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Survivor 2: The Beginning of the End...

Discussion in 'Reality Bytes' started by Colin, Oct 23, 2005.

  1. Colin

    Colin Oh... this is not good.
    Staff Member Administrator

    Apr 22, 2001
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    *It's the middle of the night when someone here's a shuffling outside of the tent... after much arguing on how they should determinte the source of the shuffle, Red Giant comes up with an idea and the final three Survivors draw straws to determine who should leave the confines and safety of the tent to investigate... Gwen loses and has to go out to investigate. Upon searching for a whole 10 seconds, she gives up and goes back to sleep... a frustrated Dalek goes outside and finds a piece of paper pinned to the tent flap*

    Good Evening Survivors!

    23 players started this game. 23 players had the dream of becoming the Sole Survivor.

    You three have outwitted, outplayed, and outlasted the other 20 players who started the game with you. Tomorrow morning you will begin your final rite of passage here on the glacier.

    See you then.


    *The Survivors realize at this point there's not much they can do but sit and wait...and fall back to sleep.*
  2. Colin

    Colin Oh... this is not good.
    Staff Member Administrator

    Apr 22, 2001
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    *Several hours later, Colin appears at their campsite to three snoring Survivors...*

    *into megaphone*

    GOOD MORNING! I realize it's still early.... but it's time to start your rites of
    passage here on the glacier. Head over to the Immunity Challenge area and you'll begin your activity. Here, you'll begin walking a trail along the edge of the glacier, where you will find the torches of the Survivors who have fallen before you. It's at this time when you three will need to remember the fallen camrades with a few words. Once you have adequately remembered that survivor, you will hold the torch in your hand and drop it off the edge of the glacier. You'll continue along that path until you reach the site of your final Immunity Challenge...

    I'll see you there!

    [​IMG] Maryna
    [​IMG] Sailor Chibi Otaku
    [​IMG] The Dork Knight
    [​IMG] imisshostinCCF
    [​IMG] Artimus Gigan
    [​IMG] sag_2002
    [​IMG] KnuxFive
    [​IMG] Dark Gojira
    [​IMG] KuwabaraTheMan
    [​IMG] MahouShoujo13
    [​IMG] TimTwoFace
    [​IMG] Eddie G
    [​IMG] TheBaldOneMpls
    [​IMG] Freedom Fighter
    [​IMG] bearpod91
    [​IMG] CoolSSJEnergy
    [​IMG] Pupmon 4.0
    [​IMG] Catlover
    [​IMG] Weatherman
  3. Lord Dalek

    Lord Dalek Uncreative Hack

    Aug 17, 2003
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    Not much for eulogizing...

    Maryna, Sailor Chibi Otaku, TDK, ImisshostinCCF, what can I say? They could have been great players but simply didn't want to play.

    Gigan, you shouldn't have played the agressor in a game where we voted you off.

    Sag_2002 and Otacon, I only knew you as competetors.

    Knux, I do apollogize. It was Tim's idea.

    Dark Gojira, again my condolences.

    KuwabaraTheMan, you tried to get rid of me three times. That was two times too many.

    MahouShoujo13, I wish we could have kept you on our tribe but things didn't work out that way.

    Tim... it had to be done.

    Eddie G, it was my fault and I'm sorry.

    Catlover and Weatherman, what can I say? You guys were great teammates.
  4. Red

    Red Hmm

    Oct 8, 2001
    Likes Received:
    Maryna, Sailor Chibi Otaku, TDK, ImisshostinCCF - Shame all of you decided to waste our spots for more competitors, oh well.

    Gigan - You were a great player, but just were...too good.

    Sag_2002 - I knew you before this, so was a shame to see you go.

    Otacon - Didn't know you that well, sorry.

    Knux - As with Dalek....it was Tim's fault, I would have liked you to stay a little longer.

    Dark Gojira - Sorry to see you go as well.

    KuwabaraTheMan - See ya!!!

    MahouShoujo13 - Good player, just another Timinated player.

    Tim - No explanations here, YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID.

    Eddie G - You got traded to us and did nothing. Ehhhhh

    Catlover and Weatherman - Great teammates who were good to us through the end.

    Bald, Freedom, Bearpod, CoolSSJ, Pupmon - You were good competitors, but teamwork let you guys down. Sorry
  5. guinaevere

    guinaevere agent provocateur

    Sep 14, 2002
    Likes Received:
    I am absolutely ashamed of Colin for not kicking me out for holding this up for so flipping long. No, I apologize to everyone for putting up with my first absense (hurricane) and my latest hiatus (food poisoning with an added bonus of viral pneumonia). So I do heartfully apologize to everyone for keeping this fun, fast-paced game drawnout way beyond the way it ought to have been.

    Now to the fallen.

    Maryna the Tease. Signing up for the game, anticipating the game is always fun. And that is as far as ye got. Verily I say unto thee, One must submit an answer to the first challenge in order to make it to the next.

    I mourn the passing of Maryna the Tease.

    Sailor Chibi Otaku the Sassy. Our very opinionated, our very proud Canadian cousin who I looked forward to sparring with throughout the game. She left us too early. Leaving us thirsty for what might have been.

    I mourn the loss of Sailor Chibi the Sassy.

    The Dork Knight the Knight Dorkly. He who patrols our community, making the boards safe at night for dorks and geeks alike. He left our game, in order to be able to better keep the city free from crime and spam.

    I mourn the passing of the Dork Knight, the Knight Dorkly.

    imisshostinCCF the banned. He who missed hosting CCF. Has he left us to return to hosting CCF? We may never know for sure.

    I mou- well...

    Artimus Gigan the Newly Engaged. Our very own Gigi of Shadow Teams and Tall Tales. Who too quickly left, leaving his fellow Survivors robbed of much humor.

    I would mourn the loss of Artimus Gigi, but feel as if I should instead celebrate his engagement to Sam Kury Wagner the Engaged Muchly.

    Otacon the Eight-Sided Convention. (Or it is the Eight-Sided Criminal?) Actually, Otacon isn't truly an eight-sided anything, as he spells his name wrong. It should be Octacon. But have it your own way. Be the best side character in MGS. See what I care. If you were Snake, you'd have won this game. As it is, you only drive off with him in the sunset in Meryl's place.

    I mourn the loss of Otacon the Eight-Sided MGS guy.

    sag_2002 the sagging. It hasn't been since three long years ago, no it hasn't been since 2002 since he has began sagging openly. In public, no less. Scaring the women and children of his medievill village with reckless abandon. Caring not for his forsaken Survivors shivering with cold.

    I mourn the passing of sag_2002.

    KnuxFive of Five Knuxles. Joining the game with little reason more than to vote me off, he abandoned the polar locale quickly, quietly. Stealing our rations of tapioca and toilet paper, to sell them on the black market, using the profits to further his Nintendo collection.

    I kick KnuxFive of Five Knuxles in the shin. And stomp on his Power Pad.

    Dark Gojira the Rubber-Suited Japanese Monster
    . We were from the same clan once upon a time. A faithful friend and competitor, whose only fault was that he ravaged Tokyo repeatedly. He promised to ravage his way through Immunity Challanges, but met his match. I am starting a petition for a better ending. Or at least, a sequal.

    I mourn the loss of Dark Gojira the Rubber-Suited.

    KuwabaraTheMan the uh, Man. Despite all efforts in aiding Yusuke in detecting spirits and fighting bad and nasty ones, his campaign on Survivor was comparitavely short-lived. No pun intended.

    I mourn the passing of KuwabaraTheMan the Man.

    MahouShoujo13 the 14th. She who laughs at unlucky numbers and competition in frozen arctic settings. Supported by her twin back at home who I know for a fact sent Mahou 2 electric blankets, and selfishly kept them both (which turned out to be no big deal as Dalek had exclusive rights to the power supply for nightly recharging). She could bear the harsh temperatures no longer and left us with that much less joy.

    I mourn the loss of Mahou Shoujo13 the 14th.

    TimTwoFace the Janus of Duplicity. The sole winner and conquerer of Survivor mach 1. Who planned and saw another victory to add to his accolades. His inner circle became paranoid and proved his undoing. An unfair and surprize twist in this game of twists, surprizes and unfairness.

    I mourn the passing of TimTwoFace the Janus of Duplicity.

    Eddie G the Author of the Alphabet. It was a dark and stormy night when Spelling out his plans and chances, writing the script behind the scenes and waiting only for the clock to strike and seal the fate of his fellow stranded survivors. But no one could forsee the surprize ending when Eddie's plans for emerging victor fell to the one clue he overlooked. Yes, the fingerprints on the can opener were HIS!!!!

    I mourn the loss of Eddie G the Author of the Alphabet.

    TheBaldOneMpls of Millinery. Seeing his Folically-Challanged status as something not to be feared or ashamed of, but a sexy attribute, TheBaldOne has gone into designing, marketing and modelling hat wear. His winter line was a huge hit among his fellow Survivors. My personal favorite was the 10-Gallon Marmot-skin. Not only extremely attractive, but functional as well. It doubled for concealing items you wished to keep away from crafty, sneaky and potential theiving fellow Survivors.

    I mourn the passing of TheBaldOneMlps of Millinery.

    Freedom Fighter of Fighting Freedom. Keeping the streets safe from Communist aggressors, invading from the Soviet Union, he spent a short time on our frozen island paradise. Not unlike Siberia. But an urgent notice that he was needed back on the fighting lines stole him from our competition. The price of Freedom is very, very high indeed.

    I mourn the loss of Freedom Fighter of Fighting Freedom.

    bearpod91 the 19th. At first hearing that bearpod would be stranded with us in our arctic retreat, we first all assumed he would have an inane advantage. But when we were all drop-shipped in and met him, our fears were soon calmed, as we saw he was not a hearty cold-weather mammal... but a Koala. We had a hard time getting Mahou away from the adorable guy, but eventually we did. He has now returned to his natural home, Chicago.

    I mourn the passing of bearpod91 the 19th.

    CoolSSJEnergy the Energetic. Of all my competitors, nothing could have prepared me for going up against a Super Sayan. I played a lot of DBZ Budokai to get in fighting form, but there's just no comparison. I think the only reason CoolSSJ is no longer in the game is because there wasn't a single dragon ball around. He went off to search other parts of the planet.

    I mourn the loss of CoolSSJEnergy the Energetic.

    Pupmon 4.0 Beta. After a buggy release of Pupmon 3.2 and 3.3, the later versions were granted a very large and necessary debugging team. We on the island were lucky enough to beta test Pupmon 4.0 and all of it's upgrades. Including the food processor and and the bluetooth dog polisher.
    If it weren't for magnetic interference from Dalek's power regulator, he'd still be in the running.

    I mourn the passing of Pupmon 4.0 Beta.

    Catlover the Ferocious Feline. Actually that's a misnomer. Catlover is neither Ferocious nor Feline. He's actually a sweetheart of a guy. Smart and subtle. But don't let that fool ya. His claws dig in, and he sticks with the task at hand with incredible tenacity.

    I mourn the loss of Catlover the Ferocious Feline.

    Weatherman the Sunny Day. After a crash course at the So You Want to Study Meterology School of Meterology, Weatherman graduated with highest honors, the Charlie Brown Storm Cloud of Scattered Showers. Oddly enough, it was a freak electrical storm that zapped Weatherman one night whilst sleeping, and he was no longer able to compete with the dwindling numbers of surviving Survivors.

    I mourn the passing of Weatherman the Sunny Day.
  6. Colin

    Colin Oh... this is not good.
    Staff Member Administrator

    Apr 22, 2001
    Likes Received:
    ...and with that, your Rites of Passage has concluded.

    You will now await here at this spot for the commencement of your final immunity challenge. All you need to know shall be revealed on the 'morrow.

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