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Sam&Max might be comming to a paper near you.

Discussion in 'Comic Book Culture' started by Psycho Fox, May 3, 2001.

  1. Psycho Fox

    Psycho Fox Toonix Guru

    Apr 28, 2001
    Likes Received:
    A few weeks ago At Large Features Syndicate released a press release. Here it is:

    Gordon Kirkland, President of At Large Features
    Syndicate, Inc. announced this morning that the very
    popular comic book, computer game, and animated
    television series stars, Sam and Max, have joined At
    Large Features Syndicate, Inc.

    Speaking through their representative, comic artist
    Steve Purcell, the crime-fighting dog and "rabitty
    thing" said that they were very excited to be bringing
    stories of their escapades to newspaper readers.

    [...]Kirkland said he was pleased to have Purcell and
    his characters on board adding, "When we decided
    to launch the comic section of At Large Features
    Syndicate, Steve was the first person I thought of.
    The previous success of Sam and Max in other
    mediums, and the numerous fans of the characters,
    make it a great prospect for newspaper comic
    sections in the United States and Canada."

    So far a few papers has agreed to test run it but most are concerened with the content. You might want to contact your local paper and ask them to run the Sam&Max strip and here is the offical site.


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