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    This is a list of music cues used on the Cartoon Network program "Cartoon Planet". It will be updated once a new cue is identified in this topic.

    AirCraft Music Library
    Dia de Plaza by William Allan Bookheim
    • Accompanies Andy Merrill dancing in a Space Ghost suit.
    Who Dun It? by Greg Wardson
    • Plays during the Zorak's Beatnik Raps segments.
    APM Music
    Darling by Dominique Guiot and Dominique Castagnet
    • Used for the song "Darling".
    DeWolfe Music
    Lovers Dream by John Leach and Francis Silkstone
    • Plays during the Zorak Horror Scopes segments.
    Manhattan Production Music
    The Mosh Pit by Harold Lester
    • Used for the song "Stain".
    Universal Publishing Production Music
    Maui Luau by Grant Geissman and Rick Rhodes
    • Used for the song "Brak's Hawaiian Vacation".
    Metalhead by Steve Everitt
    • Used for the song "Metalhead".
    Puffin' Billy by Edward White
    • Plays during the Zorak Auditions segment.
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    Found a few new tracks:

    * After the Hop [Aircraft Music Library]: An instrumental version of "Something That Rhymes With Bones" and "Rock My Baby".
    * Fingernails on the Blackboard [Aircraft Music Library]: An instrumental version of "Nasty".
    * The Hot Club Stomp [Aircraft Music Library]: An instrumental version of "Scat Sandwich".
    * Pokin' Around [Aircraft Music Library]: An instrumental version of "Pokin' Around".
    * Prom Queen [Aircraft Music Library]: An instrumental version of "Mashed Potatoes".

    Also, it should be noted that the music accompanying Zorak's Horror Scopes is different on the two music CDs.
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