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Sidekick Season 4 Renewed for 4 Episodes!!

Discussion in 'The Nicktoons Forum' started by William Vo, Sep 20, 2017.

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  1. William Vo

    William Vo Premire Date for more Cartoons!!

    Aug 17, 2017
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    Hi partners,

    I accept for Todd Kauffman, Butch Hartman, Chris Savino, and Jeff Kline. But there’s 4 episode that last 3 seasons from YTV and Cartoon Network since change to Nickelodeon Shows and Discovery Family Shows but not the Burns Family. For 4 episode is: “The Forbidden; Friendly Business” - Move it or Lose it?; The Racecar for Desire” - “Happy Splashgiving; Vaniture House” and “The Case of the Cold Weapon; By Shank for Masterpiece” was accept for Nickelodeon. The First 2 episodes is: “The Crystallization” from the Crystal Empire and the Baby Flurry Heart. Thanks for the last 3 Seasons of Sidekick.
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