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(O/T) Stroy Vs Art in comics/animation etc.

Discussion in 'The DC Comics Animation Forum' started by NewMaxFranklin, May 5, 2001.

  1. Story Vs Art. This can be applied to films (live & animated), comics, even music, it these MTV saturated times appearance seems to be more important than musical talent.

    But lets keep it within the confines of Animation and Comics. What do you think is more important?

    I personally, can't stand to read a comic or watch an animated show that has lousy visuals. King of the Hill is very well written, but, I hate the Bevis and Butthead animation style. It turns me off. But I can watch Street Fighter 2 over and over for it's cool animation and fight choreography. Go figure.

    Of course there's no right or wrong. You like what you like.

    Points for Visuals:

    It's the first thing you notice and can inspire you to give the story a look, or pass it by.

    They can sometimes trump a mediocre story, giving it undeserved appeal (The Mummy Returns.) But it cannot save a lousy story(Batman and Robin.)

    They can give you a lasting image that gives the story more renascence.

    Points for Story:

    A good story sells itself by word of mouth.

    A bad story can sink most any visual appeal.

    A line of dialogue or character can strike a cord with the audience and be home free.

    Personally, I think the story is more important. I, for one, hated; Charlie's Angels. And I think Jaws is much better than Jurassic Park.
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    Apr 27, 2001
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    I (probably like most people) like a good blend of them both! [​IMG]

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