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Discussion in 'The Story Board' started by The_NewCatwoman, Oct 31, 2004.

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  1. The_NewCatwoman

    The_NewCatwoman Oh you've got to be kidding me

    May 2, 2001
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    It came to some of the mods (and other older members) attentions that we really missed the stories of days gone past. Steel began a collection but never finished it. So I've taken it upon myself to search through the board and make one single post devoted to collecting these older stories so that newer users can read them and enjoy them as we did. This is a work in progress and I'll be updating when I can.

    • [thread=3625]Challenge No. 2[/thread]
    • [thread=79465]Dear…Story String[/thread] (PG/PG-13)
    • [thread=22153]Figments of the Imagination[/thread] (PG/PG-13)
    • [thread=9602]Link to the Past[/thread]
    • Queen of Illusion (PG/PG-13):
      • [thread=1513]Part 1[/thread]
      • [thread=2941]Part 4a[/thread]
      • [thread=3558]Part 8[/thread]
    • [thread=3627]Returning the Favor Story String Rerepost[/thread]
    • [thread=41244]Dark Knight Meets Dark Angel (A BB X-Over)[/thread]
    • [thread=66757]The Dream[/thread] (PG-13)
    • [thread=60426]Ice Storm[/thread]
    • [thread=28656]It’s Been Awhile[/thread] (R)
    • [thread=89674]The Little Things[/thread] (R)
    • [thread=52860]The One Left Behind[/thread]
    • [thread=35387]Synergy[/thread]
    • [thread=79007]Children of the Night[/thread] (PG-13)
    • [thread=37754]Dreams of Demons[/thread] (R)
    • Shadows of Angels (R)
      • [thread=484]Part 15[/thread]
      • [thread=2331]Part 18a[/thread]
      • [thread=4160]Part 21[/thread]
      • [thread=10903]Part 26[/thread]
      • [thread=15517]Part 31[/thread]
      • [thread=20429]Part 34[/thread]
    • [thread=66864]Visions of Purgatory[/thread] (R)
    • [thread=93212]All in a Knight’s Work[/thread]
    • [thread=54458]City of Masks[/thread]
    • [thread=73874]The Dead and The Living[/thread]
    • [thread=17279]Flower Children[/thread]
    • [thread=74553]Russian Imports[/thread]
    • [thread=11414]Trick or Treat[/thread]
    • [thread=62517]True Love: A Christmas Story[/thread]
    • [thread=70847]A Very Gothic Cinderella[/thread]
    • [thread=82831]Wanted: Prince Charming - Dead or Alive[/thread] (PG-13)
    • Canon in D (PG-13)
      • [thread=309]Part 1[/thread]
      • [thread=315]Part 10[/thread]
      • [thread=716]Part 11[/thread]
      • [thread=1040]Part 12[/thread]
      • [thread=1849]Part 13[/thread]
      • [thread=2152]Part 14[/thread]
      • [thread=2731]Epilogue[/thread]
    • [thread=40877]I, Joker: Part One[/thread] (PG-13)
    • [thread=45267]I Palidrome I (R)[/thread]
    • [thread=2843]Batman: The Breath of Accusation[/thread]
    • [thread=65151]Batman Beyond: Mental Lapse[/thread]
    • [thread=64385]Broken Pedestal[/thread]
    • [thread=54704]Curse of the Angels[/thread]
    • [thread=80593]Dimming Twilight[/thread]
    • [thread=1839]Graduation[/thread]
    • [thread=1690]Mockingbird[/thread] (PG)
    • [thread=72942]Nadir[/thread]
    • [thread=5451]OT: Playing God[/thread]
    • [thread=61745]The Razor’s Edge[/thread]
    • [thread=69618]Ride the Slope[/thread]
    • [thread=319]The Terror that Flaps in the Knight[/thread]
    • [thread=111289]The Terror that Flaps in the Knight[/thread] [v. 2]
    • [thread=73946]Weary[/thread]
    • [thread=157244]Baby Blues[/thread]
    • [thread=162905]Midnight Sun (C)[/thread]
    • Broken (PG-13)
      • [thread=1579]Part 1a[/thread]
      • [thread=60925]Part 2[/thread]
      • [thread=133953]Part 3[/thread]
    • One Shots (PG-13)
      • [thread=76126]A Word For That Feeling[/thread]
      • [thread=103331]Real Gone[/thread]
      • [thread=113836]Old Love[/thread]
      • [thread=129995]Not So Good with Valentines[/thread]
      • [thread=135358]Delicious Torment[/thread]
      • [thread=157343]A Deliciously Tormented Christmas[/thread]
      • [thread=161562]Let the Child Sleep[/thread]
      • [thread=180793]Too Early To Tell[/thread]
    • Perfect Dark (PG-13/R)
      • [thread=632]Part 4[/thread]
      • [thread=655]Part 5a[/thread]
      • [thread=2242]Part 6: The Masquerade[/thread]
      • [thread=4587]Part 7[/thread]
      • [thread=5292]Part 8[/thread]
      • [thread=6139]Part 9[/thread]
      • [thread=6826]Part 9b[/thread]
      • [thread=7162]Part 10a: Regrets[/thread]
      • [thread=7698]Part 10b: The Question[/thread]
      • [thread=10619]Part 11c: Mother my I?[/thread]
      • [thread=11764]Part 12: Raising Caine[/thread]
      • [thread=13196]Part 13[/thread]
      • [thread=14430]Part 14b: Blood, Sweat, and Tears[/thread]
      • [thread=15580]Part 16[/thread]
      • [thread=16935]Part 17a[/thread]
      • [thread=20911]Part 18a: Biblical Proportions[/thread]
      • [thread=47103]Part 19: Entre los Ángeles[/thread]
      • [thread=55462]Part 20: Between the Angels and the Apes[/thread]
      • [thread=69109]Part 21: Rey de Tonto’s[/thread]
      • [thread=98937]Part 22: Fears[/thread]
    • Son of Batman
      • [thread=389]Because this story is like a permanent fixture along with the toilet.[/thread]
      • [thread=765]Tears of a clown[/thread]
      • [thread=938]Untitled[/thread]
      • [thread=939]Dementia pt b[/thread]
      • [thread=960]Control[/thread]
      • [thread=1010]Cursed Blessings[/thread]
      • [thread=1140]Epilogue[/thread]
    • Batman Beyond: Legacy
      • [thread=320]Part 1[/thread]
      • [thread=322]Part 14[/thread]
      • [thread=578]Part 15[/thread]
      • [thread=864]Part 16[/thread]
      • [thread=1409]Epilogue[/thread]
    • [thread=30244]A Brother’s Quarrel[/thread]
    • [thread=7899]Judge of Character[/thread] [preview]
    • [thread=9719]Judge of Character[/thread]
  2. Phantasm

    Phantasm Bittersweet Symphony.

    Feb 28, 2004
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    Great Idea. All of these are amazing works. Go Calico!
    So are these authors writing something thesedays as well?
  3. The_NewCatwoman

    The_NewCatwoman Oh you've got to be kidding me

    May 2, 2001
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    Panther and DofE are definitely retired. Batgirl and Calico it seems plan to write in the future however I'm not sure when. There are others who I'm going to add to this list who I don't think will be writing anymore other than myself. Maybe Witness will return someday. *shrugs* I'm not really sure about everyone else.

  4. Kylewayne

    Kylewayne Mrs. Outlander00

    May 1, 2001
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    You must also read GRADUATION by SilverKnight! It's a well written Batman Beyond Fic. =D
  5. The_NewCatwoman

    The_NewCatwoman Oh you've got to be kidding me

    May 2, 2001
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    I don't want this to be a definite announcement or anything but I'm amending my statement about Panther and DofE being retired due to recent developments. We'll see what happens...

  6. Casity

    Casity The BatThing

    Sep 30, 2002
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    *Sniff* I miss the X series!! I miss reading them very much so!

    I can recall coming here three years back and these guys were the cool dudes, you were like: wooow, DoE is talking to me, Panther knows my name! :anime: Yeah, good times! If any of these people talk to you be honored! LOL.

    I wish Panther and DoE the best of luck, lol, the oldies ;) . Kidding of course, I just miss reading about our Timmy in every other few posts! LOL, they were always the Timmy fans!

    Silentbob aways was a shocker, he was good! He wasn't writing much when I finally came, but I can recall those fanfictions, I looked them up! Obsessed with fanfictions, I know! His Joker fanfiction... that one was really, really, really, really good!

    And Calico and all her contests.... wasn't she the one who had the contests? I think so! Or maybe she won all the contests! Lol, I know she was an awesome writer.

    I don't think I know much of Silver Knight's writing, but I am a fan of her art! Oh yeah, awesome artist! She works on the Batman comic, doesn't she? Yeah, I think so!

    And Batgirl, lol, yes, another one of them. I wish I could say I recall her fanfictions... I don't :eek: . But I'm still newer here, so I'll go read it now! Yea, another fanfiction!

    Ahh yes, brings back memories. *Sigh* It'd be nice to see more X series, but I suppose that won't be happening! Read these fanfics, they'll rock your sock! :cool:

    Bleh, I'm done blabbing now, I'll leave, hee-hee.
  7. The_NewCatwoman

    The_NewCatwoman Oh you've got to be kidding me

    May 2, 2001
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    Yes I too wish I could check out the latest installments of my favorite stories every few days (or weeks in some instances). I particularly miss the X series and Figments of the Imagination. Though I admit I'm rather guilty myself when it comes to leaving a story hanging. I probably won't be finishing Perfect Dark as I've become entirely consumed (for the most part) with Broken.

  8. Casity

    Casity The BatThing

    Sep 30, 2002
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    Yeah, I really miss the X series. *Sigh*, oh well, at least we still can read them over and over again, eh?

    I'm going to be looking at your fanfictions now, are they Batman Beyond, Batman, Teen Titans, or Superman? I guess i'll just find out myself ;)

    Thanks for making this collection! :anime:
  9. The_NewCatwoman

    The_NewCatwoman Oh you've got to be kidding me

    May 2, 2001
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    You're quite welcome.

    However I do warn you, it's tough slogging, Broken pt's 1 and 2 are well, ten and eight (page nine is only replies) pages respectively.

    Now to answer your question, Son of Batman and Broken take place in BB continuity while Perfect Dark is TNBA. The one-shots are admittedly based on the comics. It might do you some good to check out these titles:

    Frank Miller

    Batman: Year One

    Jeph Loeb/Tim Sale

    Batman: The Long Halloween
    Batman: Dark Victory

    Catwoman: When in Rome (issues #1-6; I only have #1 thus far though)

    Darwyn Cooke

    Catwoman: Selina's Big Score
    Catwoman: The Dark End of the Street (collects issues #1-4)

    DC: New Frontier #2

    Ed Brubaker

    Catwoman: Crooked Litte Town (collects issues #5-10, also features Catwoman: Secret Files #1)
    Catwoman: Relentless (collects issues #12-19)
    Catwoman (issues #20-24)

    Detective Comics: Trail of the Catwoman feat. Slam Bradley (issues #759-762, also collected feature in Catwoman: Dark End of the Street)

    I think that's all. You don't have to read these of course, but it makes understanding everything I've written somewhat easier. Of course this mostly applies to Broken and the one-shots.

  10. SilentBob173

    SilentBob173 Yes, a world screams.

    May 5, 2001
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    I'd like to say I'd come back and finish I Palindrome I some day, but the fanfiction biz just doesn't seem to entice me anymore.
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