My 200th game!

Discussion in 'Platypus Comix' started by Peter Paltridge, May 3, 2012.

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    After decades of purchasing, trading and hunting, I'm proud to report that today, my personal library gained its 200th video game.

    And here it is:


    I don't have a Genesis, nor have I ever owned a Genesis game before that wasn't just running emulated on a different console. It was free.

    As I've pointed out in the past, people have a tendency to just dump their junk at Schoolhouse Supplies even if the majority of it has nothing to do with school or has any use in a classroom. In one of these boxes, I found a VHS tape of the fifteenth anniversary special for Saturday Night Live (I wonder how that is). I also found the Sonic game, box and all, and I was initially thrilled because of the Not For Resale, or NFR notification. I have also pointed out in the past that NFR copies of games are rarer and worth a lot more.

    .....Except for this one. After I got home, the Internet revealed to me the real reason the box says Not For Resale is because it was the pack-in cart for a while, which means there are a billion of these and they're worthless.

    Oh well. I still think it's neat to have around.

    My 100th game was La Pucelle Tactics in 2005.
  2. Chris

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    Sep 15, 2006
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    Well, Sonic 2 for the Genesis is still a good game nonetheless. You should try tracking down a cheap Genesis and play it.

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