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Discussion in 'Platypus Comix' started by CartoonFridays, Dec 19, 2012.

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    Inspired by J. L. Warner's Disney Adventures threads, I've decided to start an ad where you post print advertisements from magazines, comic books, newspapers and the sort, old and new.

    NOTE: Provide the name and print date of the source publication.

    Here are some to start with:

    Mortal Kombat "Mortal Monday" ad
    "Spider Man Classics" #6, September 1993.

    DuckTales/Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers ad
    "Mickey Mouse Adventures" #3, August 1990

    Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me ad
    New York Daily News, June 12, 1999

    South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut ad
    New York Daily News, July 19, 1999

    Toy Story 2 "Y2K" ad
    New York Daily News, December 31, 1999

    Fantasia 2000: The IMAX Experience ad
    New York Daily News, December 31, 1999

    And to honor its re-release in theaters today...

    Monsters, Inc. ad
    New York Daily News, November 13, 2001

    These and other ads are seen on my Flickr photostream

    So get out those old magazines and papers are start scanning!
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    "Worms World Party", 2001, any number of gaming publications in 2001

    Well besides that here's the Ads section of Retronaut.

    Yeah, I don't have a scanner or room for one (hand held scanner... just no) if I did I have about decade and a half worth of PC Gamer ads to scan and plus I would have already posted a history of Duke Nukem Forever magazine stories.
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    The CableSystem
    Toledo Blade, January 20, 1987

    Fox network
    Toledo Blade, November 1, 1990

    Butterfinger Ice Cream Bars
    Lakeland Ledger, May 26, 1991

    Fox network
    Lakeland Ledger, September 15, 1991

    Fox network
    Lakeland Ledger, October 27, 1991

    The WB network
    Toledo Blade, May 12, 1996

    Kids WB
    Toledo Blade, September 7, 1996

    The WB network, "The Dubba Dubba Difference"
    Toledo Blade, February 22, 1997

    Kids WB
    Toledo Blade, August 30, 1997
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    Sep 24, 2003
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    "To us. 'dubba dubba' is our credo, our rallying cry....and the way we answer the phone."

    They were not kidding. I heard some radio DJs kept calling the WB offices over and over just to hear the receptionist go, "Dubba Dubba Dubba Dubba WB, can I help you?" They'd laugh their heads off and do it again.
  5. Mister Donut

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    May 20, 2009
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