Survivor 3: Immunity Challenge #7 - For Real This Time!

Discussion in 'Reality Bytes' started by Colin, Jun 11, 2007.

  1. Colin

    Colin Oh... this is not good.
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    Apr 22, 2001
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    Dacia! Trajan!

    Welcome back! It's been a while, however... Immunity is once again up for grabs!

    In this week's challenge, we partner with one of the most nefarious, infamous criminal masterminds of our time... Carmen Gwendiego... I mean Carmen Sandiego!

    Hit it Rockapella!

    (Out of nowhere, a Rockapella cover band appears and starts singing the theme song to "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego... not very well ;))

    So, in this week's challenge, you have the task of sorting out the guests at Carmen's Grand Re-Union! Below, is a list of 66 VILE Henchman that you know and love... your job is to tell me where you know and love them from. Please Note: Specific Editions MUST be mentioned!

    As always, the tribe who submits the complete correct answers OR the tribe with the most correct will win. As always, your challenge is due in no later than Wednesday, 11:59 PM, Eastern.

    Are you ready, Detective? It's time to catch that crooked criminal!

    1. Armand Geddon
    2. Avery Little Bit phelps
    3. Baron Grinnit
    4. Baron Wasteland
    5. Bea Miupscotti
    6. Bessie May Mucho
    7. Buggs Zapper
    8. Carmine
    9. Casey Ran Sirah
    10. Claire Voyant
    11. Dalla Kitessen
    12. Dazzle Annie Nonker
    13. Dee Cryption
    14. Double Trouble
    15. Dr. Belljar
    16. Eartha Brute
    17. Fast Eddie B
    18. G. Whiz Bang
    19. Gypsy Rose Lasagna
    20. Hanover Fist
    21. Heidi Gosikh
    22. Homer deBrave
    23. Imra Dillow
    24. Jacqueline Hyde
    25. Justin Case
    26. Ken Hartley Reed
    27. Kit Incaboodle
    28. Kitty Liter
    29. Kneemoi
    30. Lady Agatha Wayland
    31. Laverne Onions
    32. Lee & Bill Ding
    33. Liebsen Bounz
    34. Lief Malone
    35. Lucinda Boltz
    36. Luke Warmwater
    37. Marty Graw
    38. Mary LaRoche
    39. Medeva
    40. Moms DeWerd
    41. Morton U. Bargandfore
    42. Nebulous Doolittle
    43. Nick Brunch
    44. Patty Larceny
    45. Phil R. Yup
    46. Rhoda Lottamiles
    47. Rita LaBoudit
    48. RoboCrook
    49. Rosa Arozas Arose
    50. Sarah Nade
    51. Scar Graynolt
    52. Sherrif Paul Drive
    53. Shlomo Replay
    54. Sir VILE
    55. Skip Tumelu
    56. Stanley Cupp
    57. Sven Galli
    58. Tab Stop
    59. The Contessa
    60. Tippi Canoe
    61. Top Grunge
    62. Venus H. Pencil
    63. Verna-Lee Kwinox
    64. Vic the Slick
    65. Wonder Rat
    66. Yul B. Sorry
  2. Colin

    Colin Oh... this is not good.
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    Apr 22, 2001
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    Both tribes have submitted their answers!

    The judges have reviewed all answers...

    The final results...

    Dacia got 9 correct!

    Trajan got 25 correct!

    Congratulations Trajan, you have won immunity!

    Dacia, I'll see you at Tribal Council!
  3. Weatherman

    Weatherman Space...not what it used to be
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    Nov 19, 2001
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    Sweet deal.

    Where the heck did you find all of those names? I couldn't find a bunch of them anywhere online.

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