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Prospective ideas for batman n superman that never materialized

Discussion in 'The DC Comics Animation Forum' started by Mohamedn87, Sep 3, 2017.

  1. Mohamedn87

    Mohamedn87 New Member

    Sep 3, 2017
    Likes Received:
    The both batman & superman animated series were one of the best shows to be produced. The shows lived up to their potential but could have gone further as introducing new unique plots. Here are my ideas of what they could n should have done.

    Eposide in batman animated series with Toyman as the main villain with and/or without superman in it or both. Single or two part eposide.

    Eposide in Superman the animated series with Toyman going after lex Luther.

    Eposide Lex Luther working with intergang to take superman out.

    Eposide in superman with Clayface as main enemy.

    And So on. I bet you all interesting ideas that could have materialized.

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