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Megas Xlr Episodes (G)

Discussion in 'The Story Board' started by King_of_doom, Jun 12, 2005.

  1. King_of_doom

    King_of_doom kiva fan

    May 23, 2005
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    Ok this episode doesn’t involve coop and Jaime, this time is kiva but when she’s was in the future and how it all started:

    That’s really the future?

    The year is 2999 and we see and earth that is peaceful fill with high technology people there are happy, robots helping humans…but all gonna change when the military space force discover something horrible

    Soldier: General!!!!!!!! General!!!!!!!!!!!

    General: whats the report soldier

    Soldier: we discover and unidentified ship heading straight to earth

    General: that’s impossible….. I need a link to the mother ship

    *They got contact and a shadow figure appears to them*

    Shadow figure: earthiers……..prepare for your doom

    General: who are you and what is your business with earth

    Shadow figure: to conquer it

    General: that wont happen……identified your shelf

    Shadow figure: I don’t get orders from a simpering mammal………….because your are no match for the glorfts *gorrath shows himself to everyone*

    *then hundreds of mechs appears in the city destroying everything in its pat………the glorft mother ship with a powerful laser attacks all that is the united states…….starting with Washington DC ………. New York city…………Las Vegas…..then they destroy all the rest of the world

    Soldier: general we can’t take them………there technology are more superior to us

    General: I hate to said this…but we have to evacuate immediately and go under ground to make are weapons even stronger and perhaps make are own mechs.

    *Then years later they did…….but still they were unable to have a full time battle with the glorfts and keep losing *

    September 15 of the year 3012 …….the humans gather to a meeting on what is the situation of the war

    Captain (voice by peter cullen) this war doesn’t end…..we have to make a plan to defeat the glorfts once and for all…..i don’t care if it takes years to finally defeating them…..any suggestions

    General: I think that in order to defeat the glorfts is that we trained one of are children that there’s still infants……so that we can make them full trained warriors and have the skills to repair and make weapons to survive in case we get defeated by the glorfts

    *One of the women that is pregnant protest*

    Woman: are you out of your mind general?............why do you want to involve our children in this horrible war

    General: sorry miss andru……….but I think is more worse that our children aren’t prepare for a battle if they grow up……they wont have a chance if there not prepare

    *then the husband of the women grabs her and talks to her*

    Husband: I hate to said this Jessica….but I think is for the best

    Jessica: I don’t know………Robert… what’s gonna happen to are daughter ?

    Robert: daughter?......is going to be a girl?

    Jessica: yes….. I was meaning to discuss this with you but i….

    Robert: that’s ok…..we will discuss it later…..the captain is speaking

    Captain: we don’t have other options right general?

    General: right sir………with the glorft everywhere getting more stronger……there aren’t any options

    Captain: right general………what’s the status of the Earth Coalition?

    General: the earth coalition is prepare to take off into outer space sir

    Captain: great…….tell your soldiers to prepare for battle in and hour general

    General: yes sir!!!!!!!

    *All the soldiers are preparing for the battle except Robert who is talking to Jessica*

    Robert: so now that im gonna be a dad………what are we gonna name her?

    Jessica: I don’t know……Im still thinking about it….any suggestions?

    Robert: I have one…….how about kiva?

    Jessica: kiva?....like your sister’s name……….that you lost in the war?

    Robert: yeah…..i think that’s is a beautiful name and to the memory of my sister…….(punching the wall) those damn glorfst are gonna pay on what they done

    Jessica: Robert please calm down……you where young……that day you couldn’t do anything to save her

    Robert: don’t you think I know that……if it wasn’t for me she would still be alive……. ill not make that same mistake…not with you and to are daughter

    *One of Roberts friends name Reynolds comes to see him that if is ready (Reynolds going to become kiva’s captain)*

    Reynolds: hey Robert are you ready……the commander and the general want us there....c’mon

    Robert: im coming………..wish me luck

    Jessica: I always do…now go

    *Robert is running with Reynolds to go battle the glorfts and Jessica sense that the baby is coming out*

    Robert: are you ready to kick some glorfts butt?

    Reynolds: im always prepare my friend………I already formulate a plan to show to the general

    Robert: I hope they approved it Reynolds….because we need all the help we can get

    *Then in the glorfts mother ship we see thousands of mechs are preparing for battle*

    Commander: warmaster gorrath…….is seem the earthiers are planning to attack us……..we have thousands of mechs that are ready for them

    Gorrath: good work commander……those stupid monkeys don’t know when to quit do they

    Commander: yes sir…….regardless they will soon bee are slaves

    Gorrath: what did you said?

    Commander: they will soon bee are slaves? warmaster

    Gorrath: tell me commander….where the blurfs did you get the idea of we

    Commander: i..i.i..i

    *Gorrath hits the face of the commander and he hits to the ground*

    Commander: sorry warmaster……I don’t know why I said that…..please not the face again

    Gorrath: you better commander……the next time you said that you’ll going to say it.....but with out your jorblogs

    Commander: yes…yes sir

    *in the base…Reynolds shows the commander and the general the plans to attack the glorfts*

    Commander :this plan might actually work…..we can use it right now so that the glorfts cant stand a chance………what do you think general

    General: not bad sergeant Reynolds you might be able to be useful in the future………so you and the others prepare to your mechs

    Reynolds: thank you sir!!!!

    *Reynolds and Robert are now in there mechs (the mechs that there using are similar of robotech) the plan is to sneak in the glorfs mother ship and steal blue prints and weaponries from the glorfts and modify them to their use*

    Reynolds: there thousands of mechs……but still I have high hopes to these plan

    Robert: don’t worry ill cover you and the others so that you can get to the mother ship

    Reynolds: thanks…….here we go

    *Robert and the others attack the glorft army so that Reynolds go to the mother ship………thousands are fallen…..the mechs from the humans are getting destroy one by one…….Robert uses missiles and destroys 4 mech glorfts……..then he grabs one the glorfts mech and uses him as a mech-shield and uses is weapon against the other glorfts………..meanwhile Reynolds is grabbing weaponries and blue prints of mechs from the glorfts but it got spotted in the monitor

    Commander: one the humans is stealing are weaponries


    *Mechs are getting to the mother ship and stop Reynolds objective*

    Robert (in monitor) Reynolds……..you have to leave the mother ship………thousands of mechs are getting towards you.

    Reynolds: ok ill be right there

    *But its too late…..Reynolds is surrounded………he uses a weapon that looks like super destructo mode destroying thousands of mechs but still there too many*

    Reynolds: Robert….. a little help here

    *Robert comes with other mechs to stop the glorfs but one of them was going to destroy Reynolds……..until Robert gets in the way and it was too much the damage that one the controls explodes leaving Robert with out is right hand*


    Reynolds(in monitor)OH MY GOD ROBERT!!!!!!!!...IM COMING FOR YEAH

    *Reynolds saves Robert and all the mechs are retreating because they go what they need it*

    Commander(nervous) sir…….the humans have escaped with are weaponries


    Commander: NOT THE FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *Then there are in the hospital Reynolds waiting what happen to Robert*

    Reynolds: doctor….is he gonna be ok

    Doctor: sure….but the bad news is that we can do nothing for is arm…..is totally destroy by the explosion

    Reynolds: I see……can I see him

    Doctor: of course…..we only injected him so that the wound of is arm doesn’t bleed anymore

    Reynolds: hey buddy……im really sorry about what happen……this is all my fault

    Robert: don’t blame your self……at least we didnt get empty handed right?

    Reynolds: you’re right………the mission was a complete success

    Robert: where’s my wife?

    Reynolds: the doctor just told me that she gave birth when we where in the battle


    Reynolds: I don’t approve it….but ill gonna help you

    *Reynolds grabs a wheelchair for Robert so that he can see is wife and her baby*

    Jessica: Robert im glad you’re alive
    Robert: I told you ill be fine……well not too fine but I am alive………so this is her

    Jessica: yes…….take a look and see for yourself

    *Robert and Reynolds are looking at the baby*

    Robert: oh my god……she’s more beautiful that I couldn’t imagen

    Reynolds: congratulations Robert and Jessica…….so tell me what are you gonna name her

    *Robert and Jessica are looking at each other and in the same time the name her kiva*

    *Robert and Jessica where discussing the future of their daughter……at first Robert suggested that is best that kiva should go with him and teach her some of the basic of surviving and Jessica didn’t like the idea and more because of Roberts arm that would probably happen to her too……….until she realize that if this war doesn’t end here…..there wont be any future for anyone and for her daughter*

    *Year 3029 we see a teenage kiva practicing basic training……learning techniques to defend herself and learning on how to diffuse some of the weaponries of the glorfts…know she’s learning the basics on how to construct a mech*

    Soldier: we have her on how to repair c.p.u core in case that malfunction here…..

    *Kiva’s drawing a mech that would probably be megas*

    Soldier: cadet andru…are you listening what im saying here!?

    Kiva: yes sir……..im sorry if i wasnt paying attencion to you sir

    Soldier:well...lets carry on….

    *then Kiva gets back to is home that looks like zion from the matrix*

    Kiva: mom….dad….im home

    Jessica: kiva thank god that your ok…..so how was in the practice

    Kiva: well im getting a lot better……they where saying that probably im going to become one the rebel forces if I keep this up

    Jessica: oh I see……..i know that’s your objective kiva even do I hate to see you leave someday but ill still be proud of you………maybe you’re the one whos going to make a differences in the war

    Kiva: mom please!!!!!!.....im still don’t know that im ready yet…….besides im still learning……where’s dad!? I want to talk to him

    Jessica: your father is talking to Captain Reynolds……..you can see them

    Kiva: thanks mom

    *Kiva goes to see is father and the captain*

    Kiva: hi dad!!!!!!!

    Robert: kiva……im glad too see you…….well you all ready know captain Reynolds

    Kiva: hello sir……..nice to see you again

    Captain: hi kiva……your looking great and much stronger by the minute

    Kiva: thanks captain…..i owe that to my dad

    Robert: nahhhh kiva…….remember that I just train you in basic training…..if I still had my arm……I would train you more

    Captain: at that’s what were discussing kiva……….i want you to be my personal assistant when you get older

    Kiva: captain…….this is a real surprise…but why me?

    Captain: I personally watch all the activities of the cadets and you are the most outstanding of them all……….so I want to train you even more……so that you can help us defeat the glorfts once and for all

    Kiva: I don’t know…… dad what do you think?

    Robert: kiva that’s your decision……..your are not a little girl anymore….now you can decide by yourself…..and I know that your going to make me proud as for better or worst

    *Kiva’s taking her time to make her decision*

    Captain: well kiva…..what’s your decision?

    Kiva: im in

    *Kiva had decided to go with the captain…..saying good bye to here parents……….now in the year 3035 kiva is now the commander of the rebels and fixing the mechs they were damage in battles…….until the battle of the last stand comes…….and we see the glorfts are preparing their new weapon*

    Gorrath: commander!!!!!!!!!! where’s the new avatar prototype

    Commander: where still modifying it sir…….with out of doubt this could be are most powerful secret weapon against the earthiers

    Gorrath: good…good…..because im tired of this game for years commander……even if we don’t have the prototype were finally going to destroying these worthless human filth…….COMMANDER!!!!!!!!.... SEND IN ALL THE MECHS TO DESTROY THE EARTHIERS

    *a spy mech was listening the hall thing so that he can reported to their superiors*

    Spy mech(in monitor) commander andru I have reports on the glorfts

    Kiva: ok…..let him pass

    *The spy mech tells everything about the invasion and the prototype to the captain and kiva*

    Captain: this is serious commander……we don’t think we have a fighting chance

    Kiva: I agree but the options are minimal………and tell me more about the prototype…. the glorfts are working

    Spy mech: they were saying that is there ultimate weapon against us….still there leader wants to make the invasion right now with out the prototype

    Kiva: mmmm….. Captain this is sounds crazy but why don’t we steal the prototype from the glorfts and modify it

    Captain: years ago…I stole weaponries and blue-prints from the glorfts but not a full mech….commander I think its too risky and more with this battle that’s approaching its…

    Kiva: we don’t have another choice captain…..what happen if we lost this battle and get nothing

    Captain:…..all right commander……..every body listen what the commander haves for the battle and to steal the prototype form the glorfts

    Kiva leads a huge army of mechs against the glorfts and planning on stealing the prototype…….then the glorfts army approach towards earth

    Kiva: ok be ready everyone……and remember the plan on stealing the prototype

    commander: ATTACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The long awaited battle as begun……….all the mechs of the humans and the glorfts are getting destroy one by one……throwing missiles at each other……..others punching the chest of the mechs so that the core could explode and throw them like they were bombs……..kiva goes near to the mother ship but the glorfts had install and energy field so no one can enter

    Captain: commander…what’s it happening!?

    Kiva: the glorft install and energy field…..let me uninstall it…..maybe I have a slight chance on doing it so i need some back up captain

    Captain: understood

    Kiva: c’mon….c’mon….got it

    Commander: warmaster…. the humans have uninstall are energy field


    *The commander and a few mechs goes after kiva….but some of the mechs the captain had send they arrive to stop them……kiva escapes them and goes to the mother ship…still the commander is following her*

    Commander: stop right there earthier or you will be destroy

    Kiva: that is not one of mi options

    *Kiva goes towards to the commander shooting missiles and lasers had him………the commander couldn’t defend himself and had got major damage…….kiva with a super hyper kick smash the commanders mech living just the head*

    Commander: sir…..she had defeated me


    *The rebels had catch kiva so they can wait to her orders…..has she finally have found the prototype*

    Kiva: finally (communicating in the monitor the captain) captain I have found the prototype

    Captain: good work commander andru……but I think its too late to used it

    Kiva: what..why?.....whats its happening

    Captain: we are losing commander…..our forces getting smaller……just get the prototype and leave immediately (slams is hand into the desk)we have lost the battle

    Kiva(kiva’s gets angry too about the situacion) oh no……this cant be happening captain…..this is all my fault

    Captain: don’t blame yourself commander…….but still we now need that prototype

    Kiva: that I can do

    *Kiva telling the rebels to grab the prototype and leave…..just that she was leaving too a blast from gorraths mech gives minor damage at kiva*

    Kiva: ahhhh!!!! What the

    Gorrath: so did you think your are going to escaped with my prototype…huh human scum…….even do I won the battle I cant let you escaped with my robot

    Kiva: don’t think him just and ordinary human gorrath…….there’s no way you’re beating me

    Kiva and gorrath fight like when he had fighted with evil kiva……….gorrath lunches missiles at kiva but with a scrap up metal she found…she use it so that she can protect herself of the attack and goes towards gorrath slamming him with the scrap of metal and using the razor lasso cuts one of gorraths mech hand

    Gorrath: your are a worthy opponent……too bad theres isnt another like you earthier….but this will end soon

    Gorrath using is hand....he creates and energy ball so big that he can destroy thousands of mechs with that……..kiva was thinking what to do until…BOOOM!!!!!!!!BOOOM!!!!!!!!!!! BOOOM!!!!!!!


    Commander: all units retreat from the planet earth

    *Gorrath thinks that kiva was dead…but he was wrong…..amazingly she use the half of her power to make a powerful shield so that see can survive……even if she's injure from the attack she still have’s the strength to go back to the captain……later the doctor was attending kiva’s injures and the captain want o see her*

    Captain: commander andru….how are feeling!?

    Kiva: just barely…. but thanks for asking captain…..sorry that we lost the battle

    Captain: don’t think about that commander…..at least your plan on stealing the prototype was a success

    Soldier: commander andru we just discover something interest in the prototype

    Kiva: let me see…what?.........This cant be?

    Captain: what is it commander

    Kiva: the glorft had put in the prototype….

    *In the mother ship *


    Commander: yes it have one…..but don’t worry warmaster the humans aren’t hable to used it….its not even test it yet

    Gorrath: even if they don’t know commander they can modify it…DIDN’T YOU THINK ABOUT THAT!!!!!!!!!!

    Commander: uhhhh…you’re right

    Gorrath was going to hit the commander

    Commander: no..no..no wait warmaster…..I have another mech that is more powerful than the prototype


    *The commander shows the mech that’s is 20 times bigger then ther original mechs*

    Gorrath: what is this!?

    Commander: I call it the U.M.D…..this mech is form by thousands of mechs and its more powerful than any ordinary mech sir

    Gorrath: not bad commander….but still we have to get the prototype back to us....but for know we have to reinforce our self’s

    *The glorfts are going into non-space*

    *Back on earth*

    Kiva: captain if we can modify the time flux…..we can go back in time and change the outcome of the war we lost

    Captain: but commander…..it will take years on modifying the prototype

    Kiva: 2 years will take me to modify everything…including the time flux

    Captain: all right commander…..you have my permission to do this project…..have any ideas commander on modify it

    Kiva: im way a head of you captain….im way a head of you

    *kiva’s drawing the mech on what its gonna be like and the name of the mech.... M.E.G.A.S*
    #1 King_of_doom, Jun 12, 2005
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  2. Xerroo

    Xerroo Megas Fan

    Apr 6, 2005
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    Let's see....

    This one is of normal episode length.

    Although grammar it's lacking. The concept of the episode is good but I wouldn't use it as an episode. Only because it lacks the big guy and Jamie. And yes I am aware that a few of my episodes are Coop and Jamieless but it's because I replace them with Jenna and Racheal to balance it out.

    Other than that it's not bad. Just keep up the good work and work out the grammar bugs.
  3. King_of_doom

    King_of_doom kiva fan

    May 23, 2005
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    Thanks Xerroo,well we all know the concept of the episode is around on kiva's past on how the glorfts invaded earth and how she was growing up to be the kiva we know now.

    ill try to better my grammar next time, and for the next episode is going to involve magnanimus.(yeah this time with coop and jaime)
  4. Xerroo

    Xerroo Megas Fan

    Apr 6, 2005
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    And make it funny!

    We all loves comedy you know.
  5. Reket

    Reket ~>Random Cliffy Lover

    Sep 8, 2004
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    Whew that was some read. Yep, I agree with Xerroo altogether. Watch for the grammar and capitalization!
  6. PhotonPhoenix

    PhotonPhoenix You Vill Help Us Find It.

    Jan 24, 2005
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    Good work on that Kiva episode King of doom and I got a good episode name for it: The Life And Adventures Of Kiva Andru and one more thing no cuss words. Mkay.
  7. Xerroo

    Xerroo Megas Fan

    Apr 6, 2005
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    Agreed. You have to remember Megas XLR is a cartoon. Please refrain from cussing.
  8. King_of_doom

    King_of_doom kiva fan

    May 23, 2005
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    thanks,i probably skip the aventures and put the life of kiva andru or the past of kiva,sorry about the cuss words,i didnt think on something else

    well i hope for today or tomorrow ill have the next episode,its going to be that magnanimous is controling five wrestlers from earth so they can destroy coop once and for all.
  9. PhotonPhoenix

    PhotonPhoenix You Vill Help Us Find It.

    Jan 24, 2005
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    Your moslty welcome and make more Kiva episodes Mkay, and also I support your work and Xerroo's and good episode title for that episode you made up.;) ;)
  10. King_of_doom

    King_of_doom kiva fan

    May 23, 2005
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    This episode starts with magnanimous talking from is two previews battles with coop(kind of like in army of darkness)

    Magnanimous(voice by Bruce Campbell): My name is magnanimous…..and I had a real empire once….fame…fortune….my very own intergalactic wrestling federation….until one day I made the biggest mistake of my life……finding a fat guy and is sidekicks to make me more rich on fighting my all star galactic champs……it was a good start…until it went bad! The fat earther defies me on not following my orders….he had destroy all my wrestles like they where garbage… i try to fight him but he was too strong…..he drag me into my own quantum singularity! it probably kill me but im still alive baby……

    Im came back and swore revenge on the pudgy! the red head and the little girl …..i trick some stupid fighters to do the dirty work and make the pudgy’s robot to lose his strength so that I can do the final blow! but even that the earther won….. for the past 8 moths I make some scientist to make me five mechs for five pilots! and now the only way to destroy the fat boy is to put someone who thinks like him! and I already found where those five be* looking on the Stadium of Wrestlemania in New jersey * HAHAHAHAHA

    Theme play

    Megas Mania

    *Coop and the guys had arrived to see the event*

    Coop: Yeeee aaah! This Rocks!

    Kiva: Wow, I didn’t see coop so excited

    Jaime: Believe it…..if you think that coop is crazy watching paper view wrestling! he gets a lot crazier live

    Kiva: I can see that! well I think this will be entertaining

    Coop: You bet yeah kiva! my biggest dream was to be on wrestlemania years ago

    Jaime: I thought that your biggest dream was eating the biggest sandwich in the world

    Coop: Yeah…….but that’s second! anyways let’s watch some violent entertainment

    *Coop and Jaime doing the finger pose*

    *When they where going to the arena one of the wrestlers bumps on the guys*

    Wrestler (voice by John DiMaggio) HEY!!!!!!!!!! WATCH WERE YOU GOING FATTY

    Coop: Wow Randy salvage aka Mr. Macho!!!!!!!! Can I have your….

    Mr. macho: No time to talk with you! So watch where you going next time

    Coop: But wait a minute! It was your fault

    Mr. Macho: What did you say!?

    Jaime: Yeah…what did you say!?

    Mr. Macho: Stay out of this skinny! you think that is my fault that I bump with you

    Kiva: I think that is clear that is your fault and not coop

    * Mr. Macho looking at kiva*

    Mr. Macho: mmm…tell you what…. I leave you guys alone and ill take this beautiful red head to my self

    * Mr. Macho grabs kiva’s shoulder and trys to hug her *

    Coop: Oh boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jaime: I wouldn’t do that if I where you

    *Kiva gives a punch so hard that he fell to the ground very fast ….making Mr. Macho look like a wimp*

    Mr. Macho (stars around in is head) oohhh but mommy I don’t want go to school today

    Coop: Wow kiva! That was really a good punch there…..you knock down one the strongest wrestlers in the federation! nice!!!!!!

    Kiva: Are you kidding me coop…….this really is one of the strongest wrestlers!?……I now change my mind of wrestling for being entertaining

    Jaime: Well you can enter and be a wrestler kiva….with that temper you can…

    Kiva: You want to join him

    *Jaime looking at Mr. Macho *

    Jaime: Uhhh forget what I said…we cool

    *When coop and the gang leave to see the fight….magnanimous approach to Mr. Macho*

    Mr. Macho: What happen?

    Magnanimous: You really got a beaten there tiny

    Mr. Macho: What is this? floating head with tiny little arms and legs? Now I know that im dreaming

    Magnanimus: Listen meathead…..you want to get back at those guys

    Mr. Macho: You beat yeah

    Magnanimous: Well! All you have to do is call some of your friends….make them four because I have a surprise for you guys

    *Later in the ring….the guys are watching the fight*

    *People starting to cheer and booing at the same time! Jamie on the other hand is going for some chicks*

    Jaime: So….do you want my phone card number so that we can go out sometime?

    Girl( voice by Tara strong) For your information little boy! Im with my boyfriend so I suggest you beat it

    Jaime: Well since its not here! Why don’t you Lose the cero and get with the hero

    Boyfriend: Who are you calling cero squeak!

    Jamie: (Nervous) some other guy that call him cero and…oh boy

    *The girl’s boyfriend punch Jaime then he throws him back where coop and kiva are*

    Jaime(hurt) Man did you see that kiva! I think she digs me

    Kiva: You wish! Anyway where’s coop!?.....i thought that he was too excited to see the first fight

    Jaime: He’s just grabbing something to eat….and speaking of coop! here he comes

    *Coop have both hands with tons of food to see the fight*

    Coop: I didn’t miss anything right?…..man I can’t believe the food here is so good

    Kiva: Are you going to eat all of that!?

    Coop: Yep…..besides with a great fight like this! who doesn’t have a big appetite?

    Kiva: Well not like yours I hope

    Jaime: Keep dreaming kiva

    Coop: Hey guys! im watching the fight over here!

    *The announcers are talking about the fight*

    Announcer1(voice by Jim Ross): This is the fight of the century ladies and gentlemen! This two fighters are really kicking up a notch’s

    Announcer2( voice by Jerry “The King Lawler”) Are you nuts!? "They put the suck in success." My grandma fights better than this two! More when she fights over the turkey dinner in thanksgiving

    Announcer1: What is wrong with you!? This is wrestlermania! you can’t talk like that

    Announcer2: Im just saying that "These guy’s are useless. What do they get paid for: to ring a bell?" i want to see some real wrestling action here

    Magnanimous(on the big screen) What a coincidents! I was thinking the same thing….I am….

    Coop: magnimus!!

    Jaime: No coop! is magmiucus!

    Coop: Or is it magklaatu! Magbarrada! magnikto

    Magnanimus: MAGNANNIMOUS!!!!!!!!!!! ITS MAGANANIMOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Announcer1: What is that thing!?

    Announcer2: I don’t know but I've seen better heads on a pimple

    Kiva: What do you want now magnanimous!?

    Magnanimous: I know you want me red! but im here for the 3 of you… so fatty! get in you’re useless mech! And come here to face me

    Coop: (Angry) Again you want me to kick your….*looking at Jaime* hey Jaime…does this guy have a butt to kick?

    Jaime: How should i know dude!

    Kiva: Why don’t we just go to megas instead of staying here?

    Coop: Yeah good idea

    *They now are in megas and their looking the hideout of magnanimous*

    Coop: Man! Where is he….i thought that finding a floating head was going to be easy

    Kiva: Don’t worry! the computer is able to located him*the computer had found magnanimous* is in that direction

    *Megas arrives in a big ring match*

    Jaime: Whoa! You see the size of this ring

    Kiva: Probably other of magnanimous old tricks

    Coop: I don’t care! If he want’s fight! he’s getting one

    Magnanimous: Welcome earthers to the fight of the century! On live for the stadium of wrestlemania

    Coop: Look you floating freak! I all ready beat you twice….. at least have some dignity for a change

    Magnanimous: jejeje… well as you can see im not the one who’s going to fight

    Coop: What? Again you hired some stupid alien chumps to fight me? Remember what happen last time

    Kiva: And did you forgot that all the aliens now know that you’re a Rat!

    Magnanimous: Sorry red! this time the fighters aren’t aliens *with a remote control opens the five doors* let me introduce you to…your opponents

    *Here we see the first wrestler Mr. Macho! First Mr. Macho using some of the moves he uses when he enters the ring*

    Magnanimous: Heres are first opponent! Is going to prove to everyone that is not a wimp and promise to destroy the blue robot! HERES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mr. Macho

    Mr. Macho: You and your pathetic mech are going down!!!!!!!

    Coop: What the!? Is that really Mr. Macho

    Jaime: Oh great! now magnilus grabs some stupid muscle guy in tights…what’s next! Another wrestler that we know

    Magnanimous: Correct *here we can see the rest of them….the first one looks like the Undertaker….then the Road Warriors Animal and Hawk! Finally, we see the mech of Roddy Piper* recognize them fellows

    Coop(in shock) Is the Underdigger! The Road Warriors Beast and Eagle and Rowdy Piper….oh now you cross the line pal! Those happen to be my favorite wrestlers

    Jaime: We are so dead!.....well nice to meet you coop! and probably you too kiva

    Kiva: What’s the matter with you two!? You always have fought with opponents more menacing… Well! only coop had fought

    Jaime(Stares at kiva) Hey! What’s that supposed to mean

    Coop: You don’t understand kiva! This guys are the ones who teach me the moves they make on TV! Those moves are the ones that I used in megas

    Kiva: Why did you choose them magnanimous!?

    Magnanimous: Simple! I knew that the fat boy had learn those cool moves from somewhere! So I investigated and found out that there’s a wrestling federation here on earth! So I thought why don’t I used some humans that are very good at wrestling at fights with your pathetic robot

    Coop: What’s the matter….are you chicken to fight me? I don’t blame you! You know that I can mop the floor with yeah

    Magnanimous: Save the insults pudgy! Because now your going to have your just desert! Hahahaha

    Announcer1: I can’t believe it Jerry! One of our five and strongest wrestlers are now using some giant robots to fight the blue robot! Any comments on that

    Announcer2: Just one! I hope that kid knows how to defend himself with this strong wrestlers! Because he’s gonna need it

    Jaime: Coop Why don’t we just leave this place and let them win! Huh coop?

    Coop: No way! Even if I have to fight with my all time favorite wrestlers! I won’t let them destroy Megas! Let’s rock

    *The bell rings! Megas goes towards to the mechs! But Mr. macho uses is famous move! The Flying Elbow off the top rope hitting towards Megas*

    Announcer2: Did you see that move from Mr. Macho! man is more spectacular in the robot that in person! What do you think Jim?

    Announcer1: I agree with you there Jerry! Where know watching the slow motion! Here Mr. Macho with and incredible speed goes to the top rope to jump so high! Look on how it turns like he is a true comet hitting towards the blue robot

    Jaime: What’s the matter with you coop? you know the guy uses is special move! Oh man

    Coop: What are you Mr. Perfect?

    Kiva: Incoming

    *The Road Warriors uses their spike missiles at megas! But he dodges them and go directly on a poqtv ad……. Megas then jumps and grabs the warriors to slam them together with major damage*

    Announcer1: Great move from the blue robot

    Announcer2: Not bad! Battling these toughest wrestlers! the blue robot sure can do a fight

    *Megas was going for “The Double Deuce” to The Underdigger! but he stop’s him! and grabs him so that he can make is famous move “The Last Ride Powerbomb” and it’s a real power bomb leaving megas into the ground*

    Kiva: Megas losing 20% of power

    Coop: how about this one*using is feet to shot missiles at The Underdigger*

    *Then from nowhere Rowdy piper with is back pipes uses a powerful energy blast to hit Megas *

    Rowdy piper(voice by Ron Perlman) “works every time”

    Coop: Oh yeah*pressing many buttons! Megas uses is powerful weapon! Blasting Rowdy piper to the other wrestlers* “How do you like me now”

    Announcer2: This kid is incredible! First I thought that he going to lose to Rowdy Piper with that energy blast! But know it turns out that he got a bigger weapon! not just hitting Rowdy he also hit the other wrestlers! Now my money is for the blue robot

    Announcer1: I now have broadcast to the one who’s responsible for this match! Magnanimous right?
    Magnanimous: Yes and don’t you forget it

    Announcer1: What is the purpose of this match

    Magnanimous: Where is the word im looking for! Oh that’s right REVENGE!!!!!!!

    Announcer2: Well I don’t think your plan is working there big head

    Magnanimous: Don’t worry! I got a secret weapon in my sleeves

    Announcer1: And how did you convince these five wrestlers to fight against the blue robot

    Magnanimous: I didn’t convince them I just….*Megas got hit and go towards to magnanimous! Lucky he escapes but the camera was destroy*

    Announcer1: Its seems that we have lost contact with magananimous

    Announcer2: well at least we can still see the match, hey what’s the blue robot doing?

    *Megas grabs a sledgehammer from under the ring and hits all the wrestlers! The road warriors lose one of their arms! Rowdy piper lose both legs! Until The Underdigger and Mr. Macho punch Megas at the same time*

    Coop: You call your self’s champs! You are a bunch of losers

    Mr. Macho: ”Oooooh Yeeeeaaah” *Mr. macho throws a huge missile towards Megas! But Megas then grabs The Road warriors and Rowdy piper destroying them and just the heads are still intact

    Coop: Well its time use my secret weapon* Coop grabs is latest wrestling game and put it into kiva’s computer*

    Kiva: What are you doing? Don’t tell me….another of your modifications

    Coop: Yep* with the controls he uses a cheat code so that he can released all the moves of the game and downloading them to Megas*

    Coop: Well its just me and you two! So how’s going first

    *Underdigger goes first and punch Megas many times until Megas stops him and then with a stranglehold breaks in half The Underdigger*

    Coop: Well c’mon! don’t you want to prove to everyone that you’re not a wimp! Because I think your just bluffing


    Jaime: yeah right! You just said that in 20 minutes and we are still standing here

    *Mr. Macho does is special move once more*

    Coop: Not this time chump* Megas goes to the top rope and catch Mr. Macho to use one of the special moves from the game ”The Tombstone Piledriver” mashing Mr. Macho’s mech into pieces*

    Announcer1: Well I think this fight is all over for this five wrestlers! Magnanimous didn’t make is revenge and the blue robot wins the match

    Announcer2: Hey really we have to tell everyone in the wrestling business to use a giant robot to perform a fantastic battle

    Jaime: Once again giant robots wanted to kill us! Still we smash them

    Coop: Yeah! But im just wondering why this guys wanted to fight me? I dont think that Mr. Macho was very angry of that little incident we made! Hey are we forgetting something important

    *Megas is hit by and energy blast*

    Magnanimous: Cant believe your are still alive earther! But it doesn’t matter because you have to face with….MAGNANIMOUS

    Coop: and where’s your robot magnipot? did you forgot it at home

    Magnanimous: don’t worry it will come* using is control all the mechs that were destroy are getting together so they can form with magnanimous is mech that is similar to Evil Ash*

    Jaime: Coop! You really have to stop telling people that

    Coop: Hey chump what did you do to wrestlers so they can fight me?

    Magnanimous: Your still wondering why this wrestlers have to fight against you right? Well with the meathead I didn’t have any trouble but with the others was another story ! So it was time for plan B! with a control chip I control them and did what ever I wanted! Even the meathead I thought that he will go against me too! There still in my control and the only way you can free them is to the destroy my mech! but you don’t have a chance

    Kiva: Is right! the only way to destroy the control is to his mech! Him looking for a weak spot so that we can attack him

    Coop: Ok kiva you do that! Now you floating head freak! You ruin my wrestlemania event! Come here and make me face five of my all time wrestling heroes for your sick revenge and make me miss my second lunch! Its time to rumble

    *Megas goes takes down magnanimous! Magnanimous uses is sword and make a huge scar at Megas! Megas uses is cool sword thingy! the two fight equally but at the end magnanimous uses energy blast and Megas goes down*

    Announcer1: Well I think it’s the end for blue robot ladys and gentlemen

    Announcer2: "Well Just remember the match ain't over till the fat lady rings the bell."

    Magnanimous: “HAIL TO THE KING BABY”

    Coop: Oooh! This guy have improve himself from our last fight

    Jaime(sarcastic)You think

    Kiva: I finally found is weak spot! in is helmet the hole time

    Coop: Nice* coop uses all the buttons until Megas turns is hands into two blades that there extremely sharps that it cuts with a special effect destroys the mech of magnanimous and the mind control and magnanimous goes to the ground*

    Magnanimous: The paaaaiiiiin! Oh wait im still alive

    *But Magnanimous is surrounded by the five wrestlers*

    Magnanimous(nervous) Oh I think you guys are wondering why are you here! Well its just…

    Mr. Macho: you trick us you fat floating head

    Rowdy piper: hey guys! Why don’t we give another match for the audience

    All: Oooooh Yeeeeaaah!

    Magnanimous: No wait I …*all the wrestlers are punching and throwing elbow drops at magnanimous*

    Announcer1: well I think this fight his over! Really I think it was the best robot match in history of wrestling! Any final words Jerry

    Announcer2: shut up Jim! him watching on how they are kicking the floating head’s butt

    Coop: Well I think they can take care of magnumilus

    Jaime: hey if we have miss the match of wrestlermania! Why don’t we see this match it looks entertaining

    Kiva: yeah and more that Magnanimous is getting a real beating

    *All the guys laugh at the same time*

    End of credits: Magnanimous is still getting a beating from the five wrestlers
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    Villains: Magnanimous
    1. When Magnanimous is talking in the beginning of the show is similar at “Ash from Army of Darkness”

    2. The real wrestlers didn’t have the time to do the voices and Hawk from The Road Warrios had pass oh way years ago

    3.poqtv ad was destroy

    4. The special moves that the wrestlers did! There really theres

    5. Coop had said the words Klaatu! Barrada! Nikto! That Ash was supposed to say when he grabs the necronomicon from Army of Darkness
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    Not bad. Though it would of been cool to see Coop beat the piss out of the wrestlers.
  13. King_of_doom

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    well the next episode will involve the return of R.E.G.I.S. and this time is planning to drain all the electricity of the city so that he can be at night and not wait to the sun come out

    i was thinking this name for this episode but i dont know that would fit:

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    This episode starts when Little Tommy goes to school and he uses the piece that he haves from R.E.G.I.S like a necklace and he’s showing it to his friends:

    Kid1 (voice by Tara strong) Hey Tommy! What’s that you wearing?

    Little Tommy(voice by Sean Marquette) This? Is my eye-robot I found it months ago in a battle with a cool blue robot!

    Everyone: Cooool!!!!

    Kid2 (voice by Grey Deslisle) And those it have some special powers?

    Little Tommy: I don’t know! I didn’t try it!

    Kid1: Well what are you waiting for! Show what it does

    Little Tommy: Probably not! Because if you put it into the sun something terrible might happen! That’s why I put some special plastic so that he can’t get is energy from the sun

    *Some of the kids grabs the piece and removes the plastic so that he can watch what it does*

    Little Tommy: Hey! Give that back

    Kid2: C’mon… I just want to see what it does

    *And R.E.G.I.S moves and it was going to grow again until the kid got scared and he throws it near truck that is from the Electric Company of New Jersey and goes towards there*

    Little Tommy: Dude! That was not cool!

    Theme play


    *Coop and the gang are at “The Virtualstop” store to buy a new game*

    Coop: Do you have the latest game of wrestling or any new fighting game?

    Employee: No not yet! But we do have the lates lurps fighting game call “THE LURPS : HERE COMES THE CUDDLES”

    *Kiva and Jaime are playing video games*

    Jaime: Any last words when I finish you?

    Kiva: This*kiva does a special move to win the game*

    Jaime: What happen? I was wining and you where…. How did you do that?

    Kiva: Probably the practice I had with coop

    Jaime: You where playing video games with coop? since when?

    Kiva: Like a few months ago! at first I taught that it was a wasted of time! But now I know why coop like this kind games! There really a lot of fun

    Jaime*looking at kiva*

    Kiva: What?

    Jaime: Ok who are you and what did you did with the real Kiva?

    Kiva: Jaime! Just because I now play video games! It doesn’t mean that im another person! How did you like that I confuse you with someone else

    Jaime: There’s just only one who can attracts chicks and that is me!

    Kiva: Who can attracts chicks? You wish! besides if there were more of you! Just one girl would dump all of you at the same time

    Jaime(imitating kiva) One girl would dump all of you at the same time *Jaime all angry at Kiva*

    Coop: C’mon man! You know that im your best customer! I know that you have a cool new video game

    Employee: All right dude but don’t tell anyone or I have to kiss my butt good bye! Here

    *The employee gives coop a new fighting game*

    Coop: All right! “Metal Bone Crusher” Nice!!! Ok guys he can go home

    Jaime: Home? Coop why don’t we go and smash stuff with Megas

    Kiva: Megas it’s not a toy for your entertainment Jamie! And I all ready check that there isn’t any invasion of The Glorfts or any other monsters in the area

    Coop: Finally I can rest and play my new video game

    Jaime: Yeah! What ever

    *The guys are now going to coop’s house and we see the truck leaving the package with the piece of R.E.G.I.S Into the Energy plant*

    Worker1(voice by Steven Jay Blum) Hey what’s this thing doing here?

    Worker2(voice by Clancy brown) I don’t know? Probably garbage! Just throw it

    *The worker throws it out the window right next to the sun and R.E.G.I.S. once again grows but at the same form from the first time we saw him in “All I wanted was a slushie”*

    R.E.G.I.S (voice by Michael Dorn) The R.E.G.I.S. Mark V has been Re-animated once more! to destroy planets and enslave all is occupants * watches the sun’s going out* it appears that my energy source from the sun will be gone quickly! I need and alternative energy source so that I could destroy this pitiful planet even at night * R.E.G.I.S scanning at the energy plant* this will do

    *R.E.G.I.S enters and makes havoc at the plant*

    R.E.G.I.S: Do not panic! You will all die

    *All the workers from the plant scream and run for safety*

    Worker1: That’s what happens when you tell me to throw things at the window

    Worker2: Want to go and see the football game at my place

    Worker1: Yeah sure

    *Then R.E.G.I.S sees the main Energy source of the plant*

    R.E.G.I.S: Regis will soon be unstoppable! And with this I will destroy the organic life form and is puny vehicle that I had fought months ago

    *R.E.G.I.S then connects is spider arms to the energy supply and steals all the energy of the city*

    *At Coop’s house*

    Coop: Well the moment that we are waiting for! To play my new video game

    Kiva: But you really have to put all of this just for a game*telling coop about all the food at the table*

    Jaime: He always does that when he gets a new game! You might call it “The Coop Tradition Way”

    Coop: Well less talk and more playing people* putting is new game on the console*The moment of truth*Coop press the start button until the TV and all the electricity of coops house goes off*

    Jaime(sarcastic) Wow coop! you really have and awesome game there

    Coop: Hey! What happen?

    Kiva: Probably it’s a power failure

    Jaime: Or did you forgot to pay the electric bill again

    Coop: No way! I all ready paid it last week

    Kiva: Well don’t worry about it! All the houses doesn’t have electricity too

    Coop: Oh man! It was the best night for my new video game and the chumps from the electric company just ruin it! Well im not staying here and wait

    Kiva: What do you mean….don’t tell me

    *There in Megas and they go towards to the energy plant*

    Jaime: Hey coop! are we going to smash the place so that they can put the electricity Back? Because that would be so cool.

    Coop: C’mon Jaime! I know that Megas is a fighting destructive robot but it also is my ride! Im just gonna talk to them and tell them to bring back my electricity or ill personally have to kick their butts

    Kiva(sarcastic)Wow! That would work pretty well*kiva’s computer sense something at the plant* what the? Coop wait! I just pick up something

    Coop: What is it?

    Kiva: It can’t be? It’s The R.E.G.I.S unit

    Jaime: What? You just told us that there weren’t any monsters in the area

    Kiva: Yes! but remember that The R.E.G.I.S unit can hide is power from every computer system even mine!

    Coop: But wait a minute! I taught that this chump only comes when the sun is out

    Kiva: By the looks of things he needs and alternative energy and the energy plant is the main target! That’s why he wants to drain all the energy of the city! To stay at night so that it can be unstoppable

    Jaime: And that was is weakness! Now how are we going to destroy that thing if it doesn’t have any weakness anymore?

    Coop: But look its defend less! I just lunch some missiles and throw it some where that it cannot get more energy

    Kiva: Good idea! But stay alert

    *Megas goes inside the plant and face R.E.G.I.S*

    R.E.G.I.S: The R.E.G.I.S. Mark V wasn’t expecting your presents! But still ill destroy all of you and your pitiful vehicle

    Coop: Yeah right! Remember that I already kick your butt and will do it again

    Jaime: Technically coop! we where lucky that day with the smoke

    Coop(steering at Jaime) do you mine! Im still talking here

    R.E.G.I.S.: I can’t be stop of my goal of destruction! Your plan to destroy me is futile! You cannot win

    Coop: Ooooh yeeeeaaah!!

    *Megas attacks R.E.G.I.S with “Super Destructo mode” but R.E.G.I.S released some robots that looks similar to “The Sentinels of The Matrix” to defend himself and they can talk like him*

    Jaime: What the heck are does things?

    Kiva: Reproduction robots! Remember that The R.E.G.I.S unit can duplicate himself or turn into another form of robot

    Coop(angry)I hate when he does that

    Sentinels (who can talk like R.E.G.I.S): We laugh at your foolish attempts to destroy me! With my duplicates sentinels We can win because we are R.E.G.I.S

    Coop: Laugh at this

    *Megas smash and burns all the Sentinels R.E.G.I.S! he uses is sword cool thingy and cuts them leaving them to dust! Some of them with their tentacles grabs Megas and hits him into the walls of the plant* he cuts lose and with the tentacles grabs one of them to do the same but with the Sentinels*

    Coop (laughing at the Sentinels) tell me again about “unstoppable” I didn’t get that one

    Jaime: Coop you do remember what this thing does right?

    Coop: Don’t worry *pressing many buttons*

    Kiva: What are you doing Coop?

    Coop: Well in case this chump came back and with a different tactic! I was prepare in case this happens*Megas opens is chest to show a big canon shooting a huge energy blast disintegrating all the sentinels R.E.G.I.S not leaving a trace*what do you think?

    Kiva: For once! one of your modifications works this time Coop

    Coop: See Jamie! I told you she like my idea but your where “no way man this modification wont work”

    Jaime: Hey! I was just giving my own opinion! you don’t have to rube it into my face you know

    *Then R.E.G.I.S released more sentinels to attack Megas*

    Kiva: Coop! More are coming this way

    *Megas uses the canon over and over again at the sentinels*

    Coop: What! don’t you have a better plan that just attacking me? I think your losing your touch pal

    R.E.G.I.S: The R.E.G.I.S Mark V never loses is touch when he’s in battle! You will soon be destroyed

    *The Sentinels got together to form a big pill driver and go directly into Megas is chest destroying the canon*

    *Kiva and Jaime are steering at Coop*


    Kiva: You say it Jaime


    Coop: All right! All right! It is wrong to give bad guys ideas! don’t worry we steal have Megas in full power

    Kiva: Yeah but with out the canon where done for

    Coop: Well then! its time to… old school

    *Megas grabs the sentinels and smash them one by one! Then he makes “The eight Fireball Blast” from is hands destroying others sentinels! Megas grabs one and rips him in half! The Sentinels are shooting lasers at Megas but it he dodges them and goes to poqtv concert*

    *At the poq tv concert*

    Singer1(voice by Tom Kenny) well I know that we don’t have power to play our instruments but we can still make a cool show in poq tv concert! Because poq tv ROC…

    *The lasers goes directly at the band destroying the hole place just leaving the clothes of the singers*

    Public: Yyyyaaay!

    *In the plant! We see Megas still surrounded by many Sentinels*

    Jaime: Well we see that old school didn’t work quite well! Now what?

    Coop: I don’t know! Kiva do you have a plan?

    Kiva: Im making one of the missiles to have a special fire power so that they can be destroy once an for all

    Jaime: If you really doing that! Hurry up

    Sentinels: Even if you destroy hundreds of us! You cannot win! This fight is for The R.E.G.I.S

    *Megas grabs four of them and smashed them to the ground at the same time! The sentinels with their tentacles grabs Megas both arms and legs but with is turbo buster gets free and with “The Double Deuce” breaks all their tentacles and use them has his weapons

    Coop(fighting) Take this! Take that ugly! You wan a piece of me oh you got it buddy

    Jaime: kiva! Any time now

    Kiva: im all most done……go it! now coop shoot the missile

    Coop: AHHHH!*Coop’s uses his head to active the missile*

    *The missile destroys part of the plant and the sentinels*

    Coop: Nice Kiva

    Jaime: Yeah! I have to at admit that was one cool missile you did

    Coop: c’mon kiva like we practice

    Kiva: mmm… ok ill do it

    *The three of them makes the finger pose*

    Kiva: well I hate to stop the moment but we got bigger problems and our hands! look

    *R.E.G.I.S finally haves enough power to stay in the dark and he’s transforms like one of The sentinels But the head its still the same*

    R.E.G.I.S: Now R.E.G.I.S is has full power to stay in the night! now no one will challenge me because they will be struck down

    Coop: Yaaaahh! *Megas gives elbow drop at R.E.G.I.S*

    Coop: Do you really think that I forgot to kick your alien-robots butt

    R.E.G.I.S: Foolish organic live form! You can’t stop The R.E.G.I.S Mark V! Hes now invincible

    Coop: Wanna bet….. You Alien-Robot chump! You came back and steal the energy of the city! Make dozen of your tentacle robot thingy’s and you destroy my quality time with my new video game....lets fight

    *Megas goes towards R.E.G.I.S by super speed but with its giant tentacles stops him still Megas gets up and removes one of tentacles and like a knife he penetrates his chest with it! He uses then all he’s arsenal to destroy him but it doesn’t works*

    Kiva: Forget it that tactic doesn’t work coop! you have to have another plan

    Coop: Hey! At least I didn’t smash him right! like the last time

    Jaime: Tentacle attack

    Coop: what attack?

    *Megas got hit with major damage with that attack *

    Jaime: That attack

    Kiva: Coop it doesn’t look good for Megas

    R.E.G.I.S: Now you will be turn into cosmic dust as well at this pitiful planet of yours

    *R.E.G.I.S with is tentacles is charging energy blast to destroy Megas*

    Coop: What’s he doing?

    Kiva: charging is weapon to destroy us…any other question?

    Coop: Ok then….lets see what we have stop it* watching at the buttons “do something stupid coop” “do something more stupid coop” “press all the buttons idiot” then he press many buttons until Megas haves this cool glowing thing all over is body

    R.E.G.I.S: DIE

    *R.E.G.I.S shoots his energy blast and Megas takes it!*

    Jaime: are we dead now?

    *Watching Megas absorbing all the energy of the blast and the energy of R.E.G.I.S! he now use is energy blast against R.E.G.I.S*

    Coop: Bye bye

    R.E.G.I.S: I will rrrrreeeettttuur!!

    *With all is power gone I shuts down and been blast by Coop’s energy to destroy him just leaving of piece of him*

    Coop: Well that takes care of that lets go home

    *Later at coops house! We watch coop Jaime and kiva playing video games*

    Coop: This game rocks!

    Kiva: Well you deserve it! Know that you have return the energy at the plant everyone at the city haves electricity again and you beat The R.E.G.I.S unit

    Jaime: Yep! But what happens if he comes back

    Kiva: Don’t worry! Coop had watch everything that The R.E.G.I.S unit didn’t leave anything of himself! right coop?

    Coop(very entertain by the game)What's that? Yeah sure I took care of it

    *Later at the place of the fight little Tommy was riding is bicycle until he saw the piece of R.E.G.I.S*

    Little Tommy: Coool! I taught that i have lost you

    *Then the piece starts to glow*

    End of credits: we see kiva and coop playing video games! Kiva lost the game with coop and Jaime laughs but she tells him to play and kiva won making Jaime very angry and tossing the control game
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    1. This his the first time we see that Little Tommy speaks more and for the first time he says “that was not cool”

    2. Kiva now likes to play video games

    3. The robots that R.E.G.I.S use is similar from The Sentinels from The Matrix

    4. A poqtv concert was destroyed

    5. Coop finally had done a good job with one of he’s modifications(too bad it was destroyed in the end)

    6. The second appearance of “The Fire Ball Eight Blast” since “Test Drive”

    7. For the first time kiva does with coop and jaime the finger pose,but the first time however was with jaime in "The Driver's seat"
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    A little too short but not bad. Just fix up the grammar and it should be great.
  17. King_of_doom

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    May 23, 2005
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    Thanks ^_^, still have to fix the grammar!well i got a little better dont you think.
  18. King_of_doom

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    This episode starts with Coop Jaime and Goat in The junk yard on fixing Megas:

    Coop: Man, I would go for a Mega-slush right about now

    Jaime: Why don’t we go then? We are going to pick kiva in ten minutes and that’s enough time to buy some drinks don’t you think?

    Coop: Nice!!!!!!

    *Both doing the finger pose*

    Goat: Hey wait a minute you guys. Don’t you forgot something?

    Both: What?

    Goat: Ok! What day is it

    Coop: Fifteen

    Goat: What month are we?

    Jaime: September! So what’s the big deal?

    Goat: What’s the big deal? And I taught that you where Kiva’s friends

    Jaime: I don’t consider her a friend. Still I like her….mostly

    Coop: Goat! She’s are friend….. Why all the bashing

    Goat: Dude because…… It’s her birthday

    Both: What? Oh man where really in trouble now

    Them play

    “Happy Destructive Birthday to you”

    Coop: I can’t believe it. are you sure?

    Goat: Yeah! I all ready bought her a gift and Tiny is going to buy something for her too

    Coop: Even Tiny? Oh man! Why did we forgot Kiva’s birthday

    Jaime: Hey wait a minute! Goat how do you know about kiva’s birthday?! We didn’t mention it to you or Tiny

    Goat: Well you see….I got my resources

    *Coop and Jaime are steering at goat*

    Goat: What? Really I have

    *still steering*

    Goat: C’mon don’t you think that im….. no way man im not what you think I am

    Jaime: Sure

    Goat: All right! when kiva had fought with That Alien Bounty Hunter Babe she lost this*showing the virtual information about kiva* you see

    Coop: Wow! Look at this. it haves everything that she has done

    Jaime: Well why don’t we watch what’s her favorite stuff like music! food! Clothes maybe

    Goat: Just for the record me and Tiny already pick those

    Jaime: Great! At least this thing haves something else she likes

    Coop: Nope that’s about it

    Jaime: So what do we do huh?

    Coop: I know! Why don’t we buy her some cool gadget or something?

    Jaime: With what money. I only got a two bucks

    Coop: And my mom didn’t give me money today *Coop’s still thinking* Why don’t we built her something… I know! How about a new robot for her

    Jamie: I can see it now

    *Vision on how coop gives kiva her new robot all made out of junk*

    Coop: Well c’mon ride it!

    *Kiva gets into her new robot! Jamie kicks it and gets destroyed leaving kiva all mess up*

    Coop(nervous) So what do you think?

    Kiva: On the count of three I suggest that either of you run or I have to kill you MYSELF!!

    *Kiva goes after coop and Jaime*

    *End of vision*

    Jaime: I don’t think kiva’s goanna like a new robot! Especially made out of you

    Coop: Why? It’s perfect

    Jaime: Well because you can’t built a giant robot with pieces of junk and remember that you had fix and customized Megas not built it

    Coop: Oh yeah your right…..So what do we do now?

    Goat: Hey guys! Why don’t you get that thingy that she’s always talking about that you had broken

    Coop: That’s right! The time flux thingy. We could get one for her birthday

    Jaime (sarcastic) Oh sure Coop! And in the mean time why don’t we get some hundreds of chicks in here! Dream on. Remember that thing doesn’t exist until the year 3037

    Coop: Oh yeah! Hey but why don’t we go to some planet that have the latest technology and stuff

    Jaime: mmm…that would work! But what do we tell kiva? You know she’s going with us

    Coop: Ill think of something

    *Megas is now going to a planet that haves a time flux unit with out kiva knowing*

    Kiva: We are going to find what?

    Coop: The latest video games from other planets! That’s why we need your navigation to know where’s the planet that have that kind of stuff

    *Coop gives the ok sign and Jaime too but with roll eyes*

    Kiva: I don’t like the idea. But I would probably find something for the time flux unit

    Coop: Nooo! Don’t think about that

    Kiva: What?

    *All nervous at Kiva*

    Jaime: jejeje….what Coop’s trying to say is that don’t worry about it right now! Because we don’t think that they can have a time flux unit yet

    Kiva(still confused) Oookkk! Ill start looking at the navigation unit…

    Coop (whispering at Jaime) Feeewww!! That was a close

    Jaime ( sarcastic) That’s why you’re the man of words coop

    Kiva: I found a planet with high technology and the habitants are called The Scarrens!

    Coop: What are they? Some kind of ugly aliens like the squids

    Kiva: Im not sure until we land there! And remember Coop don’t make the same mistake like last time when we have visited other planets

    Coop: What are you talking about! I didn’t do anything wrong

    *Flashback! Coop was trying to reason with and alien race. That he isn’t a tread to their species*

    Coop: We come in peace! We are not a tread to you’re…..*then he presses a button with his gut to activate all the arsenal of Megas and fires them

    Alien (Frank Welker) Where under attack fiiiirrre!!

    *Then they fire all their missiles at Megas and that’s the end of the flashback*

    Coop: Ooooh! That little incident….jejeje don’t worry wont happen again

    Jaime: You always said that dude. Well I hope these aliens are friendly

    *They land and see that the aliens are similar to “The Utrons of the TMNT”*

    Alien (voice of Frank Welker) Greetings fellow earthers

    Kiva: You know who we are?

    Alien: Of course! here we know all the species of the universe with are technology…. Oh pardon my rudeness I am Ganthel and you must be

    Coop: Hi! Im coop! He’s my best friend Jaime and our friend from the future Kiva

    Jaime: Hey! What’s it hanging

    Kiva: Please to meet you! I have to admit that im impress with your world! it has all kind of sophisticated technology….can I ask you something?

    Ganthel: Yes you may

    Kiva: If you know so much of the earthers. You don’t have information about The Glorfts?

    Ganthel: Im afraid to tell you that I don’t have information of that species

    Kiva: Oh I see. Don’t worry about it

    *Ganthel is showing the place to the guys! That its fill with robots and scarrens making other robots and high tech vehicles*

    Ganthel: Here we have our people making the latest technology of the universe

    Coop: Hey! Can you take us to the latest gadgets and probably some video games?

    Ganthel: Ahhh….sure I can show you where it is

    Jaime: Coop tell her

    Coop: Oh yeah! Hey kiva can we talk for a second

    Kiva: Sure….what’s up?

    Coop: Me and Jaime where talking and we are thinking that why don’t you go ahead an meet the place

    Kiva: What? I don’t understand

    Jaime: Listen! We are going to talk to Ganthel for video games and I think it will take some time! So we decided that you would go and do something else!

    Kiva: Doing what?

    Jaime: I don’t know! more information on giant robots. you know that kind of stuff

    Kiva(kind of sad) Or you guys don’t want me to hang out with you. Because probably ill spoiled your fun

    Coop: No its not like that we….

    Kiva: Don’t worry! Ill go and see what I can find ok

    *Kiva leaves and she still sad*

    Coop: Oh man! I hate to see her like that

    Jaime: I don’t know…. I kind a like to see her that way

    *Coop steers at Jaime*

    Jaime: All right all right! Sorry

    *Coop and Jaime are going with Ganthel and Kiva goes to see the place*

    Kiva: Can’t believe the guys. Going for some stupid video games and they didn’t say anything or gave me something for my……what the?

    *Has she watched a glorft ship in front of her*

    Kiva: Oh no! I have warned the guys

    *But she’s surrounded by army’s of mech glorfts*

    *Meanwhile! Coop and Jaime tells Ganthel about the Time Flux unit*

    Coop: So do you have a time flux? Because its very important to us…please

    Ganthel: Sorry. We don’t have that kind of technology yet

    Jaime: I can’t believe that and alien race that haves the latest technology ever seen and you’re telling me that there isn’t a time flux

    Ganthel: We are really sorry*one of the doors open* oh no! Please hide….hurry!!

    Coop: Hey what the? stop pushing*Coop watches at the door and sees that is Gorrath* no way….the squid?

    *Coop and Jaime weren’t seen by Gorrath*

    Gorrath: All right Scarren scum! Where’s my new robot

    Ganthel(nervous) Don’t worry! It just going to take a few minutes..ughhh*Gorrath grabs him*

    Gorrath: I told you that I am and inpatient one Ganthel. I had give you blue prints and glorft technology so that you can make me a powerful robot to invade earth and to finally finish off that fat monkey and the prototype once and far all

    *The commander is communicating with gorrath*

    Commander: Warmaster…..Warmaster can you heard me?

    Gorrath: What is it commander…..*The commander is telling that they have capture kiva* what? That’s impossible! So that means

    *Gorrath frees Ganthel and goes to where the commander is! And coop and Jaime are getting out of their hide out*

    Jaime: Oh man! There are millions of planets and the glorfts have to choose this one

    Coop: Hey Ganthel! might explain that

    Ganthel: Sorry for lying to you! But the glorfts had threatens us that if we make contact for help. They will destroy our planet

    Jaime: But you’re a superior race. Don’t you have some high tech security system?

    Ganthel: We where to busy….it never come to us until the last minute

    Coop: Tell me about the squids new robot

    Ganthel: It wasn’t hard to make one*shows the new robot of Gorrath that looks like Monster X but in mech-form from Godzilla final wars* he had sent us some weird new metal that I haven’t seen before and we still have plenty of it

    Coop: If only kiva was here! She already examine that metal

    Jaime: Hey if the glorfts are here! don’t you think……

    Both: Kiva’s in trouble

    *Meanwhile We see that Kiva’s in chains in a dungeon of the Scarrens*

    Commander: Warmaster! Heres the prisoner that we capture

    Gorrath: Excellent work commander. Now get back to your position

    Commander: Yes sir!

    Kiva: What are you doing here Gorrath?

    Gorrath: Well it’s clearly obvious that i want The Scarrens to make me my own robot so that I can destroy you and your stupid friends

    Kiva: Wow Gorrath! you have surprise me…… making other aliens to make your own dirty work

    Gorrath: Silence! Or I will…*got interrupt by the Commander* what is it

    Commander: Sir….the prototype is approaching this way

    Gorrath: You’re lucky that your friends are here! Because I would have destroy you right now

    *Gorrath leaves Kiva and telling everyone to prepare them self’s*

    Coop: Hey Ganthel! You now how to use Kiva’s computer?

    Ganthel: What am i….a monkey who scratch is behind all day! Of course I know how to work this technology

    Coop: Cool…. because im going to fight with these chumps and meanwhile you locate Kiva and rescue her all right

    Ganthel: yes of course! It’s the least I can do for you

    *Ganthel locates Kiva and gets out of Megas to save her*
    *Gorrath at the monitor*

    Gorrath: I’m impress earther! How did you know where to find us?

    Coop: ummmm! Just lucky coincidents

    Jaime(sarcastic)Yeah right!

    Gorrath: Doesn’t matter…..because with this new robot I will finally destroy you and no one can stop me for world domination

    Coop: Blah blah blah! Just bring it on squid

    *Gorrath sends all is units to attack Megas! First Megas punches everyone in is pat with super speed! Then he jumps from a building with elbow drop destroying hundreds of them! The Glorfts grabs Megas arms and punching him in the chest….. he cuts lose and smash them*


    Jaime(scare)Coop do something because im not ready to die

    Coop: I’m on it*coop’s pressing some buttons until he makes is arms into a powerful energy blast to destroy some of the mechs* how you like that. You bunch of losers!

    *Meanwhile Ganthel have found Kiva*

    Ganthel: Kiva are you all right?

    Kiva: Yes im fine….just let my out of this chains

    *Kiva is now contacting with the guys*

    Kiva: Coop can you hear me?

    Coop: Kiva! Glad to see you’re ok

    Kiva: I bet

    Coop: What? You’re still mad about the conversation we had

    *Kiva steers at Coop*

    Jaime: With that….. She still mad

    Kiva: Never mind that! Pick me and Ganthel to Megas

    Coop: Ok! I just have to.....WHOA!!!

    *Megas got hit with flying fist by Gorrath*
    Gorrath: Where do you think your going earther scum!

    Kiva: Coop are you all right?

    Coop: Yeah I think so! But Megas have received major damage with that punch

    Kiva: What? But it was only a punch! And energy blast could damage….

    Coop: Yeah but the squid had put some kind of new metal armor for is robot…..talk to Ganthel! He knows because he made it

    Kiva: Really?

    Ganthel: Ill explain that later! I will show you some the metal the glorft had bring us

    *Kiva and Ganthel are going to examine the metal and Megas is struggling with Gorrath*

    Gorrath: You really disappoint me earther! I taught with this you can put on a good fight, but I was wrong

    Coop: hey! Just because im losing, doesn’t mean I give up that easy….so let’s dance

    *Megas makes and energy weapon like the cool sword thingy but know in form of axes and attacks gorrath but it didn’t leave a scratch! Then he grabs him to do the pilldriver on him but he cuts lose and Gorrath attacks Megas and rips is right arm*

    Coop: Hey! You goanna pay for that you smelly squid

    Jaime: We are goanna die! We are goanna die! We are goanna die

    *Meanwhile Ganthel show’s Kiva the Glorft’s new metal*

    Kiva: Can’t believe the glorft’s have this? And you’re telling me that it took you just 1 minute on building Gorrath’s robot

    Ganthel: Yes…but I told Gorrath that it takes 2 weeks! just for buying some time until you three have came here

    Kiva: This is bad! Gorrath’s mech will destroy Megas in five minutes…unless*then she watches the metal* you said that it took you to built a mech in 1 minute right?

    Ganthel: Yes!

    Kiva: Well! I have I little job for you

    *Megas is still defending himself on gorrath’s attacks! But know he’s starts losing power*

    Jaime: tell me that is a good noise

    Coop: Where losing power! We don’t have enough power to fight

    Gorrath: What a waist! I prefer that my army destroy you instead of my own hands! All units destroy the prototype

    *Coop and Jaime where prepared for the final blow until hundreds of mech glorfts have been destroyed*


    Kiva: With pleasure!

    *Then we see Kiva with here new robot (her old design of her first robot)*

    Coop: Kiva?

    Jaime: Whoa! No way

    Gorrath: WHAT? Commander you where supposed to take care of her!

    Commander: I taught you did sir

    Gorrath: Imbecile! And the worst part that she is using one of my new metals! But how is this possible*Ganthel in the monitor*

    Ganthel: Simple because one of your careless soldiers had brought me plenty of metal so that I can do many robots

    *Gorrath steers at the commander*

    Commander: I could explain that too war…..

    Gorrath: Ill dill with you later commander

    Kiva: What’s the matter Gorrath? don’t want to fight equally

    Gorrath: Im not afraid from a human! And even if it is you Kiva

    *They both battle grabbing both hands! Gorrath uses is eyes if it where laser bins but Kiva dodges it and punch him to the lower belt and Coop and Jaime are cheering for her*

    Coop: Punch that squid into the ground Kiva

    Jaime: Yeah and hurry up! He have to be in and hour to your birth…*coop’s hits jaime’s arm* hey why did you do that...oh yeah I forgot

    *Kiva uses her energy lasso to hit Gorrath but he grabs it and hits kiva into the buildings! Then she uses here combat skills on Gorrath and goes to the ground leaving him defend less so she can use all her arsenal to attack Gorrath leaving him with major damage*

    Kiva: have enough*coop in monitor*

    Coop: Wow kiva! You rock….you really kick that squids butt

    Jaime: yeah! Nice one Kiva

    Kiva: Thanks but I think…..

    *Gorrath gets up and with a powerful energy blast damage Kiva’s robot and it starts to blowing up the pieces*

    Coop: Kiva get out there!

    Kiva: I can’t! The door is stuck

    *Megas goes to rescue her but it is too late and it blows leaving with out a trace*

    Coop: It can’t be

    Jaime(shock) Kiva

    Gorrath: HAHAHAHA! I have finally destroyed her! now for make things better ill destroy you now


    *Coop press many buttons until Megas turns is left arm into fire and hits Gorraths jaw destroying the robot but he escapes “that move is similar of ken’s shoryuken from Street Fighter”*

    Gorrath: all units retreat! Even that you won this battle earther! I all ready won something in return hahaha

    Coop: Why you*coop was going to say something until*

    Kiva: Coop can you heard me?

    Coop: Kiva it’s that you?

    Jaime: your alive?

    Gorrath: What? This is impossible! we all saw that you where still in your robot and blew with it

    Kiva: Yes! But with the help of Ganthel I have time to get out of there safely

    Coop: Nice! Didn’t saw that coming huh squid?

    Gorrath: ARRRGGGGH!! I will return

    Coop: Yeah yeah go cry somewhere else

    *The guys are with Kiva and Ganthel*

    Coop: Wow! Kiva you really had us worry about you

    Kiva: Really? I didn’t taught you care

    Jaime(angry) Don’t ever say that ok! You think that we don’t care but I got news for yeah we do…*put is hand on kiva’s shoulder*you really had us worried

    Kiva(smirking) I know and I know that you went all this trouble just to give me a present

    Coop: How do you know that? Ganthel…. did you tell her

    Ganthel: Well she was angry at you and I didn’t have any choice to explain her so that she cannot be mad anymore

    Jaime: Yeah! but you spoiled the surprise….know what are goanna get her

    Kiva: Guys I don’t care for a present! I know that you wanted give me a new time flux but I prefer to spend my day with you guys

    Both: Really?

    Kiva: Well mostly

    *all of them are starting to laugh*

    Coop: Well! its goanna take me awhile to fix Megas

    Ganthel: You know! There is still plenty of that metal Gorrath use for is robot! We can repair your robot and put the metal for your new armor

    Coop: Rock on!!

    *Ganthel and the other scarrens are repairing Megas and its good as new*

    Coop: Well we have to be going. Because someone his going to have a party

    Ganthel :I wish you good luck and thank you once again for saving us from the glorfts

    Coop: No problem! Well see yeah!

    *Megas is now leaving the planet and going straight to Earth*

    Kiva: so Jaime….you where really worried about me huh

    Jaime: What….no way I knew that you have escaped! You always do

    Coop(laughing) Yeah right Jaime! You were so shock that you keep telling kiva’s name the all time

    Jaime: leave me alone dude….can we go faster to Earth and get this over with

    *Coop and Kiva laughs at Jaime*

    End of credits: We see a party on coop’s basement and tiny’s bringing the cake so kiva can blow the candles but not until coop and Jaime wanted to slam her face into the cake but kiva dodges it and grabs coop and jaime’s head to slam them into the cake leaving coop and Jaime with cake all over there faces! Coop he’s enjoying the cake and Jaime grabs a piece hitting kiva’s face and they laugh at each other .
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  19. King_of_doom

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    Villains: The Glorfts

    1. Kiva’s now 26

    2. The Scarrens is a name of a villain of Farscape

    3.The Scarrens looks similar of The Utrons from TMNT

    4. The mech of Gorrath looks like Monster X from the final movie of Godzilla: Final Wars

    5. Megas now uses cool energy Axes like the cool sword thingy

    6. Kiva uses the new metal of the glorfts to make her new robot in this episode

    7. The move that uses to defeat Gorrath is from ken’s shoryuken of Street Fighter”

    8. Megas now has the new metal that is ten times stronger then is regular metal armor
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    Grood episode BTW.

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