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My life as a dog (Scooby-Doo fan-fiction)

Discussion in 'The Story Board' started by hobbyfan, Jan 16, 2014.

  1. hobbyfan

    hobbyfan Well-Known Member

    Jun 9, 2002
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    This is the follow-up to "Walk a Mile in My Doos", which I wrote a ways back. As per normal, all characters, save for incidentals I created for this story, are copyright Hanna-Barbera/Warner Bros..

    Chapter 1:

    Setting: October-November 1987.

    It all started rather innocently one Halloween.

    After returning home following the adventure of "The Reluctant Werewolf", Scooby & Scrappy-Doo and their owner/partner, Norville "Shaggy" Rogers, had time to plan a Halloween party. Shaggy even rented the local community center for the night, working in cooperation with the local Boys & Girls Club. However, there were two problems.

    First, Scooby & Scrappy were called away to help Scooby's brother, Yabba, and his owner, Deputy Dusty, in Yucca Flats. Second, a planned Mystery, Inc. reunion was scotched when Velma Dinkley had moved to New York and opened a bookstore, while Fred Jones was in Salem, Massachusetts, working his first case as a solo investigator. His erstwhile girlfriend, Daphne Blake, remained in Coolsville, and was looking to get into the television business. Realizing that Shaggy needed a date for the party, Daphne was willing to oblige...........

    "Daphne's upstairs in her room.", her father said when Shaggy arrived at the Blake mansion. "I believe she's trying out different costumes for your party, Mr. Rogers."

    "Fair enough.", Shaggy replied. "I'll wait outside in the van."

    The van, of course, was the fabled Mystery Machine, which had been left in Shaggy's care. As he headed back to the van, he was startled to see Scooby, or at least a doppleganger, bounding into the van, as Shaggy used a remote control key to unlock the doors.

    "What in the world......?" Shaggy wondered. Abruptly, "Scooby" disappeared, as it was really Daphne, who opted to go to the party as the canine detective, using the mystic mask of Scooby's face she'd worn not too long before. The leggy socialite fastened her seatbelt in the passenger's seat, with the mask in her lap.

    "I thought you'd promised you wouldn't wear that mask again.", Shaggy said.

    "I did.", Daphne replied as the van pulled away. "However, after you said Scooby couldn't go due to a case out of town, I felt, since both of us needed a date, why not be a couple for a night? Besides, there's a little unfinished business."

    "Maybe this was the reason Fred was in such a hurry to leave.", Shaggy thought to himself. "What if someone told him Daphne was cheating on him with me? We only slept together one night."

    For whatever reason, all thoughts of that one night stand a year ago faded by the time the Mystery Machine pulled into the parking lot of the community center. Daphne became Daphne-Doo again by donning the mask, while Shaggy masqueraded as his hero and former mentor, Vincent Van Ghoul, right down to shaving off his goatee and dying his hair to look the part. It took a while for Daphne to learn to walk like Scooby, on her hind legs. But, by the end of the night, she had Shaggy lead her out of the center and head for home, well before midnight.

    "What's the rush, Daph?", Shaggy asked. "It's only 10:30."

    "I know, Shaggy.", Daphne replied, "But we've got a problem. A big one."

    "And that is?"

    "I'm stuck. I can't take the mask off! I can't face my parents looking like this."

    Shaggy pulled the van to a nearby alley. Try as he might, however, he couldn't budge the mask, either.

    "It's worse than that.", Daphne sobbed. "My whole body's changing on the inside. I'm turning into a real dog."

    She fell into Shaggy's arms as he patted her back. Abruptly, the brim of the mask appeared.

    "Hold on tight, Daph. Let me see if I can get it off now.", Shaggy said. He reached under the brim and lifted it as best as possible. Finally, his canine date disappeared, and Daphne returned. Impulsively, she kissed Shaggy full on the lips. Leaving the mask on her lap until she reached home, Daphne entrusted it to Shaggy to find out just what caused the magic mask to malfunction, shall we say.

    "Just have it ready tomorrow.", she said. "I'll be by after dark."

    "Ok, I hope to have this all figured out."
    Ah, but this is tougher than you think, as we'll see in chapter 2.
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  2. hobbyfan

    hobbyfan Well-Known Member

    Jun 9, 2002
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    Chapter 2:

    The next day, Shaggy had the house to himself. He was between jobs, and his parents were at work. He spent the day examining the mask inside & out, searching for some kind of physical clue that would help explain why Daphne was suddenly morphing into, well, Scooby's twin sister. Just before his father came home, he received a phone call, long distance, from Scrappy in Yucca Flats.

    "Slow it down, Scrappy!", Shaggy exclaimed. "Tell me what's going on!"

    "Uncle Scooby's taken ill!", Scrappy cried. "We were pursuing a suspect last night when Uncle Scooby collapsed. Dusty said that the same thing happened to Uncle Yabba a couple of days earlier, which is why we came out here. Anyway, Uncle Scooby hasn't been able to eat all day, and you know that's a big problem."

    Shaggy then filled Scrappy in on what happened to Daphne the night before. Scrappy thought about it for a moment, then told Shaggy he had an answer.

    "I know this sounds weird, but, since it's been a year and a half since the DoberMan case, you don't suppose that Daphne's mask might've been tainted by DoberMan's black magic?"

    "It's worth looking into, Scrappy. I'll get in touch with Vincent Van Ghoul right away."

    Later, Shaggy & Daphne rendezvoused at the Coolsville Library. After a modest dinner date at the Silver Ranch Cafe, they returned to the library, and Shaggy went back to the occult section, referencing the same books he & Fred had checked 18 months earlier. Abruptly, the head librarian, a Ms. Anne Collier, summoned Shaggy to the front desk.

    "Your father is on the phone, Mr. Rogers.", she said. "Says it's urgent. You can use the office.", she said.

    "Thanks, Ms. Collier.", Shaggy replied.

    Minutes later, Shaggy & Daphne left for the Rogers house.

    "So what was that all about?", Daphne asked.

    "Dusty, Yabba-Doo's owner, called. Vincent Van Ghoul flew out there instead of coming here, perhaps thinking he could cut the problem off at its source."

    "At its source?", Daphne repeated. "You mean Scooby?"

    "I think so. He was the last one to make contact with Flim Flam in his DoberMan form. Remember, all of our DNA is on that old dog tag. The spell Van Ghoul cast might also have created some sort of psychic link between us and Scooby, such that if any of us wears the mask now, it has some serious consequences for Scooby."

    "Then Van Ghoul wants to sever the link?"

    "Got a better idea?"

    "Yes. Velma lost her mask, and, as I found out not long after the case, so did Fred. His mom threw it out because it had gotten frayed and torn after being worn every year for seven years. You & I are the only ones who still have our masks. We may have to part with them, too."

    "Actually, Daph, I was thinking that exact same thing earlier. I checked my attic, where I stored the mask in a box a few years ago, when we were all in high school. We'd all agreed we would not wear those masks at Halloween anymore. We were getting too old for trick or treating anyway. The mask's not there anymore."

    "And since I was the last one to wear the mask, 18 months ago.......! Oh, Shaggy, I can't believe either one of us could do something like that to Scooby!"

    "Not intentionally, Daphne."

    Airline reservations were made for the next day, and Shaggy's father revealed that Shaggy's mask was in another, safer place.

    "Given the close bond you & Scooby have, I knew you would never willingly part with the mask, so, your mother had it wrapped in plastic, kept in the same box, and we put it in the safe deposit box in the bank. In your name, of course.", Colton Rogers said. "I realize Scooby's life---and perhaps Daphne's because she's used her mask---are in peril now, but you've come this far on your brains alone. Good luck in Arizona, and may God be with you."

    "Thanks, Dad.", Shaggy replied.

    The next day, Shaggy & Daphne arrived in Yucca Flats, and met with Van Ghoul & Dusty. Van Ghoul examined Daphne, and frowned.

    "You've worn the mask twice in 18 months, you said?", he asked. Daphne nodded.

    "The last time was for a Halloween party Sunday night.", she replied.

    "It was under a full moon. Just like when you & Scooby captured Flim Flam last year. The magic that gave Flim Flam his DoberMan persona & powers, because he made the slightest contact with you, has adversely affected not only the mask, but you yourself. Translated, Daphne, if you don the mask again, you may end up a dog forever."

    "It's not worth it, Daphne.", Scooby opined weakly. "Think of Fred, Shaggy, and everyone else.".

    "The key word is 'may'. That means it might not happen after all.", Daphne replied. "It's a chance I have to take. It started with me, and it might as well end with me, as well."

    "Daph, wait! Where are you going?", Shaggy called.

    "You'll see soon enough, Shaggy."

    Scrappy quickly briefed the others on the case at hand. He & Dusty had pursued a canine-themed villain named Doggstarr who had been robbing banks and other businesses in the area for weeks. His henchmen, known as the Dogs of War, were all dressed in dog costumes, but when Doggstarr needed backup, he used some sort of spell to turn them into attack dogs.

    "I'm afraid that after all these years of being derided for being trouble prone, Daphne's willing to sacrifice her humanity to save Scooby's life, but I don't think it's the smartest idea.", he said.

    "We have to move fast.", Shaggy replied. "No telling where Daphne could've gone. She doesn't have clue one about Doggstarr."

    "I'd have to disagree.", Dusty said as they approached Shaggy's rental car. Daphne left her shoes & stockings behind, along with her purse.

    "She has her mask.", Shaggy said. "I'm afraid she's already made up her mind."

    "Then we must make haste, with the utmost speed.", Van Ghoul affirmed.
    "Right now, I don't care if I don't become human again.", Daphne-Doo thought to herself as she picked up Doggstarr's trail. She'd read the account of his latest caper in the paper after arriving in town, and somehow had picked up his scent after she'd donned the mask and transformed. "Doggstarr has had the jump on Scooby all along because he's been close to Dusty, and while Scooby is too weak to follow the trail, I can take his place. There's just something that tells me it's the right thing to do."
    Ruh-roh! It may not be long before Daphne-Doo remains a Great Dane permanently, unless Vincent Van Ghoul can convince her otherwise, provided he and the others get to Doggstarr first. We'll see how far this goes in chapter 3.
  3. hobbyfan

    hobbyfan Well-Known Member

    Jun 9, 2002
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    Chapter 3:

    Daphne-Doo found herself in downtown Yucca Flats, shortly before 10 pm local time. Only the local bars were open. Since she was now a Great Dane instead of a woman, she couldn't go in and mix in. Instead, she settled down behind a garbage dumpster, and laid down to rest.

    "Maybe if I get some sleep,", she thought, "I can be ready if Doggstarr does show up."

    Meanwhile, Shaggy, Dusty, & Scrappy had picked up Daphne's trail.

    "This is where the tracks change.", Scrappy observed. "There was a reason she shed her hose as well as her shoes. I think she wanted us to follow."

    "Scrappy's right.", Shaggy replied. He knelt down to take a closer look. "Right about here, her bare feet change into dog's paws, so this is where she put her mask on and changed back to a dog. The prints are bigger."

    "Then, we're on the right track.", Dusty declared. "Downtown is just 5 miles away."

    A short time later, the trio found Daphne-Doo in the alley. Scrappy quietly walked over and found her sleeping.

    "Perfect.", he said. "By the time she wakes up, she'll be back at the cabin."

    Once again demonstrating his strength, Scrappy lifted Daphne-Doo in his arms and carried her to the jeep. The next morning, Daphne woke up to find herself on a cot-----and human once more.

    "What is going on here?", she demanded. "Where is my mask?"

    "It's right here.", Vincent Van Ghoul said as he emerged from the next room. "Shaggy once again found a way to remove the mask so I could examine it a little more thoroughly than he did. As it happens, my supposition was in fact correct."

    "You mean?"

    "Yes, your mask had been possessed by the same demonic spirit that prompted young Flim Flam to become DoberMan a year ago, but not anymore. The spirit has been cast into Limbo, and your mask will be ready to use again, but before that happens, I need to give you a psychic checkup."

    "Oh, no. That just isn't going to happen.", Daphne protested.

    "I disagree.", Shaggy said. "Recall that you surprised me on Sunday when you wore the mask to the Halloween party. You could've had any number of other costumes, but I'm convinced something convinced you to wear the mask, perhaps in anticipation of this case."

    Daphne started to say something, but then paused. Finally, she found the words she was looking for.

    "Shaggy, you're right. There was some sort of compulsion to don the mask and wear Scooby's form, not just because he was out of town, but because I was being led here. I was the last one to wear this mask, but the psychic link wasn't with Scooby. As Mr. Van Ghoul surmised, contact with DoberMan led the demon to me. It got into the mask, and then, when I put it on Sunday night, it took hold of me as well, but remained in the background until we got here."

    "Then when it tried to completely change you, that was a warning, prompting us to come out here.", Shaggy said. "I think you know now what needs to be done."

    "Yes, I do.", Daphne replied soberly. "You did find my hose, didn't you?"

    "Along with your shoes. There's a bathrobe on the chair for you to change into for the exam."
    Meanwhile, Doggstarr was plotting his next move. However, as one of his henchmen noticed, the jeweled staff he was carrying wasn't glowing anymore.

    "Boss? Something's wrong with the Ruby of Orion.", the henchman said.

    "So it is.", Doggstarr replied. "Must've run out of power on our last caper. Blast it, I was hoping to save enough juice for our newest Dog of War, but we'll have to find another way."

    "But what if those dogs and their human friends have figured out the ruby's power?"

    "I doubt it."
    The next night, Doggstarr ventured out again, this time to the Yucca Flats Museum of Natural History. Without the Ruby of Orion, the Dogs of War were forced to remain human. Doggstarr sought out another ruby, but found his way to an Egyptian exhibit. Abruptly, the Ruby began glowing again as he approached a portrait of some Egyptian jackals. He then summoned the Dogs of War.

    "A change of tactic is in order in case the law does come.", he said. "Instead of Dobermans, you now will be even more ferocious, much like the jackal!"

    A beam issued from the Ruby, transforming the three hoodlums into jackals, their eyes filled with bloodlust.

    "When your new partner arrives, she'll join you.", Doggstarr promised.

    Outside, Daphne had seen what happened. In her canine form once more, she turned to Scrappy & Yabba.....and Scooby, who'd recovered enough to make the trip.

    "It's worse. Now they're jackals.", she said.

    "Three jackals against four dogs?", Scrappy inquired. "Not a problem."

    "Actually, it is, Scrappy.", Shaggy warned, as he too had been watching. "I can read lips. Doggstarr meant for a 4th Dog of War, alright, and he meant you, Daph."

    "You can still unmask and back out, Daphne.", Yabba suggested. "If you go charging in, Doggstarr could turn you against us in a heartbeat."

    "No, brother.", Scooby said. "Not if Daphne & I go in together. Since we look like twins, Doggstarr will be confused."

    "You sure about this, Scoob?", Shaggy asked.

    "Yep.", Scooby replied, then turned to Daphne. "Ready, 'sis'?"


    "Yabba, Scrappy, you trail behind them.", Dusty commanded. "Shaggy & I will come around the other side."

    Minutes later, as Doggstarr and the jackals started to leave, the Doos suddenly charged in.

    "Zounds! I didn't expect this!", Doggstarr declared as he prepared his staff. However, he wasn't ready for what happened next.

    "Fastball special, uncle Yabba!", Scrappy called, spotting a chandelier above Doggstarr. "Leave this to me!"

    "You got it, nephew!", Yabba replied. He hurled Scrappy toward the ceiling, where he landed on the chandelier. Finding the hooks, Scrappy disengaged them, and sent the chandelier crashing into Doggstarr, just before he could fire a beam at Daphne & Scooby. The villain recovered, but walked right into a right hook from Shaggy, just as Dusty drew his service revolver.

    "That's it, Doggstarr! You're under arrest!"

    The jackals then approached Dusty & Shaggy. Scrappy, seeing them in trouble, grabbed the tails of two of the jackals, and sent them out into the street, then did the same with the one remaining jackal. Shaggy broke the staff in half, and jammed the Ruby into the floor, as it broke on contact. Back outside, the jackals reverted to their human forms, just as the police arrived. Hearing the sirens, Scooby led Daphne toward a nearby ladies room and unhitched his backpack.

    "Shaggy packed a fresh outfit for you, just in case.", he said. "Just promise me that....."

    "We'll pick this up when we get home.", Daphne promised. She kissed Scooby, then retreated into the ladies room. Five minutes later, she re-emerged, human once more, now dressed in a purple two-piece jumpsuit and white sneakers.

    Doggstarr was unmasked as Miles Turner, who had been Dusty's assistant for six months before quitting, upset that Dusty, despite his bumbling, was in line for a promotion ahead of him, even though Turner was a 16 year veteran in other parts of the state. He was also into magic & mysticism, and had found the Ruby of Orion right after he had quit the Sheriff's department. He & the henchmen were headed off to jail, and now it was time for Shaggy & Daphne to take Scooby & Scrappy home.
    Pleased with what happened, Vincent Van Ghoul took his leave, and returned to Los Angeles, where he was appearing on a national talk show later that week. Yabba hated to see Scooby, Scrappy, and, yes, even his "adopted sister" Daphne, head home, but he knew it was for the best.

    Two weeks later, Shaggy landed a new job working at a grocery, on the proviso that he wouldn't try to take free food from the deli. Left alone, Scooby invited Daphne over for lunch, provided she transformed into Daphne-Doo one more time. She obliged, and found herself alone with Scooby in the living room.

    "This is it.", she said quietly. "After today, I'm retiring this mask once and for all."

    "Fred doesn't know anything about any of this, does he?", Scooby asked.

    "No. After we came home, he called and asked me to join him in Salem to wrap up the case of the Mad Puritan. It only took two days, then we were home. He's since gotten a new job himself, working at a radio station, which is funny because once I remove this mask, I'm starting a job at a television station. I pitched an idea for a locally produced show about paranormal investigations, and its been accepted."

    "But what about us? We shared a kiss back in Yucca Flats, and one last year after the DoberMan case."

    "That is because one, I think of Mystery Inc. as a family. Oh, sure, Fred is my boyfriend----if he ever realizes his feelings---, but I also have feelings for you & Shaggy, too. I thought back to that last Halloween in high school when I wore this form, and we slipped away to the park after Fred had gone home. As I recall telling you then....."

    "I know. It isn't meant to be for us. Once that mask goes back in the safe, that's it."

    "But you know that either as a woman or a dog, I will always love you, Scooby-Doo."

    Daphne & Scooby shared one more kiss, before the comely socialite removed her mask for the last time, replacing it in the box she brought with her. She barely had sealed it before Shaggy came home from work.

    "I take it it's over?", he asked.

    "It is.", Daphne replied. "How was work?"

    "Had a pretty good day. Fred was by right before I came off duty. Said he'd meet you at the Silver Ranch around 7 for dinner."

    "Thanks, Shaggy. He didn't ask about the Yucca Flats case, did he?"

    "Nope. That's a closed subject now, remember?"

    "Now, it is."

    Daphne then kissed Shaggy, and left. Her shoes were in her car, and she slipped them on just before pulling away.

    "If Fred ever found out about this, Scoob, it would break him in pieces.", Shaggy said.

    "I agree. If you'll excuse me, I think I'll check the personals."

    "Just make sure I get a look before you do your business."

    The end.
  4. wiley207

    wiley207 Well-Known Member

    Jan 20, 2009
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    Sorry for the bump (after all since no one else replied), but that was pretty interesting!
    In fact, the Rubies Costume Company is coming out with a full-head latex Scooby-Doo mask soon (hopefully it'll be out by next month.) You can pre-order one here if you want (I already did!)
    Though on the website, a mock-up/prototype picture is used: here's what looks like a photo of the real mask.)
    Though it probably won't be mystic or whatever :p
  5. hobbyfan

    hobbyfan Well-Known Member

    Jun 9, 2002
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    Hmm, Wiley, you might have just given me a story idea......
  6. wiley207

    wiley207 Well-Known Member

    Jan 20, 2009
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    Hehe, oh?

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