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Remember all those posts last week about the crappy PD Betty Boop prints on LNB&W....

Discussion in 'Back To The Inkwell - Classic Cartoons Discussion' started by J Lee, Jul 9, 2001.

  1. billyjoelfan

    billyjoelfan A BILLY JOEL FAN!

    May 4, 2001
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    what is pre -code

    are there any LT&MM pre code


    billy joel 'you bean goen to long' fan
  2. J Lee

    J Lee Active Member

    Apr 26, 2001
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    Suprisingly to anyone under the age of 65, there actually was some nudity and risque language in the early talking pictures, which was an outgrowth of the risque styles of the 1920s. But thanks to the Depression and the reaction against anything having to do with the 20s, by 1934 civic groups around the country had gotten Hollywood to institute a "code" system of decency on its films.

    Mae West's films were considered the worst offenders with the double-entendre language, and were being distributed by Paramount at the time, the same studio that was home to Max Fleischer and Betty Boop. So when the hammer came down on Mae, it took out Betty too, and her cartoons were "sanitized" with virtually all refrences to sex or images of a scantily-dressed Ms. Boop removed. That's the difference between pre-code and post-code cartoons.

    Without a sexy female leading character Warners and the other animation studios didn't have the same problems the Fleischers did, though pressure did come to make Mickey Mouse a goody-two-shoes even before the code arrived (and of course there's that disputed line of dialouge in "Bosko's Picture Show" that would have been banned in mainstream Hollywood filmn until 1968, if he really did say it).

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