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"Peter Pan and the Pirates" Animation Studios Guide

Discussion in 'toonzone Animation Wiki' started by SB20xx, May 22, 2015.

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    May 13, 2003
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    1: Coldest Cut of All: Tokyo Movie Shinsha
    2: Living Pictures: Tokyo Movie Shinsha
    3: River of Night Tokyo Movie Shinsha
    4: Slightly in Stone: Wang
    5: The Rake Tokyo Movie Shinsha
    6: Peter on Trial Tokyo Movie Shinsha
    7: Wind and the Panther: Island Animation
    8: Treasure Hunt Tokyo Movie Shinsha
    9: The Plucking of Short Tom: Red Apple Group
    10: The Dream Tokyo Movie Shinsha
    11: Demise of Hook Tokyo Movie Shinsha
    12: Pirate Boys, Lost Men: ?
    13: After the Laughter: Take One
    14: Stupid Smee: Pacific Rim
    15: The Play's the Thing: Tokyo Movie Shinsha
    16: Hook's Mother's Picture: Tokyo Movie Shinsha
    17: Wee Problem: Wang
    18: Knights of Neverland: Island Animation
    19: Pirate Shadows: Akom
    20: Now Day Party: Take One
    21: When Games Become Deadly: Studio Signal
    22: Eternal Youth: Pacific Rim
    23: The Footrace: Pacific Rim
    24: Nibs and the Mermaids: Island Animation
    25: All Hallow's Eve: Akom, Pacific Rim
    26: Billy Jukes, Lost Boy: Take One
    27: The Phantom Shaman: Take One
    28: Tootles and the Dragon: Akom, Pacific Rim
    29: First Encounter: Pion Animation
    30: Slightly Duped: Tokyo Movie Shinsha
    31: Professor Smee: Dai Won
    32: Evicted!: Red Apple Group
    33: The Girl Who Lives in the Moon: Akom
    34: Hook's Christmas: Tae Sang
    35: Tootles the Bold: Pacific Rim
    36: The Hook and the Hat: Dai Won
    37: Ages of Pan part 1: Tokyo Movie Shinsha
    38: Ages of Pan part 2: Tokyo Movie Shinsha
    39: The Ruby: Akom
    40: Friday the Thirteenth: Tae Sang
    41: Immortal Pan: Hinton Animation
    42: Lost Memories of Pirate Pan: Akom
    43: Dr. Livingstone and Captain Hook: Akom, Pacific Rim
    44: Vanity, Thy Name is Mermaid: Dai Won
    45: The Great Race: Pion Animation
    46: Curly's Laugh: Akom
    47: Mardi Gras: Take One
    48: The Never Ark: Haksan Animation
    49: The Croc and the Clock: Island Animation
    50: Three Wishes: Hinton Animation
    51: A Hole in the Wall: Akom
    52: Hook the Faithful Son: Haksan Animation
    53: Wendy and the Croc: Haksan Animation
    54: Elementary, My Dear Pan: Dai Won
    55: Frau Brumhandel: ?
    56: Play Ball: Pacific Rim
    57: Jules Verne Night: Tae Sang
    58: The Pirate Who Came to Dinner: Hinton Animation
    59: The Never Scroll: Dai Won
    60: Peter in Wonderland: Dai Won
    61: A Day at the Fair: Pion Animation
    62: Count de Chauvin: Take One
    63: Seven League Boots: Pacific Rim
    64: Invisible Tootles: Take One
    65: The Letter: Pacific Rim

    Tokyo Movie Shinsha: 13 episodes
    Pacific Rim: 10 episodes
    Akom: 9 episodes
    Take One: 7 episodes
    Dai Won: 6 episodes
    Island Animation: 4 episodes
    Haksan Animation: 3 episodes
    Hinton Animation: 3 episodes
    Pion Animation: 3 episodes
    Tae Sang: 3 episodes
    Red Apple Group: 2 episodes
    Wang: 2 episodes
    unknown: 2 episodes (can anyone help?)

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