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Rat Scratch Fever (Tales of Riverdale fan-fiction)

Discussion in 'The Story Board' started by hobbyfan, May 4, 2014.

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    Jun 9, 2002
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    Our 2nd "Tales of Riverdale" story is set following the events of "Sabrina & the Nano-Worms". All characters used in this story, save for incidentals created for the tale, are copyright Archie Comics.

    Merry Meadows Summer Day Camp was one of Riverdale's oldest institutions. "Was" because the camp was closed amidst a scandal that marred the conclusion of the camp's 101st season in 2008.

    On August 22 that year, the camp officially ended its season, but there was one young camper unaccounted for as parents arrived to take their children home for the final time. Eight year old Charmayne Tisdale, whose grandmother was the President of the Merry Meadows Ladies Auxilliary, was missing, and her mother, Charlene, was searching for the child, with the help of some of the young counselors.

    After the police were called, Charlene checked with her mother, thinking that maybe Charmayne was sick and couldn't go to camp that day. Heloise Tisdale was shocked when she was told her granddaughter was not at the camp.

    "She was perfectly fine this morning when I dropped her off at camp.", she said. "Her luggage is still here, as we had planned. How in the world could this have happened?"

    "I don't know, but the police are looking into it.", Charlene replied, holding back the tears. "Charmayne's my only child. If she's gone, my world will be shattered."

    The next morning, Lt. Nelson Pierce of the Riverdale PD's Major Crimes Unit paid a call on 11 year old Betty Cooper, who'd been a babysitter for Charmayne for most of the summer.

    "My mom had made arrangements with Mrs. Tisdale to have Charmayne be with me at the end of the day, but I never saw her at all. She didn't make it to her final swimming class.", Betty said. "One of the other kids said that he thought he saw Charmayne go into the office before that class, and never came out."
    "Yeah, old man Traeger took Char into the office about 10 am, but came out without her 5 minutes later.", Willie Novick said when he was questioned later that afternoon. "My brother & I checked the office when no one was around, but there was no sign of the girl. We thought maybe Mr. Traeger was, like, a magician or something."

    As it turned out, Traeger was a bit of a magician, making Charmayne disappear for the weekend. On August 25, acting on a tip, Lt. Pierce and Chief Robert Bolling, armed with a search warrant, found that the camp, normally locked, was still open, though it was technically closed for the season. A panel truck was parked behind the office, and that alone raised a red flag. In the office, Benson Bannister, the 6th generation owner of the camp property, had just completed a deal with a pair of men. Charmayne, her face hidden under a burlap hood with her hands bound behind her back, was being led out of the office toward the truck. Pierce then kicked down the door.

    "Freeze! Police!", he shouted, drawing his gun.

    The men started to leave, but three uniformed officers blocked the path to the truck. Bannister, Traeger, and the two men were arrested on charges of human trafficking, endangering the welfare of a child, and, kidnapping. There were seven other children in the truck, three girls and four boys, all between the ages of 6-9, bound, gagged, and hooded, surrounded by stacks of porn magazines. The children were brought home to their parents, who were appalled to learn their kids were being used for child pornography. Charmayne even told her mother & grandmother that Bannister & Traeger kept her naked all weekend, hiding her clothes, which the police found, and she heard them say she was worth "some big bucks".

    Claire Bannister, Benson's mother, who was also on the Ladies Auxilliary, was appalled as well, learning of her son's dark secrets. Not only the child porn, but the fact that Benson and Traeger were more than just good friends.

    All eight children went through extensive psychiatric therapy during the following school year to recover from the trauma. Claire Bannister then learned that Benson had previously succeeded in selling some kidnapped kids into slavery and/or to a child porn ring, which was later broken. The end result was Claire invoking a provision in the contract between her family and the city to turn control of Merry Meadows over to the city, effective immediately.

    However, what Claire didn't account for was another shady deal that Benson had worked out on the land.

    On October 1, Bannister, out on bail, awaiting trial, had opened the camp to admit an agent from what supposedly was a covert government agency. Opening the fence that separated Bannister Lake from the camp proper, Bannister supervised the dumping of toxic chemicals into the lake, his way of leaving a going away present for Mayor DeCarlo and whomever would take over the camp the following summer. Three days later, the dumping was concluded, but the men were captured by the police and federal authorities. Bannister ended up back in prison, his bail revoked.

    On December 31, Bannister was convicted not only on the kidnapping and related charges, but on charges related to the toxic dumping, and sentenced to 15 years to life in prison. Ralph Traeger only got 10 to life for the kidnapping and human trafficking charges.
    Nearly five years later, Allan & Bradley Traeger, Ralph's sons from an earlier marriage (he was divorced), broke into the camp for a weekend swim on Memorial Day. Not realizing the lake was still poisoned, the boys dove into the lake...........and never came out. Their mother, Madeline, called the police when she discovered her boys, ages 16 & 14, respectively, had not returned home by sunset. The next morning, the two boys were fished out of the lake, dead, their bodies mutilated from exposure to the toxic chemicals that laid at the bottom of the lake. That same afternoon, two rats had made their way through the open fence and tried out the lake. Amazingly, the rats emerged from the water a few hours later, alive, well, and, well, changed. The biggest change, to them, anyway, was the ability to speak, but not all that well.

    "Is miracle.", one said in broken English. "Us now able to talk, think like humans do."

    "Waters of the lake granted us speech. Maybe others will come.", the other rat replied.

    Later that night, while foraging for food, the rats met with their city brothers and told them, haltingly, about the "miracle in the lake". The next day, a dozen rats converged upon Bannister Lake and dove in, save for the two who'd received the "miracle" the previous day. After three hours, though, none of the rats emerged.

    "Me not understand.", the first rat, who now named himself Alpha, said. "If us could survive underwater, why not brothers?"

    "Maybe miracle waters meant only for us?", asked the other rat, rechristened Bravo. "Us not take chance on bringing other brothers here."

    "Agreed, Bravo. Haven is our home now."
    Ah, but with Merry Meadows due to open again, Alpha & Bravo may not have their "haven" for very long. We've only just begun.....
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  2. hobbyfan

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    Jun 9, 2002
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    Chapter 1:

    It was Betty's first day at New Dimensions Fashions, and just before she ended her shift, Charlene & Charmayne Tisdale came in to do some shopping. It'd been 5 years since Betty had last done any babysitting for the Tisdales, and was stunned to see how much Charmayne had grown since she'd seen her last.

    "I thought you'd be at camp as a counselor this year.", Charmayne said. "I heard they were reopening Merry Meadows."

    "They cancelled those plans.", Betty replied. "After the Traeger boys were fished out of Bannister Lake 4 weeks ago, Mayor DeCarlo ordered the camp closed for the season, once he found out about the toxic dumping that started up again."

    "Again?", Charlene asked. "I thought he stopped that 5 years ago."

    "He did.", Betty replied, "But whomever is doing this found a means of getting into the park. Probably forged a few documents online in order to gain entry. Those two boys were badly disfigured when they drowned."

    Charlene & Charmayne left after making a purchase, and a few minutes later, Betty and Veronica Lodge left for the day.

    "Didn't you tell them about the rats?", Veronica asked.

    "Nope. Didn't need to make things worse than they already are.", Betty replied.

    Meanwhile, the lake had been drained, and the toxic canisters had been removed from the bottom, then taken out of the camp. Alpha & Bravo watched the whole scene unfold.

    "Humans drain water, remove large cans from bottom of lake.", Alpha said. "Water will return, but us hungry."

    "Yes.", Bravo replied. "When sun goes down, us hunt for food, like always."

    Alpha was right about the water returning. Fresh water was placed in Bannister Lake just three days later, and a new fence was installed to ensure that the toxic dumping would, finally, come to an end. One morning, Alpha & Bravo returned from a night of foraging to find the fiberglass fence encircling the camp. There was no way they could climb back into the camp. Or was there?

    "Ladder leaning against fence can help us.", Bravo said excitedly. "Is tall enough."

    "What us waiting for then?", Alpha replied.

    Minutes later, the rodents returned home, only to find traps and poison waiting for them in the office and cafeteria.

    "Humans think they can take Haven from us!", Alpha said, angrily. "Haven belongs to us!"
    Two months later, Sabrina Spellman and her boyfriend, Harvey Kinkle, toured the camp while doing some clean-up work for the city.

    "It sure is nice to see fresh water in the lake again.", Harvey said. "It's a good sign."

    "But you heard what the Mayor's office has said.", Sabrina replied. "They won't reopen the camp until they can find whomever it is who's been dumping toxic chemicals into the lake each of the last few years. That's why they have guards posted on each side of the camp."

    "They have security cameras.", Harvey noted, pointing toward cameras that were installed outside the office and the cafeteria. "That way, they can identify the dumpers and turn them in."

    "I wish I was that sure it could happen.", Sabrina thought to herself, "But I'm not sure those cameras actually work, not with those rats on the grounds."

    "You guys ready to go?", Midge Klump asked. Her boyfriend, Marmaduke "Moose" Mason, had rented an SUV for the day so that the two couples, plus Betty, Veronica, Archie Andrews, & Reggie Mantle, could go to and from the camp. "It's almost dark."

    "We're on our way!", Harvey called.

    Later that night, Betty & Sabrina were doing inventory at New Dimensions. Normally, they would do inventory on a Sunday, but with the Archies playing at the Riverdale Summer Festival the next day at the fairgrounds, and with Sabrina manning a New Dimensions kiosk there, owner Barbara Schubert didn't have enough help to be in the store even for an hour on a Sunday afternoon. Just before leaving, the girls had to take out the garbage as well. There were three bags in all. The last bag was also the heaviest, and needed both women to carry it to the dumpster in the back of the parking lot.

    "What did Barbara put in here?", Betty asked, exhausted. "Firewood?"

    "No, silly.", Sabrina replied. "There's at least a week's worth of trash in there. Barbara was upset that Ronnie didn't dispose of it on Sunday when she & Midge did inventory. However, there was enough room to add some more, and that's why it's so heavy."

    "Okay, so we'll hoist it in.", Betty said. "On three. One......two......three.......heave!"

    The girls tossed the bag into the dumpster, then turned and walked back toward the store. The next instant, however, two rats came flying out of the dumpster, landing squarely on the necks of the two teenagers.

    "What in the world?", Betty wondered aloud. "Get off!"

    She pulled Bravo off her neck, and tossed him back toward the dumpster. Seeing Sabrina struggling with Alpha, Betty raced over and grabbed Alpha by the tail, spun him around, and sent him hurtling back toward the dumpster as well. It was then that she noticed she was bleeding. So was Sabrina, as both girls had been bitten by the mutated rodents.

    "You okay?", Betty asked as Sabrina got back to her feet.

    "I'll manage. I think.", the teen sorceress replied. She then noticed the blood and the bite marks. "Have to go to the emergency clinic before we get home, though."

    "The sooner, the better."
    Betty called her father, Hal, and Sabrina contacted her aunt Hilda. Both arrived at the Riverdale General Hospital's Emergency Clinic within 10 minutes. Dr. Paul Stockman treated the girls, and had them tested for rabies, which was understandable.

    "There are scratches as well as bites on their necks.", Stockman said. "I'd say those rats may have mistaken the girls for food."

    "How serious is it?", Hal asked.

    "We'll know for sure once we get the test results in the morning."

    However, morning couldn't come soon enough. The girls were kept overnight for observation, and Hilda stayed to keep a close eye on her niece. Just after midnight, she bore witness to an eerie sight. As Sabrina slept, she began to change. Her ears became long and pointed, her teeth sharper & pointed, and a tail began to emerge under her hospital gown. Her nose was now more of a snout, and as realization set in, Sabrina awoke. Her eyes had turned blood red, and her skin now was furry. Glancing to her left, she noticed Betty was also changing at the same time. Within minutes, both girls had been transformed into rats. Shell-shocked, Hilda tried to cast a quick spell to reverse the changes, but the two girl rats fled through an open window.

    At the Spellman house, Salem took an urgent phone call on Zelda's cell phone from Hilda. Seconds later, he woke up Zelda with bad news.

    "What's wrong?", she asked.

    "Everything.", the warlock cat replied. "Sabrina's been turned into a rat, and she's fled the clinic!"
    Now, Betty & Sabrina are on the run. What will that do to the Archies' concert? Will Betty & Sabrina be human again? We'll see in chapter 2.
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    Chapter 2:

    Within minutes, Zelda had teleported to the clinic, where Hilda filled her in on the rest of the story.

    "Did anyone else see this?", Zelda asked.

    "Unfortunately, yes.", Hilda replied. A nurse was passing by, and saw the last phase, when the girls shrank to rat size and fled. She fainted, and is in the infirmary."

    "Any idea where they could've gone?"

    "There is only one possibility."


    "Merry Meadows. Remember when the Traeger boys were fished out of Bannister Lake?"

    "Yes, it was in the paper. They also said there'd been some toxic dumping in the lake right before those boys drowned. You don't think......"

    "It's just a theory, but I think the rats also were infected by the toxic waters. That said, their bites may have passed a mutagenic virus of some kind to the girls. There's something in their heads that's telling them to go to Merry Meadows."

    "Wait. Two boys drown in the lake. Two rats somehow survive the toxic waste in the lake. Are you thinking what I'm thinking, Hil?"

    "Yes. That's the other part of my theory. What if those boys' minds had drifted out of their bodies, and wound up in those rats?"

    "Then they want the girls to mate with them!"

    "That's possible. We still can catch up! We'll take my car."
    "How long us run? Where are us?"

    Unaccustomed to her smaller, furrier form, Betty was a little exhausted as she & Sabrina made their way toward Merry Meadows. They had run as hard and as fast as their tiny legs could carry them for nearly 2 hours, having to dodge traffic and other hazards. With their speech now fractured, like Alpha & Bravo, communication was back to a more primal level.

    "Me not sure.", Sabrina replied, haltingly. "But us are here."

    "Where is here?"

    "Haven. Hims hunt for food. Us will wait for them to return."

    Finding the ladder still in place, the girl rats climbed up and over the fence, entering the camp, and began to explore their new surroundings. Their wanderings led them to the gym and the women's locker room, where they spent the rest of the night, sleeping. Meanwhile, Hilda & Zelda had parked the car a half-mile away from the camp. Armed with flashlights, the two found the ladder.

    "So this is how they get in.", Zelda observed. "But there's no way out."

    "Oh, yes, there is.", Hilda replied. "Rats can dig tunnels, you know."

    "You do have a point."

    The two sisters climbed the ladder and entered the camp. Hilda tried reaching out to Sabrina via telephathy, but got nothing.

    "No use. I should've remembered Sabrina was sleeping when she started changing. Her powers are dormant now.", she said. "We'll track her & Betty the old fashioned way."

    Just before sunrise, Alpha & Bravo headed back to the camp after a night of dining in dumpsters and garbage cans. They expected to find two new roommates waiting for them.

    "Hers are here.", Alpha said. "Scent is strong."

    "Us mate with hers. Get them used to new life.", Bravo replied excitedly. "Can't wait to be father."

    But as the sun rose over Riverdale, and the first rays passed through the windows of the locker room, another change came over the girls, just as Hilda & Zelda came in.

    "Gracious!", Hilda cried. "Take a look at this!"

    Hilda & Zelda watched as the rats reverted to their human forms. The sudden shock of transforming awoke Betty & Sabrina, who found themselves in an unfamiliar place---and naked.

    "H--h-how did we get here?", Betty asked, searching for something to cover up.

    "I don't know.", Sabrina replied, her speech somewhat slurred as she was wiping the sleep out of her eyes.

    "We can answer that.", Hilda said, conjuring robes for the two teenagers. "After we get back to the clinic."

    By the time Alpha & Bravo reached the locker room, the objects of their affection were gone.

    "Not understand. Hers were here, but scent is fading.", Bravo said.

    "Couldn't have left." Alpha replied. "Hers don't know about tunnels that lead to street."
    Back at the clinic, Hilda filled the girls in on the last six hours.

    "The fact that we're human again means that this is a condition more akin to lycanthropy.", Betty surmised. "Which means this could happen again tonight."

    "Thank you, Debbie Downer.", Sabrina said.

    "There is an upside.", Hilda noted. "If you girls do change this time, you'll be wide awake, and able to think & talk normally. Well, at least I'd think so."

    "I'm not so sure about that.", Betty replied. "Werewolves tend to be, according to the movies, incapable of speech and coherent thought. Were-rats? I really don't want to know."

    Around 10 am, Dr. Stockman met with the girls with the test results.

    "The good news is that you don't have rabies.", he said. "However, there is some bad news."

    "I think we already know.", Sabrina replied, as she told him about what happened.

    "I've thought this only happened in the movies.", Dr. Stockman said. "Any witnesses?"

    "I sat here and saw it all happen.", Hilda replied. "And, then, there's the nurse."

    "Oh, yes, Nurse Payne. Student nurse must've been frightened. She went home two hours ago when her shift ended. Still, as crazy as it sounds, but you two girls may need to stay indoors tonight."

    "They turn into rats.", Hilda said. "If they go anywhere, it'll be to rummage through garbage cans and dumpsters, like other rats do. I think we may have to find the male rats that bit them and see if we can get some sort of anti-toxin into them."

    "You've become a fountain of ideas recently.", Zelda quipped.
    Later that afternoon at the Riverdale Summer Festival, there was one other side effect that the girls hadn't considered.

    As the Archies finished their show, shortly before 7 pm, Betty walked back to the New Dimensions kiosk, but noticed that Sabrina was gone.

    "Where's Sabrina?", she asked.

    "All I know is that about 5 minutes ago, she started convulsing, quivering. She hadn't been sick all day, but after what you ladies told me, I'd think those rats are in the area, and they got close enough to Sabrina to do something to her.", Barbara replied.

    "Like forcing her back into a rat's body.", Betty said soberly. "It's the blood. Their bites created some sort of psychic link between us & them, and that's what enabled them to track us."

    "That's odd. I've never heard or seen anything like that."

    "There's a first time for everything, Barb. I'd better head out."

    But as Betty left the fairgrounds, she got a telepathic message from Hilda.

    "Stay where you are, Betty. I'm coming over in a second. We have to find Sabrina before it's too late."

    A minute later, Hilda pulled up in her car, and Betty got in.

    "I take it Dr. Schubert filled you in?", Hilda asked.

    "Yes. I remembered Dr. Stockman's warning from earlier about going home. I've sussed out that the rats must've gotten close to Sabrina in the kiosk, not where she could see them, but they took mental control."

    "That's exactly what happened. We have to head for the camp right away."

    Hilda & Betty got within a mile of the camp when Charlene Tisdale flagged them down.

    "What's wrong, Mrs. Tisdale?", Betty asked.

    "Charmayne's gone missing. She left the fairgrounds about 15 minutes or so ago, complaining of a sudden headache, but I can't seem to find her, and she's never gone out in the dark by herself."

    "We'll see if we can find her, Mrs. Tisdale.", Hilda promised. "My niece is unaccounted for, as well."

    Within a mile from the camp, as darkness settled in, Betty began to change, but Hilda blocked it with a quick incantation.

    "You ok?", she asked.

    "For now, yes. Thank you.", Betty replied. "All that tells us is that we're close to those rats. Odds are Sabrina and I weren't the only victims."

    Meanwhile, Archie & Veronica had noticed that Betty had left. Checking with Barbara, they found out that she'd gotten a ride with Hilda after Sabrina had vanished.

    "This is getting weird.", Ronnie said. "That's not like Betty to leave us hanging like that."

    "No, not at all.", Archie replied. "But did you see how that one girl reacted to the rats near Pop's booth?"

    "Yeah, and that's the weirdest part about it all. She ran away, and they followed her. She hasn't been seen since."
    Betty was a rat once more by the time she & Hilda had reached Merry Meadows. Only this time, she did have control of her speech. She sniffed the air as Hilda cradled her in her hand.

    "They're here.", Betty said. "I'm picking up 4 scents."

    "Then you were right.", Hilda replied. "Mrs. Tisdale's daughter was also bitten and changed. That changes everything."

    "We've no time to lose."
    Hilda may have figured out Alpha & Bravo's secret, but will that cost her Sabrina? And what of Betty & Charmayne? We'll find out in chapter 3.
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    Chapter 3:

    Charmayne, now a small white rat, was curled up in a corner, unsure of her surroundings. Sabrina, once more a slightly taller white rat, had found her in the cafeteria.

    "Charmayne?", she asked. "Can you hear me?"

    "Me scared.", Charmayne replied, speaking in broken English. "Me want to go home."

    "I'll get you home soon enough, but we have to get away from here. You and I have to be together."

    "Me not trust you."

    "You have to. I'm Betty's friend. She's on her way here with my aunt."

    Just then, Alpha & Bravo had found their way to the cafeteria, picking up the girl rats' scents, but Sabrina & Charmayne had escaped. Betty, now a grey rat, had caught up with them, but her sudden appearance scared Charmayne even further.

    "Not you too! How us become human again?", she cried.

    "It's only temporary.", Betty replied. We have to trap the male rats, and bring them back with us to the clinic."

    "Clinic? What is clinic?", Charmayne asked.

    "It's a medical facility.", Sabrina replied. "You know, where they treat you for broken bones and and sickness."

    "Your aunt is waiting for us in the car.", Betty told Sabrina mentally. "I'll take Charmayne with me. You deal with the boy rats."

    "Naturally.", Sabrina replied. "Just go."

    Betty & Charmayne fled to the safety of Hilda's car. Now that they were far away from Alpha & Bravo, Betty could feel herself changing back. She motioned for Charmayne to close her eyes and concentrate. Within minutes, the two girls had reverted to their human forms. Before Charmayne could open her eyes, Hilda conjured a fresh outfit for her while Betty got dressed. Meanwhile, Sabrina led Alpha & Bravo on a merry chase that ended at Bannister Lake, just in time to find Vincent Delemeter, a former government agent and a close friend of Benson Bannister, having broken the fence to dump more toxic chemicals in the lake.

    "Why you scared to go into water, her?", Alpha asked menacingly. "You be more like us after swim."

    "Not a chance, buddy.", Sabrina replied. "Do you see what they're doing? You boys are a genetic miracle thanks to them. It was their chemicals that made you what you are."

    "All more reason to have you join with us.", Bravo said. "Us can share, take turns sleeping with you."

    "Sorry, pervs, I have a boyfriend."

    Sabrina let loose with a psi-bolt that sent Alpha & Bravo flying all the way back toward the other side of the camp. Turning, she turned her attention to Delemeter and his men, and used her telekinesis to block the hazardous waste from falling into the lake, diverting it instead back into the truck. As she was changing back to human, Sabrina ducked behind a tree and created for herself a makeshift costume to disguise her identity, using her magic and telekinesis, plus some faded wood. Meanwhile, Alpha & Bravo started back toward the lake, only to get caught in a sphere made of magic energy. Minutes later, acting on a tip, Chief Bolling & Lt. Pierce arrived, and arrested Delemeter and his crew. Animal control arrived and took Alpha & Bravo back to the clinic.

    Hilda took one look at Sabrina, dressed in a makeshift wooden bodysuit, and had to stifle some chuckles.

    "I really hope you don't wear that again.", she quipped.
    Delemeter spilled the beans about his association with Bannister, and that added to Bannister's prison sentence. Delemeter would do time as well.

    Dr. Stockman was able to create an anti-toxin serum, administered to Betty, Charmayne, & Sabrina, which drove the mutagen from their bloodstreams. Charlene Tisdale was so happy her daughter had been rescued so quickly, it didn't matter to her how it happened, or what had happened to Charmayne, who didn't remember a thing about being a rat.

    Mayor DeCarlo then announced on September 30 that Merry Meadows would reopen in 2014, under new management, as its long nightmare was finally over.

    As for Alpha & Bravo, Dr. Stockman had also administered an anti-toxin to them, which took away their ability to speak, but what he discovered had confirmed Hilda's suspicions.

    "They did have the memories and consciousness of the two Traeger brothers implanted in them thanks to the toxic chemicals. Now, Allan & Brad Traeger can rest in peace. Sort of.", he said.

    "Then those rats won't be bothering anyone again?", Hilda asked.

    "I don't think so. They're being domesticated and will be going to an animal shelter."

    A few days later at Riverdale High, Betty & Sabrina were being offered some Halloween costumes by an enterprising designer. Among the options? A white rat, and a grey rat. Both girls said no thanks.

    "Oh, sure, they're form fitting, but there's a certain stereotype going around when it comes to rats and girls that I don't want to be a part of.", Betty opined.

    "Hear, hear.", Sabrina replied.

    Alpha & Bravo were sold to a pharmaceutical lab in California for testing. Their memories had faded, and now were ordinary rats again. Life would be normal again. For now.

    The end.
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