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Discussion in 'The Story Board' started by The Guitar Slayer, Dec 23, 2005.

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    As mentioned before, all fan fics must have a rating in their title. However, Bleu Unicorn reminded me of what happened with -- they were told by the MPAA to NOT use G/PG/PG-13/R/NC-17 ratings anymore. As a result, switched over to the K/E/T/MA ratings that are used in videogames. We at WFWC are introducing our own form of ratings and their videogame/movie equivalents.

    We do have a lot of international members on the board, so we're going to touch on the European ratings briefly to bring them up to speed as well.

    U = G
    PG = PG
    12/12A/15 = (high or low) PG-13
    18 = R.

    Our ratings at the WFWC are now Batman related with pretty pictures to remind you.

    [​IMG] Baby Doll
    • Anyone can read it, from the ages 6 and up, in terms of content.

    [​IMG] Mad Hatter
    • A cuss word or two, angst, non graphic violence. Basically, a straight up Teen Titans episode.

    [​IMG] Catwoman
    • Lots of cuss words, lots of high emotions, descriptive violence (no intestines hanging out, please),
      implied sex/drugs/alcohol. The last bit means nothing like "Robin poured himself a gin and tonic and shotgunned that down
      before moving on to the bourbon."
    • No character under 18 has alcohol, drugs, or sex (I go by the British/world standard drinking age). If someone turns 18 and has a drink, it's just that -- NO KEGGERS OR WASTED MAIN CHARACTERS IN THE PLOT. You can have the Titans bust a kegger or a drug user, but please no walk-ins during sex ><. If someone is busted for use of drugs, it's only the aftermath -- no needle scenes and the audience doesn't see the act of usage.

    [​IMG] Joker
    • Basically, anything goes with fair warning. No X-rated or excessively descriptive sex; no graphic descriptions of anyone below the belt or under the shirt in female cases, and none of that kinky stuff either. No PWP or "porn without plot." Violence, however, is a free for all. Deck the halls with intestines, fa la la la la la la la la. Hoist heads on top of the Christmas tree and say what happened to the eyes and all that jazz. Go to town. Cussing is unlimited, but no cheating the censor; let it **** stuff out, because we can count and figure out the words on our own.
    • You can only WRITE this type of fic if you are 17 or older yourself. You can view any fic on the board, but WFWC isn't liable for any messed-upedness that may follow.
    I know this is all complicated, so the mods have final say on what's what. If you're not sure about your rating, PM a mod. Otherwise, we'll take care of it when we read it and readjust. When in doubt, put it one level higher than it is; better safe than sorry. If you have sex in an MH Titans fic, we're coming for you with a nice warning; if you've read this, then you know what's what and there is no excuse.
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