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Sifter's animations

Discussion in 'The Drawing Board' started by sifter, Nov 27, 2013.


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  1. sifter

    sifter Guest

    Here goes nothing.
    Alright, I'm Sifter as known as Sifterpivoter in many other sites. I'm not as known and the domain that I'm in isn't as popular. I have 4 years of animating experience. Nonetheless, I'm gonna show you some of my animations hoping that I will receive feedback as soon as possible. Before that, I'd like to know wether I'm alowed to shocase my own work or not. If not, then any staff member can delete this thread emmediately. Also, notice that my animations are short and some of them are still in progress or just tests that turned out great. Gonna leave you with the animations now:

    DDC12 preview:

    Laser gun

    Cyborg not perfect?

    Acrobatics test.

    Weapons test.

    And also a complation of my old animations:

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