Owls and Advocates

Discussion in 'Story Board Workshops' started by GenImagination, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. GenImagination

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    Oct 1, 2010
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    The number one skill you need to have in writing screenplays is being able to play devil's advocate effectively. If you can't get in the mind of the "other side" your dialogue will not flow. You need to be able to reach both audiences...the good audience and the evil audience. There's a 50/50 split in the universe of good people to bad people.

    Take note that if you recruit somebody to the good side then someone needs to go to the bad side. That somebody could be you without yourself even knowing it.

    When writing screenplay dialogue always try to play devil's advocate...if you can't play devil's advocate that must mean you can't figure out how good people think...cause trust me we know how bad people think.

    Spoken from a true owl UNNAMED
  2. The_NewCatwoman

    The_NewCatwoman Oh you've got to be kidding me

    May 2, 2001
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    I'm not exactly sure what you're trying to accomplish but this is a DCU fanfic board and--at the very least--this is just an idea...

    Moved to the Storyboard Workshop...


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