Sabrina and the Society of the Zentai (Tales of Riverdale fan-fiction)

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    Our next story is a direct follow-up in terms of timeline to "The 40 Year Old Grudge". Don't let the title fool you, though. All characters, save for ones created for this story, are copyright Archie Comics.
    Chapter 1:

    It started as a typical day at Riverdale High. That is, until one student arrived dressed from head to toe in one of those skin-tight zentai bodysuits usually worn for more, ah, adult pursuits. If the student wanted to remain anonymous, that was nigh impossible, thanks to the monogrammed ankle boots that gave away who was under the zentai..............

    "Veronica? What are you doing?", Reggie Mantle wanted to know after first period. "If Miss Grundy or The Bee sees you, you'll be spending spring break in detention!"

    Veronica Lodge glanced down toward her boots. The initials "V. L." on the side of the boots gave her away. She had accessorized by wearing a blue jean skirt and sleeveless white blouse, and had her gym clothes on under the suit. Looking this way and that, she grabbed Reggie by the wrist and led him into the empty stairwell.

    "I have no choice, Reggie.", she said. "I was told to wear the zentai to school, because they said someone would be watching. I'm being recruited for a top secret organization."

    "Adults and college students wear these things.", Reggie replied. "I see guys wearing them at college sporting events. Heck, some of them show up at Riverdale High games. All I'm saying, honey, is that you're running the risk of, at worst, a lengthy suspension if you get caught. It shouldn't take you long to find the ladies room and change before next period."

    Veronica thought about it for a minute. She knew Reggie was right. If she did get caught by principal Waldo Weatherbee, she would be spending time in detention instead of going on spring break. Seconds later, the two found the nearest ladies room, and Reggie stood guard outside while Veronica changed. Just as the bell sounded to end the break, Veronica emerged, with the zentai suit now in her duffel bag.

    "I'll just store this in my locker after next class.", she said.

    After school, Veronica was on her way to work at New Dimensions Fashions with best friend Betty Cooper, and the subject of the zentai came up.

    "Just how did you get mixed up in all this?", Betty inquired.

    "There was an e-mail I received Wednesday night after work. It seemed to be legitimate, so I saved it for further study. I need some adventure in my life, Betty, something the boys can't provide.", Veronica said.

    "I got the same e-mail. Like you, I saved it for further study, but didn't go shopping for a suit right away. I needed to find out more before I made a commitment. You nearly compromised everything by showing up wearing a zentai this morning."

    "Reggie already gave me the 3rd degree on that. Seems the boys are a little more informed about those things, if, like Reggie, Archie's seen some of those college kids wearing them on TV."

    "He has. Doesn't see the value in it, but one of us could change his mind."

    "Look, Betty, I have to leave early tonight, because there's a meeting I have to go to that starts at 9:30, and I need time to change. I'm being picked up in front of the library at 9."

    "I'll cover for you, Ron. It'll give me some time to think this over."

    Meanwhile, Archie Andrews was doing some research at home when Reggie came by. At Reggie's suggestion, Archie did an online search for "secret zentai society-Riverdale", and came up with........

    "The Guardians of the Night.", Reggie read. "An all female collective dedicated to fighting crime and ending violence against women."

    "Both Ronnie & Betty said that they got e-mails from this organization.", Archie replied. "I can picture them in these things, but not as vigilantes."


    "You know, like the Guardian Angels, a group based in New York and founded in the 80's. Their leader's now a political activist and talk show host up there. The girls have taken self-defense courses, sure, but what good is that against a mugger with a gun?"

    "Good point, Arch. I just hope Ron knows what she's doing."

    "Knowing Ronnie like we do, she dove in head-first. You saw how she tried to make a fashion statement this morning. She gave herself away with the boots when she needed to go completely undercover, like the Guardians wanted her to."

    "How did you know?"

    "There was a new hall monitor at school this morning. No ID, and was gone after second period. Seeing as how you coaxed Ronnie out of her suit, the monitor left to file her report and never returned."

    "You think maybe TSI should look into this, just to protect the girls?"

    "If it comes to that, Reg, we will."
    Around 9:15 pm, Veronica, once more dressed in a red zentai suit under her outer clothes, waited at the Riverdale public library. A black car pulled up, and a woman in a blue zentai suit motioned her into the car.

    "Ms. Lodge, I presume?", asked the driver, dressed in black.

    "Yes. I apologize for this morning."

    "No need. That was my mistake. I forgot you're a high school student, and couldn't wear the suit without reprisals. Seems your friends were willing to give you cover."

    "Well, yes."

    "Speaking of cover.", said the woman in blue, "How will you explain your absence from home this evening?"

    "I already have a cover story.", Veronica replied. "My folks think I'm staying with a friend for the night, and will be home tomorrow morning."

    "Good. Seems you do know something about working undercover."

    "I've seen a few movies, read a few books."

    "Smart girl. You may be just what we need."

    Meanwhile, Betty had paid a call on classmate and co-worker Sabrina Spellman, her other best friend. Sabrina had also gotten the same e-mail, and, like Archie & Reggie, was doing due diligence in researching the Guardians of the Night.

    "They're a legit organization.", she told Betty. "Founded by three sisters whose parents were the victims of a violent crime while they were in college. Inspired by Curtis Sliwa's Guardian Angels from the 80's, they've chosen to mask their identities to represent all women. Their goal is to put an end to violence against women in general. Domestic violence, rapes, muggings, the whole nine yards. The home page doesn't go any further than that in order to maintain anonymity."

    "So....why recruit Ronnie, or any other high school student?", Betty asked.

    "Because their numbers have dwindled. Some early members have left due to finding jobs out of town. They don't realize we're under 18, which, according to their charter, is the minimum age."

    "And you think Ronnie's in over her head?"

    "Maybe, maybe not, but she could use a couple of friends for back-up."

    "Are you suggesting we join?"

    "Ronnie's in. They'll be asking her to see if you'll follow, and the chain follows from there. Since you and I have experience as crime fighters, and she doesn't, it makes sense."
    "Tonight, you'll be staying here, Ms. Lodge, and you'll at least learn the basics of our program.", said Number 1, dressed in a silver zentai suit. "Velvet will give you a set of nose filters to wear under your mask, so you can breathe while you sleep. You won't be removing the suit until tomorrow morning's workout."

    Veronica looked around, trying to discern with her vision slightly impaired, the location of the Guardians' headquarters.

    "How many members do the Guardians have?", she asked.

    "We're actually lowering the minimum age, since so many members moved away due to family or job issues, in case you wondered. We're down to 30 at present, you included. We come from all walks of life. Under these masks, we're bankers, secretaries, nurses, you name it. We had to recall the agent we placed at your school this morning after you were forced to remove your uniform. She was to meet with you at lunch time. I'm hoping you can help us recruit your classmates."

    "I can, but I'm more concerned about the decent boys, like the ones I've dated. They'd be willing to help in any way if asked. They're good with research."

    "So are we. I'm aware that you're part of a team already at Riverdale, and I don't mean the cheerleading team. I mean Teen Scene Investigations, and I think we can use TSI's help, provided, of course, the male members can be trusted to not only protect you, but also preserve the secrets of our membership."

    "I don't think that's a problem.", Ron said as Number 1 approached with a handshake.

    "Then, it's done. You'll be assigned a code name to go along with your uniform color."
    So Veronica is now part of the Guardians of the Night. As she will discover, along with the rest of the gang, there's a price to be paid for such a commitment.
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    Great work so far as usual hobbyfan. I'll definitely be looking forward to whatever comes next; by the way, I'm still writing fan fiction and posting them at various sites, I just haven't posted anything for a while.

    Also, I'm posting this in the toonzone forums app for the iPod touch and iPhone, so hopefully this reads ok.
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    The next chapter will come soon. Meantime, I'm already formulating plans for that long-awaited Archie/Scooby-Doo/Josie/Sabrina crossover. That should be coming in October. Problem is, my home PC was infected by adware over the weekend, and so any future posts will be from other locations.
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    Chapter 2:

    Around 5 am the next morning, Veronica was awakened by some noise coming from across the hall. She poked her head out of the door of her dorm, and saw Velvet, wearing a mask and street clothes, leaving the compound in a haste. Veronica thought about following, but thought better of it. A short time later, Blue paid a call on the new recruit.

    "Workout's been cancelled for today, Rose Red.", she said, addressing Veronica by her new code name. "Number 1 is sending everyone home."

    "I think I know why.", Veronica replied. She then told Blue about Velvet leaving.

    "I was afraid of this. I knew we shouldn't have taken her in.", Blue replied. "I knew she was a risk in the first place."

    "How so?"

    "I'll explain it to you on the way home. I'm dropping you off at the library."

    Meanwhile, Number 1 and Darke had dispersed the rest of the Guardians, telling them they would be recalled at a later date. Once alone, Number 1 confided in Darke.

    "I've been called in for a stakeout at the docks.", she said. "The first priority for you and Blue is to find Velvet and bring her back."

    "But what if she's with the enemy?", Darke asked.

    "Then, she goes down along with the enemy."
    Two hours later, at the Riverdale Public Library, Blue resumed her other identity as library aide Courtney Bingham, and filled Veronica in on the Guardians' origins over coffee.

    "Mom & Dad were killed by a prowler, or so it'd appear, while we were in college.", she said.

    "We?", Veronica repeated.

    "My sisters and I. I'm sure you've figured out by now which one is which according to the color code."

    Veronica thought about it for a moment.

    "Now I remember.", she said. "You're triplets, right? I remember seeing a picture in the children's room the last time I was here."

    "Correct. Carrie is a police detective. Christie was a waitress at the 24/7 Diner until she was wrongfully terminated, thanks to a lying little skank who coveted her job and framed her for robbing the register. Turns out they found out the truth, and the skank was fired a week later. Christie didn't want to come back because she heard the snickers about the scars on her face. So, she's masked 24 hours a day now. The mistake we made, Veronica, was disclosing your true identity right in front of Velvet, before we had a chance to give you a code name. Now, she's likely going to blab to her real boss."

    "And that would be.....whom?"

    "I can't say for sure. Carrie's been obsessed with tying our parents' deaths to a man named Simon Grimes, and we don't know if Velvet is working for him on the side."

    "I have heard of Grimes. He's one of my dad's business rivals. Sounds to me like he's got a few side projects."

    "That's a good way of putting it. Grimes' legitimate businesses are a front for shadier activities, like human trafficking, drugs, racketeering, and so on. That's where he really made his money. In fact, that's why Number 1----Carrie, that is----suspended Guardians business for now. Grimes is on his way here to Riverdale for a drug buy when he is supposed to be in Chicago for a trade conference next week."

    "Trade conference?", Veronica repeated. "My dad is headed for Chicago for that. He's leaving tomorrow."

    "Then Grimes is planning on a hostile takeover of your dad's company in his absence. That's the other reason he's here. He doesn't want to face your father straight up with any offers, knowing he'll be turned down."

    "And he has. Five times in the last three months. If he's as bad as you say he is, Courtney, then maybe Dad will wait before leaving for Chicago."
    However, when Veronica came home, she found her parents had left. The Lodge family's major domo, Hubert Smithers, filled her in.

    "Your father was quite upset when you made your sudden decision to accept an invitation, sight unseen, from a women's group at the Y last evening.", he said flatly. "Said he would settle the matter when he comes home next week."

    "Next week can't come soon enough, Smithers.", Veronica replied. She gave him an edited version of what she'd been told, withholding the info on the Guardians.

    "So Grimes is into human trafficking, is he?", Smithers repeated. "Your father had heard stories to that effect. Drugs, guns, all that rot. And Grimes is coming here?"

    "He intends to take over Lodge Industries by force. He doesn't care about the trade conference, and never did."

    "I will contact your father at once."
    Cyndi Conway met Simon Grimes at Riverdale Airport around 10 am. By then, Hiram & Hermoine Lodge had long since left for Chicago.

    "Lodge has left his company unguarded, just as you figured, sir.", she said. "Reportedly, he's gone for a week."

    "It'll be more than a week.", Grimes replied. "I left a welcoming committee in Chicago for him. And what of those vigilantes?"

    "The Guardians have locked down and suspended operations. They won't be a problem. They recruited Lodge's kid, and she'll end up a faceless shroud by the time her old man comes home."

    Meanwhile, at New Dimensions Fashions, Veronica had filled Betty & Sabrina in on her overnight visit.

    "It'll be a while before I hear from them again.", she said, "But by then it may be too late."

    "How so?", Sabrina asked.

    "Grimes is here in Riverdale. Dad's in Chicago. Something is going down tonight, and it's not just a drug deal. If you two want in, we may have to do this ourselves, the way we always have."

    "Took the words right out of my mouth.", Betty thought to herself. "I think Superteen and Mystyk may be patrolling the docks tonight."

    In Chicago, the Lodges met a man who also had an interest in Grimes.

    "I couldn't help but overhear your conversation at the airport.", he said. Then, he introduced himself.

    "My name is Thomas Troy. I'm a lawyer. I have a client who was framed by Grimes a while back, and he has evidence that not only can clear himself, but implicate Grimes in any number of dirty dealings."

    "And how can you help us, Mr. Troy?", Hiram Lodge asked.

    "Your business, and your daughter, are in danger back in Riverdale. That's where Grimes has gone, instead of here. However, ah, a friend of mine is headed to Riverdale to intercept him."
    Whoa! If you know your Archie Comics history, you know who Thomas Troy is. You'll see what I mean in chapter 3.
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    Chapter 3:

    Kelly Brand had just returned to Riverdale after spending most of the week in Hollywood on a movie shoot. An actress by trade, like her mother before her, Kelly had finished a low-budget made-for-cable movie, and was hoping to take care of business in Riverdale before returning home to Chicago. Around noon, she received a phone call on her cell.


    "Kelly? It's Dad. Seems Grimes has already made his way into Riverdale, bypassing the trade conference here in Chicago. I have a new client whose daughter is in Riverdale and may need your help."

    "I know who you're talking about, Dad.", Kelly replied. "I think I'll be seeing her later today."

    A short time later, Veronica was waiting on a customer at New Dimensions when two men walked into the store. One shoved the customer aside to talk to Veronica.

    "You need to come with us, miss. Very important.", he said.

    "Of all the nerve. You're not only impolite and rude, but very demanding. We don't cater to your type around here.", Ronnie replied. At that moment, Kelly approached the store. She recognized the men as working for Simon Grimes.

    "Change of plans.", she thought to herself. Ducking into a nearby alley, Kelly pulled a special ring out of her purse. Meanwhile, the men were forcing Veronica out of the store, one of them pointing a gun toward Betty, Sabrina, and assistant manager Debbie Sawyer to keep them from calling the police.

    "On my signal, head for the back.", Sabrina told Betty mentally. "Ronnie needs backup right away."

    But before Betty could move, a green and yellow blur suddenly appeared, sweeping the thugs off the sidewalk. Debbie recognized the form right away.

    "You have got to be kidding!", she exclaimed. "Fly Girl? In Riverdale?"

    "Fly Girl?", Betty repeated. "One of the Mighty Crusaders?"

    "New generation.", Debbie replied. "Don't know why she's here, but I'm glad she is."

    Ronnie slipped back inside, breathing a sigh of relief. Meanwhile, Fly Girl questioned the two men on the roof of an abandoned building not far away.

    "Just what does Grimes want with that girl?", she asked.

    "None of your business, Fly Girl.", one thug said. "I ain't saying anything else 'til I see my lawyer."

    "Have it your way."

    Fly Girl dropped the two men in the nearest dumpster. At the same time, Debbie called the police, and in minutes, Lt. Nelson Pierce had arrested the two men. About an hour later, Kelly finally entered the store, and asked to speak to Veronica in private. Ronnie had other ideas, leading Betty & Sabrina into the storeroom.

    "I don't know how you know me, Ms. Brand, but if you're connected to whom I think you are, you may need to understand that my friends and I are, in fact, ready to attend to putting Simon Grimes out of business once and for all.", she said.

    "My father is a lawyer.", Kelly said. "The Guardians got in touch with him about having me work undercover. I would've been back in town yesterday, except for other business that needed to be attended to."

    Veronica told Kelly that the Guardians had suspended operations.

    "Big mistake. A very big mistake.", Kelly said. "Grimes will see to his business, thinking no one will stop him. I will contact Number 1 and see if she'll end the lockdown."

    Later that night, Betty & Sabrina, now dressed in colored zentai suits like Veronica, reached the docks. Sabrina was dressed in forest colors. Betty in light blue. Kelly joined them, now in a green zentai.

    "Going forward, we'll use code names instead of our real ones.", she said. "I am Emerald, for obvious reasons."

    "For now, we'd better split up.", Ronnie, aka Rose Red, replied. "Grimes is coming in."

    Grimes and Cyndi emerged from their limo, with Cyndi now wearing a zebra striped zentai suit. Five young women, their faces hidden behind burlap hoods and with their hands bound behind their backs, were led out of a panel truck about 100 yards away. Cleophus Hazzard met with Grimes.

    "You have the money, Mr. Grimes. I have the women for you to deliver to our contacts in the Middle East.", he said.

    Cyndi handed Grimes a briefcase, which he in turn handed to Hazzard, along with a copy of their contract.

    "I trust everything is in order, Mr. Hazzard?", he asked.

    "Yes, everything is in order. However, your faceless companion would look much better at my side."

    "That isn't going to happen.", Cyndi replied icily. "I will not leave my husband."

    "Oh, I don't think you have much choice, my dear." Hazzard produced a gun. "Either you come to me, or I take back the other women along with the money."

    "You double-crossing swine!!", Grimes snapped. "I'm the one with the contacts in Saudi Arabia, not you!"

    "So true, Mr. Grimes, but the truth is, I hold all the cards."

    In seconds, Grimes' guards turned their guns on him. Hazzard grabbed Cyndi by the arm, only to be tossed aside with a judo throw.

    "Time to move", said Emerald. "Cyndi may have betrayed the Guardians, but she still needs our help."

    "Only long enough to face the music for her part in this.", said Betty, using the name Oceana. "Let's get 'em."

    On the opposite side, Veronica searched around for Sabrina, or Forest, as she was now known, but she was gone.

    "Now where did she go?", Ronnie wondered to herself.

    At that moment, Sabrina was airborne as the masked Mystyk, having shed her zentai disguise.

    "Have to time this just right. Superteen can't help, and we can't wait for Fly Girl to return.", she thought, unaware that Fly Girl---Kelly---was on the grounds. "Have to make this count."

    Mystyk unleashed a powerful psionic bolt, scattering the gunmen. At once, two dozen women appeared, having been called back into duty. Hazzard and Grimes' guards were quickly overpowered. Not far away, Carrie Bingham saw the fight begin, and waited for Lt. Pierce, who'd returned from booking the two other thugs, to give a signal. Once that signal was given, Carrie and her team rounded up the gunmen. However, Mystyk had departed as quickly as she came, her part of the job done. Worse, Hazzard had made good his escape. Cyndi had unmasked, as she & Grimes were taken into custody. Later that night, Carrie questioned Cyndi in her cell, without guards present.

    "I knew you were a risk when we took you in, but then we also knew you were married to Grimes, and made up the whole story about being a victim of domestic abuse.", she said.

    "And what gave me away?", Cyndi asked, defiant. "Simon planted me in your organization to destroy it. You and your followers have ruined his business."

    "Human trafficking is not good business, Cyndi. You were nearly taken from your husband, and yet you still defend him?"

    "Hazzard is the one you really want, not Simon. Simon got into this for extra income. Now, he's regretting every second of it."

    "And where do you suppose Hazzard went?"

    "I'm not telling you that, you stupid fool."
    Hazzard had returned to his hotel room, and began packing his bags. He just didn't pack them fast enough, as Mystyk, Superteen, & Fly Girl waited outside the windows for him.

    "It's over, Hazzard!!", Fly Girl called. "Grimes is turning state's evidence and turning you in!!"

    "It's never over, chica!", Hazzard shot back, defiant. "I will not spend a second in your filthy prisons!"

    Hazzard started to leave, but Veronica blocked the door.

    "You know, you're exactly the reason Hollywood casts your people the way they do. Arrogant, filthy, and short on brains.", she said.

    Hazzard lunged at the crimson clad heiress, but Ronnie moved out of the way. Hazzard fell forward, and right into twin uppercuts from Archie & Reggie, who'd backed up their friend.

    "I don't think you even learned how to treat women with respect where you came from, pal.", Reggie snapped. "We'll be happy to provide the first and only lesson."

    Hazzard recovered, and shoved the boys aside. However, once he got down the stairs, he found the Fly waiting for him.

    "Game's over, Hazzard.", he said. "You lose."
    The next day, Veronica, Betty, & Sabrina were called to Guardians headquarters, only to find Kelly and the Bingham triplets no longer wearing the zentais.

    "You're ending this?", Veronica asked incredulously.

    "Our goal all along was to put a stop to violence against women.", Carrie said. "But the Fly & Fly Girl taught us that it's an unreachable goal. Once Cyndi---Velvet----was taken into custody, it took a while before she finally spilled. She was the one who screwed Christie out of her job because she was at the time dating the manager. After she was fired, Cyndi moved to LA, where she met and married Grimes, whose business was failing. Kidnapping and selling young women helped save that business, but after seeing Hazzard nearly take Cyndi away from him, he experienced an epiphany. Turned state's evidence, and is willing to testify in federal court."

    "So what's next?", Sabrina asked.

    "We sisters are splitting up.", Christie said. "Carrie and the Riverdale PD are helping to pay for plastic surgery to restore my face so I can get a new job out of town."

    "Carrie and I are staying here in Riverdale.", Courtney said, "Because of our jobs, and all the friends we've made."

    Soon, Kelly took Sabrina & Betty aside.

    "Your secrets are safe with me.", she said. "It was a pleasure working with both of you, and your friends."

    "We are so honored.", Betty gushed. "Maybe someday we'll meet again."
    Two weeks later, Betty & Veronica surprised Archie by showing up at his house wearing their zentai suits while his parents were away. Predictably, Betty cozied up to Archie while Ronnie fumed, but their mutual beau gave them equal affection.

    "Think you girls can save these suits for college?", Archie quipped.

    "I knew you'd say that.", Betty cooed, before unzipping her mask to kiss him.

    The end.
    Coming in two weeks: Archie and Josie & the Pussycats meet Scooby-Doo!

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