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Pinky and the Brain Animation Studios Guide

Discussion in 'toonzone Animation Wiki' started by cheril59, Feb 6, 2016.

  1. cheril59

    cheril59 Member

    Mar 9, 2015
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    This is a list of episodes of Pinky and the Brain in order of production corresponding to the animation studios.

    Season 1:
    Das Mouse: Wang Films Productions
    Of Mouse and Man: AKOM Productions
    Tokyo Grows/That Smarts/Brainstem: Wang Films Productions
    Pinky & the Fog/Where No Mouse Has Gone Before/Cheese Roll Call: Wang Films Productions
    Brainania: Wang Films Productions
    TV or Not TV: AKOM Productions
    Napoleon Brainaparte: Wang Films Productions
    Snowball: AKOM Productions
    A Pinky and the Brain Christmas: TMS Entertainment
    Around the World in 80 Narfs: AKOM Productions
    Fly: AKOM Productions
    Ambulatory Abe/Mouse of La Mancha: AKOM Productions
    The Third Mouse/The Visit: AKOM Productions

    Season 2:
    It's Only a Paper World: Rough Draft Korea
    Collect 'em All/Pinkasso: AKOM Productions
    Plan Brain from Outer Space: Wang Films Productions
    The Mummy/Robin Brain: Rough Draft Korea
    The Pink Candidate: Wang Films Productions
    Brain's Song: AKOM Productions
    Welcome to the Jungle: AKOM Productions
    A Little Off the Top/Megalomaniacs Anonymous: Wang Films Productions
    Brain of the Future: AKOM Productions
    Brinky: AKOM Productions
    Two Mice and a Baby: Rough Draft Korea / The Maze: AKOM Productions
    Leave It to Beavers: AKOM Productions / Cinebrainia: Wang Films Productions
    Hoop Schemes: Rough Draft Korea

    Season 3:
    This Old Mouse: Wang Films Productions
    Pinky and the Brain and...Larry: Wang Films Productions / Where the Deer and the Mousealopes Play: AKOM Productions
    My Feldmans, My Friends: Wang Films Productions
    Brain Noir: Rough Draft Korea
    A Meticulous Analysis of History/Funny, You Don't Look Rhennish: Rough Draft Korea
    Mice Don't Dance/Brain Drained: Wang Films Productions
    Brain's Bogie: Rough Draft Korea / Say What, Earth?: AKOM Productions
    All You Need is Narf/Pinky's Plan: Rough Draft Korea
    Brain Acres: Wang Films Productions
    The Pinky Protocol: AKOM Productions
    Brain Storm: AKOM Productions
    The Real Life: Wang Films Productions
    Pinky & the Brainmaker/Calvin Brain: Rough Draft Korea

    Season 4:
    Pinky Suavo/T.H.E.Y.: Rough Draft Korea
    Brain's Way: Wang Films Productions
    Brainy Jack: AKOM Productions
    A Pinky and the Brain Halloween: Rough Draft Korea
    Broadway Malady: Wang Films Productions
    But, That's Not All Folks: Wang Films Productions
    Leggo My Ego/Big in Japan: Wang Films Productions
    The Tailor and the Mice/Bah, Wilderness: Rough Draft Korea
    Operation: Sealion/You Said a Mouseful: Wang Films Productions
    Pinky at the Bat/Schpiel-borg 2000: Rough Draft Korea
    You'll Never Eat Food Pellets in This Town Again: Wang Films Productions
    Brainie the Poo/Melancholy Brain: Rough Draft Korea
    Brain's Night Off/Beach Blanket Brain: Wang Films Productions

    Season 5:
    The Family That Poits Together, Narfs Together: Rough Draft Korea
    Inherit the Wheeze: Rough Draft Korea
    To Russia with Lab Mice/Hickory Dickory Bonk: Wang Films Productions
    The Pinky POV/The Really Great Dictator/Brain Food: Rough Draft Korea
    Pinky's Turn/Your Freind, Global Domination: Rough Draft Korea
    Dangerous Brains: Rough Draft Korea
    A Legendary Tail/Project: B.R.A.I.N.: Rough Draft Korea
    Whatever Happened to Baby Brain?/Just Say Narf: Wang Films Productions
    The Pinky & the Brain Reunion Special: Wang Films Productions
    Brainwashed, Parts 1-3: Rough Draft Korea
    Star Warners: Wang Films Productions

    Pinky, Elmyra & the Brain:
    Patty Ann/Gee, Your Hair Spells Terrific: Wang Films Productions
    Cute Little Alienhead/Better Living Through Cheese: Rough Draft Korea
    My Fair Brainy/The Cat That Cried Woof: Wang Films Productions
    The Girl with Nothing Extra/Narfily Ever After: Rough Draft Korea
    The Icky Mouse Club/The Man from Washington: Wang Films Productions
    At the Hop/Pinky's Dream House: Rough Draft Korea
    Yule Be Sorry/How I Spent My Weekend: Wang Films Productions
    Wag the Mouse/A Walk in the Park: Rough Draft Korea
    The Ravin!/Squeeze Play: Wang Films Productions
    Teleport a Friend: Rough Draft Korea
    Mr. Doctor/That's Edutainment: Wang Films Productions
    Fun, Time and Space/Hooray for Meat: Rough Draft Korea
    Party Night/The Mask of Braino: Wang Films Productions

    EDIT: Cleaned up this list
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  2. Peter Paltridge

    Peter Paltridge Knows about rock people
    Staff Member Moderator

    Sep 24, 2003
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    There weren't five seasons of Pinky and the Brain.

    It's a bit confusing actually; if you go by airdate the episodes premiered through four seasons, but in terms of episode order it was 13 followed by 52 over several years.
  3. cheril59

    cheril59 Member

    Mar 9, 2015
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    You don't get it. If we divided all 65 episodes by 13, then you'd have five seasons.
  4. ToonJay723

    ToonJay723 Bingo Bongo

    Nov 24, 2012
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    I think he meant that there are only two seasons, the first one with 13 episodes, and the second one with 52 episodes.

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