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    Searching Toon Zone's Animation Wiki works similarly to any other search engine. If you are looking for information on a particular subject, the general best thing to do is to type in search terms that are closely relevant. Such terms would include the title of a cartoon show, the name of a specific creator, and so on.

    If you want a specific article, be specific. In other words, if you want the article on Walt Disney, you would obviously want to type in "Walt Disney." If your search terms match an article title, the Wiki will usually take you directly to that article. Meanwhile, you can type in something more general and you will see a list of articles containing your search terms. For instance, if you type in "Disney" you will likely get quite a few matches.

    When you search and get a search results page, your results will be organized under two sections: '''"Article title matches"''' and '''"page text matches."''' The article title matches will usually be your strongest search results. The page text matches are useful for articles that happen to contain the term you're looking for, even if in passing. For this reason, if you are doing a broad search, it would be best to avoid basic terms like "a," "and," "the," "of," and so on in order to avoid irrelevant search results.

    If you search for a specific topic and get no results, you will be given the option to click a "create this page" link. Doing so will send you to the editing screen, where you can start an article on the topic by yourself and contribute to the Animation Wiki if you desire.

    If you want to browse the Animation Wiki in general, you can view the article list and the category list to see everything that is currently available. These are linked on the [[Main Page]] and can also be found on the list of [| special pages].

    If you have any questions or feel that this article can be improved, please be encouraged to click the "discussion" link and make some comments at the Animation Wiki forum.

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