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Discussion in 'toonzone Animation Wiki' started by Harley, May 27, 2011.

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    FYI, all the tracks from Carlin/CPM have been removed from APM's site. You can now listen to them at Warner/Chappell Production Music's site.
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    Here are some new tracks I've identified since Ian's blog went offline:
    • Bass Tension - Simon Benson, Eugenio Grandi: Plays in "Stimpy's Pet" during the scene at the sewer.
    • Breakout - Syd Dale: Plays in "Hermit Ren" when Ren spits out the spoiled milk.
    • Breakout Tag - Syd Dale: Plays in "House of Next Tuesday" when Stimpy says "Don't you, Ren?"
    • Cafe De Montmartre - Brian Peters: Plays in "Cheese Rush Days" when the savage French chefs first appear.
    • Dream Tunnels (a) - Alan Reekie, John Rea: Plays in the Cheesefist commercial when the man says "These old fashioned hors d'oeuvres just aren't cutting it!"
    • Etude Op. 10, #3 in E Major - Fiachra Trench, Frederic Chopin: Plays in "I Love Chicken" when Stimpy says "Mmm, something smells good!"
    • Fast Flowing Rhythm - Eric Allen: Plays in "Big Flakes" when Stimpy taps his nose during the game of charades. Also plays in "Sammy and Me" right before Stimpy says "I'll do it!"
    • Frothblowers Anthem - Edrich Siebert: Plays in "Blazing Entrails" when Stimpy is blown up to massive size (arrangement of "Oh, Du Lieber Augustin").
    • Kiddingly - Ron Ronsted: Plays in "Cheese Rush Days" when the savage French chefs first appear.
    • Kyrie - Roman Zajaczek: Plays in "The Scotsman in Space" when Ren and Stimpy are floating through space, disintegrating.
    • National Anthem of Switzerland (Swiss Psalm) - Alberich Zwyssig: Plays in "Sven Hoek" when Ren answers the door.
    • The Pursuit of Evil - Bill Connor: Plays in "Stimpy's Pet" when Sid exits the sewage.
    • Tchaikovsky: March from "The Nutcracker Suite" - Lee Ashley [OGM]: Plays in "The Scotsman in Space" at the very end of the episode.

    I've also decided to start a separate blog for Ren & Stimpy music identification. Please see my comments here for details as to why.

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