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Megas Xlr Episodes (G)

Discussion in 'The Story Board' started by King_of_doom, Jun 12, 2005.

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    May 23, 2005
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    A Megas XLR Christmas special:

    Narrator(voice by Peter Cullen) This is a special day for everyone to celebrate, the celebration of the holidays, where people are with there love ones, where they buy presents to everyone they care. Yes it is a special celebration and even on the city of Jersey where we see the factories making gas fumes on the air

    *The gas fumes combines with the clouds and we see it’s starting to snow and Tommy’s walking by the streets where he sees the snow and he try to taste it*

    Tommy:*tasting the snow*Ack! The snow is getting worst and worst; better buy a Mega-Slush instead

    Narrator: We also see many are decorating their homes with Christmas decorations*we see Goat’s decorating the junkyard*

    Goat: Well that should do it* Goat turns on the lights and we see many of them shape into a chick with a Santa Claus hat and rest of the junkyard is surrounded by many mistletoes*when Galaxia comes here, him sure im goanna have a lot of kissing this year hehehe

    Narrator: Ah that Goat, what guy eh? But not everyone is celebrating Christmas……some of them wants to destroy it*suddenly we are in Are 50 and someone lurking on the shadows is talking to someone on the phone*

    ?????(voice by Darran Noris) Yes I know sir but you have to understand that any alien thread will come by any time soon to attack us*hearing on the phone* I know that Area 50 had his disasters with ERCR, Mecha Gear and Evolver but please listen to me sir, if you don’t cooperate to put money on our founding to do more robots, the world will……all right, I appreciate your time Mr. President*hangs on the phone* that arrogant fool doesn’t know that we can be in danger of alien invasion, even if we are on the holidays. But I don’t need his money, ill get my equipment one way or another

    *He then goes walks to a door and when it opens we see many scientist testing weapons of mass destruction*

    ????: Dr. Frank

    Dr. Frank (voice by Billy west) Oh agent Myers, what do I owe your present?

    Agent Myers: Where’s Zanta-X1 prototype!? Because im going to use it right now

    Dr. Frank: But agent Myers. The Zanta-X1 prototype is the most dangerous robot that we have; we don’t know what destruction will might cause

    Agent Myers: Don’t tell me what to do Dr., im going to activate it*they are now at the room that Dr. Frank points and we see they are revealing the Zanta-X1 prototype and it’s a giant buff evil looking Santa with spikes at his hat and his wrist*now im going to set on his mission*Myers is now on the main controls and starts to program Zanta-X1’s objective and Zanta-X1 activates his red eyes and starts activating his thrusters and goes where Myers has sent him*

    Dr. Frank:*looks at what Myers as type*This is not normal Agent Myers, I don’t think Zanta-X1’s going to find something that doesn’t exist

    Agent Myers: Believe me Dr…..where he’s going is very real*and we see on the screen “To the North Pole and steal Santa’s magic sack*

    Theme play

    Megas XLR Christmas Special

    Narrator: We are now at the New Jersey mall and there we see our two favorite gearheads, Coop and Brodie that have enter to a contest to win a car for someone they care

    Judge (voice by Tom Kenny) All right everybody, you know the rules. The one who leaves his hand out of the car, will be eliminated and the last person standing will win this new years car for the holidays

    Brodie: Can you tell again, why are we doing this?

    Coop: Well I think it is a cool gift for Jamie for this Christmas

    Brodie: No, really. Why are we doing this?

    Coop: Come on dude, you know that I didn’t gave Jamie a cool present since we where friends

    *Flashback we see Coop more young and gives Jamie his present that it’s like a combination of junk metal in shape of a car but just barley*

    Jamie:*looks at his gift*Not to be unthankful but what the heck is this dude?

    Coop: It’s a car dude. I know you always wanted a car

    Jamie: Yeah but I want a car so I can drive it

    *The next year Coop blindfold Jamie and when he takes off the fold we see a car but not to cool*

    Coop: Eh, Merry Christmas?

    Jamie:*fakes being excited*Oh wow….it looks really cool Coop…..really cool

    Coop: Come on, do a test drive on this baby*Jamie gets on and starts to take the car for a spin but it falls apart immediately and Jamie falls into he ground and looks at Coop*looks like it needed more work
    *End of flashback*

    Coop: And that’s what happens on every year. But this year if we win this car, it’ll be the best Christmas present for Jamie he’ll never forget

    Brodie: Hey of all of this where’s Jamie and Kiva?

    Coop: Don’t worry, I told them to take care of my cousin Skippy*meanwhile we see Jamie and Kiva outside the toy store watching Skippy playing one of the video games they have*

    Jamie: I don’t know why Coop drag me to go the mall and if didn’t got worst, I have to hang out with you and Skippy…..perfect combination to ruin my day

    Kiva: Why do you always complain? Don’t you think that Coop probably is buying something special for us for this Christmas?

    Jamie: I hope so because I can’t stand here much longer*suddenly Skippy leaves the store and goes with the guys*so little brat, did you find anything so you don’t bother us for the next year?

    Skippy: Nah, I already got those games already*they are now walking*can we go now? Because im getting bored

    Jamie: This is the first time you say something smart Skip

    Kiva: Coop said that we still have to wait for while. Why don’t we surround the mall and watch what it haves?

    Jamie/Skippy: Oh boy, this otta be good*they are still walking until they come upon the line of watching Santa*

    Kiva: What’s the line for?

    Jamie: Let m explain future girl, kids want to watch Santa and tell him what they want for Christmas

    Skippy: Yeah so that kids are really dumb enough to believe in Santa*one of the kids near Skippy turns around*

    Kid(voice by Jennifer Hale)*sad*I believe in Santa!

    Kiva: You don’t believe in Santa Skippy?

    Skippy: Look, there is only one fat guy in my house who gives us presents and his name aint Santa

    Jamie: Believe or not Santa do exist squirt?

    Skippy: And I thought you where more intelligent but I guess him wrong*Jamie stares at Skippy*let me show you*Skippy runs over to the fake Santa*

    Kiva: Skippy what are you!....*we see the fake Santa with a kid*

    Fake Santa (voice by Dee Bradley Baker)Ho hoho what do you want for Christmas little boy?

    Kid2(voice by Greg Eagles) I want a Ultrabot Z and Uno action figure, a Magnus XLR DVD, an Ultrabot Z and Uno video game and I think that’s it*Skippy’s now with them with his hand on Santa’s beard*

    Skippy: You don’t want something else? Like…..pulling Santa’s beard*Skippy pulls the beard and everyone gasp at the fake Santa*

    Person (voice by Phil LaMarr) That is not the real Santa, this mall lie to us!*they all are angry and the kids are crying*

    Santa: Way the go you little punk! You ruin everything!

    Skippy: Im just being realistic here

    Santa: Realist this!*grabs a tiny remote and press a red button and we see many guard malls are heading their way to arrest Skippy*

    Skippy: Oh boy*Skippy runs and pass thru Jamie and Kiva*someone wants to talk to you guys!*Jamie and Kiva turn around and watch the security guards are going towards them*

    Jamie: Just like old times AAHHHH!!!*they run meanwhile we are at the contest for the car*

    Judge:*has now a giant horn*Ok when I press this horn everyone has to have their hands to the car or else you loose…..let the contest begins!*he starts the horn and everybody got their hands on the car*

    Coop: We will win this Brodie im sure. But still I wish you good luck pal

    Brodie: Same here dude*they both shake hands and didn’t notice that their hands are no longer at the car*

    Judge:*use the horn*You’re out!*Coop and Brodie watch that they don’t have their hands to the car and immediately they put them back at the car*

    Coop: No….no…no, we where just shaking our hands, we didn’t mean to

    Judge: Oooh…..YOU’RE OUT!!!*then one of the contestants are now mocking Coop and Brodie*

    Contestant (voice by Rob Paulsen) Yeah your out losers hahaha, you are out*he suddenly removes his hands to the car and starts clapping and the judge sees this and uses the horn and he’s out and the contestant’s now realizing what he had done* oh crud*suddenly Coop and Brodie watch Jamie, Kiva and Skippy running*

    Coop: Hey guys over here!

    Jamie: Coop start Megas now!

    Coop: What, why?

    Jamie: Just do it already!*Coop and Brodie watch them that there are being follow by the guards*

    Brodie: That answers your question*they also run to get to their Megas meanwhile we see Tommy and he’s watching the new video games they have on Gameplay and turns around and watches the guys running towards him*

    Tommy: Hey guys, what’s up?

    Skippy: Just run dude!

    Tommy: Run?*and see the guards are chasing them*that’s not cool*Tommy also runs and we all see them now in their Megas and Skippy in Gigas and escape*

    Jamie: That was a close one

    Brodie: Ok Jamie, what did you did this time?

    Jamie: Hey don’t blame me on this. It was Skippy this time

    Skippy: Oh come on, I had to show everybody that Santa doesn’t exist*suddenly everyone are dead silent* hmmm it’s something I said?

    Coop: Dude Santa does exist!

    Skippy: Yeah right…

    Kiva: What if I tell you that Santa does exist Skippy?

    Skippy: Oh come on Kiva, you are hanging with Coop and Jamie a long time that you believe everything they say now

    Tommy: I believe in Santa too dude

    Skippy: Oh man, not you too

    Brodie: I already send an I-Mail to Santa on what I want for Christmas

    Jamie: Oh yeah, what’s that?

    Brodie: A giant amplifiers and a giant guitar so that Megas can play it

    Coop: Nice dude

    Skippy: Will you stop with the whole Santa thing will ya? There just using him so that stupid people buy the latest new video games and sell millions of them worldwide

    Coop: Ok Skippy. You want proof if Santa exists? Ill give ya proof…..we are going to the North Pole

    Kiva:*sign* Another trill adventure awaits us*they all turn over north and in a couple of hours they are now at the North Pole and they leave their robots near at Santa’s house*

    Coop: Now do you believe us, here’s Santa’s house

    Skippy: Big deal, probably a giant bear or penguin lives here

    Jamie: Oh yeah and what about that*points at the sleigh*

    Coop: Weird. Santa should’ve been packing with gifts right about now in his sleigh

    Skippy: The reason is that he doesn’t exist!*they are in the door and Coop knocks at it*

    Coop: Nobody answering and the doors is lock

    Jamie: Leave that to me*grabs a credit card and we see Jamie as unlocked the door*never leave home with out it*they see the place is all wreck*did you visit Santa and had a party Coop?

    Coop: No….we where going to do it tomorrow*suddenly we see Mrs. Claus appears from his hide out*

    Mrs. Claus: Coop, is that you?

    Coop: Hey Mrs. S…..what happen here?

    Mrs. Claus: It was awful Coop, very awful indeed*she starts to cry and grabs Jamie hugging him but looks like his crushing him instead*

    Jamie: You…are…crushing….me!*Mrs. Claus leaves Jamie*

    Skippy: This is impossible….is Mrs. Claus which means Santa does exist

    Jamie/Brodie: See we…

    Skippy: Don’t say it……just don’t say it!

    Kiva: What happen here?

    Mrs. Claus: It was terrible Kiva. Some alien like squids have capture my poor Santa. Me and the elfs can’t do anything to stop them, it was horrible*starting to cry again*

    Coop:*angry*Squids eh? Gorrath’s really wants a whooping time

    Brodie: So why don’t we pay a little visit to the glorfts….our own style

    Skippy: Yeah! Its time to kick some squid butts!

    Tommy: This is gotta be cool!

    Coop: Nah ah, your not going anywhere you two. You have to stay and take care of Mrs. Claus and the others alright?

    Skippy/Tommy: But we….

    Coop: Sorry but me and Brodie are enough to take the squids down*to the guys*lets go

    Jamie: And besides, you didn’t believe at Santa anyway*Skippy just grumbles and we see the guys are in both Megas and they’re going thru space to face the glorfts*

    Tommy:*to Mrs. Claus*So….did Santa receive my I-Mail?*meanwhile we are now at the Karajor and we see the glorft are repairing their mechs and upgrading their technology *

    Commander: Warmaster Gorrath, are mechs and weapons have upgraded and I think it is the best time to attack the earthers more when they are celebrating their day of joy and gifts

    Gorrath: Not this time Commander

    Commander: May I say why sir?.....*he suddenly covers his face*please not the face

    Gorrath: I feel generous this day. I can’t explain it but ill let the earthers celebrate their they of joy*suddenly Megas and Megas2 are heading towards the Karajor*

    Jamie: Hey, I forgot to mention. What where you guys doing at the mall?

    Coop: Oh uh…..we where…..

    Brodie: Playing video games and watching some comic books at the comic shop….what it’s that a crime?

    Jamie: Nah forget about it*Jamie’s sees the Karajor*don’t look now but we are now heading towards the glorft’s mother ship

    Coop: Its pay back time Gorrath

    Kiva: Wait! We have to elaborate an element of surprise or…

    Coop/Brodie: WAAAHHH!!!*they both charge their Megas towards to the Karajor and they now destroy the wall of the ship*

    Gorrath: What the blurf!?

    Kiva: wouldn’t you wait until I finish on what I was saying?

    Jamie: When someone ruins Christmas, Coop and Brodie won’t stop to kick someone’s butt so don’t bother

    Coop: Alright squid, where’s Santa!?*Gorrath and the Commander look at each other*

    Gorrath: I don’t know what you are blabbering about earther but I won’t let any one destroying my ship and gets away with it. All units prepare for battle!*all the glorfts are getting to their mechs and they are now prepare to fight both Megas and Megas2*

    Jamie: Looks like they want to fight for Santa Coop

    Coop:*cracks knuckles*Well bring it on squid head

    Brodie: You’ll regret on kidnapping Santa WAAHHH!!!*both Megas charge towards the glorft mechs*

    Gorrath: Attack!*the mechs start firing at both Megas but both Megas activate their shields and burst back their attacks destroying them and we see Megas starts to punch many mechs and Megas2 starts doing hyper kicks ripping their heads off to the air*don’t let these primitive apes make a fool out of us, defend your honor as glorfts!

    Coop: Honor this!*Coop presses many buttons until he activates tons of missiles*

    Kiva: Coop, I don’t think it is a good…*Coop presses the button to fire and we see a big blast that it wrecks half the place inside the Karajor*idea

    Brodie: Hey Coop, let something for me will ya*Megas2 grabs two mech glorft and chokeslam them to the ground destroying them and Megas2 starts running very fast until he rams many glorft mechs*

    Commander: All units activate their Ultra Canon blaster against the earthers!*the mech glrofts are now preparing their canons to attacks both Megas*

    Jamie: Those weapons look very scary

    Kiva:*scanning*You don’t know the half of it. They can destroy many with just one blast

    Coop: Really? Well I hope they don’t mind if we play a little baseball?*both Megas are now activating Cool Silver Energy Sword*

    Kiva: Since when did you two made a silver energy sword?

    Coop: Too much free time

    Brodie: Yup besides these babies are stronger than our regular energy weapons and they can resist stronger attacks. Best to kick bad guys butt and it comes with plutonium

    Kiva:*sign* I wont bother on asking where you get all that stuff

    Gorrath: Fire!*the glorft mechs are now firing at both Megas and Megas and Megas2 are using their energy silver sword like a baseball bat and burst their fire at the mechs destroying them into pieces and in slow motion we see Megas hits the energy ball from the glorft mechs and it hit them destroying them in slow motion. Megas and Megas2 impales many glorft mechs with their energy swords and many mechs are going to attack both Megas*

    Coop: Squid kabob, come and get it!*both Megas slam the impale glorft mechs to the others destroying them all and Megas and Megas2 activate missiles and start to fire at all the place making a cloud of smoke and when the smoke clears out we see tons and tons of glorft mechs to the ground and Megas then grabs Gorrath and starts punching him*now your telling where’s Santa is or not?

    Gorrath: What are you talking about!?

    Brodie: Don’t lie to us squid; we know that you kidnap Santa to ruin our Christmas

    Gorrath: I wasn’t at earth at all, you stupid primates! I was here the whole time!

    Coop: Wait. Are you saying that you don’t have Santa?

    Gorrath: Do you see another fat monkey besides you?

    Coop*looks at Kiva*Kiva?

    Kiva: Eerr…I think he’s right Coop. I don’t detect Santa in the Karajor

    Coop:*chuckles nervously*Oh hehehe*he let go to Gorrath*my bad Gorrath, we where told that you had Santa and well…..we have to get going now*but looks like they’re surrounded by many mech glorfts*

    Gorrath: You will pay on what you done to my ship you stupid inferior monkeys!

    Jamie: Nice job you two, not only Santa isn’t here. The glorfts are now going to destroy us!

    Brodie: Yeah right WAAHHHH!!!*Megas2 grabs Gorrath and throws him at the mech glorfts making them fall to the ground* let’s get out of here!*Megas and Megas2 run to escape*

    Gorrath: Stop them before they escape or ill have all your jorblogs*the mech glorfts are now following both Megas and we see they are trying to escape from the Karajor*

    Coop: Where’s the exist Kiva!?

    Kiva:*scanning*It’s over that direction near at the armory

    Coop: Amory eh?*both Megas are near where Kiva said so Megas2 enter a door to escape from the Karajor but Megas stops right there next to the armory*you go ahead Brodie, we’ll catch up

    Jamie:*terrified*Really!? *the glorft mechs are heading towards to Megas*

    Gorrath: Whahaha what’s the matter earther, you just give up!?

    Coop: Nope*Megas suddenly gives a kick at the armory and we see a super grenade from the glorfts is falling and goes to the right hand of Megas and Megas is now putting on some energy at the grenade to make it more powerful*here’s my Christmas present from me squid WAAAHHHH!!!*Megas throws it to the glorft mechs*

    Gorrath: Oh no….*Megas suddenly runs in slow motion and in the back we see the explosion near him*

    Coop/Jamie/Kiva: AAAHHHHH!!!*Megas then turns his thrusters and goes to the exit from the ship and we see inside the Karajor all wreck*

    Commander: Well…..at least we are not retreating this time sir

    Gorrath: Oh shut up!*Gorrath hits the head of the Commander meanwhile Megas as now join Megas2*

    Coop: Oh man, what a waist of time was there

    Brodie: Hey look at the bright side. At least we give a Christmas present to the glorfts that they’ll never forget heehehe

    Kiva: We have to go back to the North Pole because I have a bad feeling about this*they are now at the North Pole and we see firing and all*

    Coop: Whoa! What is happening in here?

    Jamie: Looks like Skippy’s is the one who’s ruining Christmas now*they go look and see that Gigas is fighting with Mrs. Claus elfs mechs and the elfs are using canons to attack Gigas*

    Coop: Skippy, what’s going on here?

    Skippy: Glad to see ya Coop. I don’t know what happen, when you guys left Mrs. Claus and the elfs have gone berserk

    Jamie: Probably you guys give the poor old lady too much sugar

    Tommy: I don’t think so because I’m the one who eats many sugar

    Brodie: So what is it then?

    ???(voice by Billy West)I shall explain it

    Coop: Who said that!?

    ????: I did*and we see it’s the Zanta-X1*ho…ho…ho

    Jamie: Looks like Santa had too much iron on his diet

    Coop: Who are you and what did you did with Mrs. Claus and the elfs!

    Brodie: And most importantly Santa

    Zanta-X1: Has you see im a new upgrade of that poor sack of fat you call Santa and I had control Mrs. Claus and the elfs with my mind chips stuck to there heads. Oh and has your question about Santa, he’s probably dead now

    Coop: No, you’re lying

    Zanta-X1:*with a smirk on his face*Do I

    Brodie: Ok this chump is mine*Megas2 jumps to try and give Zanta a drop kick but we see Zanta doesn’t move and Megas2 hits him but looks like he didn’t move him at all and Zanta then clobbers Megas2 to the ground*

    Jamie: Oh that’s gotta leave some few broken bones*then Zanat tries to crush Megas2 with his foot but Megas2 stops it with his hands*

    Coop: I’m coming Brodie*Megas goes for the attack*

    Tommy: Uh aren’t we going to get any help from them?

    Skippy: Nah don’t worry, I can take care of these chumps

    Tommy: Dude, remember that is Mrs. Claus and the elfs your talking about……right?

    Skippy: Oh yeah*chuckles*is a habit I think*suddenly many mech elfs are starting to punch Gigas many times and they all pilled over him. Meanwhile we watch Megas battling with Zanta and Megas starts pummeling and also Zanta does the same thing and Zanta punches hard at Megas sending him to a mountain full of snow colliding with it and Megas starts to move slowly*

    Zanta: You been so naughty that now going to destroy you

    Coop: Not until you tell us where Santa is!

    Zanta: I told you before he’s probably dead right now. If he would’ve had told me where’s his magic sack was he would’ve been here right now*Megas spins Zanta and slams him to the ground*

    Coop: And what do you want with Santa’s bag?

    Zanta: It’s not for me, it’s for my creator. He sent me here to steal the bag so he can bring many weapons of mass destruction!

    Jamie: Really? Does it bring any chicks?*Coop and Kiva stare at Jamie*im just asking

    Zanta: Enough of this and die!*Zanta’s hat turns into a giant drill and tries to impale Megas chest with it but Megas stops it with his hands but the hands are getting some serious damage*

    Kiva: Megas can’t hold on much longer!

    Brodie: Don’t worry help is on the way!*Megas2 tackles at Zanta and Megas2 activates “Spikes” from his arm and impales the drill destroying it but Zanta then uses his Eye Lasers blasting Megas2 faraway then Megas cobblers Zanta and now he gives a Suplex Hold and Megas starts punching him many times meanwhile with Gigas is starting to crush the mech elfs one by one*

    Skippy: I’m really sorry about this…..i hope I don’t get coal this Christmas

    Tommy: I thought you didn’t believe at Santa?

    Skippy: I know but I know that he’s real, I have to be very good if he’s going to give me many presents*Tommy just rolls his eyes and we see the mech elfs are firing their energy blast at Gigas but Gigas deflects them all with his arms*

    Mrs. Claus: Don’t let those naughty children alive you hear me my sweet elfs!

    Elfs: Yes Mrs. Claus*they still firing at Gigas meanwhile Megas gives Zanta a Headlock and start punching his face many times*

    Coop: You like that you fake evil Santa eh? You like that!

    Zanta: As a matter of fact I do*Zanta starts moving more and more until he’s free of Megas headlock and now he gives Megas a super punch sending him far until he falls into the ground*

    Jamie. I don’t think this Santa will give us presents when this ends

    Coop: I got a little present he will really appreciate*Coop push many buttons until Megas activates Super Destructor Mode*

    Zanta: Hahaha what are those for!?

    Coop: For this!*Megas fires and we see missiles, energy blast, lasers are now hitting Zanta* there and stay….out?*we see the cloud of smoke disappears and we see Zanta didn’t receive any damage from the attack*

    Zanta: Ho…ho….ho that really tickles me

    Brodie: I hope you a have a laugh at this!*Megas2 clobbers Zanta in the head sending him to the deep to the ground and Megas2 activates Crazy Canon*WAAHHH!!!!*Megas2 fires and we see the ground is really shaking until Megas2 stops*that otta keep you there

    Coop: Nice work dude

    Brodie: It was nothing, that chump was*suddenly Zanta’s hand appears to the snow and grabs Megas2 is leg*what the!?*Zanta get up, lifting Megas2 and with his strength he sends Megas2 very far to the sky*AAAHHHHH!!!!

    Coop/Jamie/ Kiva: Brodie!!!

    Zanta: Don’t worry for your friend, the only ones who have to be worry are you!*Zanta goes towards to attack Megas*

    Jamie: He’s got that right!*Jamie covers his face with his beanie and Megas prepares himself to fight with Zanta meanwhile we watch Megas2 is falling and hits to the ground*

    Brodie: I’m getting sick of this guy throwing me around like….*suddenly he hears something*what the?*Brodie looks and watch like a cave cover with rocks and Megas2 throw the rocks and we see the real Santa is tied up with energy ropes*hey it’s Santa! Don’t worry ill get you out of here*Brodie gets out of Megas2 and sees Santa has a duck tape on his mouth*just hang on*Brodie pulls it really hard*

    Santa: OWWWW!!!!

    Brodie: I’ve got to get the hang of that

    Santa: That’s ok Brodie my boy; you didn’t do it on purpose

    Brodie: That giant evil version of you did this right?

    Santa: Yes he did but at least he didn’t get what he wanted

    Brodie: What’s that?*Santa takes of his hat puts his hand inside it and pulls the giant sack of Christmas presents*you can’t see that everyday

    Santa: So where is he? I got a score to settle with that chump

    Brodie: Right now Coop’s fighting so we don’t waste anymore……Santa, do you have my Christmas present in your sack?

    Santa: Of course, even if it’s a giant guitar with amplifiers…..why do you ask?

    Brodie: Lets rock this place up*meanwhile we see Megas battling with Zanta and Zanta tries to destroy Megas with his Giant Canon blaster but Megas avoids his attacks*

    Skippy:*on the monitor*Hey, what is taking you guys so long to destroy that evil version of Santa?

    Coop: Where getting on it!

    Jamie: Yeah right*Megas jumps and with the Double Deuce he destroys in half the canon but suddenly Zanta wraps Megas with mass that it appears to be fruitcake and it gets hard that Megas cant get out*what the heck is this stuff!?

    Kiva:*scanning* It’s….fruitcake?

    Coop: Yuk! That’s the only thing I hate from Christmas, its not even real food

    Zanta: Any last words until I blow you into pieces*Zanta is going to destroy Megas with his cannon*

    Brodie: Yeah……crank up the full volume Santa!*Zanta and rest turn around and we see Megas2 with his giant guitar and amplifiers and we see Santa is putting in full volume to the amplifiers*

    Santa: Time to kick some naughty chump’s butt….hit it Brodie!

    Brodie. ROCK ON!!!*Megas2 plays the guitar really hard that the amplifiers make a big wave making an explosion going directly at Zanta*

    Zanta: AAAHHHHHH!!!*we see the blast hit Zanta sending him far until he hits to a giant mounting of snow that collapses in seconds and we see the chips implanted on Mrs. Claus and the elfs are getting destroyed and there back to normal and Megas2 release Megas from the fruitcake ring*

    Coop: Now I know what I want for next Christmas

    Jamie: For the first time Brodie you did something good for once

    Brodie: HAHAHA…shut up

    Santa: Now boys don’t fight, now that this is over I still have plenty of time to deliver*suddenly the ground is shaking* what’s going on!?

    Kiva:*scanning* A powerful anomaly is heading towards us!*we see a hand burst from the ground and its Zanta’s hand and when he gets out we see his armor it’s cracking up and he’s real self is this:

    Jamie:*gulp*Someone’s really had taken a lot of steroids*instead of talking Zanta goes for the attack and grabs both Megas and Megas2 to their heads*

    Skippy: Im coming guys!*but suddenly Zanta creates an energy shield that blocks Gigas on helping both Megas*no shield will stand on my way WAAHHHH!!!*Gigas tries to destroy the shield with missiles but looks like it didn’t work*just hang guys!*meanwhile Zanta drags both Megas to the snow and then he jumps so he can slam both Megas together*

    Jamie: I’m starting to get sick*Jamie goes out the window and starts to puke*

    Coop: Double team Brodie?

    Brodie: Yeah double team*both Megas punches many times at the stomach of Zanta and we see Zanta starting to let go to them and Megas and Megas2 they both grab Zanta to give him a suplex hold but Zanta then uses his giant Drill Machine Guns and starts firing at both Megas but they are now using their shields to protect themselves from the attacks of Zanta*

    Coop: Alright you fake Santa listen up! First you spoil our visit to Santa, then you made us smash the squids

    Jamie: Uh Coop…..that one is really not bad

    Coop: Oh really? Well and now you’re trying to ruin Christmas. Instead of coal you’re getting an extreme pummel to the mat!*both Megas activate Cool Silver Energy Sword*

    Zanta:*just chuckles and activates two giant candy canes in black fire*

    Brodie:*raises eyebrow*That have to impress us?*Zanta moves one of the canes and we see it fires enormous mount of black fire melting the snow really quickly*

    Jamie: You have to say that right?*Zanta goes for the attack*

    Coop/Brodie: Whoa!*both Megas put their energy swords in front and we see the canes and swords collide and we see black fire is surrounding the three of them meanwhile we see Gigas still pummeling the shield but it doesn’t work*

    Skippy: There’s have to be a way to destroy this shield

    Santa: Let me see if I got something on my sack*Santa finding something to help Gigas destroy the shield*a here*we see he has a giant Laser Canon*I think this will work

    Tommy: Coool!*Gigas grabs the laser canon and starts to charge it with energy

    Skippy: This is going to be sweet*Gigas fires hitting shield and we see the shield is now disintegrating meanwhile Megas and Megas2 are battling with Zanta and Zanta tries to slash and burn both Megas but both Megas are deflecting his attacks with their swords and both Megas starts punching at Zanta but Zanta didn’t felt anything*

    Kiva*scanning*Our attacks aren’t causing any damage to him. We have to give him something hard

    Coop: Time for Ultimate Wrecker and Boom Destroyer!*Megas activates and charge Ultimate Wrecker*

    Brodie: Now your talking Coop*Megas2 does the same with Boom Destroyer and both of them fire at Zanta hitting him and we see a cloud of smoke covering him*that otta do it*but suddenly we see a giant chain and traps Megas2*hey let go you!...*Megas2 gets drag and we see Zanta’s getting out of the cloud of smoke and gives Megas2 a Kneebreaker in the stomach and impales is spike in Megas2 and then clobbers him sending Megas2 to the ground*


    Coop: Oh yeah WAAHHHHH!!!*Megas jumps to slash Zanta in half but Zanta activates his Ray of Destruction from his chest and fires sending Megas to the ground with Megas2 with heavy damages*

    Kiva: That attack damage Megas is systems, we can’t move!

    Jamie: That’s great! When we have a powerful weapon, the bad guys always have something new on his sleeve*Zanta’s getting closer to both Megas so he can destroy them*if Santa was here, I want him to bring me something to be alive for eternity

    Santa: Ill think about it*they turn around and we see Santa is in Gigas*

    Coop/Jamie/Kiva/ Brodie: Santa!

    Santa: Here’s something for you boys to boost up your robots energies*Santa uses his magic and starts repairing Megas and Megas2 from all the damage they have received and they are now glowing and so does their swords*

    Coop: Nice! Now to finish this game*Zanta furious charges his candy canes to attack both Megas and Megas and Megas2 are charging their swords also to attack Zanta and we see they are starting to slash many times and we see they all stop*

    Jamie: Don’t worry, like in all the movies the bad guys gets destroyed and we save Christmas*but we still don’t see Zanta gets destroyed and punches both Megas sending them to the ground*uh he should be destroyed now right!?*Zanta jumps to slash both Megas but Megas and Megas2 throw their swords and impales Zanta and we see he’s cracking up again but this time he does get destroyed*

    Coop: Well that is that, Christmas is once again saved by us

    Santa: Not really, we only have a few hours until Christmas ends

    Mrs. Claus: This is the saddest Christmas we are encountering right now*she starts to cry and puts her on his shoulders*

    Santa: There, there my dear

    Coop: Hey we got an idea

    Kiva:*sign* Oh no….*and we see Megas, Megas2 and Gigas are with Santa and they are going to houses to houses around the world even tho they are destroying some of the houses they still put the presents in time*

    Santa: Thank you Coop and the rest of you young fellows, Christmas is saved

    Coop: Yep and now Skippy believes in you, isn’t that right Skippy?*and we see Skippy and Tommy are playing the game that Santa gives him for Christmas*

    Skippy: Uh…..oh yeah, I do believe now

    Coop: Well now that this is over, let’s go to the party at the junkyard, we still have time to go

    All: Rock on!*all of them are doing the finger pose and they are now heading to Jersey for the party, meanwhile we are now at Area 50*

    Soldier: Agent Myers! I’m sorry to report that the Zanta-X1 was destroyed and didn’t accomplish his objective*

    Agent Myers: I can’t believe this, who or what destroyed Zanta-X1!?

    Soldier: Our sources indicate that the blue and black robots are the cause of Zanta-X1 destruction

    Agent Myers: Very well, you may leave*the soldier leaves and we see Myers getting up*those robots are getting into my nerves since day one*suddenly in the shadows we see his head gets off from his body and suddenly some spider legs sprout at his head*but the next time when I confront them they will be no more HAHAHAHAHA!!!

    End of credits: We see all of them are in the junkyard and we see all the characters like Ultrabot Z and Uno, the S Force, Ultra Cadets and others and we see Brodie gives something for Kiva and Brodie watches a mistletoe near at them but Kiva says no and Brodie gets upset but suddenly Kiva gives Brodie a kiss on the cheek and Brodie gets really happy about. Meanwhile we see Skippy and Tommy are still playing the game Santa gave them and Jamie gives Coop a new video game console and many games for present but Coop was going to tell Jamie that he didn’t get him a present until Goat with Galaxia are riding a really cool car and its for Jamie from Coop, Jamie gasp and goes directly at the car and Coop’s confuse until he hears something out of the sky and we see is Santa and blinks to Coop and Coop sees that Santa did it for him and they are now saying

    All: Merry Christmas all and a rock on New Years Eve!
  2. King_of_doom

    King_of_doom kiva fan

    May 23, 2005
    Likes Received:

    Villains: Agent Myers, Zanta-X1 and the Glorft

    1. This is a Megas XLR Christmas special

    2. It appears that Agent Myers is the head of Area 50

    2. Skippy didn’t believe at Santa in this episode

    3. Coop wanted to give Jamie a car because in the past Christmases he didn’t give him anything as a cool present

    4. Kiva believes in Santa In this episode

    5. The glorft made a special appearance in this episode

    6. It appears Gorrath was touch somehow with the Christmas spirit that he didn’t want to attack the earth until Megas and Megas2 ruin it

    7. The part where Megas uses a grenade from the glorft’s armory it’s from the movie Die Hard

    8. Coop and Brodie have created a new weapon called Cool Silver Energy Sword

    9. Like everybody, Coop hates fruitcake

    10. When Megas2 had use his giant guitar and amplifiers against Zanta, is very similar when Michelangelo uses the same thing for the Shredder in TMNT 2: The Secret of the Ooze

    11. Zanta’s true form is this:

    12. Santa uses his powers to restore Megas and Megas2 powers to finish Zanta

    13. Jamie expected like in the movies that Megas and Megas2 had slash many times at Zanta and wait a few seconds until he gets destroyed but it didn’t happen

    14. The part where Agent Myers head pops out from his body is very similar at Dr. Pretorius, one of the characters of The Mask AS

    15. When the kid was asking what he wants for Christmas to the fake Santa for Christmas he mention Ultrabot Z and Uno and for a Megas XLR DVDs.

    16. At the end everyone got their presents and having a great time at the junkyard
  3. Darth-geister

    Darth-geister Member

    Nov 10, 2005
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    That's a cool Christmas special! I like Peter Cullen being the narrator and it was funny the whole episode, the best part was with the Glorft.
  4. JTX

    JTX Member

    Nov 27, 2005
    Likes Received:
    Very funny episode indeed but a little disturbing at the end with the villain of Area 50. So this means he's a third main villain aside of the Glorft and the Broods? or the Broods have left the scene? Anyway can't wait to see upcoming episodes.
  5. King_of_doom

    King_of_doom kiva fan

    May 23, 2005
    Likes Received:
    Yup. Myers will be the third main villain of the series and the Broods aren't dead yet, so possibly you'll see them in the upcoming episodes.
  6. Xerroo

    Xerroo Megas Fan

    Apr 6, 2005
    Likes Received:
    I have a suggestion for you King of Doom.

    How about another Ultrabot Z Uno episode. Basically the idea is this. A rouge disobayer stopper named Lunos who lookes like Juno from "MegaMan Legends" decides the only way to get ride of disobayers it to destroy the planet. So he uses the giant space weapon Ulsylum to fire a giant weapon on Earth but it needs to recharge. Since it's too powerful to destroy alone they need the help of Coop once again to destroy it. So they go back in time and get Coop and Jamie and the three of them togetther destroy the weapon but not before having a battle with Juno in his powered up form which looks like SigmaVelguarder in X1. Kiva cannot be in this episode because if she was she would try to take Megas back to her time.
  7. King_of_doom

    King_of_doom kiva fan

    May 23, 2005
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    Yeah i'll probably do it, still i'm doing Partners in Destruction but yeah i'm game.
  8. Xerroo

    Xerroo Megas Fan

    Apr 6, 2005
    Likes Received:

    This is what Juno looks like BTW.

    Also It should begin with Ultrabot Z and Uno already trying to stop Lunos *That's his name* And they have a fight, but the only manage to delay him by 24 hours so during that time they get help via Coop and Jamie, so they get the see the world rebuilt and Coop and Jamie are fascinated. They also see a big statue of Coop who "Saved the Earth from aliens" long ago and we also learn that Coop was the one who funded Dr.Bright's project of building Ultrabot Z because Coop became rich by opening a diner with his lovely wife *In your case you can use best friend Brodie* Anyways get get a breifing via Cygnus *Voiced by Richard McGongle* about the situation about Lunos and his plans *He's voiced by Steven Jay Blum BTW. So they go back to the space station and fight Lunos's minions then fight him then stop the thing and save the future again.

    The future has alot of cool stuff like hovercars and stuff.
  9. Oni0

    Oni0 Wanted DOA

    Nov 15, 2005
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    This what happens when i don't bring my laptop to my vacations!

    You did a nice Christmas special indeed. The Evil Santa looks awesome, more where he transforms into a powerful mech monster.

    JTX is right about Myers but i think that will be cool for future episodes.

    MR.MXYZPTLK Mild Mannered Reporter

    Sep 1, 2005
    Likes Received:

    After seeing your road klown picture, I decided to see what he was like in the script. I liked him! though the plot was a little same old thing, Road Klown saved it. I liked his little gags, like the ice creame missiles.

    ps Are there anymore Road Klown story's?...
  11. King_of_doom

    King_of_doom kiva fan

    May 23, 2005
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    Not today i'm afraid, still want to make another one.

    Ok guys, like SK. If you want to suggest an idea for an episode just pm me(well if i can too of course ^^,)
  12. Xerroo

    Xerroo Megas Fan

    Apr 6, 2005
    Likes Received:
    Here is one. How about Area 50 is doing experiments by creating bio engineered super solders using a special mutigen known as XK-9, some idiot dumps the stuff in the sewer and now rodents, insects, and other things get to it and mutate into giant monstrosities, now it's up to Coop to stop them and save the city.

    MR.MXYZPTLK Mild Mannered Reporter

    Sep 1, 2005
    Likes Received:
    How about a spoof of star trek in which coop and the rest, team up with a space fleet similar to the original star trek crew. The villains are up to you, pherhaps a guy simlar to Q
    #333 MR.MXYZPTLK, Mar 2, 2006
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 3, 2006

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