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Ren & Stimpy Animation Studios Guide

Discussion in 'toonzone Animation Wiki' started by SB20xx, Feb 6, 2012.

  1. SB20xx

    SB20xx Oooooh!
    Staff Member Moderator Reporter

    May 13, 2003
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    Season 1: (Domestic Studio: Spumco)
    1) Stimpy's Big Day/The Big Shot: Lacewood Productions; Carbunkle Cartoons and Fil-Cartoons for "Stimpy's Breakfast Tips".
    2a) Robin Hoek: Bon Art.
    2b) Nurse Stimpy: Lacewood Productions.
    3a) Space Madness: Carbunkle Cartoons.
    3b) The Boy Who Cried Rat: Lacewood Productions.
    4a) Fire Dogs: Carbunkle Cartoons, Lacewood Productions, and Fil-Cartoons.
    4b) The Littlest Giant: Bon Art.
    5a) Marooned: Bon Art.
    5b) Untamed World: Lacewood Productions.
    6a) Black Hole: Bon Art.
    6b) Stimpy's Invention: Carbunkle Cartoons.

    Season 2: (Domestic Studio: Spumco).
    7a) Ren's Toothache: Rough Draft Studios.
    7b) Rubber Nipple Salesmen: Rough Draft Studios & Metrocel Animation.
    8) Sven Hoek: Carbunkle Cartoons, Rough Draft Studios, & Metrocel Animation. [finished by Games]
    9) Haunted House/Mad Dog Hoek: Rough Draft Studios, Metrocel Animation, & Color Key Studios Taiwan. [finished by Games]
    10a) In The Army: Rough Draft Studios.
    10b) Big House Blues: Carbunkle Cartoons, Bardel, & Al Sens Animation Ltd. [Note: This also aired during the first season with "The Littlest Giant"]
    11) Big Baby Scam/Dog Show: Rough Draft Studios. ["Big Baby Scam" was finished by Games]
    12) Monkey See... Monkey Don't/Powdered Toast Man: Rough Draft Studios. ["Monkey See, Monkey Don't" was finished by Games]
    13a) Fake Dad: Rough Draft Studios. [finished by Games]
    13b) Out West: Carbunkle Cartoons & Metrocel Animation.
    14) Stimpy's Fan Club: Rough Draft Studios. [finished by Games]
    15) The Great Outdoors/The Cat That Laid the Golden Hairball: Rough Draft Studios. [finished by Games]
    16) Visit to Anthony: Rough Draft Studios. [finished by Games]
    17) The Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen: Carbunkle Cartoons, Metrocel Animation, & U.S. Animation Inc.. [finished by Games]
    17a) World Crisis With Mr. Horse: Funbag Animation. [finished by Games]
    17b) Powdered Toast Man 2: Carbunkle Cartoons. [finished by Games]
    18) Son of Stimpy: Carbunkle Cartoons & Metrocel Animation. [finished by Games]
    19) Man's Best Friend: Carbunkle Cartoons & Metrocel Animation.

    Season 3: (Domestic Studio: Games Animation from now on)
    20) To Salve or Salve Not/No Pants Today: Rough Draft Studios.
    21) A Yard Too Far/Circus Midgets: Rough Draft Studios.
    22) Ren's Pecs/An Abe Divided: Rough Draft Studios.
    23) Stimpy's Cartoon Show: Rough Draft Studios & U.S. Animation Inc..
    24) Jiminy Lummox/Bass Masters: Rough Draft Studios.
    25) Ren's Retirement: Rough Draft Studios.
    26) Jerry the Bellybutton Elf/Road Apples: Rough Draft Studios.
    27) Hard Times For Haggis: Rough Draft Studios & U.S. Animation Inc..
    28) Eat My Cookies/Ren's Bitter Half: Rough Draft Studios.
    29) Lair of the Lummox: Wang Film Productions.
    29a) Cheesefist: Wang Film Productions.
    29b) Chicken in a Drawer: Toon-Us-In Animation Inc.

    Season 4:
    30a) Hermit Ren: Rough Draft Studios.
    30b) Untamed World: Toon-Us-In Animation Inc.
    31) House of Next Tuesday/A Friend in Your Face!: Rough Draft Studios.
    32a) Blazing Entrails: Mr. Big & U.S. Animation Inc..
    32b) Lumberjerks: Rough Draft Studios.
    33a) Prehistoric Stimpy: Mr. Big & U.S. Animation Inc..
    33b) Farm Hands: Rough Draft Studios.
    34a) Magical Singing Golden Cheeses: Toon-Us-In Animation Inc. & Yaeson Korea.
    34b) A Hard Day's Luck: Rough Draft Studios.
    35) I Love Chicken/Powdered Toast Man vs. Waffle Woman: Rough Draft Studios.
    36) It's a Dog's Life/Egg Yolkeo: Wang Film Productions.
    37a) Double Header: Toon-Us-In Animation Inc. & Yaeson Korea.
    37b) The Scotsman in Space: Rough Draft Studios.
    38a) Pixie King: Rough Draft Studios.
    38b) Aloha Hoek: Mr. Big & Yaeson Korea.
    39a) Insomniac Ren: Rough Draft Studios.
    39b) My Shiny Friend: Toon-Us-In Animation Inc., & Yaeson Korea.
    40a) Cheese Rush Days: Rough Draft Studios.
    40b) Wiener Barons: Mr. Big & Yaeson Korea.
    41a) Galoot Ranglers: Rough Draft Studios.
    41b) Ren Needs Help!: Toon-Us-In Animation Inc. & Yaeson Korea.
    42a) Superstitious Stimpy: Rough Draft Studios.
    42b) Travelogue: Mr. Big & Yaeson Korea.

    Season 5:
    43a) Ol' Blue Nose: Toon-Us-In Animation Inc. & Yaeson Korea.
    43b) Stupid Sidekick Union: Rough Draft Studios.
    44) Space Dogged/Feud For Sale: Rough Draft Studios.
    45a) Hair of the Cat: Rough Draft Studios.
    45b) City Hicks: Toon-Us-In Animation Inc..
    46a) Stimpy's Pet: Rough Draft Studios.
    46b) Ren's Brain: Toon-Us-In Animation Inc. & Yaeson Korea.
    47a) Bell Hops: Mr. Big & Yaeson Korea.
    47b) Dog Tags: Rough Draft Studios.
    48a) I Was a Teenage Stimpy: Rough Draft Studios.
    48b) Who's Stupid Now?: Toon-Us-In Animation Inc. & Yaeson Korea.
    49) School Mates/Dinner Party: Rough Draft Studios.
    50a) Pen Pals: Toon-Us-In Animation Inc..
    50b) Big Flakes: Mr. Big & Yaeson Korea.
    51a) Terminal Stimpy: Mr. Big & Yaeson Korea.
    51b) Reverend Jack Cheese: Rough Draft Studios.
    52a) A Scooter For Yaksmas: Rough Draft Studios.
    52b) Craft-Works Corner: Stimpy Kadoogan: Toon-Us-In Animation Inc. & Yaeson Korea
    53a) Sammy and Me: Mr. Big & Yaeson Korea.
    53b) The Last Temptation of Ren: Toon-Us-In Animation Inc. and U.S. Animation, Inc..

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