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Nyarko-San: Another Crawling Chaos

Discussion in 'The Anime Forum' started by Gatomon41, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. Gatomon41

    Gatomon41 Happy Easter!

    Apr 3, 2005
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    Well, a year or so ago, I mentioned Nyarko-San, a flash anime that featured cosmic horror Nyarlathotep as a moe schoolgirl. Now they finally have an actual series (subtitled "Another Crawling Chaos") , with traditional animation!

    The real plot is a little more than that: Mahiro, a fan of the Chtulhu Mythos is saved by one day by Nyarlathotep. Usually, Nyarly is a unspeakable horror, but it shows up up in a cute and hyperactive form, Nyarko. Hi-jinks ensue.

    Basically, it's a parody and homage, with silly humor and Lovecraftian weirdness.

    So, is anyone following the series? I've only seen clips of the first episode, but I am impressed. It;s funny, with the obligatory violence and horror one would expect.

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