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Project dino: A community piece?

Discussion in 'The Drawing Board' started by GeorgeCaplin, Feb 2, 2015.

  1. GeorgeCaplin

    GeorgeCaplin New Member

    Jan 31, 2015
    Likes Received:
    Hello there person with drawing skills and possible comic book aspirations, I would would like to call on the assistance of anyone who is interested in drawing or comics.
    Even if you only do such stuff as just a hobby.

    I have an idea for a weird/quirky but simple story.
    I have written it in a basic film script form but to be honest it would need a vastly large production budget to make happen, so me making it as a film privately is out of the question. I considered writing it into a book but I felt the general concept is a visually entertaining one.

    So instead of maybe drawing some basic storyboards why not turn it into a comic!!!???
    I can draw to a degree but as something in my private time I am not sure I can manage on my own, plus I ain't that good an artist.
    I thought maybe if I got enough people on board who have an interest in drawing or art in general this could be made simply, quickly (well quicker than one hand), and creatively.

    The problem is I have no money - or real way of paying anyone for their talents which is why I feel it could be fun for anyone to have a go, with their name on their page showcasing their own talents, even a twitter address or link to their own personal website or blog if they have one, almost something in the way of a portfolio piece.
    Anyone is welcome, even if it was something to tick off on some strange bucket list...

    I know I haven't told you much at all about the plot or idea (It revolves around dinosaurs), and will probably refrain from giving information on the bigger picture until I have a large enough interest to make something work. I just think it could be fun for all these people to see something come together in a story they are unaware they are making and once created we all can enjoy each others styles as well as a quirky visual fable.

    So creative and design wise anything is welcome! If you use a creative design package on a computer or feel more comfortable with pen and paper, paint brush or water colours even.
    Any style is welcome, if you draw in manga designs, disney-esque, or even stickmen as long as it follows the basic image of the three main characters and surroundings all is good.

    So are you interested in being part of an odd and maybe strange idea? It might not work, but then if does it could be something fun and special. If you have any questions please private message me, including an e-mail address is also very helpful.

    Warm Regards

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