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My own attempt at an outline for an Avatar: The Last Airbender movie.

Discussion in 'The Story Board' started by signofzeta, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. signofzeta

    signofzeta Member

    Nov 26, 2011
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    I was complaining about M Night Shamalamadingdong's adaptation of The Last Airbender to a friend and send I could do a better adaptation than he did. My friend dared me to try. I finished an outline. Thought I would share and see what others though:

    - While fishing, Sokka and Katara discover Aang and Appa, a Sky Bison, icebound floating in sea.
    - After freeing him they discover he is an Airbender
    - In the village, after his identity being guessed by Gran Gran, Aang reveals he is the Avatar. Aang learns of the Fire Nations attacks and the 100 year war
    - Zuko, who saw the light of the Avatar escaping the ice, goes to the village to investigate.
    - Zuko and his Uncle Iroh locate the Southern water tribe. Sokka attempts to fight Zuko and gets trounced. Aang agrees to go with Sokka to protect the village.
    - After Zuko and Aang leave, Katara and Sokka decide to go try to help the Avatar.
    - Aboard Zuko’s ships, Aang escapes from his bindings. Sokka and Katara appear. Aang enters the Avatar state and damages the ship. Aang, Katara, and Sokka escape on Appa.
    - Aang and the group go to the Southern Air Temple. Finding it in ruins, Aang feels upset. Trying to looks for anything alive, he sees Momo, a Bat Lemur. Momo escapes through a hole into the Southern Air Temple Sanctuary.
    - Aang uses airbending to open the door, and find a room filled with statues of his past lives. He enters the Avatar state and a mysterious voice shows him an image of a Fire Nation Island and says he must arrive on the Winter Solstice. The winter Solstice is in seven days.
    - Aang and the group rush to the Fire Temple Island Aang saw in his vision.
    - Meanwhile,Zuko and his damage ship head to a Fire Nation repair dock. The commander, Zhao, knows of Zukos past and explains to his men about Prince Zuko being banished by the Fire Lord for speaking against him in a strategy meeting, facing his father in a duel, and being burned. He also knows Zuko was ordered to not return until the Avatar was discovered, and correctly guesses that the Avatar caused the damage to Zuko’s ship.
    - Zuko challenges Zhao to a duel over the right to track the Avatar. Zuko wins, and spares Zhao’s life. Zhao repairs his ship, and gives Zuko information of where the Avatar seems to be heading. However, he also secretly leads a feet to capture the Avatar once Zuko tracks him down.
    - Aang arrives on Fire Temple Island. There, he is led by the Fire Sages said to be loyal to the Avatar to a room. It’s a trap and they attack the Avatar. The group escape, and find the shrine of Roku.
    - Aang enters the Avatar state, and his spirit world meeting with Roku. Roku tells him of Sozin’s comet, which will return in one year. If he does not defeat the Fire Lord by then, the comet would give the Fire Nation enough bending power to win the war and take over the world.
    - When Aang leaves the shrine, he is attacked by Zuko, his men, and the Fire Sages. Aang manifests Roku’s power and destroys the Temple.
    - After an exhausted Aang collapses from using this power, Zhao arrives and easily captures him. Sokka and Katara escape.
    - Zhao takes Aang to a Fire Nation base to be moved soon to the capital. During the night, a masked marauder called the Blue Spirit rescues Aang. During the escape, the Blue Spirit is knocked unconscious and Aang discover he is Prince Zuko. Aang escapes with him and offers friendship, but departs when rebuffed. Aang tracks Appa and rejoins the group.
    - Aang and the group arrive at the Northern Water Tribe a week later. They are welcomed with a huge party. Sokka meets Yue, daughter of the chief and they bond. Yue tells Sokka of her birth, and how the Moon spirits saved her life.
    - Admiral Zhao, meets with Iroh, and offers to make him his advisor, as he has been granted permission by the Fire Lord to enact his plan to attack the Northern Water Tribe in one week’s time. He discovers evidence while on the ship that Zuko was the Blue Spirit. He tells one of his men to assassinate Zuko.
    - Zuko enters his room to find a bomb. Iroh is in port having tea as an explosion rocks Zuko’s ship.
    - Training montage of Aang and Katara with Paku. Paku explains the power of waterbending and its connection to the moon spirits. At the end black ash begins to fall. Aang flies to the walls of the Water Tribe city to see an armada of Fire Navy Ships.
    - Now Admiral Zhao tells Iroh, his new advisor, of his plan to defeat the Water Nation. He discovered an ancient library that revealed the location of the moon spirits, the beings who power waterbending. He will attack the city, infiltrate it in the chaos, and kill the spirits, ensuring the defeat of the Water Nation.
    - Iroh leaves, and we discover Zuko survived. Zuko plans to infiltrate the city himself and capture the Avatar. Zuko commandeers a boat and sneaks into the city as the attack begins.
    - Aang believes going to the spirit world and contacting the will give him the wisdom to defeat the Fire Navy. He is taken by Yue to the spiritual center of the city, an oasis with two koi, actually the moon spirits themselves. As Aang tries to communicate with the spirits and is incapacitated, Zhao arrives and captures Tui, the White moon spirit. Iroh arrives, telling Zhao he has gone too far and he will destroy the world if his plan succeeds. Iroh tries to stop Zhao, but Zhao slaysTui and waterbenders lose their powers.
    - The black koi, the Ocean Spirit Laa begins to glow and joins with Aang. Aang, in the Avatar state and fused with Laa begins to destroy the Fire Nation Armada, with the exception of Iroh and Zuko, who tried to stop Zhao.
    - Yue, imbued with power from the moon spirit as a baby, sacrifices her life to revive it, and joins with the moon spirit. As Zhao and Zuko battle, Aang and Laa pull him under the water. Zuko and Iroh leave the city. The Fire Nation is defeated.
    - At the end of the movie, the Fire Lord assigns his daughter, Princess Azula to capture her Uncle and Brother as traitors.
  2. Destiny of Awe

    Destiny of Awe Should update a lot of things

    Jun 18, 2011
    Likes Received:
    Don't get me wrong, that sounds a lot better than M. Night Shyamalan's poor excuse for an A:TLA movie, but I think it's just a bit (emphasis on bit) too much to fit into one movie.

    And besides, not only should the movie's plot be changed, but something needs to be done with some of the actors as well.

    But that's just my opinion.
  3. Neo Yi

    Neo Yi The Apparition
    Staff Member Moderator Reporter

    Sep 11, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Anything of this sort really belongs in The Storyboard thread, so I'm moving it there.

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