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Scooby-Doo Meets the Super Friends (fan fiction)

Discussion in 'The Story Board' started by hobbyfan, Mar 16, 2015.

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    Jun 9, 2002
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    I know I wrote an outline for this next story some time back, but I thought it was time to revisit the concept, in the wake of the mini-crossover in Scooby-Doo Team-Up 6. That issue was a bit of a cheat (if you read it, you know what I mean) due to writer Sholly Fisch not doing his homework.

    However, I'm going to put that outline aside and do a different story idea. All characters, other than incidentals created for this story, are copyright DC Comics/Hanna-Barbera/Warner Bros..

    Setting: November 1979
    Chapter 1:

    It began rather innocently when Fred Jones & Daphne Blake had gone shopping at the Coolsville Mall one Saturday afternoon. Two actors, hired to play Batman & Robin for the benefit of the Boys Club, were late for their scheduled show at the mall, and manager Frank Stephens was getting worried. Two hours late.

    "The children are getting restless. Their parents are testy.", Stephens groaned to a janitor, Herman Burke. "This day is ruined."

    "Maybe not, Mr. Stephens.", Burke said. "See that young man? He, I think, could pass for Batman in a pinch."

    While Stephens contemplates the prospect of recruiting Fred, the actors were finally en route to the mall, after a couple of stops along the way.

    "I told you we had to stop and drop the stuff off before we did the show, lamebrain.", "Batman", alias Henry Holbrook, said. "But, no, clock watcher, you said we don't have time."

    "And we don't, big brother.", Mark Holbrook, playing Robin, replied. "Luckily, no one will look in the trunk of the Batmobile. 'Sides, by now, the cops are probably tailing the real Dynamic Duo."

    Actually, the police weren't after Batman & Robin. The Caped Crusaders were away on another case. However, when Superman, who was looking after Gotham City for his friends, answered Commissioner James Gordon's summons, he was stunned to learn of the robberies.

    "Of course, I can vouch for Batman & Robin's whereabouts, Commissioner. They've been in San Francisco on a Justice League matter with Wonder Woman the last two days. They should be returning by nightfall, as they wrapped the case a short time ago.", he said.

    "Then how to account for two men masquerading as the Dynamic Duo, even sounding like them?", Gordon asked. "They had everyone fooled, including the bank president."

    "Don't worry, Commissioner. I'll find them."

    Back in Coolsville, the Holbrook brothers finally arrived at the mall to do their show. In character, they explained their delay by claiming they had to answer an emergency summons in Gotham City to track down three of their worst enemies, The Riddler, Catwoman, & The Penguin. The kids bought into the act, and everything went smoothly. Due to the late start, two later shows previously scheduled were cancelled.

    However, the day didn't end well for Frank Stephens. Having gone to dinner, he returned to his office around six and found it had been broken into. The money raised for the Boys Club to build a newer, modern facility had been stolen. At 6:30, Stephens received a call from the talent agency.

    "I tried getting hold of you earlier, sir, but you weren't available.", Terry Luman said. "Those actors who worked the mall today were fired a week ago. The replacements I hired never came to work yesterday, and were found tied up in their hotel. Their costumes were stolen."

    "Are you serious, man?", Stephens inquired. "Then this day is a total loss!"
    "You missed your chance to be a big star, Fred.", Daphne teased over dinner. "Those actors made it after all, though they had to cancel the last two performances."

    "That's what bugs me.", Fred replied. "Two hours late, and only one show? Something doesn't add up."

    "You're right, Fred, it doesn't add up.", Norville "Shaggy" Rogers said as he joined the couple. "Just heard on the news that the mall's office safe was robbed. The Boys Club isn't getting their building money just yet."

    "How? Mr. Stephens gave the Club president that prop check, which usually means the money would follow later.", Daphne wondered.

    "I don't know. I've been trying to figure that one out on the way here.", Shaggy replied.

    Meanwhile, in Washington, Wonder Woman had been scheduled to address some high school kids, but due to the case in San Francisco, wouldn't make it in time. In this case, there was a handy, ready substitute available----Jayna, one half of the Wonder Twins, who adopted the form of the Amazing Amazon and had rehearsed the speech Diana had written for the occasion. Unfortunately, she wouldn't get the chance to appear on stage.

    Her brother, Zan, in his civilian guise as Gotham City High student John Fleming, was waiting along with 2 dozen other students, including his girlfriend, Mary Lou Turner, who had no idea why Joanna hadn't made the trip.

    "All I know, honey, is that Joanna was helping Professor Nichols with a lab project, and couldn't come.", John said. "She's missing out on all the fun."

    "Then you and I can fill her in at school on Monday.", Mary replied.

    Backstage, though, government agent Alphonso Nelson approached the disguised alien, not knowing who she really was. The government was unaware that the real Wonder Woman was on her way home from San Francisco.

    "Excuse me, Wonder Woman, may I see you a moment, please?", he inquired.

    "Oh, of course.", Jayna answered, doing a perfect mimic of Diana's voice. However, the smile turned into a frown when she saw three other agents waiting for her & Nelson.

    "I am so sorry to do this, but I am placing you under arrest on suspicion of armed robbery.", Nelson said, holding a pair of handcuffs.

    "Seriously? Can you prove it?"

    "Yes, I think we can."
    But, at the same time, Wonder Woman had finally arrived in Washington, and was stunned to find another woman dressed exactly like her exiting a bank. She could see that this ersatz Amazon was actually wearing a black wig over red hair. Capturing the thief was no problem. But when Diana reached the police station, she found Jayna, in handcuffs, and a stunned Nelson.

    "What is going on here?", she asked.

    "I-I-I-I think I've made a grave error.", Nelson replied, seeing the real thief in custody.

    After a quick explanation, the female Super Friends headed back to the theatre. Just then, they received a message from Flash at the Hall of Justice, reporting the series of Bat-robberies in Gotham, Coolsville, and areas in between.

    "Someone's trying to discredit us.", Flash said. "Could be the Legion of Doom."

    "We've got a stop to make, then we'll be at the Hall.", Wonder Woman replied.
    Batman & Robin had returned to Gotham, but were able to avoid being pinned for the thefts at three banks that morning, thanks to Superman. The Dynamic Duo then headed for the Hall of Justice themselves, unaware that their criminal dopplegangers were still on the loose.

    "You think this might be a Legion of Doom plot, Batman?", Robin asked.

    "Given the complexity, perhaps. We'll know for sure soon enough, old chum.", Batman assured him.
    Ok, so where does Scooby fit into all this? We'll see in chapter 2.
  2. hobbyfan

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    Jun 9, 2002
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    Chapter 2:

    While the Super Friends met at the Hall of Justice, Fred had gathered the rest of his team for an impromptu meeting at the Coolsville Library. Since Daphne's parents were on the Board of Trustees, Daphne had a pass key that allowed the gang to use the library for meetings after hours if needed.

    "This much we know,", Fred said. "Two actors hired to portray Batman & Robin when the Dynamic Duo couldn't appear in town today turned out to be crooks. They robbed two banks before coming to town, then robbed the mall's safe before leaving."

    "Add to that the report that a woman posing as Wonder Woman was captured by the Amazon Princess herself in Washington earlier.", Velma Dinkley added. "Anyone care to think that someone would have the gall to pose as Superman, too?"

    "I'd not be surprised.", Shaggy said. "They have plenty of enemies, but for any one of those enemies to hire common folks and actors to do their work for them?"

    "That's so the real bad guys have an air-tight alibi, Shag.", Scrappy-Doo interjected. "It's funny you should mention someone posing as Superman, though."

    "Why's that, Scrap?", Shaggy asked.

    "Someone tried it, and got caught. Apparently they didn't think Superman was in town, and thought it was safe."

    Back at the Hall, Superman was discussing that very subject.

    "He was just a kid, not out of his teens. Homemade costume, with a harness and wires so he could pretend to fly. His accomplices tried to leave, but ran into a police roadblock. They say it's a college stunt gone wrong.", he said.

    "Like, perhaps, freshman hazing?", Jayna asked. "The accomplices were probably with a fraternity that was testing the boy."

    "Exactly right, Jayna. Except that those boys hadn't done their homework. My "double", for lack of a better description, Palmer Lassiter, said the fraternity was offered a pretty large sum of money to carry through with the stunt."

    "Same goes for Jeanne Preston, my doppleganger.", Wonder Woman added. "She too accepted a sizable sum of money. She's another college student down on her luck."

    "Sounds like a pattern is forming.", Aquaman said. "However, the two men who impersonated Batman & Robin are still loose."

    "They won't be for long.", Jayna said as she glanced at a newspaper. "Says here the Wayne Foundation is hosting a state dinner at the Gotham Plaza hotel tomorrow night."

    "Too big a target, Jayna.", Robin said. "Two common thieves posing as Batman & I mingling with world leaders? Unlikely."

    "Maybe not, old chum.", Batman scolded. "Jayna's on to something, and I've got a plan to ferret out the thieves."
    The next morning, Fred received a telegram from no less than Bruce Wayne himself. He called the gang together to meet at his house this time.

    "It's too good to be true, Fred.", Daphne opined. "Someone could be using Wayne's name to lure us into a trap of some kind. We've never met Wayne."

    "No, but it says here that he's heard of us and believes this would be a good opportunity for us to prove we're more than ghost breakers.", Fred replied.

    "It still screams 'trap' at me."

    "You're the only one.", Scrappy replied. "I make a motion we accept Mr. Wayne's offer and head for Gotham City pronto."

    "I second it.", Fred replied. Daphne was the only one opposed, so the gang headed for Gotham.

    Later that night, while the dogs waited in the Mystery Machine, Fred, Daphne, Velma, & Shaggy had been given invitations to the dinner by Alfred Pennyworth, Wayne's butler and chief assistant. Among the distinguished guests was Congresswoman Barbara Gordon, the commissioner's daughter. At exactly 9 pm, the Dynamic Duo made a sudden, surprise appearance, with an equally surprising action, dropping a pair of gas bombs. Barbara and her date, Dick Grayson, collapsed to the floor, or at least acted like it.

    "Should we---?", Barbara asked.

    "No, Babs. Bruce has this covered.", Dick replied.

    Abruptly, Batgirl made a surprise appearance and engaged the thieves. This bought the real Batman time to appear. The crooks tried to leave, but, realizing what was happening, Shaggy sent a signal back to the van. As the thieves headed for the parking lot, Scooby & Scrappy pounced and caught them red-handed. The Holbrook brothers were unmasked, but before they could be loaded into a paddy wagon to be taken to police headquarters, Velma caught sight of a man with a rifle aimed at the brothers from across the road.

    "Look out!", she called.

    Everyone dropped to ground level. Mark, thinking he had a chance to escape, tried to run, but Shaggy tripped him up.

    "Not today, fella. That rifle was aimed at you.", he said.
    Later, Batgirl got her first look at the Hall of Justice, as Robin gave her a guided tour. Meanwhile, Jayna, who had posed as the Dominoed Daredoll, had resumed her own form and rejoined her brother, who was on monitor duty.

    "Sorry you had to miss the fun.", she teased.

    "Not really, sis.", Zan quipped. "Check this out."

    Zan pulled up a tape of a pair of teens dressed as the Twins attempting a robbery at a local grocery. Ironically, the Twins' guardian, Professor Carter Nichols, had a hand in capturing them.

    "Whomever's behind this is thorough.", Zan observed. "Even accounted for us."

    "Yes, but the fabric's all wrong.", Jayna replied. "Looks like used polyester."

    "And how would you know about fashion?", Daphne asked as she joined the twins.

    "In school, you learn a lot of things in and out of class."
    What we still don't know is who's the brains behind this operation. Could it be the Legion of Doom? Or is it someone else? We'll find out soon enough.
  3. hobbyfan

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    Jun 9, 2002
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    Chapter 3:

    Alastair Clementine was having a bad day. A reclusive millionaire, Clementine had sought some, ah, excitement in his life. His personal assistant, Sherwood, informed him of the capture of the six faux Super Friends.

    "Dash it all, Sherwood!", he thundered. "I had everything planned to the last detail. Discrediting those do-gooders can still be done, but another way."

    "Well, sir, here's the best part. Those heroes still have no idea who hired those kids. They don't know about you.", Sherwood offered.

    "Hmm, yes, there's that. Just enough hope to cling to."
    Back at the Hall of Justice, Batman put another plan into motion, this time involving Fred and the gang.

    "We now know the Legion of Doom had nothing to do with those robberies. Lex Luthor and his legion are all locked up, which means someone else funded these jobs.", he said.

    "So now we're back at square one.", Wonder Woman said. "We have no idea who'd do something like this. None of our other enemies would be this brazen to use intermediaries."

    "That's true.", Superman added. "But there is someone with a grudge of some kind against us, perhaps for an imagined slight."

    "Maybe not.", Daphne put in, as she & Jayna were reading that day's Daily Planet. "Anyone ever hear of Alastair Clementine?"

    "The recluse from Australia.", Batman said, snapping his fingers. "Moved to this country about 10 years ago after a project he financed in Sydney collapsed. He's long been suspected of swindling his investors."

    "Now, I remember him.", Superman added. "You & I were called by the Australian government to investigate the implosion of some high-rises down there."

    "Yes, but we couldn't link Clementine to those implosions and explosions. Not enough evidence."

    "Doesn't that mean he's still wanted back in Australia?", Shaggy asked.

    "Yes, you're right, Shaggy.", Wonder Woman said as she checked the Justice League computer. "Clementine has hidden himself somewhere here in the US to avoid extradition back to Australia. Interpol's been investigating, but they can't come up with a trace."

    "Worse than that,", Zan said, "those kids said they had their money wired to them. An anonymous telegram. If Clementine's involved, how did he know where to contact these kids?"

    "Good point, brother.", Jayna replied. "A rich man would have someone do his leg work for him, so that the thieves would never be able to identify him as their patron."

    "Just the same,", Wonder Woman said, "those kids, and the Holbrooks, have all been released on bail. Jayna's right. Someone posted bond for all six of them at the same time."
    "Glad as I am that we're out of jail, I've got a problem with having someone take a shot at me.", Mark Holbrook said as he was led into Clementine's mansion. "What was the point?"

    "The point, lad, was that we can't have loose lips sinking this ship so soon.", Sherwood replied. "Mr. Big said that we couldn't take any chances."

    "Hey, we never met Mr. Big, just you, limey,", Henry replied. "So how would we know if we, ah, blew the whistle?"

    "Hmmmm, there is that point. Perhaps it was just a moment of panic. Now, come along."

    The six were led to a meeting hall, and a man known only as Mr. Big, not Clementine, met them.

    "Our patron assures me that there won't be any more attempts to silence you if you're caught again.", he said. "It was a simple misunderstanding, nothing more. As long as the Super Friends don't know where we are, they won't be able to stop us again."

    "Well, sir, include me out.", Palmer said. "If my folks were to learn I was even arrested and jailed for more than an hour, they'd freak out."

    "Same here.", Jeanne added. "We didn't sign on to steal."

    "Oh, but you did.", Mr. Big countered. "It's in your contracts. In your case, Mr. Lassiter, your parents would freak out more if they realized their every move was being watched carefully."

    "That amounts to blackmail, sir."

    "You can call it blackmail, I call it insurance. To ensure that you do as you're told on your next job."
    As it happened, Carl Hedigan, the head of the fraternity, made his way to the Hall of Justice to meet Superman. He apologized for what happened to Lassiter, and said that the money, he thought, was meant to help the fraternity with some charitable efforts.

    "Palmer wasn't just bailed out.", he said. "The man who gave us the money said that Palmer signed some sort of service contract, and that they'll see to it he returns to class, but not right away."

    "What does this man look like?", Superman asked.

    "British fellow, like a butler-type. Derby, 3-piece suit, the works."

    Superman escorted Hedigan back to the fraternity house, and talked to the other members. They'd all heard from their parents, as well as Lassiter's, and it was here that Superman learned that the Lassiters were being monitored. Later that night, at Gotham Town Hall, the ersatz Super Friends returned, again without a fake Aquaman, but not to put on a show.

    "After all this time, I think it's time we were actually paid for what we do, just like all of you.", "Batman" (Henry) said. "In church, this is known as a free-will offering. Robin will pass the collection plate."

    Commissioner Gordon was in disbelief, but before he could act, he heard a familiar voice in the wings.

    "They won't be leaving with the money. I've seen to that.", Batman said.

    Indeed, the twins, dressed as ushers, intercepted Mark (Robin) Holbrook before he could reach the top of the aisle. The others were caught on stage as the curtain dropped rather abruptly.

    "You don't understand!!", Mark protested. "They'll kill us this time for sure!"

    "That remains to be seen.", Jayna promised.

    At the same time, Superman visited the Lassiters, and captured three men who had staked out the house. They, too, feared they would be killed, but the Man of Steel whisked them to police headquarters at super speed. Other monitors at town hall had also been captured.

    Just before midnight, the Super Friends and Mystery, Inc. reconvened once more at the Hall of Justice.

    "Phase one has been completed.", Batman said. "Those kids are safe now, and the Holbrooks gave us all the information we needed."

    "What is phase 2?", Velma asked.

    "Phase 2 involves you kids.", Wonder Woman said. "Now that we know what we're up against, we can turn the tables on Alastair Clementine and this Mr. Big who's been helping him."
    But is Mr. Big really working for Clementine? We'll see in chapter 4.
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    Chapter 4:

    South Prairie Island is a popular spring break destination for college students, but doesn't get as much attention the rest of the year. A perfect place, then, for a recluse like Clementine, who's about to receive some visitors.

    "I do not understand why you asked me to be your partner, Shaggy.", Jayna said. Instead of using her powers, the shapely alien used makeup and a wig to assume the appearance of an ordinary college student. "I would think your own teammates would be more, ah, what's the word?"

    "Appropriate? Well, normally, I'd say yes, but for once I want to show them that as long as there aren't ghosts and goblins around, I can function as well as the rest of the gang in finding clues. Besides, I didn't want to mention this in front of them, but I happen to be an admirer of yours. And your brother, too.", Shaggy replied. He was dressed in a sharp 3 piece suit. "The gang thinks I'd freak out, otherwise."

    "We'll save the rest of this discussion for later. Here we are."

    The two had found a mansion nestled amidst a wooded area near the beaches. However, no sooner than Shaggy had rung the doorbell than the welcome mat dropped under their feet, sending them down a tunnel and into a jail cell in the basement.

    "Your arrival was anticipated, Mr. Rogers.", Mr. Big intoned. "Although, I must confess, I didn't expect the Exorian girl to be your traveling companion. I was assuming you would have your canine friends with you."

    "There's always room for experimentation in our line of work, sir.", Shaggy replied, trying to avoid showing any fear. "If you knew we were coming, it means that your agents had to have planted a listening device of some kind."

    "Very perceptive, Mr. Rogers. For someone long considered the weak link to your team, you've proven to be far more proficient than I'd been told. Unfortunately, we have to say good-bye to your date for the evening."

    At that moment, two robotic beings lurched toward the cell. Now, it was Jayna's turn to be scared.

    "Y-you may be right about the b-b-bugs planted by those k-k-kids, but how do we get out of here?", she wailed.

    "Easy.", Shaggy replied, eyeing a bucket under the cot. "If that's what I think it is, that's our ticket out."

    Shaggy knelt down and pulled the bucket out. Sure enough, there was water, or, actually.......

    "Head for the corner, Jayna!", he said. "This makeover is only for these buckets of bolts!"

    Jayna did as she was told, and Shaggy hurled the bucket, which spilled acid on both robots, short-circuiting them immediately. Some of the acid hit the cell door, letting them out.

    "I wonder how the others are doing.", Jayna thought to herself as she & Shaggy sought to escape.
    But if Jayna's with Shaggy, how to explain a talking pterodactyl carrying Zan, Fred, & Velma to another part of the island. Once they landed, Zan deactivated, enabling Daphne, dressed as Jayna, complete with a black wig, to resume her normal form.

    "Oh, man, my arms are tired.", she quipped.

    "Well, when was the last time you carried anything until today?", Zan asked.

    "Actually, I'm used to being carried. If I didn't know any better, I'd swear Shaggy's smitten with Jayna, and that's why he made the switch in partners."

    "I've noticed that myself. Jayna does have a certain, ah, animal magnetism to her."

    Abruptly, Fred got a call from Scrappy, who was back at the Hall with Scooby and Wonder Woman.

    "We lost contact with Shaggy & Jayna almost immediately after they touched down. I think Clementine knows about our little scheme."

    "How, Scrappy?"

    "I found a couple of listening devices that fell out of the Batman's cape right before he & Robin left to check on something. Seems to me one of those kids double-crossed us."

    "We'll be careful.", Fred promised.

    As the quartet walked through the forest, Daphne had to be pulled back when Zan spotted a snare. He borrowed a knife from Fred and cut the rope.

    "Scrappy's right. They were ready for us.", he said.

    "There's no way Clementine could be that prepared.", Velma replied. "We don't know much about him, or his accomplices, but someone had to be an expert on traps like these to lay them out in case of visitors."

    "Let's not forget Clementine is a recluse and would prefer to remain alone.", Fred said. "He could've had these traps laid out months or years ago, depending on how long he's been here."
    Meanwhile, at the Daily Planet, Clark Kent was going through the paper's microfilm archives to learn what he could about Clementine. What he found caused a look of concern to form on his face.

    "Clementine's just as much a victim as everyone who's been robbed by the fake Super Friends.", he thought to himself. "And he has no idea how he's been used."
    In the mansion, Clementine was meeting with Sherwood......and Mr. Big.

    "Those kids think they have us cornered. It's the other way around.", Mr. Big said. "We had that shape-changing minx in our grasp, but she's escaped."

    "And what good would that do you?", Clementine asked.

    "Her powers are essential to my remaining a free man, Mr. Clementine. A sample of her DNA will enable me to tap into those powers, without the restrictions she has, and make me even more powerful than ever. You, on the other hand, are this close to becoming expendable."
    Have you guessed who Mr. Big is? We'll all find out in chapter 5.
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    Terrific story as usual Hobbyfan; sounds like you and I are thinking along the same lines as far as Shaggy's interest in women goes.

    I say that because i've had quite a few fan fiction ideas involving Shaggy being attracted to, falling in love with, or dating a young woman who is rather unique; for example, i've had ideas that involve Shaggy together with a mermaid, a witch, a cat creature(Lena from the Zombie Island movie believe it or not, as well as others), and Jayna of the Wonder Twins/Super Friends would definitely fit the unique women category.

    I don't really know why i've thought about pairing Shaggy off with a girl in the unique category(like a witch, or a mermaid), although I have a theory that because Shaggy and Scooby are so accepting of ghosts and monsters and such(even friendly ones), Shaggy falling in love with or being smitten with someone like Jayna for example would seem like a natural match.

    Too bad this isn't set later then 1979, as I could think of a few people(notably Scooby Doo villains) that would be an ideal villain for a situation like this; the magician Chandra from the Scooby and Scrappy episode Halloween Hassle in Dracula's Castle comes to mind(I did have a thought to do a sequel story to that episode where Chandra's sister or a cousin tries to get revenge on Mystery Inc.).

    I'm rather curious about the circumstances that led to Daphne dressing up like Jayna too; if i'm reading the most recent chapter right, it sounds as if the Super Friends used some type of illusion or trickery to make it seem like Daphne was able to change into a Pterodactyl... although it would be rather weird if she actually had some secret power or was given the ability to become an animal temporarily. I don't know if i've shared this with you before, but I actually had an idea like that; mainly Vincent Van Ghoul giving the gang powers to become animals and animal like creatures in order to track down the final ghost from the Chest of Demons and then the group deciding to keep their powers and use them to solve mysteries as usual in addition to being superheroes like the Super Friends and the like.

    It sounds unusual I know, but I was inspired after watching Scooby Doo and the Goblin King in sort of spinning off events from that movie into a fan fiction series.
  6. hobbyfan

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    Nickle, think back if you can to the CN NBA All-Star Jam special in 2003. Jayna was paired with Jason Kidd, then with the Nets, now the coach of the Bucks, who was given Zan's powers for the skit. I just did the reverse. As for Daphne masquerading as Jayna, well, in Scooby-Doo Team-Up 6, she & Fred were given the Twins' costumes to go undercover, though that wasn't really needed.

    Have you figured out the true ID of Mr. Big yet?
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    I vaguely remember that special actually; Daphne having jayna's powers, even temporarily would make for some interesting situations to be sure.

    What did you think of my comments in shaggy being in love with a mermaid or a witch or another woman or girl who is rather unique?

    Also, what did you think of my idea of Vincent van ghoul giving the gang the power to transform into animals and the like? I know it sounds weird I admit, but like I said after watching scooby doo and the goblin king I got inspired to do sort of a fantasy spinoff fan fiction series.

    Hmm... You know I can't say that I've guessed mr. Big's identity yet either.
  8. hobbyfan

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    I've seen Scooby-Doo & the Alien Invaders, where Shag found himself a soul-mate pro tempore. If he wasn't so typecast as a coward that ran from every (fake) monster out there, he could be braver than usual. I read your fan-fic with Van Ghoul giving the MI team temporary shape-changing powers. I'll have to revisit that one and give you a full review another time.
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    Chapter 5:

    Batman, Robin, & Superman returned to the Hall of Justice. At the same time, Scrappy and Wonder Woman were going over some information they'd obtained.

    "Turns out this Clementine fellow used to be in the movie business.", Scrappy said. "Bankrolled a flick to help a down on his luck actor a year ago."

    "Let me see that.", Robin said, taking the paper. His eyes narrowed.

    "Holy blown comebacks!"

    "What is it, Robin?", Batman asked.

    "Take a look. That actor Scrappy referred to was none other than Matt Hagen."

    "Alias Clayface!"

    "Now it all starts to come together.", Wonder Woman added. "Hagen couldn't pull those jobs himself, because it'd be too obvious for someone trying to lie low. He used Clementine to hire the Holbrooks and those kids."

    "Let's not forget we lost track of Shaggy & Jayna when they reached Clementine's mansion. They may already have been captured.", Scrappy said.

    "Wait a minute!", Batman exclaimed. "Shaggy may have thought we could outsmart Clayface by having Daphne & Jayna trade identites, but Hagen wants Jayna for her powers. The bugs Scrappy found tipped him off! We have no time to lose!"
    Meanwhile, Jayna & Shaggy had managed to escape the mansion, and reunited with the rest of their party. Fred & Shaggy hung their jackets on a tree branch, creating a makeshift dressing room so Daphne & Jayna could swap clothes once more. Once that was done, Shaggy filled the others in.

    "This is the one thing my sister & I have dreaded in the 2 1/2 years since we've been here.", Zan said. "That someone would come along and try to exploit us for personal gain."

    "But who is this Mr. Big, anyway?", Jayna asked. "I still don't get that."

    "Maybe this will help.", Shaggy said. He pulled out an old picture he had taken with a pre-Clayface Matt Hagen a few years earlier.

    "I thought I recognized the voice as that of Baron Taklon, a villain Hagen played in his last film before he disappeared about four years ago. I also remember reading how he had an accident that turned him into some sort of monster."

    "Not just any monster.", Scrappy intoned as he checked in via Zan's JLA communicator. "Clayface. The second man to use that handle, according to Batman. Seems that since he's a shape changer....."

    "We get it, Scrap.", Daphne replied. "That explains why he wanted Jayna. Her powers added to his would make him even more powerful than before."

    "But how can he do that? He'd have to take both of us.", Zan protested.

    "I thought of that.", Scrappy replied. "When I did a check on Clementine, it turns out he was also a scientist who had been involved with DNA testing and robotics."

    "That explains those junkers we ran into.", Shaggy said.

    "We could use the extra firepower to put Clayface and Clementine out of business.", Fred said.

    "We're on our way, Fred.", Scrappy said. "We're approaching South Prairie Island as we speak. By the way, Clementine doesn't know this, but Hagen's been draining his bank account dry behind his back."

    Moments later, the rest of the Super Friends, along with Scrappy & Scooby, reached the mansion grounds.

    "While Scrappy was chatting with you kids, we checked with Interpol.", Superman said. "Collin Sherwood, Clementine's long time assistant, and a man matching Hagen's description were seen leaving a bank in London about three weeks ago, right before those robberies started. Seems Sherwood hasn't always been loyal to his boss."

    "Not when his real boss is the almighty dollar.", Fred surmised. "Hagen must've paid him off big time."

    "I have a plan that will force that double-cross right out into the open.", Batman said. "We'll split into small groups and cover every end of the mansion."

    "Don't look now, but Jayna's already got her partner.", Velma chuckled, seeing Jayna & Shaggy together with the dogs.

    "I'd better go with them.", Zan added.

    "My thought exactly.", Batman replied.
    Inside, a security guard reported that all of the traps had been sprung, but were found empty.

    "They must've spotted them at close range.", the guard said.

    "Idiot! You must've left them in plain sight!", Clayface roared. "Those fools will be at our door again shortly, and deliver my prize back to me."

    Suddenly, there came a commotion from the rear entrance. Next instant, the door broke open as Scooby and Jayna, now wearing the form of a German Shepard, had sent two more guards sprawling.

    "Fastball special, Shaggy!", Scrappy called. "Time for some Puppppppppyyyyyyyy Powerrrrrrrrr!!!"

    "Target acquired, Scrap! Time to go long!", Shaggy replied. He cradled the pup in his hand and threw Scrappy through the open door, and, using his forepaws as fists, the tiniest member of Mystery, Inc. dropped another guard.

    Distracted, Clayface lurched toward the source of the commotion, only to walk right into an instant ice shower. However, Zan couldn't hold Clayface for long, and was swatted aside. Just the same, Superman's freeze breath picked up where his teammate left off, and this time, Clayface was stopped cold. Sherwood & Clementine had nowhere to go.

    Agents from the US government & Interpol arrived two hours later. Fred, Velma, & Batman filled them in on all the details. Upon learning of Sherwood's duplicitous double-cross, Clementine, realizing he was still wanted in Australia, agreed to be extradited there in exchange for turning state's evidence against his now-former friend and Hagen.
    Four months later, Fred had decided Mystery, Inc. would take an extended vacation. He & Daphne jetted off to Miami. Velma opted to visit a relative working at Cape Canaveral, aka Cape Kennedy, also in Florida. Shaggy, Scrappy, & Scooby went to Hollywood, hired on as extras for a film being made in the area, a remake of one of Matt Hagen's earlier films. Their scenes were shot all in one day, and just before returning to Coolsville, Shaggy had a brief reunion with Jayna, who was disguised as a redheaded tourist.

    "Caught a bit of a vacation, too, eh?", Shaggy teased.

    "You might say that.", Jayna replied. "It may be a long time before we see each other again, but I couldn't properly say good-bye without this."

    The couple embraced and kissed as if they'd been together for a year, not a few days.

    "I tried to see if you could come out here, just for fun, before flying out, but you were busy.", Shaggy said.

    "I know. Problem is, back at home, I happen to be in a relationship with another fellow."

    "Not surprised. I can't think of anyone who wouldn't fall for you. Just the same, the next time you're in Coolsville, look me up. I know some good restaurants."

    "I'll do the same for you whenever you come to Gotham City."

    "I love you.", they chorused as they shared one last kiss. Shaggy opened his eyes, and Jayna was gone. Scrappy pulled him off cloud nine.

    "Our plane's here.", he said.

    "Time to go home, guys.", Shaggy replied.
    Back at the Hall of Justice, Gleek, the twins' pet monkey, seemed indifferent to the attention Jayna had given Shaggy and the dogs.

    "I wish you could've been with us, Gleek.", Zan said. "Maybe next time."

    And there will be a next time.
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  10. Nickle98499

    Nickle98499 Member

    Dec 14, 2006
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    I really don't think he's typecast per day; it's just that when he's usually brave, it's either when the rest of the gang isn't around or he does something brave by accident. He did get a good chance to be a detective in the 1982 scooby and scrappy season; actually, that's something I plan on using for a few fan fics later on, namely that he goes back to running his uncle fearless's detective agency years later. I'm actually thinking about rewriting that fic where the gang has shape changing powers. I thought up better villains and some changes in plot as well. Sometime I'll repost it, I just don't know when. Incidentally though. The powers van ghoul gave to them are permanent; they'll be able to Change into animals and creatures for short periods of time yes, but they decided in my fic at least, to keep those powers to solve mysteries and fight crime as well. I have a few thoughts down the line to have them meeting the justice league, batman and robin and other superheroes as well. Assuming I ever think up with plots for those stories :)
  11. hobbyfan

    hobbyfan Well-Known Member

    Jun 9, 2002
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    I think the Fearless Detective Agency will reopen when I get around to my next Scooby story later this year. With a tribute to classic detectives.....
  12. Nickle98499

    Nickle98499 Member

    Dec 14, 2006
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    Sounds great; I actually am using that idea in a few stories as well(the fearless detective agency, not the tribute to classic detectives part).

    My thinking is after Shaggy's Uncle Fearless passed away(this would be around the late 1980s or early 1990s), he was left the fearless agency by his uncle in his will.

    So, my thinking was he would take some money he had saved up(from inheritances from family members and money saved up from his various jobs over the years) and he would move to Los Angeles where he would buy a small house along with moving the fearless agency to LA in a new office.

    This of course opens shaggy and Scooby to take all sorts of cases, including a few with ghosts, witches and so on, but also ones dealing with stolen items like art, jewels, basically typical detective story plots.
  13. hobbyfan

    hobbyfan Well-Known Member

    Jun 9, 2002
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    What I'm thinking of right now is doing either a film noir style mystery or doing a homage to Columbo of some kind. Why Columbo? Casey Kasem did a couple of guest gigs dressed as Columbo, but not quite impersonating Peter Falk. One was the Dean Martin Celebrity Roast of Telly Savalas (1974), and the other was a two-part Hardy Boys-Nancy Drew Mysteries episode (1977). You'll see when it comes up. Targeting June or July to start.
  14. Nickle98499

    Nickle98499 Member

    Dec 14, 2006
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    Sounds good; looking forward to reading it when it gets posted.

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