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  1. damien39120

    damien39120 Guest

    Please help me if you can. The classic, southern, whistling wolf in Avery's toons. Me and a friend of mine remember him being in a confederate uniform and carrying a a hobo style pack over his shoulder. Are we remembering wrong or is it just hard to find. Let me know if you remember it and let me know the title or some pics of it please, it is driving us crazy. thanx
  2. Steve Carras

    Steve Carras SUGAR RUSH!!!!

    Mar 11, 2002
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    The vulpine-type critter, voiced by Daws Butler (1916-1988) a la his later HUCKEBERRRY HOUND characaterization, featured in (film and outfits listed)*

    These MGM Avedry's from c.1955

    BILLY BOY farmer,weears hobo duds at end after he's been eaten outta house and farm by the title goat, who joins him in hobo-hood.
    BLACKBOARD JUMBLE schoolteacher,professor**
    THREE LITTLE WOLVES dogcatcher

    *Also heard in Walter Lantz's largely Avery-directed (till P.J.Smith took over later) 1950S-1960S CHILLY WILLY series as Smedley the beag (or dog), at Warner Bros.in A WAGILY TALE (1958,Freleng) as a dog (end lines lonly) owsned by a little boy also voiced by Daws Butler, and in Hanna-barbera before they borrowed the voice, in RUFF AND REDDY where Daws voiced the first Hb series,voicing the dog Reddy who today in retrospect just like all the others BUtler characters disccused, sounds almost like Huck. Ruff, either as female or male, also marked in voice Don Messick's debut.

    **Perhaps inspire dby then-already retired Kay Kyser,a "poor man's" variaiton perhaps of comicbandleader Spike Jones (kyser,like the Daws characters mentioned) hailed from North Carolina.Incidentally many of his were upbeat novelties heard in Warner cartoons like Bob Clampett's WWII era WE THE ANIAMLS SQUEAK (the mice singing OH LITTLE PLAYMATE)(and for the post-World War II WOODY WOODPECKER theme, bringing us back to Lantz and thus Butler terroity.:)Kyser was caricatured with a Bing Crosby voice--two homespun yet uptempo big band era legends,in Warner's 1938 KATNIP KOLLEGE dir.by Cal Dalton and Cal Howard,but that has no other connection than the professor-and music related ones.:)
  3. damien39120

    damien39120 Guest

    thanx for the info, i looked at those toons and they are close, even found "sheep-wrecked" in which he is in a scarlet outfit close to his dogcatcher uniform, but still not it. We must be crazy and remembering wrongly, thanx tho.
  4. Zach Williams

    Zach Williams Active Member

    Jun 11, 2004
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    I remember "Southern Gator" from Wally gator, but not no "Southern Wolf". Sorry. :sweat:
  5. damien39120

    damien39120 Guest

    No, this wolf was in Droopy cartoons, along with some with spike.I definately remember that he carried a pole with a hankerchief tied into a pack over his shoulder in one toon.:eek: :confused: :confused: I guess i am just out of luck so far...
  6. damien39120

    damien39120 Guest

    I have talked to several more ppl, and they also remember this character in a confederate uniform...aagghh. I will keep trying, and hope someone knows
  7. Matthew Hunter

    Matthew Hunter Super Genius

    Apr 24, 2001
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    He was from MGM's Droopy cartoons, and I think all but one were directed by Tex Avery. He was voiced by Daws Butler. While he never exactly wore a Confederate uniform, he did show a bunch of Droopy-like kids how to draw a Confederate flag in "Blackboard Jumble", and he makes a few asides hinting at it in "Three Little Pups".

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