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Megas Xlr Episodes (G)

Discussion in 'The Story Board' started by King_of_doom, Jun 12, 2005.

  1. King_of_doom

    King_of_doom kiva fan

    May 23, 2005
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    Villains: Turlok

    1. Turlok’s clothes is similar at Vash the Stampede of Trigun and uses a Hat similar at Slash’s from Guns N’ Roses

    2. David Hayter is well known as the voice of Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid

    3. The planet that Megas and Turlok fight as the combinations of the city where Broly first appeared on Dragon Ball Z and where the TMNT fight with the Rat King in the episode I, Monster

    4. The city is a city of robots, that’s why Megas is not bigger there

    5. It appears in that planet; robots can drive cars and eat real food like humans

    6. The Psycho-Gun it’s from the character Cobra from the anime of the same name

    7. The fight scene is similar of the issue of The Amazing Spider-Man: The other part 6 where Spider-Man has a brutal battle with Morlun

    8. Jamie mentions Regis and Warlock in this episode

    9. The Hat missile it’s from the cartoon Dexter’s Laboratory where Dexter and Mandark where controlling the giant statues of Abraham Lincoln and George Washington

    10. Non PoqTV related was destroyed in this episode

    11. Turlok attacks Megas by surprise is similar when Snake makes a sneak attack on an enemy

    12. The quote “The greatest joy when I fighting someone. Is to be rewarded by the sight who suffer its consequences!” that Turlok said it’s from the comic book character Mephisto from Marvel comics

    13. Star Squirrel is a parody of Star Fox

    14. When Megas right hand moves is similar when Cyborg disconnects his arm so it can move by himself from the Teen Titans

    15. When Megas impales Turlok but Turlok gets closer to him it's similar at the movie Van Helsing when Dr. Frankenstein impales a sword to Dracula but he gets closer and bites him at the end.

    16. The title is similar at the TV movie Danny Phantom: The Ultimate Enemy
  2. JTX

    JTX Member

    Nov 27, 2005
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    I must say im not a Spider-Man fan myself but looking at the fight of Megas and putting some elements of that Spider-Man issue i must say im impress. I like that you put a parody of Slash of Guns N' Roses because if we saw a parody of Mr. T in the cartoon why not in the scripts, nice job.
  3. Darth-geister

    Darth-geister Member

    Nov 10, 2005
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    Whoa! That was an awesome battle you put dude :D. I like that Megas is not bigger than the buildings so he can destroy more places at once, it was cool that you put some scenes from the Spider-man issue more that you change it to look more awesome and i don't know but probably Turlok will return and fight once again Megas.
  4. King_of_doom

    King_of_doom kiva fan

    May 23, 2005
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    He'll probably be back because you have saw that i didn't destroyed him, i just send him very far away from space.
  5. Xerroo

    Xerroo Megas Fan

    Apr 6, 2005
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    I just had an idea for you.


    Coop, Jamie and their girlfriends go on vacation and leave Kiva to babysit Skippy and Little Tommy. This is cause Coop needs a break from alien and robot bashing so Skippy finds a game under Coop's bed and they play it and get into all kinds of trouble so now Skippy, Little Tommy, and Kiva must get the house back to Jersey City and finish the game before it's too late. A reason why they are playing the game in the first place is because Coop took the video game sets as well as the TV so there is nothing to do for them.
  6. King_of_doom

    King_of_doom kiva fan

    May 23, 2005
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    Sounds cool the idea but what i don't get is the house thing, can you explain that more.

    Anyway i already have the characters for Attack of the 80-foot Ads and see if you recognize some of them:

    12up guy, chubby Cheese Weasel, Greg the moose, Cuckoo the Frog, Slushie Lunka, Red giant, Chunky Fried Chicken, Dude-aid man, PoqTV logo and Mr. Burger Chubsy.
  7. Xerroo

    Xerroo Megas Fan

    Apr 6, 2005
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    Watch Zathura and you'll see. When the game plays the house somehow ends up in space.
  8. Oni0

    Oni0 Wanted DOA

    Nov 15, 2005
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    It is an amazing battle with the character Turlok king. I remember Cobra and his Psycho-Gun that was really cool choice and when the guys are in a planet of giant robots was cool too.
  9. King_of_doom

    King_of_doom kiva fan

    May 23, 2005
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    Thanks, well here it is a new episode:

    Episode idea from Darth-geister:

    *This episode begins with the Karajor into non space and we see three shadowy figures that look like Coop, Kiva and Jamie and we see Gorrath and some glorft mech units aiming at them*

    Gorrath: On the count of three fire 1…2…3!*the glorft fire at them and we see they where just dummies*if that where the real thing, now go and fire at the prototype*and we see they also made a Megas dummy for practice and they are all aiming their weapons at it*fire!

    *Suddenly the mechs where going to fire but something happens*

    Gorrath: What’s the blurf is happening!? I said fire!*they are until they fall apart and explode*what no, my mechs!*suddenly also he’s mech gets destroyed and all of the mech glorft are all malfunctioning*Commander, what the blurf happen to my army of mechs!

    Commander: It appears that with all they fight they had with the two prototypes their circuit systems have fried really fast

    Gorrath: What!?*grabs he Commander by the face*how can this be! You where suppose to repaired them!

    Commander: Yes sir I know but with our glorft technology is very difficult now or days to repair our mechs, the prototype has different technology that only the earthers can use to repair it

    Gorrath: So this means I can’t use them anymore to attack the earthers or the Broods!?

    Commander: Not entirely, we can still repaired them but…….it would take like a month to do the repairs

    Gorrath: AAARGGGHHH!!! I can’t wait that longer not until I see that fat earther destroyed once and for all!

    Commander: Well….there’s another option*suddenly we see the Commander’s coming back with a control on his hands*

    Gorrath: This is your last resort? A stupid control device!

    Commander: It’s not an ordinary remote control sir*he sees a chair and with a press of a button we see he gets some kind of energy that the chair moves and the commander stops it immediately*

    Gorrath: What in the? How did you…

    Commander: I call it the Reanitter, with this you can reanimate any non living objects and do all sorts of chaos and the earthers can’t win this time

    Gorrath: Not bad but only one thing……what will we reanimate*suddenly we are at the Annual Advertising day of Jersey and we see many big size statues of different advertisements*

    Theme play

    Attack of the 80-foot Ads

    *We see Megas walking and Coop’s very excited because of the Annual Advertising day*

    Coop: I can’t believe this is the day guys; it’s like im a kid in a super buffet food court

    Kiva: You’re skipping training so you can go to this…..annual ad day?

    Jamie: It’s not just an advertising day Kiva. Is where all the fast foods, candy, video games advertise their latest stuff

    Coop: Yeah, we’re going to be the first to taste all the good food, play video games and other cool stuff there

    Kiva: Well we can spend awhile there because my scanner doesn’t trace any Glorft, Brood or other alien invasion

    Coop: Rock on!

    Jamie. I hope there some cute chicks there

    Kiva. Just for they can slap you again

    Jamie: HAHAHAHA no!

    Coop: But I hope to see my childhood hero….Mr. Burger Chubsy

    Kiva:*raises eyebrow* Mr. what?

    Jamie: It’s the mascot of Burger Barn when it started along time ago

    Coop: Yeah still remember that day when my mom took me to Burger Barn for the first time

    *Flashback and we see Coop as a kid and skinny and there we see a guy dress as Mr. Burger Chubsy as he throws burgers at the kids and we see Coop gets hit by one of them but grabs it and then when starts the first bite he loves it and looks at Mr. Burger Chubsy as an idol*

    Guy in costume (voice by Rob Paulsen) Get off of me you little brats! Im only a guy in a suit!*shows a Burger to them*is this what you want!?.....is this what you want!? Here yeah go little rascals!*the guy dress as Mr. Burger Chubsy still throwing burgers at the kids and Coop’s still grabbing some of them*
    *End of flash back*

    Coop: Ah those where the days

    Jamie: Come on Coop, don’t tell me after all these years you still like Mr. Burger Chubsy

    Coop: Hey if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t became the guy that am today

    Kiva. Well that explains a lot

    Jamie: You haven’t heard nothing yet about Coop with his love for food and video games

    Coop: Well here we are*Megas as always wrecks two cars with his foot and the guys are now watching all the stuff they have for Advertising day *hey look there’s Chunky Fried Chicken, the Dude-aid man….oh man there’s even Slushie Lunka the mascot of the Mega-Slush factory

    Jamie: And there’s Red giant and his bowl of chilly*sees the giant PoqTV* well that mascot sucks

    Kiva:*looks at the statues*Don’t you think there too big for this event?

    Jamie: Nah they always do that so they can attract more people*looks a giant statue of a girl in bikini*and im starting to get attract on one of them right now*he runs to go where the giant statue bikini girl is*

    Kiva: It figures…*suddenly Goat show up to the guys*

    Goat: Hey guys, glad you made it

    Coop: You know that I wont miss it for nothing*Kiva stares at Coop*what? You know that I train sometimes

    Goat: Looks like Jamie also having fun eh?*we look at Jamie talking with some bikini girls*

    Jamie: So want me to give you a ride into my friends car?...*the slaps at him really hard* did I told you that my friend haves a giant robot because chicks dig giant robots*Jamie follows her and the guys where just looking*

    Coop: So Goat, are you going to come and see what’s the new food from Burger Barn?

    Goat: No can do dude because I want to see what are the new lollipops from Greg the Moose*and we see it’s a giant moose with a tuxedo and lollipop on his mouth*see yeah later

    Coop: Well it’s just you and me Kiva

    Kiva: Do I really have to go?

    Coop: Yeah your goanna love it*Coop runs to go where the guys of Burger are and Kiva just roll her eyes meanwhile we see the Karajor and we see Gorrath’s searching for the right opponent for Megas*

    Gorrath: This planet doesn’t seem to have anything against that fat earther and the prototype! I’m starting get second thoughts if it’s worth conquering this puny planet

    Commander:*looks at the screen monitor*Warmaster! I just found something useful to fight with the earther

    Gorrath: Show me what have you found Commander*the Commander shows to Gorrath and we see the giant statue form the Advertising day*what are those things?

    Commander: Well I thought they are useful so we can reanimate them and finish the earther once and for all and they are at the exact same height as the prototype

    Gorrath: If there’s no other choice…..use the Reanitter on them

    Commander: As you command sir*with a press of a button of the main controls he now activates a giant laser getting out from the Karajor*even if we cant repair the mechs right now, we had still built the Reanitter into this giant laser so it can fire more power and control the ones who are reanimated

    Gorrath: Just cut to the chase and get it on with it!*the Commander now activates the laser meanwhile we see Jamie as join with the guys watching what’s the new food they have in Burger Barn*

    Jamie:*with his eye sore*Hey what’s up?

    Kiva: What happen to you? Let me guess….one of the girl’s boyfriend had punched you right in the eye?

    Jamie: No…..the same girl did that job ouch

    Kiva:*snickers* Ok

    Jamie: Yeah, yeah laugh all you want…..where’s Coop anyway?

    Kiva: See for yourself*points and we see Coop grabbing all the new products they have*

    Coop: Im goanna take this*grabs another*and this*and this*oh boy this is im really going to take

    Employee (voice by Tom Kenny) Hey buddy, leave something for the rest of the costumers who wants to eat

    Coop*shows an I.D.*I think with this I.D. you’ll recognize me immediately*and we see Coop as king of the large pants*

    Employee:*gulp* You’re the king of the large pants?*bends on his knees*im terrible sorry your majesty, take all the food you....want*and we see Coop with many burgers to eat*

    Coop: Way ahead of you chump hehehe that’s why im the king

    Kiva: I can’t believe people respect you just because you eat too much

    Jamie: That’s nothing. All the fast food that Coop visits, they usefully make the food that Coop eats ten or twenty times or else Coop’s not satisfied and wants more

    Coop: Well dig in*when Coop was going for the first bite we see the ray from the giant laser of the Karajor and we see they have struck on the advertising statues and we see Chubby Cheese Weasel, Greg the moose, Cuckoo the Frog, Red Giant, Chunky Fried Chicken, Dude-aid man, 12up guy and of course the PoqTV giant logo come to life and all roar like Godzilla and they guys turn around and watch the statues*

    Jamie: I think that guy really had punched me really hard because im watching the advertising ads come to life*suddenly one of them stomps on one of the advertising place*

    Kiva: Your not hallucinating, those giant statues really have come to life!

    Coop: Look what they have done!*we watch Coop’s food on the floor because all of the statues stomps on the ground made Coop’s food fall into the ground* those chumps are goanna pay*we see he grabs the keys from the car an we watch they are now in Megas meanwhile we see Greg the Moose fire his lollipops as missiles at the people*

    Goat*near at Greg* Hey Greg the moose, can I have your autograph because im really a huge fan*but then Greg the moose aims one of his lollipops at Goat and throws it at him but suddenly Megas grabs the lollipop and throws at Greg the moose making him fall to the ground*hey guys did you see that, I almost had an autograph from my idol

    Coop: Goat you better get out of here now

    Goat: No way im having a blast here*suddenly the 12up guy is using his Laser Eye Beans to attack at the place and many other statues are wrecking the city*on second thought I think your right*Goat runs immediately and now Megas is facing with the ad statues*

    Jamie: How the heck they come to life those things!?

    Kiva:*scanning*I’m already tracing the source on why they are reanimated

    Coop: Well they aren’t going to be too reanimated when I smash them to pieces WAAHHHHH!!!*Megas goes to attack first 12up guy and uppercuts him sending him far way until he destroys some buildings*take that 12up chump*suddenly we see a large tongue and wraps in with Megas arm*hey who the*Megas then gets drag and it’s Cuckoo the frog that he now slams Megas in the ground many times then with some buildings wrecking them all*

    Jamie: I always hated that frog

    Coop: Lets see if you wrap this instead froggy*Megas activates “Blades” that sprout on his arm and slice the tongue of Cuckoo and then Megas fires “Flying Fist” at him hitting and sending him to multiple buildings*who’s next!?*then it appeared the Red Giant and he throws chilly from his bowl to attack Megas*

    Jamie: What does that goanna do? Starve us to death*suddenly some of the chilly get into Megas and its acid that it’s destroying Megas paint job*

    Coop: you had to ask right?

    Jamie: Now I know why that gives you a hard indigestion!*the Red Giant still throws acid chilly at Megas but Megas avoids it and then tries to take the bowl of chilly away from the Red Giant but he wont let go*

    Coop: You want it so bad? Here take it!*Megas let go to the giant bowl and the acid chilly now covers the Red Giant disfiguring him completely and Megas punches him really hard sending him to the ground, suddenly Slushie Lunka appears and attacks Megas with a giant straw and Megas avoids it*you want a sword fight Lunka? Ill give ya a sword fight*Megas activates “Cool Energy Sword” and he now attacks Slushie Lunka but he blocks Megas attacks and Slushie Lunka now tries to impale Megas with his straw but Megas also blocks Lunka’s attacks and Megas then kicks Lunka in the stomach and slice his hat also his hair making him bold*and I thought he had slushie for hair*Megas activates “Missiles” blowing Lunka and we see Lunka goes very high on the sky and slams into the ground, then he grabs both Chunky Cheese Weasel and Greg the moose so he can slam them together many times and Megas gives Chunky Cheese Weasel a “Chokeslam” and Greg the moose a “Backbreaker”*have enough!?*suddenly the Dude-aid man rams at Megas making it fall into the ground and all of them are pilling up to Megas so they can crush him*

    Jamie: It appears they still want some more

    Coop: Its time for some smosh pit time*we see the statues are shacking and suddenly Megas gets free and we see the statues are flying to the sky and Megas starts to punch many times at them and grabs Cuckoo the Frog and slams him to Slushie Lunka, and grabs Greg the Moose throwing him to multiple buildings and we see all of them are now in the ground*well that’s the last time they advertise something*suddenly we see the PoqTV statue and it was going to attack Megas but Megas just stands there and he just punch him once and the PoqTV ad goes deep to the ground and we don’t see him coming back*now they are done*but suddenly we see another one coming towards very slowly to Megas*what the……oh no, not him, please it cant be*and we see it’s Mr. Burger Chubsy and roars at Megas*

    Jamie: Looks like Mr. Burger Chubsy wants to play too

    Coop: If I find out who’s doing this im goanna*then Mr. Burger Chubsy goes really fast and punches Megas and they to building and Mr. Burger Chubsy pummels Megas many times*

    Jamie: What are you waiting for!? Smash him Coop!

    Coop: I can’t dude…..its Mr. Burger Chubsy

    Jamie: Kiva tell Coop to smash him already

    Kiva:*scanning* Im busy trying to figuring out who’s behind all this*Megas stops Mr. Burger Chubsy’s attacks but he doesn’t counter attack*

    Jamie: Give him a Double Deuce!

    Coop: I can’t hurt my childhood hero Jamie

    Jamie: If you won’t do it I will*Jamie presses many buttons and Coop tries to stop him but it’s too late and Megas is activating many canons on his shoulders and fires at Mr. Burger Chubsy but with his giant stomach absorbs the fire blast and throws it back at Megas and Megas goes to multiple buildings and now Megas starts to get up and Mr. Burger Chubsy laughs at Megas and Coop’s now angry*

    Coop:*angry* Ok Chubsy, you want to play rough you got it WAAHHHHH!!!*Megas grabs a giant billboard and slams it to Mr. Burger Chubsy’s head but he’s still up and Megas now starts pummeling him many times and gives him a Headlock punching him many times in the face but looks like Mr. Burger Chubsy’s head is like rubber and bounce the attacks of Megas and Megas hit himself and goes to the ground*

    Jamie: Dude, you really have to stop Megas heading himself

    Coop: I know that!*Coop presses many buttons and Megas activates “Razor Sharp Blade Fist” and starts to attack Mr. Burger Chubsy*how about we cut the meat for a change Chubsy*Mr. Burger Chubsy tries to blocks Megas attacks but Megas slices piece by piece at Mr. Burger Chubsy until we see Megas moves his arms super fast until he slices Mr. Burger Chubsy into tiny pieces*no hard feelings, eh*suddenly the other statues are now up and they going to attack Megas*You want to get slice also? Well don’t stand there…bring it on!*meanwhile Gorrath’s watching the fight of Megas with the ad statues*

    Gorrath: I thought you said they can defeat the prototype Commander! But it looks like the earther’s having fun instead of suffering!

    Commander:*gulp*Don’t worry sir ill increase the power of the Reanitter so they can have more power*the Commander cranks up the juice of the Reanitter and suddenly we see the statues are glowing and Megas waits to the next ad*

    Coop: Why don’t you all attack me at once and look*Megas shows with one hand*just one hand for advantage*suddenly Chunky Fried Chicken appears in front of Megas and with a Super punch with a piece of chicken sends Megas to multiple buildings*I cant believe that im being attack by my favorite food

    Jamie: What do you want dude, you eat anything when it’s deep fried

    Coop: This chicken is going to be overcook*Megas fires Laser Eye Beans at Chunky Fried Chicken and Chunky Fried Chicken’s now on fire and Megas makes a big wave by clapping his hands sending Chunky far away until it hits into the beach of Jersey and explodes there*

    Jamie: You really cocked that chicken Coop*they do the finger pose*

    Kiva:*scanning*I finally have located the source guys and it’s…….it can’t be

    Coop: What? What is it Kiva

    Jamie: Tell me that’s a good news

    Kiva: No, the ones who have reanimated those statues are…the glorft

    Coop: The squids!? They always have to ruin my day when Im having fun!?

    Jamie: Wait a minute, why does the glorft reanimate some publicity mascots? Don’t they have their sophisticated technology or something?

    Coop: I don’t care if they are using their useless technology or not they are using my favorite advertising ads against me*suddenly Gorrath appears on the monitor*you!

    Gorrath: What do you think about my brilliant plan to destroy you earther hahahaha

    Coop: I thought you had gone low squid but this is unacceptable

    Kiva: What invention are you using now Gorrath!?

    Gorrath: Fools! Im using the Reanitter so it can reanimate anything!

    Jamie:*raises eyebrow* The Reanitter? You ran out of good names, eh?

    Gorrath: Silence! Now face the wrath of my puppets HAHAHAHAHA*they all surround Megas and we go in circles*

    Kiva: Be on the look out Coop, because the glorft have increase all the statutes their powers on the same level as Megas

    Coop: I don’t think they are goanna last when I use this*Coop uses his control and Megas has now activate “Super Destructo Mode”*advertise this!*Meags fires and hits all of them and make a cloud of smoke covering all of them and Megas gets out of the smoke cloud along with 12up guy grabbing him from his head and starts to ripped it out of his body and impales him with the head the body of 12up*going down!*Megas sends him to the ground and we see the 12up gets destroyed, suddenly Greg the moose goes to attacks Megas with two giant lollipops hitting Megas very hard*

    Kiva: Coop dodge his attacks quickly!

    Jamie: How!? Those giant lollipops won’t let Megas move

    Coop: Its time to give Greg some jawbreakers*Megas activates “Spinning Drill Hand” and punches and destroys the giant lollipop of Greg and the other and Megas now gives an uppercut at Greg the moose that it breaks his jaw and Megas now fires energy blast destroying him and we see Goat’s getting out of his hideout and grabs a piece of the giant lollipop*

    Goat:*takes a bite*Mmmm cherry with lime*suddenly Cuckoo the Frog wraps Megas arms to his back and Megas can’t move*

    Coop: Hey let go, you crazy frog!*then Slushie Lunka, Chubby Cheese Weasel and the Dude-aid man are pummeling Megas many times*

    Jamie: Coop do something! Don’t you see we are getting are butts kick by some stupid mascot ads!

    Coop:*looks at Cuckoo*How about some little charge up cuckoo*Megas is getting electricity on his arms and with more power we see Cuckoo the Frog’s letting go to Megas and explodes by the charge of energy and Megas now stops both attacks of Slushie Lunka and Chubby Cheese Weasel*a combination of frozen weasel slushie coming up!*Megas slam them both and starts clap them with his hands trying to squish them together and then with his elbow starts to hit them and again until it turn them into a giant ball and with a super jump Megas prepare himself to a “Body Slam” that he hits and shook the entire city and made Slushie Lunka and Chubby Cheese Weasel into a giant pizza form*who wants pizza with weasel on top?*Megas grabs the thing and throws it directly at Red Giant like a boomerang and slice him in half and their just only the Dude-aid man terrified that Megas would destroy him and runs for it*oh wait, where you going?*Megas catches Dude-aid man and starts to punch him breaking his body because is made by glass and slams him to the ground breaking him and makes a wave of Dude-aid man drink and floats part of the city as Megas extends his arms and makes the finger pose*you got anymore ads squid to destroy!?*suddenly at the Karajor we see a furious Gorrath*

    Gorrath: AARRGGHHH!!! Once again that fat monkey as defeated them ….well not for long*he grabs the Reanitter control from the laser and then he’s setting coordinates on his bracelet to go to earth*if this control has more use that it should Commander!?

    Commander: It got many uses sir even combine one reanimated object with another……but what are you going to do sir?

    Gorrath: To fight that’s what!*meanwhile we still see Megas and he stands right next to the place where the Advertising day was and it’s all destroyed*

    Coop: Look at this place, its all ruin!

    Kiva:*looks at the city*Ah Coop, I don’t think it’s the only one that it was destroyed

    Coop: Oh well at least I destroyed all of those living statues

    Gorrath: Don’t count on it*they turn around and it’s Gorrath on a building*the battle is not yet from over earther

    Coop: What are you goanna do? You don’t have anymore statues so I can smash them

    Gorrath: Really? Hehehehe*Gorrath uses the Reanitter and we see all the pieces of the statues who where destroyed are joining together and we see on the sky all of them joining to make a giant body with the part of Chubby Cheese Weasel, Dude-Aid man, Cuckoo the Frog, Greg the Moose and others and now uses the head of Mr. Burger Chubsy so it can form the giant statue ad and now Gorrath jumps and he’s now inside the head of Mr. Burger Chubsy*

    Jamie:*sarcastic*Thanks for telling him Coop

    Coop: Ok squid you really done it! First you use your reanithingy to reanimate the ads, then you ruin my Advertising day and you made me fight my childhood idol Mr. Burger Chubsy…..now its time to rumble!*the giant Mr. Burger Chubsy’s going to attack Megas with his giant Lollipop but Megas stops it and breaks it and then punches Mr. Burger Chubsy and starts to slam him to building to building*what’s the matter squid, Can’t take the heat?

    Gorrath: On the contrary earther scum you’re the one who can’t stand this!*Megas still slams Mr. Burger Chubsy to many buildings until it stops Megas with his hands and then Mr. Burger Chubsy vomits Chilly Acid at Megas hand and the hand of Megas is melting*

    Coop: Whoa, whoa! It’s melting my robots arm!

    Kiva: Get rid of it Coop!*Megas activates “Flying Fist” to get rid of the acid hand and punches Mr. Burger Chubsy with it and Megas sprouts another arm and Mr. Burger Chubsy now has a hole on his face by the chilly acid*

    Gorrath: Your going to pay for that earther!*Mr. Burger Chubsy uses the tongue of Cuckoo the Frog using it as a lethal blade and Megas dodges the attacks and we see he slice many buildings with that attack but suddenly Mr. Burger Chubsy uses cheese as missiles and hits Megas with it and the cheese is now stuck to Megas and Megas cant seem to get free*

    Coop: This cheese is really sticky

    Jamie: Where’s a giant fork when we need it!*Mr. Burger Chubsy starts to stomp on Megas and Megas still tries to get free*

    Kiva:*scanning*Megas systems are overloading by the attacks, if this goes on, Megas will shut down

    Gorrath: This victory is in my hands HAHAAHA

    Coop: Alright! Time to cut the cheese!*suddenly we hear a strange noise*

    Jamie:*covers his nose*Looks like you already did*Megas activates “Cool Blade Thingy” and slices all the cheese and Megas then activates “Wave Motion Gun” blasting Mr. Burger Chubsy on the sky and slams into a building destroying it*

    Gorrath: That’s impossible!

    Coop: It is possible squid and it’s really possible to get your butt kick WAAHHHHH!!! Megas activates Cool Fire Sword and Mr. Burger Chubsy uses a giant piece of chicken and a giant lollipop and both of them attack each other and Megas blocks the attacks of Mr. Burger Chubsy and also it does the same thing with Megas attacks but Megas kicks and uppercuts Mr. Burger Chubsy and Megas sees the opportunity Megas impales his fire sword at Mr. Burger Chubsy in the chest and it now’s on fire by the sword and Gorrath cant resist the heat*

    Gorrath: You fool! You’re burning me alive!

    Coop:*evil grin*Don’t worry I know how to stop it*Megas activates “Cool Energy Sword” but it looks more bigger than usual and Megas going to hit Mr. Burger Chubsy and rips his head off and the head goes flying far way with Gorrath in it*

    Gorrath: AAHHHHH YOU WONT GET AWAY WITH THIS!!!!*the giant head still flies until it reach thru space and Megas now stands there panning to view a destroyed Jersey city*

    Coop: That’s how you cook fried squid in Jersey*Coop and Jamie do the finger pose*

    Jamie: Finally it's over

    Kiva: And to the city as well…

    Coop: Oh well at least we had some fun…..so who’s up for giant double supreme burgers at Burger Barn?*Megas walks away and we see the PoqTV ad still alive until one of the buildings fall towards him destroying it completely*

    End of credits: We see Mr. Burger Chubsy’s head is on the Karajor that made a big hole and we see Gorrath uses the Reanitter on the guns so they can attack the Commander for his failure
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    Villains: The Glorft and Advertising statues

    1. The title it’s from the movie Attack of the 50-foot Woman

    2. The statues that are in this episode they look similar at:
    Chubby Cheese Weasel (Chucky E. Cheese)
    Red Giant (Green Giant)
    Chunky Fried Chicken (KFC)
    12up guy (7up guy)
    Cuckoo the Frog (a combination of Sonny the Cuckoo the Bird and Crazy Frog)
    Greg the Moose (Joe Camel)
    Dude-aid man (Kool-aid man)
    Slushie Lunka (Willy Wonka)
    PoqTV (MTV)
    Mr. Burger Chubsy (A combination of Mayor Mcheese and Stay Puff Marshmallow Man)

    3. Goat once smoked on MTV’s Downtown but he now uses Lollipops on Megas, that’s why he likes Greg the Moose’s lollipops because Greg is a parody of Joe Camel

    4. The Glorft’s mech are malfunctioning by the fights they had with Megas so Gorrath had use the Reanitter

    5. Jamie doesn’t mention PoqTV but he did comment it sucks

    6. The scene where Mr. Burger Chubsy appears looks similar when Stay Puff Marshmallow man from the Ghostbusters appears when Ray choose him as the destroyer

    7. The part where Megas shocks Cuckoo the Frog is similar at X-Men the movie where Storm shocks Toad with her powers

    8. The part where Mr. Burger Chubsy vomits at Megas arm with acid chilly and melts it, is similar at the movie The Fly

    9. Coop’s very respected because his the king of the large pants and everyone from the fast foods recognize him

    10. Mr. Burger Chubsy’s the one who cause Coop eating a lot and probably a joke for the people that complained at Mcdonalds for forcing them to get overweight

    11. The PoqTV statue was destroyed at the end of the episode
  11. Darth-geister

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    That was a hilarious episode dude. Really, i want to see this episode idea to be real. Now we know another thing of why Coop eats alot, the fights where awesome and i laugh in the part where the PoqTV statue is no rival for Megas and with a single punch he beats him, also the cut the cheese joke was funny too.
  12. JTX

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    I agree with Darth, it is a funny episode. I like the flashback of Coop with the guy in the Mr. Burger Chubsy suit and the fight with the advertising statues also the one where the employee of Burger Barn didn't recognize Coop until Coop shows him his I.D. as King of the large pants.
  13. JTX

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    Sorry that im doing a double post but when i had finish reading AdamYJ's Mighty Max story i had an idea for an episode if you want to use it or not.

    When Coop and Kiva forgot about Jamie's birthday, they immediately buy him a new beanie for a present but suddenly two individuals that look similar at Virgil and Norman are telling the guys that Jamie's the mighty one you might say and Jamie thinks is cool but suddenly he must face the one who wants the beanie and it's similar at Skullmaster, Coop and Kiva now have to save Jamie and the Beanie he's wearing or else the world or the universe ill be destroyed.
  14. King_of_doom

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    I dig that idea, when i finish Gathura and the special christmas episode i'll do that episode.
  15. King_of_doom

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    Episode idea from Xerroo:

    *This episode begins 20 years ago and we see Coop’s house and the same guys who first lived there when Coop and his mom still don’t move there and we watch them watching the TV*

    James (voice by Jody Schaeffer)Man, this is boring*changing the channels*there’s nothing on TV to watch*suddenly he changes to the PoqTV channel*

    Announcer (voice by Kevin Michael Richardson) Here on PoqTV we have the greatest pop music videos of the 80’s you know and love

    Bert (voice by George Krstic ) Dude change it quickly! You know I hate to watch that channel*James try to but the batteries fall*

    James: This is great!*he tries to put the batteries but he can’t*

    Bert: What are you waiting for? Turn it off!

    James: These stupid batteries can’t fit*they see they going to show their next show until Bert grabs the cable from the TV and turns it off*that was a close one

    Bert: Yeah but one thing!*he show’s that he just destroyed the cable TV and the TV is now malfunctioning*now what are goanna do for the day man?

    James: Hey I know*he runs and comes with something on his hands*I just but this today on a creepy pawn shop across the street*and it’s a portable video game that looks like a game boy*

    Bert:*raises eyebrow*Dude, do always have to buy something from a creepy store?

    James: For 2 bucks why not?*he starts to lay the game but it doesn’t work*

    Bert: Now I know why it cost 2 bucks. This game is a piece of garbage

    James: Come on!*hits the game* I wasted perfectly 2 bucks on this

    Bert: Told ya*suddenly James press one of the buttons and the house starts to shake a little*what’s that noise?*and we see the house is going thru the sky very fast*that the heck did you do!?

    James: I don’t know, I just press a button and….

    Bert: Well stop it dude, stop it!*James tries to turn it off many times until he throws to the ground making it malfunction and the house stops and now it falls and hits on the ground making a whole mess inside and we see James and Bert on the ground with all of the stuff on top of them*

    James: That was awesome*we now watch Bert put the game inside his bed, so that no one can’t find it*do you think no one can’t find it?
    Bert: Yeah, im sure now one will look over here. Besides, I think this bed won’t last long….

    *Then 20 years later, we now watch Coop’s on the same bed that Bert had*

    Jamie: Aren’t you going to dump that old bed and buy a new one Coop?

    Coop: Nah I don’t think so, this bed still’s good*suddenly a spring pops out of the bed and inside we see the portable game glowing*

    Theme play


    *We now see Coop, Jamie and Brodie are in both Megas and Kiva’s outside talking to them*

    Kiva: So you want me to baby sit Skippy?

    Coop: Yup, because the guys from the GCCF gave us tickets to their main event

    Jamie: And we’re the guest of honor because Megas was the champion awhile ago

    Coop: Yeah but my mom wants me to baby sit Skippy so we want you to do us that favor to baby sit him so we can go to the GCCF

    Brodie: We wanted you to come but we know you don’t like to watch wrestling that much

    Kiva: I understand…..ok ill do it, I don’t think Skippy will cause too much trouble*suddenly we hear a noise and all turn around and we see Gigas as just made a big hole in the ground because Skippy was checking Gigas systems*

    Skippy: Oops! I sheer I didn’t do it

    Jamie:*chuckles*Well good luck*Megas leaves Kiva on the ground and both Megas fly thru the sky*

    Coop:*shouts* Thanks Kiva, you’re a life saver!*they now disappear and Kiva goes inside the house and she’s now checking on her portable computer*

    Kiva:*scanning*It’s nice that I have a quite day with out hearing rock music, playing video games, food and wrestling for once*then we see Skippy’s now near at Kiva and Kiva looks at him for a second and she just sign*

    Skippy: What ya doing?

    Kiva:*sign* Im checking if I can make some major upgrades on both Megas

    Skippy: Why?

    Kiva: So that Megas and Megas2 have more weapons and abilities than before

    Skippy: Why?

    Kiva:*getting a little mad*Because when the guys come back, ill have the necessary equipment to do it

    Skippy: Why?

    Kiva:*mad*Skippy! Can’t you please let me do my work!*suddenly we now see Tommy watching too*what are you doing here Tommy?

    Skippy: Oh I told him that you where babysitting so I ask him to come if I get bored here with you

    Kiva:*stares at Skippy* Oh how very thoughtful of you

    Tommy: Coool! So this means you can make both Megas more powerful than they are?

    Kiva: Yes!*close the portable scanner*now can you please let me finish my work…why don’t you go play some video games or something

    Skippy: Yeah that’s a good idea, come on Tommy*they leave and she relax now*

    Kiva: Finally I can…*when she was going to open her portable scanner*

    Skippy/Tommy: AAHHHHH!!!!*Kiva hears the commotion*

    Kiva:*sign* Oh what now?*she goes and see what’s happening*Skippy, Tommy, why all the screaming?*and we see the both of them are in their knees*

    Skippy: Because of this!*points and we see that all the video game consoles of Coop aren’t around the TV and the TV has like a shield-block so they cant watch the TV*who did this monstrosity!

    *Flash back and we see Coop taking all the games he has on safe place so Skippy cant play with them*

    Jamie: Aren’t you exaggerating a little dude?

    Coop: Nope, I know Skippy’s my cousin but he always wrecks my games and the new ones. So im hiding them so he can’t find them

    Jamie: Don’t you think that Kiva will have more trouble with out having the TV, the consoles and games so they entertain Skippy?

    Coop: Mmmm….Nah, she can handle it

    *End of flash back*

    Tommy: Hey Kiva! Can you let us use your scanner thingy to play video games?

    Kiva: My portable scanner is not a toy so you can play with it boys, besides it doesn’t have any games so you can play

    Tommy: So much for plan A

    Kiva: Why don’t you play the game consoles you put on Gigas?

    Skippy: Well….

    *Flashback and we see Tommy and Skippy are playing video games*

    Tommy: You know what would be cool, if these guys where real

    Skippy: I think I can arrange that*Skippy starts to press many buttons and suddenly Gigas activates his Scan-O-Real and we see he uses his hands so that the monsters appear kinda like the prisoners from “Break Out”and the monsters appeared and they are starting to wreck the city instead of fighting themselves*

    Tommy: Uh….this shouldn’t happened dude MAKE IT STOP!!!*Skippy tries to reset the game so that the monsters disappear but it appears it’s not working*

    Skippy: I’m trying but it won’t respond on my commands

    Tommy: Well do what you always do, smash them!

    Skippy: No dice, the console’s connected with Gigas and the only way we can stop them is to destroy the console*they both see each other and starts to smash the console with a screwdriver and the monsters disappear and the console is totally destroyed*

    *End of flashback*

    Skippy: You can say we got bored with it for awhile so we are letting it rest

    Tommy: There’s gotta be a game here so we can play with

    Skippy: Kiva, does your scanner detects video games so we can play?

    Kiva: I told you. My scanner is not a toy to play with

    Skippy: Oh come on Kiva and we promise we don’t bother you for anything*puts some puppy dog eyes*

    Kiva:*sigh* Ok, if only you two stop bothering me and let me do my work?*they say yes*im going to use it and find a video game so you can play*Kiva starts to search for one and the guys do the finger pose*

    *30 minutes later and we see Kiva as give up and she’s on Coop’s bed*

    Kiva: Sorry guys, but looks like Coop put all of his games somewhere else

    Skippy:*mad*When Coop comes back ill let him know something with Gigas that ill….*suddenly Skippy sits on Coop’s bed until he feels something sharp*OUCH!!!

    Tommy: What dude, what happen?

    Skippy: I got pinch with a spring*Skippy then sees something under the stringer*hello what’s this?*he now puts is hand inside Coop’s bed and when he grabs we look he pulled the portable video game that James and Bert put*look! I found a game Tommy

    Tommy. Coool!

    Kiva: Well now that you have found something so that you can be entertain im now going to finish my work

    Skippy: Yeah, yeah sure*he tries to play the game but nothing happens*that’s just great, this stupid thing doesn’t work

    Tommy:*raises eyebrow*Did you try and check if it has any batteries dude?

    Skippy: I was going to say that*opens the game and see that there isn’t any batteries and we watch now that Skippy has some batteries, he puts them and now we see the game is starting*ok game, lets see what you got*suddenly the house is starting to shake a little*did you heard that?

    Tommy: Nope*then something happens and the house starts to float and it now goes higher and higher*what’s happening!?

    Skippy: I don’t have no idea and I don’t like it*then we see Kiva goes with the guys*

    Kiva: What’s going on!? Have you used one of my inventions for your foolishness!?

    Skippy: I really wish it was Kiva but we didn’t do anything this time…I think*suddenly the house stop and all of them are now at the ground*it finally stop, I think it was an earthquake or something

    Tommy:*watches at the widow*I don’t think we are on earth anymore guys?*Skippy and Kiva are looking at the window and we see they are in outer space and the house is floating*

    Skippy: Ok people now nobody panic…….we are all goanna die!!!

    Kiva:*scanning*I can’t figure it out why are we on space

    ????(Voice by Malcolm McDowell) Perhaps I can illuminate things

    Tommy: Who said that?

    ????: I did*suddenly in the game we see something or someone is getting out of it and we see a strange person with a purple small hat and he look similar at the Trickster from Brainscan*

    Skippy: Who are you?

    Retskcirt: Im glad you ask my dear boy. I am the Retskcirt and I was imprison on that infernal game along time ago

    Kiva: So you’re the one who cause the house to float, aren’t you?

    Retskcirt: Guilty as charge my lady

    Skippy: Well what are you waiting for? Return where you came from and put us back to earth on Jersey

    Retskcirt: Silly boy, I can’t do that because Ill be imprison once again

    Skippy: Alright, if you wont return to the game, ill just destroy it including yourself*Skippy’s going to do it*

    Retskcirt: Go ahead and do it. But I must warn you that if you destroy the game you’ll also destroy this house including yourselves!

    Tommy: So how are we going to get back?

    Skippy: If I had Gigas, we would be home right now

    Retskcirt: I’m curious….what is Gigas?

    Skippy: My giant robot and it’s really cool. It haves all kinds of weapons of mass destruction

    Retskcirt:*evil smirk* A giant robot you say? Well there is one way to get back

    Kiva: Tell us how we can get back to earth

    Retskcirt: The only thing you have to do is to finish the game you’re playing

    Tommy: You’re telling if we beat this game you can let us go back home?

    Retskcirt: Of course but there’s one catch…..if you lose you’ll have to give me your giant robot for my collection

    Kiva: What!? We can risk on loosing Gigas on a silly game your making….

    Skippy: I accept

    Kiva:*raises eyebrow*Skippy, what are you thinking!? We don’t know what this individual wants with Gigas and more about his games
    Skippy: Don’t worry Kiva. You know that im a good pilot and good with video games as Coop so there’s no need to worry about*to Retskcirt*it’s a deal, if I win you will return to us back and if I lose, you’ll keep Gigas…….so when do we start?

    Retskcirt: Right now!*we see Retskcirt summons something on the ground and we see it’s a large TV screen that looks similar at portable video game they are playing*

    Tommy: Cooool!

    Retskcirt: In this game there are no rules so you can use anything you want for example the vehicle you want to use to fight

    Skippy: Gigas isn’t hear but*sees Kiva’s scanner*hey Kiva got a second?*they’re now connecting the portable scanner of Kiva to the giant TV screen and Skippy pulls out of his pocket a disc and insert it into the portable scanner and we see Gigas and he’s downloading it* it was a good thing that I have download Gigas if it goes berserk, so we use it as a back up plan

    Kiva: For a kid your age you’re really smart*we now see Gigas inside the TV screen and ready to battle*

    Skippy: We are ready if you are

    Retskcirt: Let the games begin!*we see Retskcirt as change the scenery and Gigas is now in space and then Retskcirt summons on the ground a cockpit that looks like the guys are inside Gigas*the first game you will play is try to destroy many meteors as you can

    Skippy:*chuckles*That’s it!? I was thinking more dangerous game

    Retskcirt: I wouldn’t be so confident if I where you hehehe!*Gigas is all set to destroy many meteors*

    Kiva: Be on the look out Skippy, we don’t know what Retskcirt has for us

    Skippy: You’re worrying to much Kiva. Ill beat this clown’s game in just….

    Tommy: Incoming dude!*Skippy turns around and we see many giant fire-meteors heading towards Gigas*

    Retskcirt: Did I mention that they are giant fire-meteors you have to destroy?

    Skippy: Whoa!*Gigas fires many energy balls at the meteors but some of them are too strong to be destroyed*

    Kiva: Use another of Gigas weapons now!

    Skippy: I’m on it*Skippy using the controls of the game we see Gigas activates “Shoulder Cannon Blast” where thousands of mini cannons appear on the shoulders of Gigas and fires a powerful plasma blast at the meteors destroying many of them, then Gigas starts on destroying them with his hands and we see he grabs two of them and slams them together and Gigas starts punching and kicking many of them and Retscirt’s getting furious*take that loser!

    Retskcirt: Loser am i!? We’ll see about that!*suddenly more meteors are heading towards Gigas and Gigas gets hit by one of them and we see the guys have feel the impact*

    Tommy: Correct me if im wrong but……why did we felt that impact?

    Retskcirt: I forgot to mention that when you get hit or get punch you will feel it just like in real life with your robot

    Skippy: Full of surprises eh? Well I got a surprise of my own*Skippy uses the controls and we see Gigas starts to punch the meteor crushing it to pieces and now Skippy tries a cheat code and Gigas suddenly activates all kinds of weapons on his entire body*time for Doom-O-Finisher*he fires and we see a big white light and there we see Gigas standing there and the meteors are all destroyed*how do you like that?

    Tommy: Cool dude! Doom-O-Finisher was a real blast

    Kiva: You really have to be to name something with destruction?

    Skippy: Well as you can see it done pretty much the job*looks at Retskcirt*so, how did I did loser?

    Retskcirt:*mad*Beginners luck you little punk, lets try to do a bigger challenge*he change the scenery into a city that looks like Jersey* lets see how your going to resist and entire army of strange creatures from all the universe, can you take the heat boy?

    Skippy: Bring it on*suddenly many monster mech look alike, space ships, alien-creatures are going to attack Gigas*

    Tommy: This is not cool dude, we better quit or else…..we’ll die!

    Kiva: That won’t do any good. If we quit now, we won’t get a chance to get back home

    Skippy: If this loser thinks that im goanna be frightened by these alien chumps, he doesn’t know who’s messing with WAAAHHHH!!!*Gigas charges up to face forwards against the monsters*

    Retskcirt: Show that fat kid who’s really in charge boys HAHAHAHA*Gigas rams many of them and then grabs them and throw them to multiple buildings but suddenly the alien monsters grabs both Gigas arms and try to rip him apart*

    Tommy: Want to make a wish Skippy because I wish you do something!

    Skippy: I got your wish right here!*Gigas fires Proton blast from his hands and destroy the alien monster. Then he starts to punch many of them throwing them to the ground, Gigas grabs a big building and slam it to the monsters*I think someone his going to clean this up*suddenly alien-robots are going to attack Gigas , first Gigas grabs one of them and gives the mech a “Back Breaker” splitting him in half, two mechs are going directly at Gigas but he uses the mech that he destroys in half and smash both of them with it, Gigas uses “Energy Blades” and attack many mechs destroying them all, many mechs are now using their “Machine Guns” firing at Gigas but he deflects the fire and then uses “Energy Blast” going directly at the mechs destroying them, Gigas activates “Cool Energy Daggers” and the other mechs are using their “Cannon Blasters”, Gigas jumps and cuts all of their weapons and finally cuts them to pieces, Gigas turns around and their more of them coming were he is, so he goes “Nitrous” using is daggers cutting all of them and destroying them all, we now see Gigas using his “Launch Grenade Gun” and launch many grenades at the mechs destroying them all*looks like your chumps are the ones who are learning who’s in charge

    Retskcirt: AAAARGGHHH!!! Don’t just stand there fools, destroy him!*alien monster and robots are heading towards Gigas*

    Kiva: Skippy. Some of them are heading to coordinates CTYU153 and the others are heading to the coordinates SRHU723

    Skippy: Coordinates what now?

    Kiva:*sign* Some mechs are far from the right and the others are getting near at us from the left

    Skippy/Tommy: Oh yeah, we have to remember that one*Kiva just roll her eyes then Gigas moves towards to his left side and attacks some of the alien mechs and grabs one of them and gives him a “Chokeslam” to a building destroying it , Gigas gives many a “Stunner” at them and we see many mechs are getting destroyed. Gigas grabs a giant billboard and clobbers many mechs with it then we see he launches many Missiles at some mechs, Gigas grabs one of the and slam him to others destroying them and Gigas throws another alien mech and it explodes*still more coming WAAHHHH!!!*Gigas goes directly and punches many alien monsters and Gigas jumps to a building to give them a “Bodyslam”, then we see Gigas grabs one of them and slam them together, some of them try to ambush Gigas from the back*

    Tommy: Uh Skippy…..LOOK OUT FROM BEHIND!*Skippy knows and Gigas jumps quickly so that Gigas punches two of alien mechs destroying their heads, Gigas punches one of them in the stomach and with “Flying Fist” he throws him to other lien monster, the alien mechs starts to fire at Gigas but he now activates “Machine Guns” and starts to destroy many of them and Gigas “Proton Blast” also destroying many of them, we see Gigas stomps his foot and make a big wave that the alien mechs are falling and Gigas then goes directly at them and gives all of them a “Drop Kick” and we see many alien mechs are going to multiple buildings and then Gigas activates “Fire Canon” and he destroys some of them*now for the right side WAAHHH!!!*Gigas goes directly at the alien monsters and we see the alien monsters are going to fire their Eye Bean Blast at Gigas but Gigas avoids it and we see he now clobbers many of them and rips one of them their legs and slam them with it and we see Gigas punch one and uppercuts him throwing him to many buildings then alien robots turn there thrusters and grabs Gigas to hit to many buildings, Gigas uses “Energy Blast” at them and start to punch them and gives them a “Backbreaker” one by one, Gigas now activates many missiles at the mechs and destroying them then he charges his leg with energy and kicks one of them and make a big wave and slashes the rest of the alien mechs that they’re attacking him, Gigas then grabs one and rips one of them in half and uses him to smash the other mechs, one monster mech tries to attack Gigas in the back but Gigas uses his thrusters and blast a ball of fire destroying the monster, Gigas fires Grenades and hits on the alien mechs and gives grabs one of them and gives him a “Supplexhold” slamming him to the others, Gigas activates “Shoulder Canons and fires at the monster one of them hits them slashing them into pieces but still many monsters are standing but Gigas attacks them but one of them tries to stab him with is “Razor Claws” but Gigas stops him with is hands and breaks them in half then he uses “Cool Energy Daggers” and cuts in half the monster until it’s destroyed, the other creatures attack Gigas with their power blast, Gigas jumps to avoid the attacks and goes directly at the monsters like a bull and rams them all* Yeahhhhh!!!! You like that! You like that!* Gigas still rams them until they all punch Gigas throwing him to the ground and hit him to some buildings but Gigas gets up and gives a kick crushing at one of them in half but still it can move and starts shooting “Energy Blast” at Gigas but Gigas dodges it and destroys buildings*you ask for it chumps*Skippy presses many buttons and we see Gigas is glowing and it makes a big explosion that destroys all the monsters living nothing and event destroyed the whole city*fewww, well that’s the last of them

    Retskcirt: I can’t believe that you have defeated all of them!

    Skippy: You better believe it pal and I think I win this round so that means you have to take us back to earth

    Retskcirt: You will never go back, NEVER!!!*Retskcirt suddenly transforms into a giant green mech ten times bigger than Gigas with multiple legs that look similar at this one: http://img276.imageshack.us/img276/7356/11295630755907or.th.jpg

    Tommy: Looks like he’s not goanna let us go that easily

    Skippy: Cheater

    Retskcirt: Think all you want because you’re going to die anyway

    Skippy: What do you mean by that?

    Retskcirt: You can say that you three where so distracted that you didn’t notice that your are going near at the sun

    Kiva.*scanning* He’s right! In just 10 minutes we will collide with the sun

    Tommy: I don’t wanna be an overcook human burger dude, do something!

    Skippy: All right you weirdo you ask for it, first you made my cousin’s house to go to space, then you set us into your stupid games to get back to earth and your trying to burn us to the sun, your little game is now game over chump WAAHHHH!!!*Gigas goes to attack Retskcirt and starts to punch him on the leg but looks like it doesn’t affect him and with one finger he hits Gigas and goes to multiple buildings and we see the guys felt the crash of the buildings*

    Retskcirt: HAHAHAHA now that gotta hurt

    Skippy: Not as much as this!*Skippy presses many buttons and Gigas activates tons of missiles and fires at Retskcirt hitting him making a cloud of smoke*that loser will learn not to mess with….what!?*we see the cloud of smoke disappearing and Retskcirt didn’t received any damage from the missiles of Gigas*

    Retskcirt: That attack made me tickle

    Kiva: Are weapons are useless against him, Gigas didn’t made him a scratch

    Skippy: There’s always one way to smash someone WAAHHHH!!!*Gigas turns his thrusters and goes to attack Retskcirt and Restkcirt his firing energy blast at Gigas but Gigas dodge the attacks and now Gigas starts to attack Retskcirt by pummeling him but his armor his too strong from Gigas his attacks and Retskcirt with one hand clobbers Gigas sending him to the ground. Gigas starts to get up until Retskcirt tries to stomp him with his multiple foots*Whoa!*Gigas immediately avoids the giant foot of Restcirt and Restcirt still try to stomp him and when he does Gigas stops the giant foot with his hands but looks like Gigas is starting to lose power*

    Kiva: Gigas power level is getting lower by the minute*Tommy looks at the window and watch that the house is right near at the sun*

    Tommy: And we are getting near at the sun any minute. I’m too young to die…..I didn’t even ask a girl for a date!*Retskcirt sprout some saws from his arms and there getting closer to Gigas*

    Retskcirt: This will slice you up and make you ready for a bit of the old ultra-pain

    Skippy:*thinking*I got it! Kiva, hand me over your portable scanner

    Kiva: What are you goanna do?

    Skippy: Trust me, I know what im doing

    Tommy: I hope so*Skippy grabs a wire and hooks up with the game and we see he’s starting to charge up Gigas with the energy of the portable scanner*

    Retskcirt: What’s this!?*suddenly we see Gigas glowing and starts to move Retskcirt is foot and throws him up on the sky and then slams into the ground and Gigas activates Doom-O-Finisher*hey guys. I was just having some fun with you, I wasn’t going to destroy you or send you on to the sun hehehe

    Skippy: Game over pal!*Gigas fires blasting Retskcirt destroying him completely and the house just stop moving towards the sun and falls meanwhile we see Megas and Megas2 getting back from the GCCF event*

    Jamie: I can’t believe you guys destroyed the entire stadium

    Coop: Hey, at least the guys of GCCF told us that their event was a success thanks to us

    Brodie: That’s right, we kick butt! Hope Kiva and the guys didn’t have a hard time by themselves*suddenly the house still falls until it hits directly at the same place it was but it got wreck from the crash it did and Megas and Megas2 are now at the house*

    Jamie:*looks at the house*Don’t you think the house looks a little….wreck

    Coop: Nah, It always happens*we see Kiva and the guys are in the ground and the game it’s totally wreck and Coop and the guys are now with them*hey guys,*looks at the place*looks like you had a heck of a party here

    Tommy: You can say that again

    Skippy: But don’t tell me that it was cool*Skippy and Tommy do the finger pose*

    Brodie: So Kiva, how was babysitting for the first time?

    Kiva: You can say it was a blast……but next time you’re goanna be babysitting for now on, you got it!?

    Skippy: Hey, now that we are all here. Why don’t we eat something, im starving

    Coop: Well let’s go and get some super combo popcorn chicken*they are now leaving*

    Kiva: Coop, can you do me one favor?

    Coop: Yeah, what’s that Kiva?

    Kiva: Next time put a video game console when Skippy visits again, ok*they close the door and we watch the wreck portable video game and the screen is on and Retsckirt’s still alive*

    Retsckirt: You haven’t heard the last of me, when a new game starts its time of the Retsckirt HAHAHAHAHA*suddenly the screen goes off*hey who turn off the lights!

    End of credits: We see Coop and Jamie are relaxing at the couch when they watch the portable video game on the floor and when they start to play and Retsckirt appear but Coop and Jamie got bored and they throw it on the trash
  16. King_of_doom

    King_of_doom kiva fan

    May 23, 2005
    Likes Received:

    Villains: Retsckirt

    1. Episode idea from Xerroo

    2. This episode parodies Zathura

    3. Kiva baby sits for the first time and the last

    4. Coop and the guys where invited to go to the GCCF event but looks like they have destroyed it a the end of the episode

    5. Bert and James appear for the second time since Heavy Gear Box

    6. Retsckirt looks similar at the Trickster from Brainscan and even the name is the same only backwards

    7. Malcolm McDowell does the same voice as is character Alex from A Clockwork Orange

    8. Coop has hide all the games he has so that Skippy wont destroy them

    9. The fight with the alien robots and monsters looks similar at the game Megas vs. the Universe

    10. Gigas as a new weapon call Doom-O-Finisher

    11. Non PoqTV related was destroyed in this episode

    12. The portable video game looks similar to the Gameboy of Nintendo

    13. Retsckirt turns into a giant green mech that looks like this:

  17. PhotonPhoenix

    PhotonPhoenix You Vill Help Us Find It.

    Jan 24, 2005
    Likes Received:
    I got an idea for a Christmas episode called "A Megas Carol" it's like a MEGAS verison of A Christmas Carol and Gorrath could be Scrooge.
  18. Darth-geister

    Darth-geister Member

    Nov 10, 2005
    Likes Received:
    I still don't see Zathura but i do remember Brainscan, i think Skippy even though he's still an annoying brat he has change to be more like Coop and cool to see Tommy again, really cool episode dude :).
  19. Oni0

    Oni0 Wanted DOA

    Nov 15, 2005
    Likes Received:
    Didn't had time to read some episodes until now. The attack of the 80-foot ads was awesome and funny.

    Gathura is cool, Retskcirt was funny in some moments, can't wait to see the christmas special you are doing.
  20. JTX

    JTX Member

    Nov 27, 2005
    Likes Received:
    Nice to see Skippy and Tommy have their one episodes and Kiva was funny in some parts of the episode, nice job :D.

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