, since that pretty much takes care of a vote out for this week... we really don't need to do a challenge, do we?

    But... in the interest of everyone who has gathered, the producers have discussed it and we have decided to make this week's challenge... a REWARD CHALLENGE!

    It's a tribal reward challenge, where each member of the winning tribe will receive a $5 Amazon.com gift card!

    In this challenge, you will be given a list of names of places that all have something in common... they are supposedly haunted. In this week's challenge, provide me with the following for each: The Location of the place (try to be specific) as well as WHY the area is believed to be haunted.

    The tribe that gets the most correct answers, will split $20 in Amazon Gift certificates amongst themselves. You will have until Friday 11:59pm to complete your task.

    Survivors Ready?!

    1. Alkimos
    2. Aokigahara
    3. Babenhausen Barracks
    4. Belcourt Castle
    5. Bhangarh Ruins
    6. Borgvattnet
    7. Borley Rectory
    8. Brinton Lodge
    9. Brown Grand Theatre
    10. Bunnyman Bridge
    11. Ceperley House
    12. Forbidden Plateau
    13. Fremantle Prison
    14. Gibraltar Point Lighthouse
    15. Hampton Court Palace
    16. Hycroft Mansion
    17. Kemper Arena
    18. manor of Grönvik
    19. Nicholas Street Gaol
    20. Okiku's Well
    21. Pelabuhan Ratu
    22. Porsgrunn Sykehjem
    23. Port Arthur
    24. Ramoji Film City
    25. Raynham Hall
    26. Rehmeyer's Hollow
    27. Reichenstein Castle
    28. Sanjay Van
    29. Temple Newsam
    30. The Palace of Scheffler
    31. Tuen Mun Road
    32. Vanderlip Mansion
    33. Whaley House
  2. Colin

    Colin Oh... this is not good.
    Staff Member Administrator

    Apr 22, 2001
    Likes Received:
    Sorry for the delayed posting of the results...

    but let it be known

    the winner of this week's Reward Challenge is...






    Congratulations! Each member of Trajan has won a $5 amazon gift card.

    Just so you know, I'm going out for the evening, and most of the day tomorrow, but I'll try to post the answers and send the gift cards out Sunday Evening/Monday.

    There shouldn't be much delay in next week's challenge, because of my weekend retreat :)

    Once again, Congratulations to Trajan for winning the reward challenge!

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