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Question on WB shorts

Discussion in 'Back To The Inkwell - Classic Cartoons Discussion' started by Cool_Cat, Jul 12, 2016.

  1. Cool_Cat

    Cool_Cat Active Member

    Mar 20, 2015
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    So, for many years I've been researching and collecting different versions of golden age cartoons.

    Unfortunately every year it gets more difficult due to how rarely these shorts show up on TV.

    So, I'd like to ask if someone here before has ever tried to directly ask WB to buy shorts directly from their archives.

    For an example, if I'm specifically looking for a Blue Ribbon version, a foreign dub with altered background audio, a computer colorized version or a TV print of a Tom and Jerry cartoon with Mammy redrawn as a white maid, I can't really get it on what's on home video. WB still has everything stored in their archives though.

    As far as I know they store all the broadcast prints in YPbPr tapes or composite when they're older, so they'd have to digitize them.

    If that's possible I'd put an end to my 17 year research.

    I heard people have done it, so any help would be appreciated :)

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