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Discussion in 'Artists Wanted' started by BDC, Apr 23, 2013.

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    I have been itching to get this illustrated for some time.

    This started as a simple tabletop RPG among friends. What happened after that was absolute hilarious. The guys in this game created some of the most memorable and imaginative characters EVER. And, I, as a writer, couldn't help but immortalize them.

    Now, this is STARWARS characters and I don't own the rights (Disney does now). BUT I thought maybe we could put something together for fun and get some attention on some fanfiction sites. If we strike a nerve like I think we will, maybe we can get noticed and actually get this in print.

    Some of the characters:

    A Toydarian Slicer with a megalomaniacal God complex and an info stick loaded with priceless info. Too bad it's locked and near impossible to get into.



    A Zexx smuggler with a past in Shockboxing and a future going nowhere but to the bar.



    An Abyssian Bounty Hunter who didn't kill the wrong man or the right man, but is on the run anyway.



    A Jawa Jedi with the Force abilities to fix almost anything and dreams of being a real Jedi!


    A Nimbanel hoverboarding teen who dreams of getting out of the family business of accounting for the Hutts and taking his board to fame!


    A strange J9 droid unit with a mysterious past...

    This is just the beginning....I have SO much to show you my padawan. So many dark, funny things. If you are interested, PM me. I have other projects, but this one is, by far, the most fun.


    As you can see...I really need help...

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