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    May 5, 2001
    Just a heads up!

    Stripped Bare came to an open ended end a couple of years back, more because of work commitments and real life issues on my end than Paul's (though Paul did get to spend more time on the pretty successful Valentine Chronicles).

    I say "open ended", as I've never objected to returning to do more if time allowed. We did have one story planned as a possible Stripped Bare, but was taken on by award winning magazine "Murky Depths" (you can find the issue listed on their website if you wish to get a copy). So never not on the cards.

    Only "hobbyart" I've been working on is a strip called "Foxhell", which I'm running at It's a fun bit of creative escapism on my part, maybe a subconscious crass promotional tool on another part I've not yet faced myself to admit - but if you're curious and like what we do on Stripped Bare, you'd probably like the format and tone of Foxhell.

    It's the tale of one character's oddball existence in a city of demons.. trapped in an almost WW2 like war with their counterparts in a city above them. Strip is daily per story (though there will be gaps between tales given this is a hobby not a contract). If you're interested, bookmark it. I'm hoping to twist Paul into doing a story at one point if he considers it worthwhile.

    In the meantime, SB is never dead, only resting!

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