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Sabrina & the Nano-worms (Sabrina fan-fiction)

Discussion in 'The Story Board' started by hobbyfan, Mar 26, 2013.

  1. hobbyfan

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    Jun 9, 2002
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    Author's note: Trying a little something different this time. With Sabrina due to return this summer in a new animated series on The Hub, and cast as a sort-of superheroine, I thought it'd be a nice idea to see what she could do to use her powers against an ordinary foe. Given the timeless nature of the Archie comics line, well, we don't need to do time frame settings here. All characters, except for incidentals created in this story, are copyright Archie Comics Publications.
    Chapter 1: 10 years ago.

    The air in the Riverdale City Hall's Council chambers was thick with electricity. Before a packed house, Dr. Norman Raemand, a noted scientist and expert on nano-technology, presented a proposal that would bring a nano-tech plant to Riverdale, opening up dozens of new jobs. Council President Hiram Lodge, the city's wealthiest man and a former state Senator, opposed the plan, if only because he had his own selfish designs on the property.

    The measure was put to a vote, which ended 5-2 against the plan. Councilmen Waldo Weatherbee, the principal at Riverdale High, and Fred Andrews were the only ones who voted for the plan, and after the meeting, invited Raemand to return in about 2 months, during which time the council would study the plan's feasibility. Andrews warned, though, that Lodge's considerable political and financial influence would remain an obstacle.

    Two months passed, and on the eve of the meeting, a police cruiser on routine patrol discovered two large burlap bags lying unattended in Goldwater Park around midnight. Upon further examination, the officers discovered that inside the bags were a pair of 13 year old girls, bound, gagged, and clad only in their underwear, the end result of having been raped earlier in the evening, their faces covered behind burlap hoods tightly bound to their necks, but not too tightly as to suffocate them.

    One of the two victims, Emily Palmer, relayed to police how she and her visiting friend, Louise Berardi, had been ambushed by 2 masked men en route to the public library. She didn't know what happened to their clothes, which were found in a dumpster not far from the park. She overheard one of the rapists say they wanted to see the two girls struggle to free themselves as they "writhed about on the ground like a couple of worms".

    The next night, at City Hall, when Dr. Raemand arrived with his two sons, Neal & Nelson, Emily pointed out the two teens as her attackers, since they were wearing the same jackets as the night before. The council voted again on the nano-tech plan, and again it was voted down, 5-2. After the meeting, Neal & Nelson were arrested on charges of statutory rape, sodomy, sexual assault, & kidnapping. Dr. Raemand posted bail for his sons, and learned that Nelson concocted the scheme to get even with the city fathers for turning down the plant.

    "You've only made things worse!", the doctor fumed, "But for Riverdale!"
    Three weeks ago:

    Zelda Spellman was doing some housekeeping when the phone rang on a Saturday night, just before six. It was Harvey Kinkle, who had been dating her niece, Sabrina.

    "Oh, I'm so sorry, Harvey, but Sabrina is out of town until tomorrow, visiting with her cousin. May I take a message?"

    "Sure!", Harvey replied. "Please tell Sabrina I won't see her in school this week. I've been named to the Riverdale High debate team, and we're leaving on a 10-day road trip tomorrow."

    "Oh, that's great. Where are you going to be?"

    "We start in Boston, then Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Cleveland, and finish in Washington, DC. I wish Sabrina could tag along, but they are only allowing for the team and faculty advisors to travel due to budget cuts. Please give my love to Sabrina."

    "I will, Harvey, thanks. Good luck, and good night."

    Zelda repaired to the garden. At that moment, a tiny earthworm had burrowed up to the surface. Next instant, in a flash of light, the worm was gone, and in its place was Sabrina, a half-human, half-witch who was learning the art of shapeshifting, and using those skills to do some research for a science project. Attired in a green and red unitard, Sabrina brushed off some dirt from her body as Zelda handed her a towel and the message.

    "Did you find out what you wanted?", Zelda asked.

    "More than enough.", Sabrina replied. "Turns out the worms are in tune with others in the area, as if there's a whole community underground. You can't believe what they told me."

    "Try me."

    "They said that there was a new kind of worm in town, artificially created, using the latest technology. There is even the belief that these worms were once........human."

    "But that's impossible!", Zelda exclaimed.

    "Maybe, but science is trying to duplicate what we can do all the time.", Sabrina said as she headed for the shower.
    Humans turned into worms? Without witchcraft? We'll learn more about this in chapter 2.
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    Dec 14, 2006
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    Not a bad start here hobbyfan. I wasn't too sure about the title after I read it, but it sounds like it ties in pretty well with what the actual story will be about.
  3. hobbyfan

    hobbyfan Well-Known Member

    Jun 9, 2002
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    Exactly. I've had this one kicking around for about a month now in my head, and just getting to committing it to being posted here. Chapter 2 will be after Easter.
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    Jun 9, 2002
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    Chapter 2:

    "Who can tell me which of these stories is too good to be true?"

    Journalism teacher Roger Royce posed the question to his 4th period class on Monday morning. Midge Klump walked up to the poster board, which had 5 articles clipped from the Sunday Riverdale Gazette, and pulled the 3rd item, a wire service article on an accident purportedly in the midst of a blinding snowstorm in Aspen, Colorado, 3 days before. Midge then turned to the class.

    "Let me start by asking how many of you watched the 11:00 news on Saturday night?", she asked. After a show of hands, including Sabrina's, Midge continued.

    "You'll recall that the weather forecast mentioned nothing about a major blizzard in Colorado, otherwise they would've said it was on its way to Riverdale.", she said. "Yet, the first story that followed the commercial break was this one. No video, no still pictures. Just a reading of this wire service item. That told me something was wrong with this picture, so yesterday, I was on the phone with my uncle, who owns a ski lodge in the Aspen area. He confirmed there was no blizzard at all in the last week."

    "So it's a hoax.", Roger Vickers concluded. "Happens all the time."

    "No, not in this case, Roger.", Midge countered. "Not when the two 'victims' are a pair of Riverdale graduates who've been through enough trauma in their lives."

    Mr. Royce then picked up the story.

    "Midge is absolutely correct. One of the two victims is my niece, Louise Berardi. The other is her best friend, Emily Palmer. I'm sure you've all heard the story about how they were raped and left in Goldwater Park 10 years ago by a couple of punks whose father failed to obtain property to build a nanotech laboratory. I talked to Louise's mother yesterday, and she said the girls had actually disappeared three days before the storm hit. Someone went out of their way to suppress the police report of their abduction, and fed the press this bunch of lies."

    "Just what exactly happened?", Sabrina asked.

    "According to initial reports, the girls were headed home from school at Colorado State, where they were taking graduate courses, when they were abducted by two masked men in a blue panel truck. Since then, there's been no sign of the truck, or any passengers. No ransom notes, either."

    Later that day, Sabrina turned in her science report to Professor Flutesnoot, who was so impressed by the depth of Sabrina's research, he gave her an A+. After school, Sabrina, Midge, and Betty Cooper were walking home when they ran across some fliers that had just been posted on a community bulletin board. The flier read:




    "This is another one that's too good to be true.", Midge warned. "Stores like these promise bargains, and then you pay through the nose."

    "So, you're not interested at all in the fashion show?", Sabrina asked.

    "Not at all. Besides, Moose would have a fit if I went down the catwalk and drew the attention of every boy in town. You know how jealous he gets."

    "Speaking of Moose, he wasn't in school today.", Betty noted. "Is anything wrong?"

    "Moose is out of town with his family.", Midge replied. "His grandfather passed away yesterday, and so I have to collect his homework for him. He's due back Thursday."
    At the end of the week, Veronica Lodge, Betty's best friend, was checking out the merchandise at New Dimensions, along with Betty. Alfonso Garcia, the store manager, reminded that the shop was not due to open until the 22nd, but offered the girls an opportunity to take part in the fashion show. Veronica signed immediately, and, after some coaxing, Betty followed suit. Unbeknownst to the two teens, however, they were being watched by a hidden camera, linked to a laboratory on the 3rd floor.

    "We've got our first two pigeons, Doctor.", Elmo Jenkins said.

    "So I see."

    Dr. Norman Raemand had returned to Riverdale a few days earlier, and bought the building where New Dimensions was housed. He set up the lab on the 3rd floor, but left the operation of the store to Garcia, who'd been fired from a similar job three months earlier in Arizona amid claims he'd been swindling the store owner and some customers. Raemand retreated to the other side of the lab, where his other assistant, Dr. Barbara Schubert, was dressed in a green and blue bodysuit under her lab coat, and wearing a worm's head mask to communicate with a pair of large silkworms, each 1 1/2 feet in length, who were in a plastic cubicle, busily knitting pairs of colored silk stockings. When masked, Barbara was known as Dr. Silk. She was also Dr. Raemand's girlfriend.

    "Dr. Silk, may I see you in my office a moment?", Raemand asked.

    "Of course, doctor.", came the reply.

    Once inside, Raemand locked the door of the sound-proof room.

    "Is there something wrong, doctor?", Silk asked.

    "No, not really. We are soon going to double the size of our worm colony. Auburn & Brunette are in need of some company, don't you think?"

    "Certainly, doctor. I was thinking, however, that we could mate them with some male earthworms, and......."

    "Not a chance!", Raemand thundered. "I get what you have in mind, but under no circumstances would I even consider cross-breeding at this stage. It's too soon!"

    "Sorry, dearest. It was a thought."

    "I should apologize to you, my love.", Raemand replied as he pulled a remote control device from the drawer. "But I won't."

    "Doctor, what are you doing?"

    "I had you wear a worm mask so they can't see another human in the room with them, to give them hope of returning to their former lives. Since you like the idea of mating them with earthworms, maybe you can join the dating pool!"

    Raemand pushed a set of buttons. Next instant, Dr. Schubert began to feel a strange buzzing inside her head. She tried to unmask, but discovered that the mask had bonded with her skin.

    "Darling, nooo! What are you dooooooommmmmmppphhhhhh!!!"

    WIthin seconds, Dr. Silk's voice was gone. Her legs & feet fused together, forcing the young scientist to the ground. Next, her hands and arms were fused at her sides, and she could feel her breasts disappear under her costume, which was now her very body. Finally, she began to shrink until she was 1 1/2 feet in length, and wriggled out of her lab coat, right into the hands of her now-ex-lover.

    "That buzzing sound you heard was the nanites that lined your mask and costume, Barbara.", Raemand said menacingly. "I knew you had your own plans for our worms, but now they can have a little company in the form of a big sister. That's what you get for trying to betray me."

    Raemand left the office and returned to the lab, placing the newly transformed Dr. Schubert in the cubicle alongside Auburn & Brunette, formerly Emily Palmer & Louise Berardi, respectively.

    "Dr. Silk likes you two so much, now she's just like you. Now and forever.", Raemand taunted as he closed the cubicle. A gas emitted from a nozzle on the roof of the cubicle, putting all three worms to sleep for the night.

    "That's because of me, isn't it?", Elmo asked.

    "You are perceptive, Elmo. She led you on, but you resisted her advances. Luckily for you, my formula only works on women, and in a matter of days, all of the women of Riverdale will be under our feet.", Raemand said, laughing heartily.
    Meanwhile, Sabrina was visiting with her cousin Olga, a 3rd generation fortune teller, who had just gotten a psychic alarm.

    "What's wrong, cousin?". Sabrina asked.

    "I have a friend who's a telepath who was working at a lab not far from here.", Olga replied. "She said she was involved in a very dangerous project, and when she was in the midst of forging a link between us and her pets, she was called away by her boss. Now, her link's been severed. Something's happened to her, Sabrina, and I am at a loss as to what and how."

    "Oh dear! I'd better contact my aunts right away about this!"

    "I suppose you must, Sabrina, but I caution that we are all imperiled."
    Dr. Raemand's mad scheme is already underway, but how many of Riverdale's teenage girls will fall prey? Find out in chapter 3 next week.
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    Chapter 3:

    Two weeks ago:

    Sabrina visited New Dimensions and got the same hard sell from Alfonso that he gave Betty & Veronica, and she signed up for the fashion show. Upstairs, Dr. Raemand and Elmo were watching.

    "That's three.", Elmo said.

    "And that's all we need, to go with the three we already have.", Raemand replied. "This gives us over a week to pick out some outfits for our models, outfits that also will be their gateway into their new lives."

    Later that afternoon, Sabrina was at the library with Harvey, who'd been back from his road trip with the debate team, doing some studying. Just before closing, Sabrina received a call on her cellphone, which she took outside. It was Aunt Hilda.

    "A package was just delivered for you.", Hilda said. "No return address, and it was delivered by courier. Never bothered to ring the bell."

    "I'll be home soon, Aunt Hilda.", Sabrina replied. "We're wrapping things up here now."

    Once home, Sabrina discovered the contents of the package were some 10 year old newspaper articles on Dr. Raemand that she had requested from the Riverdale Times' archives. What she couldn't figure out was why it was hand delivered.

    "I realize you're doing some research on Raemand for one of your classes.", Hilda said, "But couldn't they have made sure you got a chance to go to their office?"

    "I just don't know what the deal is.", Sabrina replied. "Unless someone is afraid of reprisals."

    On Monday, Mr. Royce met with Sabrina after class. He admitted he was the one who dropped off the package.

    "My brother works at the Times, and I offered to save them the postage and bring that package to your door, Sabrina.", he said. "Given the fact that Raemand has returned to Riverdale, we couldn't take a chance on it being mailed the traditional way."

    "Oh? Why's that?", Sabrina asked.

    "One of Raemand's new assistants is a former student of mine, Elmo Jenkins. Used to work at the Times until he was fired a number of years back. I'm guessing that Raemand might've wanted to get his hands on any newspaper articles on him from 10 years ago, to try to intimidate the press. To that end, he might have had Elmo staking out the Times."

    "Then, let me guess. The Times' office is close to your home."

    "Exactly. Let's table this discussion for another time, Sabrina."
    One week ago:

    Sabrina, Betty, & Veronica all received unmarked packages during the night. Each contained a four-pack of colored silk stockings, and four silk dresses that they were meant to model at the fashion show. Sabrina had gotten dresses in pink chiffon, white lace, kelly green, and tan. Veronica in red, black, blue, & gold. Betty in light blue, lavender, white chiffon, and burnt orange. Sabrina had started to hang up her dresses when Aunt Zelda stopped her.

    "Sabrina,", she said, "you know we wash any new dresses we buy before we wear them. That's the house rule."

    "Oh, that's right.", Sabrina replied, as she turned over the dresses. "I'll put them in the wash in the morning, first thing."

    Betty got the same advice from her mother, but Veronica, blissfully unaware of the pending danger, hung hers up without her mom seeing them.

    "I'll at least try one on two nights before the show.", Veronica thought to herself. "It shouldn't hurt."

    Oh, if she only knew..................

    Just before sunset on Thursday, Sabrina modeled her new dresses for her aunts and Harvey. As the "sneak preview" ended, Harvey noticed some small pellets had fallen to the floor.

    "Hey! What's this?", he asked, handing the pellets to Sabrina.

    "Hmmmm. I didn't see these before.", she said. "And you're sure these came off my dress, Harv?"

    "Had to be. They fell right where you were walking."

    Just then, Harvey's cellphone rang, and he excused himself for the night. Once he was gone, Sabrina took another look at the pellets with her aunts.

    "These are, or were, nanites.", Zelda concluded. "Apparently, they can't stand the sight of water."

    "Or chlorine or detergent.", Sabrina suggested.

    "These things were embedded in your dresses.", Hilda said. "By washing them, Sabrina, you killed the nanites."

    A short time later, Betty called, and reported the same thing had taken place at her house, finding nanite pellets on her floor after she tried on her dresses.

    "What say we get together with Dilton Doiley in the lab tomorrow, and maybe he can tell us something about these nanites?", she asked.

    "Sounds like something to do before class. But what about Veronica?"

    "I tried contacting her, but I can't raise her on her cell."

    That was because while Betty & Sabrina were on the phone, Veronica was trying on one of her dresses in the privacy of her bedroom. She slid on a pair of red silk stockings, and donned the matching dress, then preened in front of her mirror. Just as she was about to change, though, she suddenly discovered she couldn't. Her dress and stockings were bonding with her skin.

    "Ohmigod! This can't be happening!", Veronica cried. She tried to move, but was forced to the bed as her feet and legs came together. Next, her arms and hands were bound to her sides and became encased in red silk as the garment now moved up toward her neck and face, muffling her voice before she could even scream. Within minutes, Veronica underwent the same painful, terrible transformation as Barbara Schubert did before her, changing from woman to worm, and shrinking in size to about 1 1/2 feet in length. Finally, the nanites created a set of black stripes that encircled the teenager from head to toe, giving her worm form a distinct look before she wriggled out the window, and into the waiting arms of Elmo Jenkins, who then put her to sleep. With her room soundproofed, Veronica's parents had no idea that their daughter was now one of Dr. Raemand's nano-worms.
    The next day at Riverdale High, Dilton examined the nanite pellets Betty & Sabrina gave him.

    "These are a very unique variety.", he said. "They don't hold well in water, and apparently, any sort of detergent would destroy them, too, as you ladies found out last night."

    "I thought nanites were a little more developed than this.", Betty said.

    "Oh, they are.", Dilton replied. "These are prototypes that have been dormant for 10 years or better, and haven't been tested. They could be used for just about anything."

    "Such as metamorphosis". Sabrina thought to herself.

    "However", Dilton continued, "the use of these nanites on human test subjects, as you could imply from the movies, is potentially fatal if used for the wrong reason."

    "Oh?", Betty asked.

    "Don't think I don't know about the mad Dr. Raemand and his intent to build a plant here in town 10 years ago.", Dilton replied. "Like you two, I did my research on this. Raemand's sons are in prison doing 15 to life for rape, and he's using that as motivation for a revenge plot against our fair city."

    "A plot that's already underway.", Sabrina replied. Realizing Veronica wasn't in school, Betty guessed that her best friend had fallen victim.

    "Dilt, how long would it be before any use of nanites on human flesh becomes, well, permanent?", she asked.

    "I can't say for sure, but the first 48 hours are critical."

    "Thanks, Dilton.", Sabrina replied. "You just gave me an idea."

    The girls thanked Dilton by kissing him before leaving for class. At lunch, Sabrina pulled Betty aside.

    "The fashion show is tomorrow.", she reminded. "Veronica isn't here, but in Dr. Raemand's hands. We have to find her before tomorrow."

    "So how do we do that?", Betty asked.

    "I'm going to ask you to take a leap of faith with me.", Sabrina replied. "Just trust me."
    Sounds like Sabrina may be forced to reveal her secrets in order to save Veronica and the city. It may be the only way to stop Dr. Raemand, but will it work? Find out in chapter 4.
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    Chapter 4:

    After school, Sabrina stopped at her cousin Olga's parlor, which also was a novelty shop. Finding a pair of worm's head masks, she made an inquiry.

    "I didn't know you had these, cousin.", she said. "How much are they each?"

    "Oh, dear.", Olga said as she checked the price tag on the shelf. "These have been sitting here so long, the label I put here when they came in has long since worn away. I've had them for 2 years. There were a few more, but someone else bought them a few months back. Said she was doing it for research."

    "Dr. Schubert.", Sabrina thought to herself. She then went up to the counter. "I'll take these two home with me.", she said.

    Meanwhile, Hiram Lodge was visiting with Betty's father, Hal, when Betty came home from school. Accompanying Lodge was Chief Bolling of the Riverdale Police Department. Hal called Betty over to sit in on the discussion.

    "I really hate to put a damper on things headed into the fashion show tomorrow, but we have to put the city on curfew until the crisis at hand is resolved.", Bolling said.

    "Crisis?", Betty repeated. "All because my best friend disappeared last night?"

    "Now, calm down, Betty.", Lodge said. "We're all concerned for Veronica, and...."

    "And nothing!", Betty barked, her voice growing angrier. "It was your selfishness that started all of this 10 years ago, Mr. Lodge, and monopolizing the police department's resources to find Ronnie isn't going to help her or us at all, but instead, make things 100 times worse if we don't get a move on!"

    Betty stormed upstairs to her room. Lodge started to follow, but Hal stopped him.

    "No, Hiram, she's right. Veronica received her package at the same time Betty did, didn't she?"

    "Well, yes, but she never let her mother or I see the dresses. Her mother would've wanted them washed straight away.", Lodge replied.

    "As Betty did with hers. As it turns out, Hiram, those dresses were a trap, laid out by Dr. Raemand."

    Hal then turned to Chief Bolling as he pulled a bag containing some dead nanite pellets collected the night before.

    "Chief, these pellets were embedded in my daughter's dresses and stockings that she received from New Dimensions Fashions. I have reason to believe that Dr. Raemand's base of operations is within that store. Veronica tried hers on, and hasn't been seen since.", he said.

    "It's a little crazy and wild, Mr. Cooper, but there have been stranger things here.", Bolling replied.

    Upstairs, Betty was on the phone with Sabrina, who was also aware of the curfew.

    "This forces us to accelerate our plans for tonight.", the young witch said. "We can't use the YWCA like we intended, but with my aunts away for the weekend, why not spend the night with me at my place? I could use the company, and we can rehearse for the show tomorrow on top of everything else."

    "That sounds like a plan.", Betty replied as she filled up a suitcase with a day's worth of clothes and the stockings. "What time would be best for you? We have dinner at 4:30."

    "Can you be here at 5:30?"

    "Works for me. See you then."
    Dr. Raemand had everything all set as he showed Elmo & Alfonso a blueprint of the mall. Silber's Flower Shop was on the left side, and the former Riverdale Arcade on the right.

    "If we extend the web all the way across so that it links with those two buildings, when they open the roof tomorrow after the fashion show, they'll unwittingly trap the women of the city in our web.", he said confidently.

    "How long do you think it'll take our worms to build the web?", Elmo asked.

    "No more than about 3 hours maximum. We have to settle for using 4 worms instead of 6. With the curfew imposed by the city today, our other models will be busy preparing for tomorrow, and will be trapped at home."

    Unbeknownst to Raemand and his men, Dr. Silk listened to every word. Her telepathic powers were only partially dampened by her transformation, but she was able to retain her own identity.

    "I'm still not strong enough to send a message out.", she thought to herself, "But I will see to it that Norman doesn't get his wish granted!"
    Around six, Betty & Sabrina had finished an intense workout. Betty was now dressed in a blue-green leotard and stirrup tights. Sabrina had her green & red unitard. Wrapping a towel around her neck, she invited Betty out to the garden.

    "Earlier today, I asked you to take a leap of faith with me.", she said. "Now's the time to take that leap."

    Extending her arms out, with the palms of her hands facing up, Sabrina conjured a pair of balls filled with magic energy.

    "Watch closely.", she said. "Nothing up my sleeve, and all that jazz."

    Sabrina then dropped the balls to the ground. Upon impact, a fine, silken mist began to form, growing until it reached the waists of the two teens. When it dissipated, Betty's eyes widened, seeing that she & Sabrina were now half-woman, half-worm!

    "This could....only mean one thing.", she said. Sabrina managed a sly smile.

    "I'll say it for you, Betty. It's true. I am a witch. A good one, like Glinda in the Wizard of Oz.", she said. "I've only had these powers for about a year, and I'm still learning. I've just gotten around to metamorphosis and telepathy in the last three months."

    Sabrina then bounded over to the patio, where the masks were kept. One was green & red, like her unitard. The other was blue & green, for Betty. She then handed Betty her mask.

    "As soon as we put these masks on, the mist will finish our transformations.", Sabrina said. "Just remember. None of this can be relayed to anyone else beyond this house."

    "Got it.", Betty replied as she donned her mask. Minutes later, the mist enveloped the two women until it dissolved again, leaving a pair of tiny earthworms in their place. Soon after, Sabrina used her telekinesis to carry them to the mall. Once they reached the roof, Sabrina noticed Dr. Raemand was leaving Elmo & Alfonso behind to keep watch.

    "We have to eliminate those two before we leave.", she thought to herself. Turning to the right, she spotted Dr. Silk & Veronica, now going by the name Crymsyn, busily knitting the web in the direction of the arcade.

    "Only one chance.", Sabrina thought, "And this has to count."

    Concentrating, the young witch unleashed a telekinetic bolt which raced across the web, disrupting the nanites, and at the same time, disrupting the programming in Silk & Crymsyn's minds. Turning to the left, Sabrina did the same on the north web, bound for the flower shop, and, in the process, freeing Auburn & Brunette (Emily & Louise) from the doctor's control. After several minutes, the four nano-worms awoke, and, slowly, retreated to the roof of the mall.

    "Now what?", Betty asked.

    "We lead them out of here.", Sabrina replied.

    The six then began wriggling down the wall on the east side of the mall. Spotting Elmo, Sabrina again used her telekinesis, this time to render them invisible. This allowed her to float the others to the relative safety of the flower shop. Elmo & Alfonso searched around, but couldn't find any of the worms.

    "Dr. Raemand ain't gonna like this.", Elmo said.

    Inside the flower shop, Sabrina cancelled her spell on herself and Betty, and, with an assist from Dr. Silk, restored the others. On the advice of Dr. Silk, Betty & Sabrina left their masks on, the better to protect their true identities from Veronica.

    "I don't know who you are, but we are all grateful for your help.", Silk said.

    "Just think of us as a couple of concerned citizens.", Sabrina replied, disguising her voice. "Problem is, we're stuck here as long as those goons are around."

    "Oh, I think I can fix that problem.", Silk said. Since her powers were more advanced, she cast an illusion of the six leaving the grounds, prompting Elmo & Alfonso to chase after them. After about three blocks, Elmo lost sight of his prey, as they simply dissolved. That allowed the real sextet to leave. Sabrina glanced at the mall clock.

    "It's going for 7.", she thought. "How do we get everyone home?"

    Sabrina soon found her answer in an abandoned flower shop once owned by Carlos Alvarez's family before they left Riverdale a while back. The back door was left open just enough to allow the group entry.

    "Stay away from the windows.", she warned. "There's a curfew in effect for tonight."

    Once inside, they kicked up enough dust that it made Veronica sneeze. Fortunately, they were alone.

    "Sorry, it's my allergies kicking in.", Veronica said. "But we can't stay here all night."

    "True.", Sabrina replied. "I hate to do this, but in order to bring everyone home, I'll have to change us back into worms for the duration."

    "We can't use the roof because of the curfew.", Betty whispered. "So how do you propose to pull this off?"

    "Easy. There's enough space in those broken windows for us to fly through."

    Minutes later, six tiny earthworms floated out of the shop and into the night sky. The first stop was the Lodge mansion. Veronica was dropped off at the front gate, morphing back into her human form as she landed.

    "I'll be happy to finally get some rest.", she thought to herself.

    Emily Palmer's parents still lived in town, so she & Louise were dropped off next. Dr. Silk found a convienent place to nest, sensing that Raemand was occupying her apartment, three blocks from New Dimensions. She was dropped at Goldwater Park, where she opted to remain in her worm form, and settle into the dirt. Finally, Betty & Sabrina returned to Sabrina's house, where they reverted to their human forms and unmasked.

    "That was too easy.", Sabrina said. "Way too easy."

    "Maybe not.", Betty replied. "You've got company."

    Three male worms, whom Sabrina christened Abel, Baker, & Charlie, were on the windowsill. After Betty was introduced, Charlie sounded out a warning.

    "It's not over yet. Raemand intends to return to the mall in the morning to inspect the web, and, according to our network, he intends to find alternate means to create his nano-worm slaves anyway, in case the web fails."

    "How does he propose to do that?", Sabrina asked.

    "I don't know."

    "Then we still have to stop him, and I think I know how."
    The final showdown between science and sorcery is in chapter 5.
  7. hobbyfan

    hobbyfan Well-Known Member

    Jun 9, 2002
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    Chapter 5:

    "You bumbling idiots!", Dr. Raemand fumed as Elmo & Alfonso returned empty handed. "How could you let four little worms escape?"

    "It wasn't easy.", Elmo said sheepishly. "I was tired, and began to fall asleep. Next thing I know, there's a flash of light, the web's done, but the worms disappeared."

    "And, then,", Alfonso added, "they had reverted to their human shapes, joined by two more women, wearing masks like Dr. Silk did."

    "Silk is a telepath.", Raemand snapped. "But she isn't a shape-changer. Someone with those talents had to have facilitated her restoration. The curfew affects us all, gentlemen, so we'll have to hunt for them in the morning."
    Saturday morning found Sabrina & Betty camped out on the Spellmans' backyard garden, nestled in sleeping bags. Betty woke up with a start, and a startling surprise.

    "S-s-sabrina, I can't move my legs.", she said.

    "I know.", Sabrina replied as she slid out of her bag, revealing that she had reset her earlier spell, giving them worm's tails to replace their feet & legs. "I apologize for not giving you a heads-up, Betty, but after a sudden telepathic message from Dr. Silk, I had to take quick action."


    "She spent the night in Worm City, the underground network beneath Goldwater Park. The mayor there told her that Raemand's hunting for her----and us---before the fashion show. We have to move quickly."

    "And, so, you turned us back into half-worms just to be ready for a sudden intrusion?"


    The two teens bounded into the kitchen and had a quick breakfast before moving to the basement, where Sabrina kept some gymnastics equipment. After an hour's worth of exercises, the girls reverted to their human forms and headed for Goldwater Park. It was just after 6 am, and the sun hadn't risen yet. Dr. Silk emerged from the Worm City tunnel, and soon resumed her human form.

    "Any ideas?", she asked.

    "Just one.", Sabrina replied. "We intercept Dr. Raemand at the mall."

    Two hours later, Raemand, Elmo, & Alfonso arrived at the mall. The mad doctor then gave his final instructions.

    "Elmo, you will go to the maintenance shed and find an old vacuum cleaner. We'll need that to collect our incoming worm-maidens this afternoon."

    "Right, boss.", Elmo replied.

    "Alfonso, I need you upstairs. Locate the security office, and disable the alarms & cameras. That way, by the time we leave, the police will get here too late to save the female population of Riverdale from a lifetime of squirming."

    "Yes, sir.", Alfonso said as he ambled to the elevator. Raemand then went across the road to Frank's Coffee Shop for breakfast.

    A recent paint job meant that the nameplates on the office doors were off, confusing Alfonso. He tried each door, using a skeleton key, but couldn't find the security office. As he went down the hall, he never noticed Betty, half-worm once more, snaking her tail towards him. A quick leg-whip, and she pounced on him, putting him out with a simple nerve pinch to the neck before dragging him away. Meanwhile, Elmo had found his way to the maintenance shed, but couldn't find the old vacuums.

    "They must've finally thrown them out after all these years.", he thought to himself. Elmo then paused, and, all at once, his mood changed.

    "Maybe it's just as well. I can't let this go any further.", he thought.

    "I'm so happy hearing that, Elmo.", said a voice. Elmo turned and found an unmasked Barbara Schubert standing in front of him.

    "Babs? You heard me?"

    "Yes, I did.", Barbara replied. "I knew you'd eventually come around. You do realize, however, that Dr. Raemand means to kill us both when this is all done."

    "Both of us?", Elmo repeated.

    "When he changed me, I saw Norman's true colors. You always cared about me, and while I may have led you on at first, I realize now that I had given my heart to the wrong man. It's not too late for you, Elmo. Turn yourself in. The courts will go easy on you if you turn state's evidence."

    "I----". Elmo paused again. Then, he and Barbara embraced.

    "I'll do it, honey.", he said. "I'll do my time, long as you promise to wait for me."

    Elmo pulled a syringe out of his pocket that Raemand had given him, and broke it, tossing it in the garbage.

    "I was supposed to inject you with a serum that would turn you permanently into a worm, taking away your powers and your identity, but then I realized that was going too far. You were there for me when my wife died and I lost my house. I'm only asking you to forgive me for being so stupid."

    "You're forgiven, Elmo. The police are coming.", Barbara replied, donning her mask. "Just tell them everything."

    "I will, my silky sweetie."
    At about 8:30, Dr. Raemand returned to the mall, and found who he thought was Silk waiting for him. Unbeknownst to him, it was really Sabrina, who was dressed exactly like Barbara and Betty, as all three wore identical costumes. She, however, disguised her voice to sound like Dr. Silk.

    "It's over, Dr. Raemand. You've lost.", she intoned.

    "No, I haven't.", Raemand replied, defiantly. "I still can bring you back to my side."

    Raemand pulled a gun from his jacket containing a syringe with the serum, but that was all Sabrina needed to send a ball of magic energy his way, dissolving the syringe as she disarmed him. A quick gesture to Betty, who was now at the security desk, and the perky teen pulled the lever, opening the roof. The nanite-free web then collapsed on top of Raemand as Chief Bolling arrived to arrest him. However, he never saw Sabrina & Betty suddenly vanish via teleportation back to the basement garage to join Barbara. By the time the police reached the garage, searching for any others, they never noticed three worms wriggling past and then floating into the morning air.

    Several minutes later, the three alighted on the roof of Barbara's apartment building and resumed their human forms once more. Barbara invited Betty & Sabrina inside, and gave them a big surprise.

    "Holy Hannah!", Betty exclaimed. "What is this?", pointing to three interlocking dressing booths in the living room.

    "These are your changing booths. They're portable and retractable, easy to carry, and easy to fit into my car.", Barbara replied. "You'll be using those booths at the mall for the fashion show this afternoon."

    "Awesome!", Sabrina exclaimed.
    The fashion show went without a hitch before a packed house at the mall. After, Harvey & Sabrina went to lunch, where Harvey gushed about the show.

    "Honey, I think you may have a future in modeling.", he said. "You're a natural."

    "Well, thanks, Harv. You really think so?"

    "Absolutely, babe."

    Later that afternoon, at New Dimensions, Barbara had one more surprise.

    "The store won't be opening until June 3. That allows time to hire new employees, since Alfonso & Elmo are in jail."

    "But how?", Betty asked.

    "Easy. I co-owned the store, but with Dr. Raemand bound for prison, it becomes all mine.", Barbara replied. "As one last gesture of thanks for your help, I'm offering both of you summer jobs here, starting at the end of June. Game?"

    "Yes!", the girls chorused.

    As they walked home, Betty & Sabrina couldn't believe their good fortune.

    "That solves all of our problems after school lets out for summer recess.", Betty said. "But, there is one more detail, isn't there?"

    "Oh, you mean this would be the part where I give you amnesia to forget about my powers?", Sabrina replied. "Nothing doing, Betty. You've earned the right to retain that information. I wouldn't do this to a true friend. Besides, you never know if we have to do something like this again."

    "That's true, too.", Betty said as they approached her house. "This has been so much fun. To protect ourselves, we'll leave this out of our respective diaries?"

    "Agreed. Besides, Baker & Charlie want us to camp out with them sometime, so you may get your worm's tail back again sooner than later. I'll let you know in advance this time."

    "As long as we keep our true loves in the dark. See you later, Sabrina."

    As Betty walked through the door, Sabrina teleported home to find Charlie waiting for her.

    "The Mayor of Worm City wants to give you and Betty a reward for saving both Worm City and Riverdale.", he said. "I know, though, it'll be a while, seeing as how you want to settle back into a normal frame of things."

    "We'll be back during the summer.", Sabrina promised as she cradled Charlie in her hand, and let him wriggle onto her arm. "You'll be the second one to know, since I promised Betty she'd be the first."

    "Fair enough."

    New Dimensions Fashions finally opened on June 3, with Emily & Louise returning from college to work as clerks. Three weeks later, Sabrina, Betty, Midge, & Veronica soon joined them, and Barbara now had a full staff. But if they thought there wouldn't be any more trouble, they would soon be mistaken, as a different kind of menace would soon hit Riverdale, but that's for another time.

    Before the end of the summer, Betty & Sabrina resumed their worm disguises and accepted a proclamation from the Mayor of Worm City, making them honorary citizens, and went on a quiet weekend double date with Baker & Charlie. That, too, is for another time.

    The end.
  8. Kenny E. McCall

    Kenny E. McCall We fight like cats!

    Aug 3, 2002
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    Is there any way you can bring Josie and the Pussycats and Roxie King (from the live-action TV series) into the next Sabrina story, Hobbyfan?
  9. hobbyfan

    hobbyfan Well-Known Member

    Jun 9, 2002
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    I've got an idea for an Archie/Josie/Sabrina crossover. As for Roxie and others from the live-action Sabrina series? I'm going to have to do some deep thinking on that, as I didn't watch the show enough. Like, the thought of Sabrina matching spells with Alexandra Cabot is worth the price of admission alone!
  10. Kenny E. McCall

    Kenny E. McCall We fight like cats!

    Aug 3, 2002
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    at least give Alexandra her witch powers (and a decent ass witch's costume) back. I always wondered if Salem and Sebastian were related in their former lives.
  11. hobbyfan

    hobbyfan Well-Known Member

    Jun 9, 2002
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    The plan is to give Alexandra back her witch's powers. If there's any connection between Sebastian & Salem, I'll find it and it'll get mixed in. I'll clue you in. It's going to come down to Alexandra vs. Sabrina-----but not in the way you'd think.

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