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Megas Xlr Episodes (G)

Discussion in 'The Story Board' started by King_of_doom, Jun 12, 2005.

  1. King_of_doom

    King_of_doom kiva fan

    May 23, 2005
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    Thanks and you did notice the Beserker score, im already doing the other episode you suggested and sorry that i didn't credit you in this episode.
  2. Oni0

    Oni0 Wanted DOA

    Nov 15, 2005
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    I already read the first and second page of the stories and the first i have to agree with the others that you had to improve in your grammar and capital words but when i was reading the others you have improve a little, still you needed some work there but they where good episodes to start.

    Anyways i just read your recent story and yeah there where some parts that where funny, i like the interaction of Kiva and Jamie and when Goat try to contact the guys so he can call Galaxia, the battle with Megas2 and the mechs was ok and the glorft mech fights was cool.
  3. Darth-geister

    Darth-geister Member

    Nov 10, 2005
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    Don't worry dude, at least you use my idea and it was cool the episode.
  4. King_of_doom

    King_of_doom kiva fan

    May 23, 2005
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    Thanks, well if you keep reading you'll see that i have improve in later episodes and cool that you liked the interaction of Jamie and Kiva too.
  5. King_of_doom

    King_of_doom kiva fan

    May 23, 2005
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    Idea episode from Darth-geister:

    *This episode begins in space and we see Megas in some metal protective gear with a Gun Blaster and we see Coop’s eyes turning into the right and left side*

    Coop*talks serious*You have detected him Kiva?

    Kiva:*scanning* No luck, he moves very fast and I can’t seem to locate his location

    Jamie: I never knew he was good at this

    Coop: He’ll have to stop hiding someday*suddenly a shadowy figure goes very fast and hides to meteor and another*

    Jamie: Uh Coop, I think I saw something moving*then Megas turns around and we see nobody is there*

    Coop: I can’t see him*suddenly it appears and punch Megas and he’s going to attack Megas with his gun blaster but Megas move fast and clobbers the one who tryed to blast him and Megas is now going to fire at the attacker but he moves fast also and gives Megas a Hyper Kick going very far thru space and the attacker is now aiming at Megas*

    Jamie: Where done for now!

    Coop: Not yet!*Coop presses many and we see Megas two shoulders have activated three cannons and they fire and hit at the attacker and we see that it is blue paint all over him*Got ya dude, your done*and we see it was Megas2 and they where playing Paintball*

    Brodie: You got lucky

    Coop:*raises eyebrow and laughs*Lucky? Dude I have defeated you easily

    Jamie: Just admitted Brodie, Coop crush you to the mat*they now do the finger pose*

    Kiva: Even if it is …….a strange way to train still it’s a good way to better your abilities

    Coop: See. Told ya you would like it

    Brodie: Ok Coop, time for a rematch because this time im….

    Computer voice (voice by Jennifer Hale) You got a phone call

    Jamie: What the heck was that?

    Brodie: I just install an answering-phone machine when im out of the house*picks up the phone*Hello yeah this is Brodie….what!? No..! No…!!.....No!!!.....see yeah later

    Coop: What happened dude?

    Brodie:*terrified* My cousin’s coming to visit

    Theme play

    Throw My Cousin from the Giant Robot

    *We are now at Brodie’s house and we see Brodie going on circles all over the house and the guys are just watching him*

    Coop: Dude calm down, your going to make a hole in your house

    Brodie: Sorry guys but I can’t believe that my cousin Randal’s coming to visit

    Jamie: Why don’t you do like normal people do when they try to say hi at you*put on an low face* eh!

    Kiva: Why are you worried about? You don’t see Coop worries when Skippy comes to visit…..he just go to Megas and go somewhere until Skippy leaves

    Brodie: Believe me. I wish that Skippy was my cousin; Randal is not an ordinary cousin he’s like……Jamie pretty much covers up on what he’s personality is

    Jamie: Hey what’s that suppose to mean?

    Brodie: Nah forget about it in a matter of minutes he…*then the doors opens and we see Randal that is a combination of Eduardo of Extreme Ghostbusters and Randal from Clerks*

    Randal (voice by Rino Romano) Make room because the Randal-man is here!*sees Brodie*Brodie!

    Brodie:*faking that he’s excited* Randal!

    Randal: What’s up!

    Brodie: What’s up!*they hug each other*

    Jamie:*evil grin* Oh how touching

    Brodie: So I just got a call on the phone that you are going to spend time here……so what gives?

    Randal: Nothing, I just want to spend some time with my favorite cousin*looks at the guys*so are you goanna present me to your friends?

    Brodie: Yeah sure….first here’s Coop, my best friend since high school

    Randal: Hey Coop*looks at closely*you really have to cut down the food eh if you know what I mean hehehe*hits a little on Coop’s stomach*

    Coop: Nah I like it that way dude

    Brodie: Eeerr…here’s well….you can say is my friend but his not, Jamie

    Jamie:*looks at Randal* Eh

    Randal: Hey dude, I like your style, where I live guys dress like you are chick magnets

    Jamie*feeling cocky* Really? Hey thanks for the complement and I think…

    Brodie: Yeah, yeah whatever Jamie…..and last but least our my….i mean friend girl from the future Kiva

    Kiva: Hi, it’s a pleasure meeting you

    Randal:*raises eyebrow* Let me get this straight, she’s from the future?

    Brodie: Yup and she’s highly skill on both robotic engineering and hand to hand combat

    Randal:*looks at Kiva* I don’t eat that whole future thing but she’s really a hot chick

    Kiva:*raises eyebrow*Hot chick!?*Kiva was going to hit him until Brodie interferes*

    Brodie: You’ll get your chance Kiva but please just this once

    Kiva:*sign* All right but don’t think I wont do it

    Brodie: Hehehe Kiva says that it was cool talking to ya….so Randal, you can put your stuff over….*Randal put his stuff everywhere*never mind that but fell free*he’s now in the couch and grabs the remote control changing the channels*

    Randal: Hey Brodie, do you have cable on this TV

    Brodie: Yeah but…

    Randal: Well you have to have satellite because your cable sucks

    Brodie: Sucks eh…

    *Dream sequence and we see Megas2 his activating one of his missiles and we see Randal tied in the missile*

    Brodie: How do you like this!*Megas2 fires the missile and explodes to a PoqTV building but we see Randal is ok*

    Randal: I’m ok*until part of the building crushes him and Brodie laughs maniacal*

    Brodie: HAHAHAHAHA that for telling my cable sucks HAHAHAHA

    *End of dream sequence*
    Brodie:*puts a smile on his face* I’m coming right back*he goes with the guys*you see why I hate him

    Jamie: I don’t know I kind like the guy

    Brodie: It’s that the case he should’ve been your cousin you both think the same

    Coop: So how many days is he goanna stay?

    Brodie: I don’t know but I hope it doesn’t take that long*than something broke and we see Randal as wreck the TV*

    Randal: Brodie……I think you better get another TV this one doesn’t work anymore*Brodie and the guys watch at each other then we see Coop and Brodie playing video games until Randal grabs Brodie’s guitar and starts to play very bad and he’s now smashing the guitar like a rock star and hits the video game console destroying it and Coop bends on his knees grabbing a part of the wreck console screaming, Kiva’s working on her portable scanner until she leaves for one second to grab some tools and we see Randal is pressing on some buttons and bust off the scanner and Kiva stares at Randal and Randal just go away, the guys are now watching wrestling until Randal change it to Babewatch and they try to change it to the fight but it looks like Randal’s using UC 2 that Coop have bring and the only ones that are enjoying it is Randal and Jamie and they do a high five*

    *After like a week we see Brodie’s waxing his car and we see the guys are coming*

    Coop: How you been Brodie?

    Brodie: It would’ve been worst but I can handle it….WHO AM I KINDING, I CAN’T STAND HIM!!! Now you see why I don’t like him to be here

    Kiva: Ill take that back what I said earlier about him, I can’t believe he’s so destructive

    Coop: And I thought Skippy was a pain in the butt

    Brodie: Let’s not talk about him and go to burger barn and eat something

    Coop: Does he know about Megas?

    Brodie: Yeah right! I wont goanna tell him that, besides I put Megas in the junkyard so that Randal don’t destroy it

    Jamie: And where is he now?

    Brodie: He’s already sleeping so the faster we leave here the better, lets go*they now going to the car and leave and suddenly Randal wakes up*

    Randal: Hey what’s going on?*he sees there’s nobody and gets up and suddenly watches both Megas even if they are far way*what the?*he runs to get something and suddenly we see a meteor coming from the sky and crashes near the park and cracks and we watch two red eyes coming from the meteor meanwhile we see the guys are in burger barn and eating*

    Coop: This so cool, they have now the triple giant size patties that I heard about*starts eating*hey why aren’t you eating dude?

    Brodie: Nah don’t feel like hungry today

    Coop: Can I have your burgers?

    Brodie: Go nuts

    Coop: Rock on!*grabs the food all happy*

    Kiva: Still with the Randal issue right?

    Brodie: Tell me about it, he’s 20 times slacker than me and Coop combine

    Jamie: Yeah but what are you goanna do about it, hey if it was my cousin I would let him crash in my house*they all stare at Jamie raising their eyebrows*What, what did I say?*suddenly the creature who was on the meteor appears as a giant monster that looks similar at the movie “It Conquered the World” and now moves towards at the city and we see it’s now destroying the city meanwhile Kiva’s portable scanner has been activated*

    Kiva: My scanner as just indicated an anomaly destroying the city

    Coop*looks at the window*Well I don’t see*suddenly the monster crushes the place where the guys are and all people are screaming and getting out of the place except for the guys*never mind*the guys are now in Megas and Brodie also is in Megas2 until*

    Randal: Hey Brodie!

    Brodie: Randal?....what the heck are you doing here!?

    Randal: Why didn’t you told me that you have a giant robot, so what this baby can do?

    Brodie: Not now man I have to fight that monster*Megas2 flies and we see Megas is battling with and the monster hits many times Megas until he blocks his attacks and clobbers him sending him to multiple buildings*

    Coop: Take that ugly!

    Jamie: You clobber him pretty good Coop

    Kiva:*scanning*Wait guys, im still picking up is vital force*suddenly a furious monster roars at Megas and fires his Acid Blast blasting Megas far way but he stops and goes back again to confront him until Megas2 goes super fast and rams into Megas sending him to the ground*what just happen!?*and we see it was Randal that he had press the Nitrous button*

    Randal: Hehehe looks like we got here a little faster that we thought eh?

    Brodie: Just keep your hands out of the controls and let me do my job alright*then Coop’s on the monitor*

    Coop: Hey dude, watch it! You almost scratch Megas paint job

    Brodie: Sorry Coop but Randal here somehow…*then Kiva appears at the monitor*

    Kiva: BRODIE LOOK OUT!!!

    Brodie: Eh!?*Megas2 gets clobber by the monster and slams to the ground, then the monster grabs Megas2 lifting him up and throws him over to some buildings suddenly Megas gives the monster a “Drop Kick” sending the monster far way, the monster gets up and he now activates his Eye Bean Blast firing at Megas*

    Jamie: Laser Coop and this time dodge it!*Coop moves the steering wheel and Megas moves so he cannot get hit by the blast of the monster meanwhile Megas2 is getting up*

    Brodie: Its payback time chump!

    Randal: Yeah, you show him whose boss dude*Brodie stares at Randal and Megas2 goes towards to the battle meanwhile Megas activates “Cool Energy Sword” and deflects the fire of the monster and Megas jumps so he can strike the monster with his sword*

    Randal: Hey they need help Brodie*looks at one of the buttons*this one will help

    Brodie: No!*Randal presses the button and Megas2 activates “A Super Missile” Inside his chest and fires but it goes directly at Megas*

    Jamie:*turns around*MISSILE COMING DEAD AHEAD!!!

    Coop: Whoa!*Megas puts the sword as shield to protect him and explodes and Megas goes very far way to the ground*

    Brodie: You see what you have done!? You…

    Randal: You better put attention on ugly one here!!!*points and the monster stretches his arms and grabs Megas2 and Megas2 can’t get off him*

    Brodie: Let go of my robot!*but we see the monster opens his mouth making it too large so he can eat Megas2 and he eats him and Megas is starting to get up*

    Coop: Your right guys?*and we see Jamie as hit his face on the window*

    Jamie: Do I look like ok Coop?

    Kiva:*scanning* That monster as eaten Megas2, we have to save Brodie or else he will be done for

    Coop: I’m coming to get ya pal WAAHHHH!!!*Megas goes towards to the monster and Megas punches him really hard and again starts pummeling him until the monster stops Megas with his hand and the monster then roars at Megas with a Super Sonic shriek*

    Kiva: He’s frying Megas systems with his sonic blast!

    Coop: So he wants something loud eh? Ill give him something loud!*Coop presses many buttons until Megas activate his giant stereo and cracks up the volume making an even bigger sonic blast than the monster that he cant take it anymore and it let go to Megas and Megas uppercuts him very hard sending him far way and Megas goes after him so he can give him a “Megas Buster” destroying the ground and some buildings are falling down and the monster is now on the ground and Megas does the finger pose*that’s what happens when you mess up with Megas

    Jamie: You really show him Coop*they do the finger pose*

    Kiva: Yeah you did but did you forget something like…..Brodie’s still inside that monster!!!

    Coop: Uh….oh yeah hehehe*suddenly the monster gets up and his looks furious at Megas*

    Jamie: Cant this guy die peacefully!*Megas is prepare to battle the monster again until something strange his happening to him and both arms of Megas2 pops out from the monsters stomach and we see the two arms are charging energy making a big explosion that the monster blows up making a mess and Megas2 is cover with slime from the monster*or he can die into pieces

    Coop: Dude your alive! And you are cover with slime

    Randal: Yeah but at least we are alive, right Brodie*Brodie looks at Randal meanwhile we see Megas2 is outside from Brodie’s house and Brodie’s really mad at Randal*

    Brodie: What where you thinking on coming with us!?

    Randal: I’m telling ya it wasn’t my fault

    Brodie: You almost kill us all!

    Randal: My hands just slip over the controls. It was an accident

    Brodie: Oh it wasn’t your fault that you almost killed my friends twice or that it wasn’t your fault that a monster had eaten us

    Jamie: I think it was your fault there*Brodie stares at Jamie really mad*hey im just saying

    Randal: Look why don’t we leave this to the past and think about today…..so can you let me borrow your robot?

    Brodie: Uh what was that? Sorry Randal but with all the slime on my ears I didn’t hear you too well

    Randal: That’s ok I said that if you let me borrow your robot

    Brodie: Why should I loan you my robot!?

    Randal: I want to get some chicks

    Jamie: Hey can I go!

    Brodie: Absolutely not is out of the question dude, come on guys lets to the garage*they all are in shock with Brodie and they go with him with out saying nothing*

    Randal: He forgot one thing*he shows the spare keys that Brodie had*never leave your spare keys over to the video console*Randal runs and we see him that he’s now in Megas2*ok now to start this baby really quite so that the guys won’t hear*Randal starts the engine slowly until he starts it*yeah! Know that what I like to hear*Randal’s celebrating until he hits a button that looks similar when the Glorft came after Megas in Test Drive*I don’t think that button was important*suddenly instead of the glorft showing up we see an energy chains and they are covering Megas2*hey what the?*Randal tries to move Megas2 but he cant and we see Megas2 is getting lift by the chains*looks like im not going to see some chicks after all*they disappear and the guys are now outside with some tools*

    Jamie: I know is a stupid question but…where’s your Megas?

    Brodie: I do remember parking Megas here unless…….RANDAL!!!*meanwhile Randal’s chain over like Coop and Brodie when they where prisoners suddenly Gorrath appears and goes towards to Randal*

    Gorrath: You’re not the stupid monkey that is with the fat one, who are you!?

    Randal: First off, take a Tec Tac and second im Randal, Brodi…

    Gorrath: Silence! The only thing that matters that I now have one of the prototypes and no one cant stop me now

    Commander: Should go further as plan warmaster because with one of prototypes time flux we can go back to our time

    Gorrath: No! I still want my other prototype; with out it the earthers will go after us and spoiled our plans

    Commander: But sir we…*Gorrath grabs the Commander’s face*

    Gorrath: One more word out of you ill have your jorblogs for breakfast, do I make myself clear?

    Commander: Yes sir

    Randal: Hey!*Gorrath and the Commander turn over to Randal*do you aliens have cable because im getting pretty boring over here*meanwhile Brodie tries to communicate with Randal*

    Brodie: Randal! I know you are in Megas, if you do not return my robot in one piece, I swear ill kick your butt out of my house!*but nobody answers*

    Coop: Still no luck?*Brodie shakes his head saying no*

    Kiva: I think is better we go to Megas so we can search him or else he will probably hurt someone…..even tho you two do a good job doing that

    Brodie: What are we waiting for, let’s go get my robot*they are now to Megas until the monitor they have in the house activates and its Gorrath*

    Coop: Hey it’s the squid!

    Gorrath: Hehehehe it’s been along time since our last battle earthers

    Coop: And what brings your ugly/smiley face here?

    Gorrath: This!*grabs Randal and show Megas2 from the back*I think it belongs to you…or you can say was mine

    Brodie: Megas!.....and Randal….

    Kiva: What do you want Gorrath!?

    Gorrath: Simple, I want the other prototype here in ten minutes or else your friend will be eliminated so don’t try anything stupid

    Randal: Brodie…..do what he says!!!*the have broken contact*

    Kiva: Looks like we don’t have any other choice to do what Gorrath says*looks at Brodie*aren’t you goanna say something?

    Brodie: Why should I? He deserves it

    Coop: I know that he deserves dude but is one of your family

    Brodie: So?

    Jamie: You do realize that they got also your Megas right?*suddenly they all are in Megas*

    Brodie: Lets rock!*meanwhile at the Karajor we see all the glorfts are preparing for the arrival of Megas and Gorrath is now letting go of Randal from the chains so they can go now to Megas2*

    Randal: So im free to go?

    Gorrath: Don’t make me laugh, I know that you earthers are the only ones who can handle the prototypes, so I want you to control the prototype and attack your friends

    Randal: Wait…..you want me to drive Brodie’s robot?

    Gorrath: Yes and if you don’t obey my orders ill…*suddenly Randal’s in Megas2 very quick*

    Randal: Hey what are you waiting for? I want to test this sweet ride!*meanwhile we see Megas is flying thru space and Kiva’s trying to locate the karajor*

    Kiva:*scanning* I’m pecking the signal of Megas2 in that direction*points at the left Megas and Megas goes towards*

    Coop: Are you sure Kiva, because I don’t see no squid…*suddenly a huge portal opens and it’s the karajor*ship?*the karajor’s open his hangar so that Megas can enter*

    Jamie: Coop….do you have an idea on how to save Randal and mostly…us?

    Coop: Didn’t come for a plan yet

    Jamie: Does Megas has an escape pod because im going to need it right now!

    Brodie: No way! We are going there no matter what

    Kiva: Wow, you really want to sacrifice your life to save Randal?

    Brodie: Uh No! Because they have my Megas!*Kiva just roll her eyes and Megas now in the karajor and we see many glorft are on the right/left of Megas and in front of him his Megas2 with Randal and Gorrath*

    Gorrath: I was expecting you fat monkey “with” my robot

    Coop: Hey finders keepers squid

    Gorrath: Not for long you won’t because is my robot!

    Brodie: Ok listen here you, first you came uninvited to my house, then you enter my robot without my permission and you almost try to kill my friends in a mission that you didn’t have to be involved

    Coop: Uh dude….i know that Gorrath didn’t do that but Randal’s the one who did

    Brodie: Yeah I know that, who you think I was talking to

    Gorrath: Silence! If you don’t return the prototype to us we will eliminate your pathetic friend right here, right now

    Brodie: Do it! See what I care

    Randal:*sarcastic*Thanks for the help cous

    Brodie: Coop, just smash this chumps so we can get my Megas and….my cousin because I know those squids want to double cross us

    Kiva: I hate to say it but Brodie’s right, Gorrath will kill us at the end if we give him Megas …..so Coop, you know what to do

    Coop: Now your talking*to Gorrath*the deal is off squid because im goanna smash your chumps until they fall down to the mat WAAHHHH!!!*Megas fires “Flying Fist” at one of them*

    Gorrath: All units, destroy the prototype!*the gloft mechs are now going to attack Megas and Megas now defends himself and starts to punch and kick many glorft mechs suddenly they counterattack Megas but he blocks the attacks and now activates “Energy Blast” blasting many of them*

    Kiva:*scanning*Coop, some of them are going to attack Megas from the right!

    Coop: Not if I attack them first!*Megas activates “Overkill” and fires at his right side many glorfts that they where going to attack him, the glorft mechs are firing their “Machine Guns” at Megas but Megas crosses his arms so he can defend himself from the fire, Megas then grabs one glorft mech so he can crack his head and uses it as a mech shield for him starts to fire at the glorft mechs with the mech’s machine gun, Megas throws the mech to the others and still he’s fighting with many glorfts*

    Commander: Warmaster, we have to do something or else the prototype will attack us eventually

    Gorrath: We still wait; this is part of the plan

    Randal: Can I go to the can? Because I didn’t go in awhile

    Gorrath: The only place you are going is into nun space if you don’t shut up!*Megas activates “Nitrous” and goes around in circles to destroy many of the mech glorfts suddenly many glorft mech a line and they have activated their shields to stop Megas*

    Jamie: Shields!

    Brodie: Use the “Spike Fist” Coop!

    Coop: Good idea*Megas activates “Spike Fist” and we watch energy spikes are coming from Megas fists and charge them directly at the glorfts breaking the shields and impale them with his spikes, Megas activates “Cool Energy Sword” and starts to attack at the glorft and the glorfts activate their swords to attack Megas and Megas starts slashing them and the mech glorft try to finish off Megas but Megas defends himself with his sword and fires missiles from his shoulders to destroy them and still slashing on to many of them to get to Megas2*we are almost there*suddenly someone shoots Megas with some kind of energy rings so he cant escape and goes to the ground*or maybe not*and we see it was Megas2 and Randal was the one who shoot him*

    Randal: Sorry guys! This squid told me to do something and I did

    Gorrath: How does it feel when you are attack by your own kind earther!? WHAHAHA

    Kiva: With Randal on the controls he will use Megas2 deadly weapons to destroy us, we have to make on a plan soon

    Brodie:*thinking* Probably im way head of ya Kiva*looks at Megas2 that it’s near at a large pipe on his left side*

    Gorrath: Even if I destroy the prototype im going to enjoy your elimination earthers

    Brodie: Really? Hey Randal! Don’t press on the yellow switch and the red button on your left because that will destroy us completely

    Kiva/Coop: Brodie, what are you doing?

    Jamie: Oh man! He’s gone loco that he wants us to die faster!

    Randal: Dude I can’t do it

    Gorrath: Do it! Or else ill blow your brains out!

    Randal: Ok!*Randal hits the yellow switch and the red button and suddenly..*

    Gorrath*with his seat*What the!? AAHHH!!!*Gorrath gets launch to the front window by the seat jet and Megas2 lifts his left arm so he can hit the pipe and the pipe is now flying*

    Brodie: HEADS UP!!!*Megas goes down and we see the pipe goes directly at one of the glorft mechs impaling him and goes towards to some of the technology of the glorfts and we see he’s licking oil at the technology making it explode and there’s a big explosion destroying part of the Karajor from inside suddenly Gorrath gets up and watches how his technology is getting destroyed*

    Gorrath: No, My technology!!!!

    Coop: Let’s get out of here!*Coop now starts Megas and Megas goes and grabs Megas2 and then Megas goes directly at the wall and destroys it making a big hole*

    Commander: Sir! Are weapons and mechs are getting destroy also, we have to separate this part from the karajor or else it will destroy along with it

    Gorrath: AARRGGGHHHH!!!, this is not the end earther! I will get my prototypes and your world will be mine!!!*Gorrath goes to the Commander and they now separate the karajor and we see a big explosion and Megas with Megas2 are now going to earth*

    Coop: I can’t believe Gorrath would’ve failed for that old trick

    Kiva: Yeah me neither, that was a good tactic there Brodie

    Jamie: It’s another score for the good guys right?*the three do the finger pose*

    Randal:*on the monitor*Hey guys, I hope you can forgive me if made things mess up, I understand Brodie if you want me to leave today so ill pack my things and…

    Brodie: Look, I wanted to get rid of you for along time now and I would’ve like that the glorft had keep you there but still you’re my cousin and well I don’t want any alien squid hurts one of my family so don’t worry about it

    Randal: Hey cool Brodie, now i know why you’re my favorite cousin*Randal puts his hand by accident on one of the buttons and suddenly Megas2 activates “Crazy Canon” and fires so it can hit on the karajor making it more damage than usual*

    Jamie: Looks like it runs in the family*the guys and Randal laugh and Megas and Megas2 are now at earth*

    End of credits: We see the glorft are repairing their ship suddenly Skarak appears on the monitor just to laugh at Gorrath and Gorrath launches the Commander to the monitor destroying it
  6. King_of_doom

    King_of_doom kiva fan

    May 23, 2005
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    Villains: Giant monster and the Glorft

    1. Randal it’s from the movie Clerks and Brodie it’s from Mallrats and they are both cousins, that’s why Brodie has a cousin name Randal

    2. Randal looks similar at Eduardo from Extreme Ghostbusters and Randal from Clerks

    3. Rino Romano and Jason Marsden had work together before in Extreme Ghostbusters and The Batman

    4. The monster that Megas and Megas2 where fighting is similar at the It Conquered the World:

    5. The title of this episode it’s from the movie Throw my Momma from the Train starring Danny Devito
    6. When the guys stare at Jamie when he tells that he would let Randal stay at his house is because Jamie stays all day at Coop’s house like it was his own home

    7. The part of Jamie telling Coop to dodge the lasers next time remembering about the episode of Viva las Megas

    8. This time Skarak laughs at Gorrath the same way Gorrath did in Night at the Daccordbury

    9 A PoqTV building was destroyed but in a dream sequence
  7. Xerroo

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    I just had a funny idea for an episode.

    These punk aliens come to Earth and start vandalizing stuff like spray painting grafettii and just being punks. And Jamie somehow gets blamed for it so he's forced to do community service at an eldery home and we all know how Jamie hates old people and so it's up to Coop and Brodie to find the real culpret. I would suggest leaving Kiva out of this episode.
  8. Darth-geister

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    Nov 10, 2005
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    Nice work on the episode, I think i prefer Skippy than Randal, he's like a menace for Brodie and the guys and even the glorft. It was cool that you put It Conquered the World, i remember that i had watch that monster awhile ago on cable and it was a good idea putting Rino Romano as Randal.
  9. Oni0

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    Nov 15, 2005
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    I already read Twisted Megas and it was pretty fun episode. I like that you had put Rob Zombie and Mark Hamill.

    This episode was pretty decent, i like the whole destructive cousin isntead of the annoying cousin like Skippy, the It creature apperance was a cool idea on putting it because i wanted to see that monster fighting Megas and the final battle with the glorfts was ok.
  10. JTX

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    Nov 27, 2005
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    This is the first time i read a script of a show i like. But when Megas was cancelled i wanted to find more information about my favorite blue robot and i was starting to read this fanfic and i said.....wow! I'm impress and im glad that there's still Megas fan even if the show is cancelled.
  11. King_of_doom

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    Thanks guys for the reviews and thanks JTX for the comment, well here it comes the next episode.
  12. King_of_doom

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    Episode idea from Xerroo:

    *This episode begins with a purple like planet and we see it looks similar at earth with all the cities, cars etc. suddenly some shadowy figures are passing thru some buildings with spray paint and there doing graffiti on the wall and we watch one of them have four arms, the other is big buff alien with antennas and the last one is a short alien that is the leader of the two. Suddenly they are caught by the intergalactic police from that planet and they turn up the lights and caught them red handed*

    Cop (voice by Billy West) Stop it right there you alien delinquents!

    Nadsat(voice by Steven Jay Blum) Oh great, it’s the intergalactic pigs

    Britva(voice Townsend Coleman) Dude, what are we goanna do!?

    Nadsat: First we have to get rid of them first, so that’s your job Nozh

    Nozh(voice Barry Gordon) Right dude*Nozh goes directly at the officers and hits at the ground to make a big wave and goes directly at them falling them down to the ground and suddenly out of nowhere a giant robot comes to grab Nozh and its Nadsat and his robot look similar at this:

    Nadsat: Let’s get out of here!*the giant robot fires missiles at the entire city and it now goes flying to space and the cops can’t do anything about it*

    Cop: This is the 1000 time they come here and do their destruction over this city!

    Nadsat: HAHAHAHA that was so awesome back there

    Britva: Yeah totally, that’s why we are the Dreadnoks the most dangerous band of the universe

    Nadsat: And don’t forget that we also steal a lot of stuff, that’s why we have this robot only with a few modifications hehehe

    Nozh: You said it, well what planet do we chose as our next target of fun Nadsat?

    Nadsat: Well I heard a planet called earth and their plenty of stuff that we can do but…..what?

    Britva: Oh I know, why don’t we smash the cities with your robot?

    Nadsat: Come on, you know that I like better doing it in person

    Nozh: Why don’t we do like we always do, spray paint and make chaos in the entire city?

    Nadsat:*stares at Nozh* Again?.....ok Nozh*looks at his monitor*and looks like we got the perfect place to do it*points at Jersey city as we see the Natsat’s mech heading towards earth*

    Theme play

    The Crime of the Universe

    *The episode begins with Jamie walking around the city with a Mega-Slush and with a smirk on his face*

    Jamie: I can’t believe my luck. First Kiva has left to search for some extra parts so she can fix her portable scanner so no training and no whining, then there goanna pass on TV a marathon of Cheerleader Wars*then looks at the floor* and I found twenty bucks, this is my day after all*Jamie was putting more attention on the money that he didn’t notice that he bumps on someone and the two of them are now in the ground*what happen? Hey pal. Watch where you…..*suddenly notice something from the guy who hit*oh no is you!*and we see the guy looks similar at detective Zenigata from Lupin the Third*

    Detective Harris (voice by Carlos Alazraqui ) Jamie Mahoney, its been along time punk

    Jamie: And I thought you where fired from the police department years ago

    Detective Harris: Well you thought wrong, im now a detective and don’t think that I have forgotten all the things that you have done in the past 5 years

    Jamie: Let me refresh my memory

    *Flash backs and we see Jamie when he was in high school he was hanging with other punks like him and he goes on graffiti the entire city and there’s Harris as a police officer trying to arrest Jamie but Jamie and the others throw at him some eggs and humiliate him in front of the people and still Jamie was doing a lot of damage*

    *End of flash back*

    Jamie: Oh yeah I remember those days. But don’t sweat, I don’t do that anymore

    Detective Harris: We’ll see. And don’t think that im not keeping an eye on you Mahoney, I am watching*Harris then walks way*

    Jamie: Same old Harris*Jamie’s still walking , meanwhile not so far we see the Dreadnoks vandalizing the entire city by making graffiti at the walls*

    Britva: This is a nice place to wreck Nadsat

    Nozh: Yeah. In a few hours we will paint this city in chaos hahaha

    Nadsat: You know something*he throws the spray can*im sick of doing the same rutting over and over again
    Nozh: I thought you like the idea

    Nadsat: I change my mind, why don’t we do something more entertaining like*watches a tall building*mmmm….Britva…..do you still have rubber and stink bombs*meanwhile Jamie’s talking as he watches some hot chicks and they are looking right back at him*

    Jamie:*smirk on his face*Yup! This is my lucky day*we see Jamie’s now going towards where the punks are going to strike their next prank and their inside the building*

    Nozh: I got a tell you Nadsat. This plan of yours is much better than doing graffiti on the walls*as we watch it is a giant rubber ball filled with stink bombs*

    Britva: We are already to stink up this city

    Nadsat: Ok guys at three, 1..2*they put the stink bomb out the window*3!

    All: Bombs away!*the throw it and in slow motion the rubber ball goes to the ground and explodes and we see lots of stink gas all around the city*

    Britva: That was awesome dude!

    Nadsat: Now let’s get out of here or else the cops from this planet will come for us*they leave right way and we see Jamie’s covering his nose by the stink bomb*

    Jamie: Oh man! This is worst when Coop leaves food on the basement for so long*suddenly we see the Dreadnoks have bump with Jamie and they throw the stuff they use to do the stink bomb and Jamie’s on the ground also and a police car is coming towards them*

    Nozh: Oh no, the pigs!*Nozh grabs both Nadsat and Britva and runs very fast and Jamie’s now getting up*

    Jamie: What are those three in a hurry?*suddenly the officer gets out of his car*

    Officer (voice by Tom Kenny) Don’t move sir!

    Jamie: Oh what?

    Officer:*grabs his taser* Don’t let me tase you!

    Jamie: Look I think your mistaking me from ano…*Jamie moves a little and the Officer’s very nervous that he fires and starts to shock Jamie and Jamie’s screaming like girl*AHHHHH!!!*Jamie doesn’t go down and goes directly at the officer and we watch the video camera inside the car of the Officer its recording and we see Jamie jumps at the Officer that looks like he’s assaulting him suddenly we are now at the court room and there’s Coop and Brodie supporting Jamie as we watch now Detective Harris is now testifying against Jamie*

    Detective Harris: I knew the first day I saw him. He’s nothing but trouble and I have the evidence to prove it*he show some documents to the judge and his reading it*

    Judge (voice by Doug Lawrence)*reading the doc*Wow….you where dress as a women to go see girls naked in the looker rooms?

    Jamie: It was a double dare!

    Judge:*bangs the hammer* I have seen enough. Jamie Mahoney, I sentence you to community service at elderly home*bangs the hammer*

    Jamie: Nooo! Not the elderly home!

    Detective Harris: Your honor, I think this punk deserves to go to prison instead of going to community service!

    Jamie: For once I agree on him

    Judge: Arrrgghh I already bang the hammer!*then we see Jamie’s escorted by the officers and Harris points at Jamie that he’s going down meanwhile we see the Dreadnoks are still on earth and we see they have broken into a Gameshock store and there playing all the video games they have*

    Nozh: I can’t believe these earthers have some really cool games

    Bridva: Yeah I know dude, these games rock

    Nadsat: This is life you guys, I think we are staying on this planet for awhile until there’s nothing to wreck anymore HAHAHAHA*the two laugh with Nadsat meanwhile we see Brodie’s on the couch watching TV and we also see Coop*

    Coop:*looks at his watch*Looks like its time to visit Jamie to the elderly home

    Brodie:*changes the channels*Oh, do we have to go?

    Coop: Dude you know that we can’t leave Jamie hang in there forever, he’s our friend

    Brodie: Yeah but of all of this I remember that Jamie owes me 20 bucks so I say if he pays me my 20 bucks Ill help him

    Coop: Come on. Jamie will do the same thing if you are in trouble

    Brodie: Nope I think he will be happy about it……ok ill go and help him, after watching some TV

    TV voice (voice by Kevin Michael Richardson) Stay tune for something boring*and we watch it’s PoqTV*

    Brodie: Ok im going*and they are now at the elderly home and we watch many old people and we see Jamie in an orange uniform trying to give some old people their medicines*

    Jamie:*not enthusiastic*Here you go Mr. Costaliny, your medicines

    Mr. Costaliny(voice by Dan Castellaneta) Hey this aren’t my pills you little rascal

    Jamie: Hey, probably it will make you fell better…..or to go to the nearest cemetery I hope*we watch Coop and Brodie have arrived to visit Jamie* oh man, im glad to see you guys

    Coop: So how is community service?

    Jamie: I can tell yeah one thing. I would’ve preferred to go to prison instead of here and I mean it guys……this is hell

    Brodie: But what really happen to ya, I don’t believe you did that stink bomb all by yourself because I know your not that smart pulling a prank like that

    Jamie: All I can say it was these three weird looking guys that I have bumped when they cops caught me

    Coop: Probably those guys are the ones where behind it

    Brodie: And you where the idiot who got caught instead of them

    Jamie: Hey it wasn’t my fault that I was there

    Coop: Forget about it, we must find those chumps and prove your innocence

    Jamie: I don’t think so Coop, I know Harris will know sooner or later if I escape…

    Mr. Costaliny: Hey don’t you forget that you are going to give me a sponge bath in 5 minutes

    Jamie: Let’s get the heck out of here!

    Coop: Rock on!*they are now in Megas and suddenly into the bushes we see Harris was spying on the guys*

    Detective Harris: So do you really think you can escape me Mahoney hehehe think again*grabs his cell phone*yeah Doyle….this is Harris and I want you and your boys to get back up*meanwhile both Megas are now in the crime scene*

    Coop: So here it was when you encounter those chumps right

    Jamie: Yeah that’s the same building I bump with them

    Brodie: Let me see if the surveillance camera from that building has tape something important

    Jamie: How are you goanna do that?

    Brodie: Easy*Megas activates some kin of wire in his arm*ill use this wire to connect me to the surveillance camera and see what it got *Megas2 connects in one of them and we see they are showing a fat security guard just scratching his butt*wrong camera*then he connects with the other and we see it tape the scene when Jamie encounters with the Dreadnoks*

    Jamie: Those are the same guys that framed me! Hey one of them haves the same clothes as I do

    Brodie: And probably he’s less ugly than you

    Jamie: Shut up dude

    Coop: Come on guys. If Kiva was here, she would have use her scanner to track down those chumps so lets do the same thing*Coop uses his own scanner but instead of tracking the Dreadnoks Megas activates missiles from his arms and fires at the building destroying it*oops hehehe wrong buttons*he once again try and he now has a signal where the Dreadnoks are*nice, there not far way so we can trap them so lets go*Megas turn his thrusters and Megas2 also and when they are leaving the police have arrive and Harris is in one of the cars*

    Officer on radio: The two giant robots are heading near the south of the city over

    Detective Harris: Come on boys, we have a dangerous criminal in our hands

    Officer1(voice by Phil LaMarr) But the kid didn’t just blast only a stink bomb

    Detective Harris: Oh believe me. We are dealing with a dangerous kid here*there also heading where the Dreadnoks are and we see they are putting all the merchandise that they have stole from Jersey*

    Nadsat: Ok boys. No that we had our fun, its time to leave this dump and go to some other dump to wreck

    Britva; I’m sure goanna miss this place

    Nozh: Yeah more for their video games*the Dreadnoks mech is now preparing to leave until Megas grabs his right leg and Megas2 to his left leg*

    Coop: Going somewhere? WAAHHH!!!*both Megas slam very hard at the mech and the mech’s already getting up*

    Nadsat: Hey what’s the big idea!*Jamie on the monitor*


    Britva: Hey I recognize him dude. It’s that chump that we have bump in when we let loss the stink bomb

    Nozh: Yeah and he was frame for that HAHAHAH what an idiot right

    Brodie: HAHAHAHA yeah*Jamie and Coop stare at Brodie*my bad

    Nadsat: So what do you want? You know you can stop the Dreadnoks

    Coop: Let’s see about that*meanwhile at TV we see there’s a show call Cops from New Jersey and we see Harris on the camera*

    Detective Harris: We are now founding the suspect and ill promise ill arrest him no matter what

    Officer1. You’re not a cop

    Detective Harris: I was and I know a lot better than you junior so shut up!

    Camera man (voice by David DeLuise) Hey dude

    Detective Harris: What! What is it!

    Camera man: I think we found your giant robots

    Detective Harris: Where I don’t see…*suddenly the Dreadnok mech’s foot stops on the ground near the police car*oh momma!*Harris turn the wheel to the right and crashes and the camera man is now filming the fight between the Dreadnoks and Megas and Megas2*

    Nadsat: Let’s see what those useless pilled of craps call robots got

    Coop: You’ll regret you ever said that WAAHHHHH!!!*Megas goes to attack the Dreadnok mech and punches it really hard throwing him to the ground*

    Brodie: Now it’s my turn!*Megas2 jumps so he can give the Dreadnok a Bodyslam*

    Britva: This is goanna hurt!*Megas2 makes a big wave in the ground leaving the Dreadnok deep into the ground but later gets up and Nadsat is now piss*

    Nadsat: Ok you sideshow clowns. When you mess with the Dreadnoks you will go down extra hard! Now dudes, connect your selves into the robot*

    Britva: Yeah lets show this two what the Dreadnoks are really made of*the two are no in the center of the robot and they activate some kind of a machine to connect them selves to the mech that looks similar when Gorrath connects with the Karajor and we see the mech’s having a transformation and gets all hulk kinda like Nozh and it now grows four extra arms like Britva and its now ten times bigger than both Megas and still Nadsat’s on controls*

    Jamie: I think we are goanna take awhile to take these guys down

    Coop: Nah. I already beaten a lot of these chumps and I think we can handle it*suddenly the Dreadnok mech goes to attack Megas and throws to multiple buildings*

    Brodie: Coop!*the mech goes to the same thing to Megas2 but Megas2 cross his arms so he cannot receive too much damage but not until the extra arms of the mech punches Megas2 in the stomach and with the other arms hits Megas2 on both shoulders so he can go to the ground very quickly*

    Nadsat: HAHAHAHA and I thought you two are goanna put on a fight but looks like your just a bunch of…*with out noticing Megas goes on Nitrous and rams the mech and falls directly at the ground*

    Coop: You where saying?*and now Megas2 gets out of the ground and join with Megas*

    Camera man: This is goanna be interesting fight*focus on the camera and everybody is watching the fight even the Judge’s watching it*

    Brodie: Let’s show this eight legged freak what we are made of*Megas2 activates Saw Missiles and fires towards Dreadnok mech*

    Britva: Oh come on, show a little more challenging than that*the Dreadnok mech uses his arms and grabs all the missiles Megas2 fire at him and now he throws them at Megas2*

    Brodie: Whoa, heads up!

    Jamie: AAAHHHH where going to get slice into pieces!

    Coop: Yeah right!*Megas and Megas2 clap their hands together to make a big wave that the missiles are now going straight head to the Dreadnoks*

    All: Bummer*the mech got hit sending him to some buildings and Megas then goes and starts punching him many times but the mech uses Nozh’s strength and pushes Megas to go to some buildings, then Megas2 tries to “Droop Kick” the mech but the mech grabs Megas2 leg*

    Brodie: Hey let go of Megas leg

    Nozh: Sure thing chump!*the Dreadnok mech slams Megas2 to multiple buildings and slam him to the ground and with his extra arms his pummeling Megas2*no one can’t beat the Dreadnoks HaHAAHAH

    Coop: Oh yeah!*Megas with a billboard clobbers the Dreadnok mech to the ground and Megas activates a lot of missiles and cannons*here’s something for ya punks!*Megas fires at the Dreadnok mech making a cloud of smoke meanwhile the camera man is still recording the fight and many people are cheering for Megas and even the judge*

    Jamie: Your doing it, your beaten it*but suddenly the Dreadnok mech gets up even if Megas still firing*maybe not

    Nadsat: That’s your arsenal. Ha, don’t make me laugh*evil grin*here’s a real arsenal for ya*the Dreadnok mech activates tons and tons of cannons, missiles, lasers, proton beans everything*

    Jamie: Tell me this is a dream

    Nadsat: No but Soon you’ll sleep for eternity!*the Dreadnok mech fires at both Megas and we see a big explosion and the Camera man, Harris and the others are hanging on and there we see Megas and Megas2 down and Harris looks at Megas*

    Detective Harris: This is my chance to catch that little punk*Harris goes to Megas*

    Nozh: That was totally awesome Nadsat

    Britva: Now let’s finish up those wimps

    Nadsat: Nah let’s torture them a little longer*suddenly we see Jamie and Coop are recuperating from the blast*

    Jamie: Oh man my head*suddenly some handcuffs are now attach to Jamie*what the?

    Detective Harris: HAHAHA I finally caught you punk, this time your not going anywhere, only prison will awaits you now!

    Jamie: Uh if you didn’t notice Harris….there’s a giant extra arm robot attacking us!

    Detective Harris: I don’t care because your are now mine HAHAHAHA

    Coop:*sign* What a nutcase

    Brodie: You can say that again*the Dreadnok mech gets closer to both Megas and the Camera man is now making focus at Nadsat and we here what he’s saying*

    Nadsat: You should’ve stay at home fellas because we where just going to do other crimes on other planets

    Jamie: Yeah right! Let me rotten in an elderly home and captain psycho here still wants me to go to prison

    Detective Harris: I heard that!

    Nadsat: I hope I find more chumps like you so we can blame them for our crimes and get way with it hehehehe

    Coop: Yeah but one thing that you forgot….. you are on TV world chump*points at his left side and Nadsat turns around at the Camera man and watches that he was taping him and everybody including the Judge knows the truth*

    Britva: Oh nice going dude

    Nozh: Yeah

    Nadsat: AARRGGHHHH never mind that we can still destroy these chumps*the Dreadnok mech’s now going to attack Megas*

    Jamie: You better let me go or get in Harris

    Detective Harris: Nice trick Mahoney but I won’t fall for that

    Jamie: Ok if you want that…….Coop can you do the honors?

    Coop: No prob*Megas gets up and Harris looks at the Dreadnok terrified*

    Detective Harris: What the? AAHHHHH THAT THING IS GOANNA KILL US!!!*Megas jumps so high and Megas2 goes and attack the mech by surprise with a Super Punch and Harris is still terrified more if he’s outside and he now tries to get in into the car but Jamie locks the door*let me in now!

    Jamie: No way until I get this handcuffs loose

    Detective Harris: You wish!*still the Dreadnok’s going to attack Megas with Proton Blast*Ok, Ok!*he now free Jamie from the handcuffs*now let me in*Jamie opens the door and quickly Harris gets in to the car and Megas then dodges the blast and goes directly at a PoqTV building as we watch the Dreadnok was going to attack Megas but Megas2 grabs him by the legs*

    Brodie: Where do you think your going?*Megas2 spins very fast and let go to the Dreadnok mech sending him to multiple buildings*

    Coop: Its double team time Brodie*Megas and Megas2 fly meanwhile the Dreadnok mech is getting up*

    Nadsat: When I get my hands on those earthers I will..

    Britva: Uh dude….IMCOMING!!!*and we see both Megas and Megas2 fist and they hit the Dreadnok mech sending him far way*

    Coop: Ok you alien punks listen up. First you came here on my city to wreck it, then you framed my friend on something he didn’t do and…..

    Jamie: And you make me miss watching a full marathon of Cheerleader Wars!

    Coop: I’m on a roll here man

    Jamie: Oh yeah….sorry dude

    Coop: Now you’re going to pay for your crimes chumps WAAAHHHH!!!*Megas activates “Cool Energy Sword” and goes directly at the Dreadnok mech and Megas2 also activates “Cool Energy Axes” and goes to attack him also*

    Nadsat: We can play that game*Nadsat hits some buttons and we see the Dreadnok mech transformers his arms into deadly weapons like machine guns, swords, cannons and prepares to both Megas attack and Megas is then fighting with the Dreadnok but the Dreadnok mech deflects his attacks with is swords and then attacks him with cannons sending Megas to the sky and Megas2 still battling the mech with his axes but the mechs armor his very strong and the mech gives Megas2 a “Hyperkick” sending him to the ground*your done for*the Dreadnok mech put his cannon near Megas2 to finish him*

    Coop: Oh no you won’t!*Megas prepares his and impaled it to the chest of the Dreadnok mech and its exploding his right side*

    Nadsat: What’s happening!?

    Nozh: Dude our robot right side is malfunctioning with that sword impaled

    Brodie: Lets see if you are prepared for BSA*Megas2 activates BSA and goes really fast with the Axes to attack the Dreadnok mech and the Dreadnok is preparing to attack Megas2 with his cannons and missiles, he fires them but Megas2 just slice the missiles and the power blast from the cannons and he bounces back at Dreadnok damaging him more and Megas2 has slash the Dreadnok’s arms and Britva has disconnected from the robot*

    Britva: Ouch that burns man!!!

    Coop: Its time to finish this dance*Megas then activates Super Destructo Mode and Megas2 also activates Super Destructo Mode*

    Nadsat:*nervous laugh* Hehehe hey we where just joking. Oh come on guys can you take a joke?

    Jamie: Nope*Jamie presses the button and Megas fires and Megas2 does the same and they pan the city and we see a huge explosion and the only thing that survive was the head of the Dreadnok and the Dreadnok gang where getting out so they can escape but they are now handcuff by cops*

    Officer: Come along you three because you have a date with community service

    The Dreadnoks: NOOOOO!!!! Not community service!!!*Then Megas leaves Harris on the ground*

    Coop: Well it’s now over

    Detective Harris: Not entirely*points at Jamie*You still have to come with me so you can finish your community service

    Judge: I don’t think that would be necessary*the Judge appears with is car*I have seen the whole thing and Jamie Mahoney’s innocent, so there’s no need he has to go to community service

    Coop/Jamie/ Brodie: Rock on!

    Detective Harris: But…but… but he and his no good friends have destroyed the city completely!

    Judge: Look. I don’t have my hammer so shut up Harris*the Judge leaves and Harris throws his hat on the ground and stomp it*

    Jamie: I hope there’s no hard feelings Harris*evil grin*here’s something so you can remember me by*Jamie pushes a button from Megas and Megas activates a big cannon aiming directly at Harris and Harris is so terrified that he wet is pants and we just see it just throw many eggs at Harris covering him up*


    Coop: Hey dude. I was goanna use it to make me a huge omelet

    Jamie: Don’t worry Coop ill repay you back

    Brodie: Hey, why don’t we eat some spicy chicken jumbo wings?

    Coop: Yeah! Spicy chicken jumbo wings it is*Jamie and Coop does the finger pose and Megas and Megas2 does the same thing and then they walk away and we still see Harris really pissed at the guys*

    End of credits: We see the Dreadnoks are doing community service at the elderly home and Mr. Costaliny is now showing a sponge and tells them it's time to the aliens and the aliens scream terrified
  13. King_of_doom

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    May 23, 2005
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    Villains: The Dreadnoks

    1.This episode idea its from Xerroo

    2. The Dreadnoks its from the biker gang from cartoon G.I. Joe

    3. The names of the Dreadnoks are use by the movie A Clockwork Orange

    4. Harris is similar at Inspector Zenigata in looks and personality

    5. Kiva’s is not on this episode

    6. The Dreadnok mech look similar at this:

    7. The part when the Judge says “i already banged the hammer” it’s from Family Guy

    8. The name of Harris comes from Captain Harris of the Police Academy movies more when Jamie’s last name is Mahoney

    9. The last part where Jamie activate a large cannon to fire eggs at Harris is similar at Invader Zim when Zim activates a cannon and looks like he was going to destroy Dib until it came out it was a muffin that hit Dib on the head

    10. A PoqTV building was destroyed and they make fun of PoqTV in this episode as well
  14. Darth-geister

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    Nov 10, 2005
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    I must say dude i like this episode alot. Nice one on putting the band's name the Dreadnoks, more when you made a parody of inspector Zenigata. I really laugh when Brodie isntead of going to help Jamie he stays watching TV until the announcer says stay tuned for something boring and they put PoqTV.
  15. Oni0

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    Nov 15, 2005
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    I just had read Coop and the Mega Slush Factory and yeah i agree you have improve there on your work and putting Major Maxim and Kronen was really cool.

    This episode i like it too. I like the whole Jamie that was a punk and tormented Harris and turn him into a Zenigata like person, the PoqTV boring gag was really funny.
  16. Darth-geister

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    I have another idea if you are interested: Why don't you make a parody of the episode of the Simpsons Threehouse of Horror Vl Attack of the 50-foot eyesores where giant advertising statues come to life and attack the city, probably some aliens or the Glorft have something to do with it.

  17. King_of_doom

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    That's a cool idea, when i finish The Ultimate Bad Guy ill do that later o and thanks for the comments.
  18. Oni0

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    That is a cool idea for an episode. Hey why don't you put in the final fight that Megas fight with a parody of Mayor Mcheese from Mcdonalds.
  19. King_of_doom

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    I was thinking something similar but with the Stay puff marshmallow man but i can combine him and Mayor Mcheese, anyway here it goes Ultimate Bad Guy.
  20. King_of_doom

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    May 23, 2005
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    *This episode begins in a far planet and we see a monstrous mech ten times bigger than Megas fighting with many opponents in a big ring*

    Pain(voice by Clancy Brown) Come on you wushes, show me what you got*the mechs that there are fighting with him are going to attack him and one of them his punching him in the face then the other tries to twist his right arm and the other is punching him in the stomach*[yawns] is that the best you got!*Pain grabs the mech that his hitting him in the face and slams him directly at the ring making a big hole and destroyed him and with the other one trying to twist his arm he throws him far way very fast and with one missile he destroys the second mech and finally grabs the last mech and with his hands he’s now crushing him until he makes him into a cube*WHAHAHAHA no one can stop me because im the PAIN!!!

    ????(Voice by David Hayter) Oh really?

    Pain: Who said that!?

    ???: I did!*the one challenging Pain, his clothes is similar as Vash the Stampede but only in black color and has a hat that look similar at the guitarist Slash* Turlok will challenge you in a match

    Pain: Well bring it on chump!*Turlok gets to the ring and Pain only watches him*HAHAHA what kind of stupid outfit is that suppose to be, did your momma did it for you?

    Turlok: Are you goanna fight or you just goanna keep blabbering all day

    Pain: With pleasure, it will only hurt for a second!*Pain with his enormous fist punches Turlok but Turlok doesn’t move at all*hey, you suppose to be flying right now

    Turlok: Hehehe the only one who’s going to fly its you*with just one finger hits Pain and throws him far way from the ring and then Turlok goes and smash Pain with his leg destroying him completely and the people are now cheering at him and Turlok gets near at the referee*Next time, get better opponents*he now goes outside and walks with a look that he’s not satisfied*this planet doesn’t have what I was looking, where could I find the strongest mech in the universe!*suddenly we see some TV screens and we watch Megas battling with the glorft and Turlok looks interesting*what the? Who is he?*then an alien robot appears to him*

    Alien-robot (voice by Jason Marsden) That blue robot? Well he’s the strongest robot of the universe. Can you believe that he had crush single handedly thousands of mech armies and destroyed them all

    Turlok: Really? So where could I find this blue robot?

    Alien-robot: I don’t remember much but he lives in a blue planet that’s for sure

    Turlok: Doesn’t matter. Ill just track him myself*and he does and he just located Megas with his tracer*excellent……be prepared blue robot because Turlok will not accept and easy battle
    Theme Play

    The Ultimate Bad Guy

    *We now see Megas is in a planet that looks similar at the place where the Turtles faces the Rat King in the episode I, Monster and the place it’s like a city for robots and Megas looks like an ordinary robot in that place*

    Coop: Well what do you think of this place Kiva, pretty neat eh?

    Jamie: So this was a city for robots……so what now, they had their own cars to drive?

    Kiva:*scanning* It appears so and it haves 10000 years of existents, their technology is very similar at the future

    Jamie:*looks at the city all wreck*Well not anymore

    Kiva. But i must say Coop. This is a perfect place to train and it’s also abandon so we don’t hurt anybody

    Coop: See I knew you like it; too bad Brodie didn’t come to train with us

    Jamie: I wish I would’ve been the one who stayed at home, this place is creepsville

    Coop: Nah, this the perfect place to train. Besides, im going to use the new modifications I made for Megas, check it out*Coop presses some buttons and Megas right arm transforms into Psycho-Gun that looks similar from the anime Cobra* I have install a cybernetic arm-laser which is connected to Megas CPU and capable of targeting enemies without needing a line-of-sight hehehe this is so cool

    Kiva: Wow im impress Coop……but it won’t backfire right?

    Coop: Let’s find out *we see at the front window like a screen and targets Megas o a big building he fires and its very powerful that Megas flies and crashes to a wall and we see he blows away the building making it collapse*

    Jamie: Nice!*Coop and Jamie do the finger pose*

    Kiva:*getting up from the blast*I think we’ll use it when it most needed ok

    Coop: Sure. So why don’t we explore this place and see what it got*Megas turns is thrusters but he doesn’t realize someone his watching him from a building and he now follows Megas*do you think they had food in here?

    Jamie: Come on, the only thing robots eat is metal and oil

    Coop: Yeah….but what could’ve happen if they really eat real food?

    *Dream sequence and we see Coop’s in a giant restaurant for giant robots and we see many food that there humongous and Coop runs quickly and tries to take bite on a huge hamburger*

    *End of dream sequence*

    Coop:*drooling* Now I know what ill wish for my birthday*suddenly the one who’s stalking Megas has appear in front of him*whoa, what the?

    Turlok: You’re the blue robot right?

    Jamie:*looks at Turlok’s hat*Hey the circus is over that other planet pal

    Kiva: Why do you always make fun of someone when we encounter them?

    Jamie: Hey what do you want? The guy’s using a really stupid hat

    Coop: Where the heck did he came from!? Doesn’t that tracker thingy works

    Kiva:*scanning* The scanner it’s not malfunctioning but its weird. It would’ve detected him

    Turlok: Aren’t you goanna answer my question?

    Coop: Look this blue robot has a name and its Megas and im Coop so what do you want anyway?

    Turlok: I heard you’re the toughest robot in the universe and I want to challenge you right here and right now

    Coop: Hahahaha listen pal, I was challenged so many times that all the chumps are in an other dimension or they got smash really good

    Kiva:*raises eyebrow*Coop, do you remember are little talk about being too cocky?

    Coop: Uh it was like 6 months ago right?

    Kiva: It was 2 days ago!

    Coop: Really…….well anyway, I accept but I just warned you I move very quickly and if you are one of those who are on the slow side, my guess is, your going to have a hard time ducking THIS!*Megas gets close to Turlok and punches him right in the face making a big wave that he collapses a building but…*

    Turlok: You’d be wrong but….I just don’t see the need of duck!

    Jamie: Ok I know that it should have taken that guy’s head off with that punch…..and I still see his head on his body!

    Coop: Mmmm probably I didn’t give too much juice on that punch*with an evil grin, Coop turns his punch into turbo punch*let’s try it again WAAHHHHH!!!!*Megas is fist turns into fire and goes to attack Turlok but Turlok blocks the attack of Megas with his left arm*

    Turlok: That’s it?*Turlok grabs Megas right arm and starts to crush it*

    Coop: Hey! That’s my robot’s arm you’re crushing!

    Kiva: Megas right arm is malfunctioning; if he keeps this up he will crush his arm completely!

    Coop: Let’s see if my fist will crush him*Megas moves fast his left arm and fires “Flying Fist” directly at Turlok*How do you like….what!?*it appears it didn’t affect him and throws Megas to a wall crushing it down*who are you!?

    Turlok: Just call me Turlok, I have live on this universe for centuries looking for toughest opponents to fight. Neither where worthy of calling themselves warriors, lets see if you have the power to defeat me*he now shows his arm and shows five and close his hand and shows another of his five fingers*ill give you ten minutes to carry out a plan to defeat me or hide or else I will destroy you

    Coop: Ten minutes!? Why don’t we make in 5 minutes*Jamie moves slowly his head on to Coop with his eye wide open*

    Turlok: I like what you think so be it at five*he disappears in the speed of light*

    Jamie: What’s the matter with you!? Have you not eat enough back on earth!

    Coop: What

    Kiva: Coop you just sentence us with a foe that’s probably much stronger than Megas!

    Coop: Relax guys, im just goanna put Megas arm in auto-repair so in 5 minutes we’ll be prepared to fight that chump

    Jamie: Or we could use those 5 minutes to get out of here!

    Kiva: No, if we escape. He will hunt us down until he sees us destroyed and knowing Coop he will not forfeit the fight

    Coop: Yup that’s right

    Jamie: Well at least think of something so we can defeat this guy

    Coop: No prob I got lots of ideas*the it pass 4 minutes* I still don’t got nothing

    Jamie:*sarcastic*Really? Well we still have just one minute!

    Kiva: Well at least Megas is right arm as already been repair for the fight

    Coop: Nice! Why don’t we search for that top hat chump*Megas turns on his thrusters and flies towards the city searching for Turlok and we se he still searching for him with out noticing that he’s already stalking him again hiding to building to building until Megas stops in one of building and his now viewing at the city*looks like he was just bluffing the whole time*then Jamie looks at the rearview mirror and sees that Turlok’s behind them*

    Jamie: I don’t think so*points at Turlok and Megas turns around at Turlok*

    Turlok: Its time*he then jumps to attack Megas*

    Coop: WAAHHHH!!!*Megas jumps also and we see the two of them are going to tackle at each other but looks like Megas is going to another direction but Turlok moves quickly and tackles Megas and we see they now crash into a building and they are inside and Megas was going to hit Turlok but moves too fast and grabs Megas is leg and slams him to a wall crushing it*he’s really fast

    Jamie: Geeh you think*then Turlok destroys one of the walls just walking thru it and he’s going towards to Megas*

    Kiva: Counterattack him immediately!*Megas gets up and Coop watches a desk that is in front of Megas*

    Coop: Here’s a gift from me pal!*Megas grabs the desk and immediately clobbers him with it, then Megas grabs what it appears to be a computer and hits it also on Turlok’s head and Megas now turn his thrusters and he now goes outside and Turlok with out any scratch he now goes after Megas and we see Turlok’s catching up*you just don’t give up, do you?*Coop presses some switches and Megas right arm activates and his arm then pops out but its attach with a chain and we see the hand grabs Turlok’s face*WAAAHHHH!!!*Megas moves his arm up high and with and incredible speed lets go to Turlok and Turlok slams into the ground very hard that he just made a wave making the entire city to move*

    Jamie: Nice slamming Coop*they do the finger pose*

    Coop: He didn’t see that coming*but suddenly Turlok gets out from the hole he made and still goes after Megas*you have got to be kidding me!*Turlok then punches Megas sending him to multiple buildings until Megas stops in one of them*oh man, that punch has damage Megas

    Kiva: And it was just one punch! We have to dodge his attacks or else he will destroy Megas sooner or later*they still don’t figure out that Turlok’s right behind them again and when Megas moves Turlok attacks him by surprise with a Headlock*

    Turlok: Surprise to see me?

    Coop: Dude, even if my tracer doesn’t detect you….i can still defend myself*Megas starts punching Turlok in the stomach with his elbow and Turlok starts to loosing up and Megas then gives a Headbutt in the back and Megas is free but not until Turlok’s attacking again and tries to punch Megas but Megas moves fast and Megas quickly gives Turlok a “Hyperkick” but without any affect Turlok lifts his arms and tries to clobber Megas but Megas jumps and Turlok hits the ground instead and Megas crosses both legs to hit Turlok to the ground but Turlok then grabs Megas is leg and slams Megas to a wall then Megas goes to a giant glass destroying it and we see Megas is now on the ground*

    Jamie: I wish Brodie would’ve come here so I could’ve stay at home playing video games

    Coop: It’s not the time to think about that Jamie!*suddenly Turlok crashes to another wall to get thru Megas*

    Turlok: Why must the prey always struggle so piteously?

    Coop: I now consider a prey!? Lets see if you like your prey to do this!*Megas then activate “Fist-Chains” to attack Turlok but Turlok moves and grabs the chains*

    Turlok: I can give you a quick finish*he then now pulls at the chains so that Megas goes directly at Turlok and Turlok with an Uppercut Megas and Megas goes and slams to another wall with some damages*but you will not choose it because I know you’ll fight until we end this*we are outside the city and we see Megas destroys another wall and goes now to a big dumpster hitting it and Turlok goes toward so he can get to Megas*

    Coop:*looks at the dumpster*Time to take out the trash!*Megas lifts the dumpster and throws it at Turlok but Turlok just hit the dumpster with just one hand*ok pal, I wasn’t going to use my weapons but you ask for it*Coop presses many buttons and Megas now activates “Super Destructo”*

    Turlok: Hahahaha come on, fire if you will

    Coop: Take this!*Megas fires Super Destructo and make a big blast making a cloud of smoke*that took care of him

    Kiva:*scanning*Ah Coop…*looks at her scanner*I don’t think so

    Coop: Eh?...*suddenly the hand of Turlok comes from the smoke and grabs Megas car face and with his left arm activates tons of missiles*

    Turlok: See how far you are going to fly*they pan the city and there we see an explosion and there’s Megas flying very high and slams directly at a building with some damages*

    Jamie: And I thought Regis was tough

    Coop: Man! What is that chump’s made of

    Kiva:*scanning* I don’t know but his armor is very resistant

    Coop: Well he’ll be turn into ancient history when I smash him good*suddenly Turlok as spotted Megas*

    Turlok: Be prepare for this!*he lowers and we see his hat is opening and there’s a big missile inside it and fires to blast Megas*

    Kiva: Incoming missile heading this way!*Megas turns around sees the missile coming blast him*

    Coop: Whoa!*Megas flies and to the building up high and we see the building got hit by the missile that now it collapses and Turlok now goes to attack Megas* bring it on hat boy!*Megas prepares fighting pose to fight Turlok and Turlok then tries to punch Megas but Megas blocks his attacks then Megas fires Energy Blast at him and then he clobbers Turlok* be prepared for a Powerbomb*Megas then grabs Turlok and they both go down so that Megas do a Powerbomb and they pan the city and we see an energy coming from it and we watch Megas stands near the fallen Turlok*I know your going to get up so here’s and extra gift*Megas later activates what it appears to be the same arsenal when Megas attacks the DMV and Megas fires many times until Megas stops but we see Turlok’s getting up with just some scratches*well….at least I did something to him

    Jamie: What? Just making him dirty

    Turlok: Hahaha the greatest joy when I fighting someone. Is to be rewarded by the sight who suffer its consequences!

    Coop:*roll eyes* Where did you get that cheese line

    Jamie: Probably from Warlock*Turlok then extends his arm and with his finger fires energy blast everywhere at Megas*AHHHHH LASERS!!!!*Megas moves fast and goes do another big dumpster so he can protect himself from the fire*

    Kiva: This won’t goanna last much longer; we have to do something or else will be finish

    Coop: I wasn’t goanna use it but he won’t let me no other choice*Coop presses many buttons and Megas transforms his arm into Psycho-Gun*eat this!*Megas moves quickly and fires and we see the blast destroys the blast of Turlok and hits Turlok sending him far way to a building and we see Turlok has now receive some damage*

    Turlok: What is this?

    Jamie: Hey you really damage him, do it again!

    Coop: Looks like your not so immortal after all*Megas still firing at Turlok and his now making holes in his body and Megas still fires like three times*its time for you to retire*Megas was going to fire a bigger blast but suddenly we hear a strange noise in Megas is right arm and we see some smoke coming from it*

    Jamie: Tell that smoke is a good sign

    Kiva: Oh no. Megas right arm wasn’t completely repaired

    Coop: In other words…

    Kiva: Megas can’t use his Psycho Gun

    Jamie: Great. Next time we get a faster auto-repair*Turlok gets up from the firing and his now recuperating from the damage Megas did to him*don’t look now but funny hat there is now getting up and going to attack us!

    Coop: WAAAHHHH!!!*Megas was going to punch Turlok but Turlok goes down and punches Megas right in the stomach very hard and then grabs Megas back in the head and slam him to a giant post mail box right in Megas face and we see Megas on his knees and his licking some oil*oh man! I already did Megas oil change

    Turlok: Get up!*Megas instead of getting up he uses his leg and hits Turlok legs and falls down and Megas then activates “Ultimate Wrecker”*

    Coop: See ya later!*Megas fires and blast Turlok very far way from him and Megas now gets up*

    Jamie. Do you think with Ultimate Wrecker he’s now finish?

    Kiva: I doubt it*scanning*the only thing that can affect him is the Psycho-Gun but we can’t use it

    Coop: No prob, I just put in auto-repair and we can use it

    Kiva. It will do no good because even if we put Megas arm in auto-repair, Turlok will notice and he will try to stop us no matter what

    Jamie: So what other plan we have!? Hey we can still consider my plan…*Kiva stares at Jamie*never mind

    Coop:*thinks* Hey, you said that this planet’s technology is similar at your time right Kiva?

    Kiva: Yes

    Coop: So why don’t we find some kind of sophisticated device so it can power boost Megas right arm and destroy top hat freak out of the sky….or the universe

    Kiva: Of course*scanning*we just have to located a generator from this city so we can use it and power Megas is right arm…….i have located one of them

    Jamie: Nice!*do the finger pose*so how far are we going to find that generator? Four blocks or 5

    Kiva: Eeerr…it’s over there*she points and shows how far they are goanna go*

    Jamie: What!? That’s where is the generator?....please, there’s no other one close to us?

    Kiva: I’m afraid not

    Coop: That won’t be a problem for Megas

    Kiva: The only way is that we have to avoid Turlok until we reach to the generator

    Jamie:*looks at the mirror*And we have to hurry up LOOK!!!*Coop and Kiva turn around and we watch Turlok’s now going after them*

    Coop: Let’s get cranking!*Megas turn his thrusters and goes to the generator *

    Turlok: You can run but now you have to fight or die*Turlok activates “Proton Cannon” and starts to fire at Megas*

    Kiva:*scanning*Turlok’s starting to attack us, Coop avoid his attacks!

    Coop: This is just like Star Squirrel*Megas moves and avoids the proton blast and it goes to a building then with the next one and the next one and we see Coop’s enjoying it*just like level 60

    Jamie: Its cool your enjoying yourself Coop but HURRY UP!!!*Megas goes faster but also does Turlok and we see they are now close to the building with the generator*

    Coop: We are almost there!*suddenly Turlok grabs Megas leg*

    Turlok: Not yet*Turlok then spins Megas and throws him directly at the ground*

    Coop: You’re starting to make me mad pal!

    Turlok: Well use that anger to attack me*Megas then punches and kicks Turlok but he doesn’t look he got any damage from Megas punches*

    Kiva: Your wasting time Coop, we have to go to get that generator now!

    Coop: I like to do that Kiva but don’t you see that I want to loose this guy to get it*Turlok then punches Megas sending him to a building and Megas then jumps and goes towards to Turlok and gives him an Elbowdrop that goes to the ground really hard but he gets up quickly*lets see if you get up from this*Coop turns into Kaio-Ken Mode and grabs a poll and hits Turlok with it, then Megas gives a Droopkick at Turlok and grabs Turlok by the head and starts to Pummel him very hard and now punches Turlok and we see Megas now push a giant robot car and crushes Turlok with it sending him to a building*

    Jamie: What do you know…..they really have cars

    Kiva: Let’s get going guys

    Coop: Wait just a second*sees the building haves some dangers high propane gas*lets fire up this town*Megas uses his left arm and turns it into fire and we see Turlok’s getting up*if you can stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen*Megas fires and we see a huge explosion coming from the building that Turlok was and Megas now goes to the generator but we still see Turlok hand getting out of the fire meanwhile Megas as finally reach where the generator*we made it guys

    Kiva: Ok, just get in and on the first floor is where the generator is

    Jamie: This will not take long*suddenly Turlok’s heading towards them*I stand corrected let’s go!*Megas goes very to for the generator and we see Megas goes to door to door*

    Coop: Where’s it Kiva?

    Kiva. I told ya on the first floor directly at it

    Coop: Hang on because im goanna wreck this place up*Megas goes now up and crushes the roofs from the buildings until Megas as now at the room where the generator is*that’s the generator?

    Kiva: Yes it is, im going to try access on the main systems so that the generator can be activated

    Coop: Ok now to connect Megas right arm and we are….*suddenly an energy ball hits Megas and goes to the ground and its Turlok that he had reach also to him and Turlok with is finger says no*

    Jamie: We are so dead

    Coop: Ok that does it! First this chump is an ancient robot that is immortal, then he crushes my robot’s arm and he now wants us destroyed and my robot….. Want to know why Megas is the toughest robot in the universe? Well your wish is granted chump WAAHHHH!!!*Megas then activates “Cool Energy Sword”*

    Turlok: Lets finish this once and for all*he also activate his sword and they both wait until both of them are going to attack and we see both struck their swords together and we see they show the two of them struggling so one of them attack until Turlok kicks Megas in the stomach and now Turlok tires to slash Megas in half*

    Jamie: AAHHHHH I DON’T WANNA BE SLICE AND DICE!!!*Coop moves the steering wheel and Megas goes down and uppercuts Turlok sending him very high and Megas then tries to impale his sword to Turlok and he does*yeah you did it!

    Turlok: Really?*Turlok gets closer even if he’s getting the sword more to his body and with a punch he clobbers Megas sending him to the ground and takes out the energy sword from his body*

    Coop: Lets try it again!*Megas activates once again energy sword but it turns it now into “Cool Fire-Sword*

    Turlok: This gotta be interesting

    Coop: WAAHHHHH!!!!*Megas to attack Turlok but Turlok just avoids the attacks of Megas and Megas is just wrecking the place up*

    Kiva: Coop stop! Or else you will make the building collapse at any minute

    Coop: Hey I almost have him*Megas still tries to slash Turlok but Turlok blocks the attacks with his sword until Megas put Full Turbo at the fire sword and increase his power and Megas breaks the sword of Turlok and now Megas is going to finish him*your done for!*we just hear a noise and we see Turlok’s grabbing Megas sword with one arm and destroys along ripping Megas right arm and the guys watch the right arm on the ground and Turlok then kicks Megas sending him to the ground too*

    Kiva: No!

    Jamie: Oh this is just great! We are goanna die in a planet of robots…..why won’t we die in planet full of chicks!*then Turlok starts to punch Megas really hard and we see he’s ripping out Megas paint job in the center of his body and Turlok just stands there watching Megas with heavy damages and now Turlok prepares his hat cannon aiming at Megas and starts to charge now energy to fire*

    Turlok: If it’s any consolation, know this…..you’ve fared better than most of you kind and I’ve destroyed many*both Jamie and Kiva close their eyes and we see Coop’s just laughing*

    Kiva: You have gone crazy Coop!

    Jamie: Coop just lost it

    Coop: HAHAHA nope I didn’t*to Turlok*you where so occupied kicking my butt, that you didn’t put any attention to my right arm*suddenly we see Coop’s using his joystick and Turlok turns around to the generator and we see Megas right arm control by Coop is now in positions to use his Psycho-Gun and Coop sees his opportunity and Megas with some energy left gets up and fires “Flying Fist” sending Turlok directly where Megas right arm his going to fire*

    Turlok: This cannot be AAHHHH!!!*Turlok gets hit by the blast and he now goes into space and still goes until he becomes a shooting star and Megas now grabs his arms and attach it again*

    Coop: Well that chump wont trouble us anymore

    Kiva: Sometimes you haven’t seem to amaze me Coop

    Jamie: Yeah and now we know that Megas is the strongest robot in the universe*they do the finger pose*

    Coop: Well this call for a celebration, why don’t we see if this planet has food im starving*Megas now walks as the sun is rising and they pan the city all destroyed than before*

    End of credits: We see the guys are in the giant robot restaurant and we see Coop’s eating a humongous burger and Jamie’s cheering for Coop and Kiva just watch Coop eaten*

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