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  1. Space Cadet

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    Aug 25, 2002

    Episode 230: "Cartman Finds Love"

    The mid-season finale airs tonight at 10 PM Eastern. Here is the synopsis:

  2. ToonFan83

    ToonFan83 I'll grow old, but never up

    Feb 25, 2007
    Really? All-4-One?
  3. army128

    army128 New Member

    Nov 3, 2011
    Funniest episode yet. Eric had to go such lengths by being gay to Kyle, just so his shipping goal can be achieved. The songs are pretty good actually. :D
  4. Tobias

    Tobias Who you gonna call?

    Sep 17, 2002
    A, A
    Cartman did something nice? Granted, it was purely out of racism, but still, him going out of his way to bring joy to two people was just... odd to watch.
  5. Daxdiv

    Daxdiv Yo-Kai Son!

    Dec 14, 2007
    Unova, AKA Pokémon's NY
    I swear, I think Cupid Cartman might be my favorite alternative Cartman. I just like how he got his revenge near the end by hooking him up with the girl with bad breathe. That's what he gets for beating him up.
  6. Evil Jeremy

    Evil Jeremy Member

    Feb 11, 2007
    Mr. Garrison teaching the class about Game of Thrones was inspired. Just a funny episode all around.
  7. Radical

    Radical The Face of Evil & Epicness!!!!!

    Nov 7, 2004
    Epic/hilarious romance episode,

    The highlights:
    Butters always panicing for important news, hahahahahaha.
    Nicole the new black girl is a great new girl character.
    Eric being nice to make Token/Nicole become a couple was weird/great, it's kind of nice seeing Eric become less evil jerky/more soft next to Bart/Homer, Stewie Griffin, Prince Zuko, and Courtney/Noah/Heather(Total Drama World Tour).
    Eric eavesdropping hearing Nicole liking Kyle, hahahahaha.
    Eric being gay for Kyle, poor Kyle, hahahahahahaha:D:p, Eric turning out to be a homosexual surprises me.
    Eric's Batmobile diversion, hehehe.
    Token/Nicole are such a cute black couple.
    I love that Cupid Eric who's cute/creepy/hilarious, hahahahahahahaha.
    Eric's version of the I'll Be There song, hehehe.
    The realistic drawing picture of Token/Nicole.
    Cupid Eric hogging Eric's bathroom, hahahahahaha.
    Poor Token/Nicole's break up.
    Eric beating up the poor Cupid Eric, hahahahaha.
    Kyle's crush on Nicole is nice next to his cute crush on Rebecca the homeschool girl.
    Token thinking Kyle is gay, hahahahahahaha:p:D!!!!!!
    Eric's "NOOOOOOO" lines, hahahahahaha.
    Stacy is one ugly girl, wooooooow.
    Eric's gay love for Kyle in the basketball stadium, hahahahahahahaha:p:D!!!!!!!
    Token/Nicole back together, sweet.
    The Cupid Eric's revenge on Eric making Stacy love Eric, hahahahahahaha, Eric deserved it.
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  8. Luna

    Luna Daydreamer

    Apr 2, 2002
    Fantasy Land
    This one was my favorite of the season so far....

    Cartman immediately deciding that the new girl,Nichole,and Token belong together because they're both black,and then sabotaging Kyle's chances with her (and the rest of the girls) by saying that he and Kyle are a gay couple....

    Nichole's conversation with her parents about dating Token (mom doesn't have a problem with it,dad points out she doesn't automatically have to date black boys)...

    Cartman's scenes with Cupid-Cartman,who only he can see....Cartman's insanity/childishness is always good for a laugh...especially in the end,where Cartman's own "likes belong together" philosophy backfires on him,and his Cupid self makes the fat girl with halitosis fall in love with him (in revenge for being beaten up by Cartman earlier)...

    Nichole and Token deciding that they like each other anyway,and that they don't care if people assume they're only together because they're both black was a very sweet moment...
  9. King_of_doom

    King_of_doom kiva fan

    May 23, 2005
    The title was sooo misleading but in a good way.

    As everyone this was one of the best episodes of this season. I was actually expecting to see what Token had to say and surprise to see Cartman telling Token what he thinks of the new girl i just laugh. Cartman really push it when he told Nichole that him and Kyle are a couple i just laugh since it wasn't the first time they confused both of them as lovers.

    Cupid me was just funny and laugh how Cartman interacted with him even when he hit him with a bat. The ending was cute showing Token and Nichole what they really feel about each other and the ending was funny tho i was expecting Kyle to punch Cartman at the end.

    Mid season episode was worth watching better then the previous episodes.
  10. Evil Jeremy

    Evil Jeremy Member

    Feb 11, 2007
    Also, any episode where Cartman says mother****** is an automatic winner. The way he says that word is incredible.
  11. Neo Ultra Mike

    Neo Ultra Mike Creeping Shadow of "15000"+ Posts

    May 18, 2006
    East Northport
    Well glad to see we're at least ending this run after all the somewhat toned down poop jokes, elderly TV jewelry buying, internet memes, jewish bigfoot reality, Bully prevention videos, and surviving ziplining with what I believe Matt and Trey call a "Peanuts" episode. Where it isn't about any actual current ongoing issues or big events or major spoofs but rather just little adventures with the boys. And in this case Cartman trying to hook up new girl Nicole with Token believing everyone of the same race should be together. On one hand that's usual Cartman awful but actually... it's actually pretty nice for Cartman. I mean yeah he is trying to force people to be together but it is because he wants the two of them to be happy and did seem actually sad when they broke up before getting them back together. Besides though obviously Cartman didn't get it the message is obviously about if you love someone skin doesn't matter and even if it seems cliche for a black girl to end up with a black guy there isn't anything wrong with that if the two love each other and aren't together just for that reason. Plus it's nice to see a more positive Token episode since when he usually does get screen time it's to make a point about his race anyway (like "Funnybot") so glad to see him hook up with a good girl. I also liked the continuity nods as well with Wendy mentioning she had dated Token for awhile (from "Raisins") and Kyle's love of Basketball (From "Mr. Garrison's Fancy New Vagina").

    And in addition there were a lot of good jokes. Butters running all the way down the hallway to inform everyone there's a new girl, instantly telling Token he should be with Nicole (I admit I thought there would be a Token and Nicole relationship as well just after seeing her so I guess maybe I'm a bit racist in that regard), Mr. Garrison's class discussing Game of Thrones's plot (it's a nice reminder of when Garrison wouldn't teach the boys anything besides about TV shows and actors that kids wouldn't actually know), Cartman trying to get Token to flirt back with Nicole, Cartman pretending he and Kyle are a gay couple to Nicole and that being a runner (it's even funnier since Kyle/Cartman is such a popular slash couple and this just feeds the fire just like the whole Kyle/Cartman plot from "Imagationland" did that), Cartman stalking Nicole and Token in their romance montage, Cartman's angel side only he could see (mostly for the joke about the angel side using the bathroom and Cartman beating it up and then him being set up at the end), Nicole's father being against Nicole and Token and the white meat line, Token thinking Kyle was hitting on him, the laxitive commerical being what got Cartman to try saving their relationship. Cartman singing about him and Kyle being together, and the Batmobile diversion working twice. So yeah very good stuff and definetly one of the best episodes of this season. Hope the next half of season 16 has some even better eps that mix normal ones like this with parody ones that hopefully will spoof more then just reality TV shows.
  12. Christopher Glennon

    Christopher Glennon Punch Drunk Flounder Staff Member Reporter

    Nov 22, 2003
    My Own Nonsensical World
    I was kind of surprised to see South Park tackle the issue of two characters/people of the same race being forced into a romantic relationship because their skin is the same color. It's funny considering the debate going on with the Aqualad/Rocket pairing over in Young Justice.

    I thought this episode explored the idea well, I was amused by Nichole's parents, and I liked that Nichole and Token really did come to like each other despite initially avoiding each other simply because it'd be stereotypical.

    Cartman was also funny, particularly with Cupid Cartman, which was...a little disturbing.

    Nah, you just know the show well enough to know that they won't introduce a new, black character without using that in the plot.

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