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Megas XLR Episode idea scripts. (PG)

Discussion in 'The Story Board' started by Xerroo, Apr 9, 2005.

  1. Xerroo

    Xerroo Megas Fan

    Apr 6, 2005
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    Thanks. I just really wanted to make the episodes more Megas-Esque with the flashback/daydreams as well as the action and comedy. I try to keep it in the same spirit that Jody and George have it in.
  2. Oni0

    Oni0 Wanted DOA

    Nov 15, 2005
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    Well you did a fine job, keep it up.

    I was on a road trip but it's a good thing that i printed some of the scripts edited and i enjoyed reading them alot, nice job.
  3. Xerroo

    Xerroo Megas Fan

    Apr 6, 2005
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    Thanks. I'm currently doing Enter the Megas right now I'm making the episode more Narutoish with some Jutsu techniques.
  4. Oni0

    Oni0 Wanted DOA

    Nov 15, 2005
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    I just read Enter the Megas and i enjoy it alot like the Jutsu technique and more at the end, that was really hilarious.
  5. Xerroo

    Xerroo Megas Fan

    Apr 6, 2005
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    A new episode for you all to enjoy.

    The Callout

    *The episode begins on another planet, we see a bunch of robots looking at stuff and then we see a robot go flying in the air and it lands when the robot gets up we see a robot who looks like this http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/27613846/ walk up to the robot and grabs him by the neck*

    Ivan: *Voice actor is Maruice LaMarche* Fool!!!! Did you really think you could defeat me!? Ivan the heartless!? *He punches him again and the robots back up and the robot goes flying, the robot gets up and fires his fist at Ivan but Ivan just blocks the fist with his hand and then he looks at the robot* Hmph....what a pathetic excuse for a warrior. You make me sick! It's time I ended this fight with you. *We see Ivan open up and he aims a bunch of weapons and stuff at the robot and his eye has a scouter and he aims at the robot and we see the robot get up and run away in fear and then we see Ivan shoot everything at the robot, we see tons of explosions and stuff and when the smoke clears we see the robot destroyed his body parts are everywhere* Hmph....*Walks away but then stops and turns around* Let that be a warning to the rest of you.....if any of you fools think you can defeat Ivan the heartless for dominace of the planet then you are sadly mistaken. Now someone clean this mess up....it disgusts me.

    *We see the robots go and pick up the mess, meanwhile we see Ivan walk into his house/kingdom/whatever he has and it looks like a normal living room, we see him sit on the couch and he grabs a oil bottle and he uses his arm as a bottle opener and he guzzles it down and he grabs his TV remote and starts to watch TV*

    Ivan: Hmm....now to see what is on the television without anymore interuption. *We see him change the channel and stuff and we see some robots fighting, or a comedy show with robots, or other stuff* Hmm....there appears to be nothing good on the telly. *Grabs another oil bottle and drinks it then changes the channel and we see Megas on TV fighting various villians* Hmm....what is this?

    Newsreporter: *Voice actor is Kevin Micheal Richardson* And in other news, the giant blue robot from planet Earth was seen destroying an entire armada of robots. *We see Megas in space fighting a bunch of robots and Megas creates a supernova and shoots it and destroys the entire conoly, then we see Megas create a cool energy sword and slice an entire ship destroying it* Before that it was reported that this robot called "Megas" defeated an entire army of aliens calling themselves the "Glorft" *We see clips from The Driver's Seat and Don't tell mom the babysitter's Coop and Terror Firmer* I in my 2000 years of news reporting have never seen such a strong and powerful robot in all my life.

    Ivan: Hmm.....A powerful robot you say...He doesn't look to strong to me. *Gets up* I, Ivan the heartless should go to this Earth and fight this "Megas" And then I will prove to the masses that I am the most strongest fighting in all the universe!!! And then there will be no one who can stop me! No one!!! *We see Ivan get up, grab another bottle and guzzle it down then he walks out and we see him plotting a course to Earth and he powers up and flies away*

    Title Screen Plays

    The Callout

    *We are outside Coop's house and we see Coop working something in the car and we see Jamie who walks up to Coop*

    Jamie: Whacha doin Coop?

    Coop: Just putting a few tweaks on the car. Check this out! *We see Coop finish the tweaks and we see Coop press a few buttons and we see the headlights light up and they create a projection of a move on the wall next door it's a movie with two people kissing and stuff* Huh? What do ya think?

    Jamie: Dude! You installed a movie projector in Megas!?

    Coop: Yeah!!! Now we can watch movies wherever we want whenever we want inside Megas!

    Jamie: Nice....Now we got our own mobile drive in movie theather. Just think what we can do with it.

    *Day Dream*

    *We are at an empty Jersey City lot and we see people on line and we see Jamie selling tickets and people go in*

    Jamie: Ok people one at a time one at a time I'm sure you all want to see the premire of Citizen Evil just take it easy and you'll get it. *Then we see the lot filled* OK COOP! Lot's full! Play it! *We then see Coop use the car and it shows the movie and everyone watches and cheers, then we see Jamie count his money*

    *Back to reality*

    Coop: Dude...I ain't using it to sell tickets!

    Jamie: Well....just think of it as giving back to the community....since you did destroy the other drive in movie theaters...

    Coop: Whatever...let's go test this baby out somewhere. *We see Coop and Jamie get in the car, the car backs up into the garage and then we see Megas emerge from the garage, meanwhile in another area of Jersey city we see Ivan the Heartless on Earth and he looks around*

    Ivan: So this is the planet Earth? Quite a primitive and obsolete planet! Surely this place will hold only obsolete fighters such as this Megas I hear so much about. I will find this Megas and destroy him! *He looks around and he doesn't see Megas* Hmm....perhaps he is in hiding for he has heard of my arrival and fears me greatly! *We hear a noise we see Ivan turn around and look down and sees a car bumping into him*

    Man: *Voice actor is Steven Jay Blum* Hey you mind moving! I'm late for work!!!!

    Ivan: You dare order me!? *We see Ivan take his arm and he aims a laser at the car and fires it blowing up the car* That will teach you to order around Ivan the Heartless!!!! *Pause* Hmm....perhaps is this Megas will not come on his own then I guess he won't mind if I destroy this city! *We see Ivan smash a building up and it falls down then we see Ivan walk around and smashes buildings, we see Little Tommy walk out of his house and he looks up and sees Ivan walk around, Ivan stops and looks at the little kid, then goes back to what he was doing we then see Tommy drink a soda meanwhile we see Megas standing by a "Conviently placed giant wall" Inside we see Coop, Jamie, and Kiva who shows up out of nowhere and we see Coop working the controls*

    Kiva: Now explain to me again why we are here testing out this new modification when instead we could be training?

    Coop: Cause....

    Kiva: *Puffs her hair up*

    Jamie: So what movies we got to watch?

    Coop: Let's see we got.....Return of the Ameboa people, Robot Redux, Carnagegeddon, and my personal favorite....Deptuy Duck vs the Hopalong gang!!! *Sound of record scratching needle*

    Jamie: *Raises eyebrow* Deputy Duck vs the Hopalong gang? You're joking right?

    Coop: No....

    Kiva: *Sigh* Let's get this over with. *We see Coop put in a DVD of Deputy Duck vs the Hopalong gang and we see Megas headlights beam up and it shows the movie on the big screen*

    Coop: Hahah!!! It works perfectly!

    Deputy Duck: *Voice actor is Joe Alaskey* Now you listen here you buck tooth long eared varmint!!! You come to my town, rob my bank and you stole my horse! Now I'm a calling you out!!!

    Hoppy Rabbit: *Voice actor is Jim Cummings* Heheheh....what are you gonna do about it duck?

    Deputy Duck: This!!! *We see him aim his guns and shoots the rabbits but they dodge and hide and shoot back and we see Coop watching it with a giant bowl of popcorn*

    Jamie: Ok Coop we know it works, now can we watch something that's not Deputy duck?

    Coop: But I like this part......*They keep watching, meanwhile in the city we see Ivan continue his rampage as he smashes buildings and stuff*

    Ivan: Where are you robot!? I demand that you show yourself at once! *Notices a bright light* Hmmm??? *He looks and uses X-ray vision and scans the giant brick wall and sees Megas behind it* Ah there you are...trying to hide from me huh? Well no one can hide from Ivan the heartless!!!! *We see him walk up to the wall, we see the guys watching the movie and Jamie is getting bored and Kiva is indifferent, and Coop is enjoying himself with popcorn, then we see a fist punch the entire wall and we see Ivan*

    Coop: What the heck!? I don't remember this being in the movie!?

    Kiva: Coop that's not part of the movie! It's some kind of robot! *Coop turns off the projector and he is face to face with Ivan as it shows parts of his body and it makes the shing noise*

    Ivan: Hahahahah!!!! I have finally found you Megas!!! It is time to meet your maker!!!!

    *The three just look at each other and then at Ivan*

    Coop: Uh....do I know you?

    Ivan: I am called Ivan the heartless....I am the most powerful fighter in all the universe. I have an undefeated record of 4000 victories!

    Coop: So?

    Ivan: So? So!? I have come here to challenge you to a fight Megas!

    Coop: First of all....My name is Coop and what you are talking to is my robot Megas. And 2nd....I was kinda in the middle of something!

    Ivan: Hmm?? *Scans and notices humanoids inside* What is this!? Humanoids? I do not believe this! How can some mere humanoids control such a powerful robot!? No matter....I have come here to fight you in a battle to determine who is the strongest in the universe!

    Jamie: So we've heard.

    Ivan: Do you accept my challenge?

    Coop: Well I got nothing else to do....so if you wanna fight then it's fine with me.

    Ivan: Excellent....but first I need you to sign this! *He gives Megas a giant contract and pen* It is the "warrior's contract"

    Coop: Hmm? Sure.....*Looks at it and prepares to sign it*

    Kiva: Uh Coop....maybe you should read it before signing it.

    Coop: Relax Kiva....I'm sure it's just some legal stuff like no hitting below the belt....*Signs it and gives it back*

    Ivan: Excellent....now when I defeat you I will become ruler of the Earth! Hahahahahaha!!!!

    Coop: What!?

    Ivan: Yes....you see the rules of the warrior's contract state that the victor of this fight will go forth and conquer the loser's planet! I even have my army prepared for invasion! *We pan out to outerspace and see tons of ships ready to fire on Earth*

    Jamie: Oh sure....just sign the Earth away to some killer death robot....nice going Coop.

    Coop: Don't worry. All I got to do is defeat this chump and then we can get back to watching Deputy Duck and the Hopalong gang!

    *We see Ivan and Megas stand off they look at each other, we then see Ivan grill part on the front of him open up and fire missles at Megas and they come at Megas we then wee megas take one of his arms and fire a machine gun blast destroying the missles as they come we then see a cloud of smoke, from the smoke we see Ivan fly at Megas and tackles him we then see Megas and Ivan grapple and Megas is being pushed back by Ivan then we see Ivan pick up Megas and throw him behind him and Megas goes falling into the road crushing a few cars*

    Ivan: Hmph....such a waste of a robot! I have faced opponents stronger than this! This will be cakewalk to me! *Megas gets up and fires a fist at Ivan and it hits and Ivan goes crashing into a building, then Ivan gets up*

    Coop: How about before you open your big mouth you make sure that I don't get up! Now I'm gonna show you how I fight! *Megas runs up to the robot and punches him in the chest, then he punches him again but Ivan grabs Megas hand and blocks it then Ivan hits Megas and Megas staggers a bit and Ivan runs up to Megas and punches him again but Megas puts his arms togehter and fires a powerful blast of energy at Ivan and it hits and Ivan goes flying again and then he gets back up* Had enough Ivan?

    Ivan: Hmmm.....you may be strong....but you cannot defeat me! *We see the headlights of Ivan come open up and out come two laser blasters, they charge up and fire powerful blasts of energy at Megas*

    Jamie: Uh Coop?

    *Megas stands still and we see the blasts go right between Megas, Coop looks at the left and right then he looks at Ivan and laughs*

    Coop: Hahah!!!! He can't even hit me!!! *Then we see his grill open up and Ivan fires another blast of energy at Megas from the middle* Uh oh.... *The Laser blast hits and Megas goes flying into a building*

    Kiva: *Sarcastic* He can't hit you!!! *Normal* Coop quit fooling around and stop him! *Megas gets up and fires 2 missles from his shoulders and they go at Ivan, Ivan takes his hands and from his hands we see what appears to be another set of lights and he fires a blast at the missles destroying them then we see Megas come in and tackle Ivan and they both go flying into a building then we see Megas get up and then Ivan fires blasts from his mouth and Megas puts his arms up in the X style position then we see Ivan get up and grab Megas and pushes him into a building then we see Ivan stomp on Megas*

    Ivan: Such a shame that a robot regarded as a powerful robot is really nothing but a weak and pathetic loser! This fight has ended even before it began! *We then see Megas open up it's chest and fires a blast at Ivan and Ivan goes into the air and falls down, Megas then gets up*

    Coop: That all you got!? Hmph...so much for being the most "greatest fighter in all the universe"

    Ivan: How dare you insult me!!! I will make you pay with your very life! *We see buzzsaws come out of Ivan's knuckles and feet as well as arms and legs and they spin around fast* I am going to cut you down into chunks and eat them for lunch!

    Coop: I'd like to see you try! *Ivan runs up to Megas and tries to punch him but Megas dodges we then see Megas fire a missle form his arm but we see Ivan slash the missle cutting it in two then we see Ivan fire more blasts from his mouth thing and they hit Megas and Megas staggers back then we see Ivan go up to Megas and hit Megas in the chest creating a gash in the armor* Dude! Look what you did to Megas! Oh that's it! *Megas opens up his hands and fires laser blasts from the palms of Megas and they hit Ivan and Ivan goes back then we see Megas jump in the air and kick Ivan in the chest, then we see Ivan try to cut Megas down with him buzzsaws and Megas keeps dodging, then we see Megas look around and above him is a POP TV billboard we look up and wee Ivan come down slashing the POP TV billboard and tries to slash Megas but Megas dodges then we see Megas attmpet to fire blasts from the head lights but instead it shows the movie of Deputy Duck again.* Whoops.....Guess I should of turned off the projector. *Megas gets slashed again and we see another gash in Megas and then we see Ivan slashing Megas multiple times and Megas looks like a wreck*

    Jamie: Oh man this guy is cutting us up!!!

    Kiva: And he's explosed multiple weakspots in Megas!

    *We then see red dots appear on Megas and more appear and Coop looks down and sees them and tons of red lights appear on Megas*

    Jamie: Oh man....this doesn't look good!

    Ivan: Yes....and now that you are weaken I will destroy you and then conqure your planet as it was written in the warrior's contract!!! *We then see Ivan open up and prepares to fire on Megas*

    Jamie: Do something Coop before were goners!

    Coop: Ok....let's see here. Enny, Meeny, Miney....

    Jamie: Oh great....our lives hang in the balance of a guessing game.

    Coop: Moe!!! *Press a button and then we see the grill of megas charge up a blast and it fires at Ivan and it hits and it blows a hole right in Ivan and we see Ivan fall down, he is now electrocuting and stuff he slowly gets up and sees Megas come at him* WAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!! *Megas gives Ivan a powerful uppercut and he goes flying and falls down we then see Ivan get up and look at Megas* Ain't so tough now are ya pal!?

    *In space we see his robot men watching and they get sad faces*

    Ivan: *Sigh* I cannot fight no longer, I admit.....you are the more superior robot. And with accordance to paragraph 15 subsection 9 on the warrior's contract you are free to conqure my planet uninterruptted.

    Jamie: Wait a minute!? You mean to tell me that we now become the rules of some far away planet!?

    Ivan: *Nods*

    Jaime: Sweet!!!! Finnally I get be the ruler of some planet!


    *We see Jamie dressed up as Shao Khan from Mortal Kombat and we see him standing proudly as he is being worshiped by many people we see Coop as his advisor and we see all the people worshiping him*

    People: All hail emperor Jamie! All hail emperor Jamie! All hail emperor Jamie!!!!

    *Back to reality*

    Coop: Well being the emperor of some planet sounds nice but.....I really just want to watch my movie.

    Ivan: What!? You don't want to conqure my planet?

    Jamie: What!? You don't want to conqure his planet!?

    Coop: No way man. I don't need to be ruler of some planet.

    Jamie: Are you crazy Coop!? We can be kings! KINGS!!!!!

    Coop: Dude....I don't care about world domination! I just want to go back and watch Deputy Duck vs the Hopalong gang! As for you Ivan you can go home and continue being ruler of whatever planet you came from.

    Ivan: You.....*He slowly gets up* You.....you fiend!!!!! *We see Ivan fire a fist at Megas and it hits him and Megas goes down and gets back up*

    Coop: Yo dude! What's your problem!? I said you can go home!

    Ivan: How DARE YOU DESACRATE THE SCANTITY OF THE WARRIOR'S CONTRACT!!!! Besmeerching such an important document is the greatest of all insults!!!! If you had read the contract it would state in paragraph 42 sub section B that "The winner of the battle must go and become the ruler of the losers planet, failure for the winner to comply will result in total termination of the winner's planet!"

    Jamie: You should of read the fine print Coop.....

    Coop: Oh yeah!? Well this is what I think of your stupid contract! *Aims at it and fires at it and it catches on fire and it burns up*

    Ivan: you.....Monster!!!!!

    Coop: What!? What did I do now!?

    Ivan: You will pay dearly for insulting and defacing not only the warrior's contract, but the honor of all warriors from around the universe!!!! *All of a sudden we see tons of different robots show up and surround the area, many of them look like robots from "The Return, and stuff" and it pans out showing Megas is....quite outnumbered.*

    Jamie: Oh sure. I would pefer getting killed by a bunch of giant space robots ove becoming the emperor of a planet any day!

    Coop: Shut up Jamie.

    Ivan: In order to restore honor to the warriors contract we must not only destroy you but your planet as well then and only then will the glory of the warrior's contract be restored!

    Coop: Dude! I don't want to take over your planet! I'm sure the contract has a loophole that says I don't have too!

    Kiva: Too bad you destroyed it so we couldn't see....

    Coop: Oh yeah....heheh...I guess that was a bad move on my part.

    Ivan: Enough stalling! *Draws a sword from his back* You demise and the total destruction of your planet will be swift and painless! *The robots start to surround Megas and we see them get out weapons like swords and guns and stuff and they all aim at Megas*

    Kiva: *Scans* Coop....we are severly outnumbered and we don't have enough energy to fight them!

    Coop: Kiva....I don't exactly have much of a choice....We are surrounded by a bunch of robots, Megas isn't at full power, and if I don't defeat them all then our planet will only be a faint memory. Well if I'm gonna go out then I'll have to go out like a warrior!!!! *Megas powers up and goes right into the frey we see Megas go up to an axe wielding robot and punches it down then we see a big robot come from behind Megas but Megas turns around and grabs him and throws him down then we see Megas get attacked with blasts by twin robots. So Megas then fires two missles at them and they both blow up. We then see 2 robots looking around and Megas comes down by them and bashes their heads in destroying them then we see Megas fire a missle at another robot destroying it, we then see a giant robot with a missle launcher on his back fire many giant missles at Megas and Megas looks at them and they come at Megas and we see Megas get hit and as he gets hit we see Coop, Jamie, and Kiva cringe then we see the robot look on but when the smoke clears Megas is still standing, then we see Coop grab a giant metal pole sticking out from the ground and smacks the giant robot with it knocking it down, then we see Megas punch another robot down then slam part of a building on another, then it does a tri screen where we see three different robots getting punched by Megas, then we see Megas jump ontop of a building and jump in the air and does a body dive* WAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! *We see explosions and we see Megas get up only to get hit with a missle we see Megas get up and we see another robot looking at Megas and Megas just looks at the robot and we see Coop flip a few switches and stuff and then we see him pull a lever and then we see Megas open the square thing on his chest and out comes what appears to be a flame thrower and it fires a powerful flame blast at the robot melting it, then we see Megas run and as it runs it grabs 2 robots by their heads and pushes them into a building then we see Megas put his hands on the robot and we see pistons go back and push in and we see two explosions of fire and then we see Megas get up and look at the destruction and from above we see Ivan try to slash Megas again but Megas backs away*

    Coop: Hey man leave me alone!

    Ivan: Not until your atoms are spread across the entire galaxy!!!! *Ivan tries to slash Megas more but Megas keeps backing up we see Megas back up to a robot who is going to shoot him but Megas jumps out of the way and instead we see Ivan slash the guns of the other robot, the robot gets sad eyes and Ivan scratches his head and stuff then we see Ivan turn around and Megas punches him in the face blasting him into a building.

    Coop: Look man I said I'm sorry! What do you want from me!!!!

    Ivan: I want you to die!!!!! *Ivan dashes at Megas and continues trying to slash Megas with his buzzsaw arms then we see a robot fire at Megas*

    Kiva: Coop behind us!!!! *Coop turns around and sees another energy blast come at Megas and then we see Megas duck and the blasts hit Ivan and Ivan goes flying then we see Megas fire a missle at the robot destroying it, then we see a robot that looks like Metalhead turn it's back and it opens up it's shell and it fires a bunch of missles at Megas, we then see Megas press a bunch of buttons and they lock on to the missles and we see Megas open up and fires blasts at the missles destroying them, then we see the giant turtle like robot go into it's shell and it extracts spikes and it goes at Megas we see Megas get hit by the shell and Megas goes flying, then we see a bunch of robots gang up on Megas and punch him while's he's down we then see a laser blast fly up into the air and Megas gets up, then we see Megas punch the ground and we see the floor rumble and we see many cracks and stuff and we see energy come up from the road and we see many of the robots get hit then we see a robot carrying a sickle and it tries to slash Megas with it but Megas keeps backing away*

    Jamie: Isn't there any killer robot not here to take our lives!? *The Sickle robot continues to try and slash Megas but Megas jumps away, then we see the robot strike the ground with his scythe and Coop looks on in confusion, then we see the ground split from under Megas and it closes up ensaring Megas in the road, then we see robots surround Megas* Not good....

    Coop: Man this just isn't my day! *We see the sickle robot twirl his blade around and preares to impale Megas with but Coop presses a button and we see Megas use some kind of explosion which pushes the ground away and Megas flies out to safety we then see a robot transform into a jet and flies into the air and circles around Megas and it fires machine gun fire at megas and we see it travel up the chest and is about to hit the car but we see Megas put his arms up to protect the car then we see a the robot fire a missle from behind and it hits Megas in the back and it goes down to the ground then we see Ivan look at Megas and it Kicks Megas in the chest area knocking him down then we see Ivan prepare to fire at Megas*

    Ivan: I must admit you are strong....but there is no one who ever defiled the sacred warrior's contract and live to tell about it! Prepare to die!!!! *We see Ivan charge up at Megas*

    Jamie: Coop do something!

    *We see Megas open up a compartment from his foot and it fires a missle at Ivan and it hits him and staggers back and Megas gets up and punches Ivan then we see Megas prepare to fire a missle at Ivan but Ivan sweep kicks megas making a gash in Megases leg and Megas fall, then we see Megas get up*

    Coop: When I'm through kicking all your butts I'm gonna make you pay for the repairs on Megas! *We then see Megas fire his fist connected to a chain at Ivan and it hits him and then Megas pulls it back then we see Megas get hit by more blasts and Megas turns around and we see more robots aiming at Megas, so Megas gets up and opens up and fires a wave of missles at the robots and they hit and many of them get hit and fall down and stuff then we see Megas look around and the robots get back up and look at Megas*

    Jamie: There are way too many of them! I'm starting to think we can't win this....

    Ivan: You have dragged this out for long enough!!!! *Draws his sword* I will finish you now! *We see Megas and Ivan stand off and we see the other robots ready to attack Megas but Ivan signals them to back off* I will handle this on my own....*The robots acknowledge and back off* He is too weak to fight as it is....this victory will be easy. *To Megas* Although I must say.....I am quite impressed with your ability and your willingness to live. It is quite a shame you will have to be killed.

    Coop: Look man! What do you want me to do to not get killed!

    Ivan: All you have to say is I'm Sorry. *Sound of record scratching needle*

    Coop: But....I said I was sorry.

    Ivan: I know and I forgive you.....but you also destroyed the warrior's contract so the only way to avenge it's honor is to kill you and destroy your planet.

    Coop: So? Make a new one?

    Ivan: You cannot just simply make a new one....the paper it was fabricated was made of special material that no longer exists....

    Jamie: So how is killing us going to make it better?

    Ivan: Because it will make us feel good on the inside....now no more chatter! We end this now!!!! *We see Ivan take his blade and put it by his mouth area as if he was licking it with his tounge, then we see Megas get ready to fight then we see Ivan run at Megas* AAAAAAAAAHHHHH *He tries to slash megas but Megas catches his arm and stops the blade from hitting Megas we see Ivan trying to struggle with Megas and Ivan appears to be winning and we see Megas going down trying to stop the blade from cutting Megas then we see Megas must up strength and he pushes up Ivan and Ivan lands on his feet and looks at Megas who is panting then we see Ivan fire his fist at Megas and we see Megas side step and it grazes Megas leaving yet another gash in Megas the fist then goes back to Ivan and he looks at Megas who looks battle ravaged*

    Jamie: Man...Megas isn't looking so hot!

    Kiva: *Scans* That's not all....with each attack we're hit with Megas loses more energy. If you don't do something now then Megas is going to shut down for good!*We then see Ivan punch Megas rapidly and Megas takes more damage and we see Coop, Jamie, and Kiva cringe as we see Ivan continue his assult on Megas then we see Ivan uppercut Megas and Megas goes flying and falls down we see the robots look on as Megas gets pummelled then we see Ivan walk up to Megas and we see his fist and we see the buzzsaws on his knuckles spin fast*

    Ivan: With this final attack I will restore the honor of the warrior's contract! *As he's about to punch him we see Megas fire an eye beam at Ivan and Ivan goes flying we see the other robots get ready to aim at Megas and we then see Ivan get up* So I see you still have some fight in you left! I must say you are quite the trooper. But realize that when this is over you and your planet's remains will be scattered througout the galaxy!

    *We see Megas electrocuting and is very weak and we see Ivan look on as Megas cannot fight*

    Jamie: Coop I don't want my tattered remains to be scattered througout the galaxy! Stop him!

    Coop: I can't! Megas doesn't have enough energy to fight!!

    Kiva: Well try something before we're all vaporized!

    Coop: Right...here goes nothing! *We see Coop press a button and it creates an image projection of the Deputy Duck vs the Hopalong gang at a wall by the robots we see all the robots including Ivan stop and watch it*

    Deputy Duck: I ain't gonna let you rabbits take out Quack Gulch!

    Hoppy Rabbit: Try hard Deputy Duck....but you will never save your city or your precious lady....*We see Hoppy Rabbit who looks like T Hoppy from "Clayfighter 3" hold a duck woman*

    Duck woman: *Voice actor is Wendee lee* help me Deputy Duck! help me!!!!

    Hoppy Rabbit: Waste him! *We see the other rabbits shoot the duck by his feet and we see him dance in a silly way and we see him fall on his feet*

    Ivan: Hey...heheh...that's pretty funny! *We see more silly antics on the screen such as them fighting with pies instead of guns and as more antics occur we see the robots laugh at it, we then see Coop, Jamie, and Kiva look at each other then at the robots who have ^ ^ eyes and they are laughing and stuff*

    Jamie: Uh....what are they doing?

    Kiva: It looks like....they are enjoying the movie. *We see them watching it*

    Ivan: HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! The antics of this duck and rabbit entertain me!!!

    Coop: Well....at least I get to watch the rest of my movie before we die!

    Kiva: Coop hold up....while they are destracted we can finish them off!

    Coop: Uh Kiva....Megas has no more energy to fight.

    Kiva: I'll just activate the auto repair and hope the movie will last long enough for Megas to be healed. It should take a full hour for all the repairs.

    Jamie: Too bad the movie ends in 30 seconds.....

    Coop: We'll I guess we'll just have to make due then.

    Deputy Duck: Well I saved the city and rescued the girl! Now how about a kiss!!!

    Woman Duck: You cad! *We see him hit Deputy Duck with a purse and we see them chase and then it says The End and it shuts off and all the robots sigh then they all look at Megas*

    Coop: How much energy we get?

    Kiva: 1%....

    Jamie: Yeah...we're dead.

    *We then see Ivan open up and stuff and we see tons of missles and lasers and guns and everything you can think on Ivan*

    Ivan: I have to say your struggle to live has been most amusing...but now it ends *We see Ivan's weapon charge up and prepare to fire a powerful blast* When this attack hits it will not only incinerate your body but burrow deep into your planet's core and destroy it causing your entire planet to explode. Nothing will survive!!! You have exactly 5.392 seconds to live!

    Jamie: Coop....now would be a good time to do something!

    Coop: Well....I got 1% of energy left on Megas...I better make it count! WAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!! *We see Coop headbutt a button and it causes Megas to open up it's pinky and it fires a tiny wire at Ivan and it hits him in the chest*

    Ivan: What!? *We then see energy being transferred from Ivan to Megas we see Megas back at 50% but then we see Ivan take off the wire*

    Kiva: *Scans* Coop Megas is at 50% energy! We can fight again!

    Coop: All right! *To Ivan* Listen up you monster truck reject! You challenge me in a fight, try to destroy my planet because I didn't agree to some stupid contract, and you thrashed my robot!!!! The only person who gets to destroy my planet is me!!!!

    Kiva: ...

    Coop: Uh I mean...no one. *Now we see Megas run up to Ivan and punch him hard in the face, then we see Megas punch him again, then we see Megas pick him up and throw him down, then we see Megas open up and fire machine gun blasts at the other robots a few of them get destroyed and now all of the robots start to fight Megas, we see a robot that looks like Vile try to shoot Megas but Megas takes off his shoulder cannon and stabs him with it then we see a robot throw a chain thing at Megas and it ensares him we then see Megas pull the robot towards him and we see Megas punch the robot's head off then we see him use his weapon and he throws it into another robot and it stabs him causing him to fall over then we see Megas run up to another robot and give it a bycicle kick then in the air we see Megas fire 2 blasts of energy at the robot destroying him, we then see a robot fire a fist at Megas but Megas turns around and opens up his pinky and fires it into the robot and steals more energy and now Megas is up to 100%*

    Kiva: Coop Megas is at full power!!!

    Coop: *Retracts the wire* And that means that it's game over for these chumps! *We see Megas go up into the air and we see Coop press a button and we see Megas open up and we see tons of missle cover Megas then we see Megas use the target lock and it locks onto all the robots and he presses a button and we see all the missles go at the robots and they hit and a ton of them explode we see Jersey City get completely ravaged by explosions when the smoke clears we see Jersey City is a complete and total wreck we also see Megas standing proud* Well that takes care of all of them....*We then see Megas get hit by a blast and he turns around to see Ivan the heartless aim at him*

    Ivan: It will take more than that to get rid of Ivan the heartless!!!

    Jamie: Man...even after all that he's still alive?

    Ivan: You may have defeated the others but I still remain.....and my army still is in space waiting to obliterate your planet! It is only a matter of time before I win!!!

    Coop: Man what does it take to get rid of you. *Slams his hand on the panel and we then see the movie projector play again and it shows Deputy Duck, we then see Ivan look and he starts to laugh again*

    Kiva: Coop now would be a good time to destroy him while he's destracted!

    Coop: Can it wait....I like this scene!

    Kiva: Now!

    Coop: All right...*We see Megas aim at Ivan but as Coop is about to fire we see Coop gets sad eyes* I can't do it....he looks like he's enjoying himself.

    Jamie: Dude he's gonna destroy you and the planet!!!!

    Coop: But....he likes Deputy Duck.....no one who likes Deputy Duck can truely be....heartless. *We see Megas turn it off and we see Ivan sad and then we see Ivan turn around and aim at Megas* Wait hold up!!! You like Deputy Duck don't you?

    Ivan: His antics made me feel happy inside. Why do you ask?

    Coop: Tell you what....if you spare me and my planet....I'll make a copy of it for you and you can go watch it on your planet.

    Ivan: *O O eyes* Really? you'd do that....for me?

    Coop: Sure....I make copies all the time! Now what do you say?

    Ivan: Hmm....Very well! I shall spare you and your puny planet. In exchange for this....Deputy Duck! *We see Coop make a copy of the CD using Megas and fires it at Ivan and Ivan catches it* The exchange is complete! I now take my leave!!!! *We see Ivan teleport away and we see his armada fly away from Earth, we then see Coop, Jamie, and Kiva look at each other*

    Coop: So....we won?

    Kiva: I guess.....

    Coop: Cool!!! Now we can watch the Deputy Duck movie from the beginning! *We see Megas activate the projector and we see that there is only a giant wall left in Jersey City and they use it as the screen and we see them watching Deputy Duck* I guess it's true what they say about Deputy Duck! He's always there to save the day!!! *As we see them watching we see cars pull up and stuff and we see people watching the movie too* Hey guys looks like I'm not the only one who likes Deputy Duck! *They are watching and stuff and then we see people go up to Megas and order food from the food particilizer on it's leg* Hey! It's like a drive in movie!

    Jamie: Man I should be selling tickets!!!

    Coop: Relax Jamie! It's like you said....I'm giving back to the community! *We see Megas and people watching the movie on the screen*

    End Credits: We see Ivan back home on his couch drinking an oil bottle as he watches Deputy Duck at his home and he is laughing and enjoying it

    The End.
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  6. Xerroo

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    The Callout is finished


    1: Villians: Ivan the Heartless
    2: A POP TV billboard is destroyed this episode
    3: Ivan the Heartless looks like a creepy evil version of Megas in a way
    4: Coop installed a movie projector inside Megas which can play DVD's and real movies.
    5: Hoppy Rabbit looks exactly like T-Hoppy from the Clayfighter game.
    6: Many of the robots are also references from other shows. 1) Transformers, 2)Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, 3) Gundam series, 4) Megaman, 5)Armored Core, 6) Bubblegum Crisis, 7)Eureka 7, as well as alot of robots from Coop de Tat, The Return etc

    Also....I like this episode alot so I am going to replace Battle of the Bulge with this.

    Season 7

    1) The Callout
    2) Enter the Megas
    3) Joyride
    4) Flora and Ice
    5) Gorrath's Ark
    6) Rosh-O-Megas
    7) System Error
    8) Battle of the Bands
    9) Deathmatch
    10) Project Diablo
    Movie) Fat to the Future
  7. Xerroo

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    Here are some Ideas I'm considering.

    1: Can't keep a good cook down: It's the annual BBQ cookoff in Jersey City Park and everyone is in attendance. Coop, Jamie, and the girls this year plan to cook the Prima Phillycheese steak, the only problem the glorft try once again to reclaim the prototypes! Can Coop and the gang fend off the Glorft and cook the perfect philly cheesesteak!?

    2: Jersey Girl: A parody of tank girl: A group of girls kidnap Racheal and bring her to their planet. They belive that Racheal is a special woman who can control a robot to help them defeat the evil Baron Waterbottom and liberate all women on the planet. Meanwhile Jenna and of all people Goat are trying to find her.

    3: It came from the other side: Testing out a new weapon. Coop opens a rift in the universe, this causes an aincent evil known as Crackterion to come and attempt to assimilate Earth with his army. Can Coop clean up his mess and stop Crackterion from assimilating Earth? Note: This is a parody of the Gradius series.
  8. Darth-geister

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    I just read the edits you did and there really cool. You really captured the same humor as Megas
  9. Xerroo

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    Just a heads up. I went back and re-edited some of the scripts. After seeing the episodes I wanted to emulate the style of the show as the best to my ability. The following have been edited.

    Love at First Fight
    Ultrabot Z
    Grill Power
    Tag Team
    House of 1000 Coopses
    Channel Smashing
    The Dukes of Megas

    You'll find the first five on page 1, channel Smashing on page 7 and the Dukes of Megas on page 11.
  10. Darth-geister

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    Thanks for the heads up Xerroo and also on telling us which page are the episodes because there alot now :sweat:.
  11. JTX

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    Not bad. I already started to read some of them and there really good, well done.
  12. Xerroo

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    Just a note.

    I did more re-editing.

    Ultrabot Zeo
    Enemy of the Universe
    Anniversary Anarchy
    Glorfts and Broods 1
    Glorfts and Broods 2

    Glorfts and Broods used to be Match of the Century but I changed it using King of Doom's Broods with his permission of course so you guys can go check it out. I hope you like it.
  13. Darth-geister

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    Like the new edits also the hate between Gorrath and Skarak looks cool. Not to mention you gave a little homage to Ben 10 calling Megas Megatrix like the Omnitrix.
  14. JTX

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    I just got to read 4 scripts. The Glorft and Broods 1 and 2 are the only ones i didn't read. Hope to have time to read both of them.
  15. Xerroo

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    *Revives topic since he has a new episode idea for everyone*

    Memory Blank

    *The episode begins in outer space. We see Megas is being circled by a giant robot that looks like an evil version of the Iron
    Giant. We see Coop looking nervous as his eyes move left and right trying to follow the robot's movements. After awhile we
    see the robot punch Megas hard and Megas goes flying*

    Coop/Jamie/Kiva: AAAHHHHHH!!!!! *We see Megas trying to regain stabilization and does so. However the robot comes at Megas and tries to hit Megas hard but Megas grabs the robot and we see them grappling. We see Megas then throw the robot and then fire 2 missiles from Megas's shoulders and they go in a circular fashion trying to hit the robot but the robot flies through them and hits Megas with a fist sending it flying onto a giant rock and Megas lands hard. We see Megas get up and the fist flies back to the robot and we see it aim at Megas.*

    Jamie: Coop do something! *We see the robot fire both fists at Megas and we see Megas get up and look at the fists then we see Megas fly out of the way at the last moment and the 2 fists destroy the rock Megas was on and we see Megas go at the robot who has no hands since he fired them.*

    Coop: All right! Now to take this chump down! *We see Megas get attacked with machine gun fire from behind and we see Megas turn around and the hands are coming back to the robot and firing at Megas from the fingers. *We see Megas slow down*

    Kiva: Coop forget the hands go after the robot!

    Coop: Right! *We see Megas fly to the robot and grab it and the robot gets O O eyes and we see Megas fly fast and we see
    another giant rock and we see Megas ram the giant robot into it. Then we see Megas punch the robot hard and Coop grunts as Megas does this and each time it gets more and more destroyed until Megas punches super hard causing the robot to short circuit and explode destroying it* Hahahah!!!! All right! *To Kiva* Well that wasn't so tough.

    Kiva: Wasn't so tough!? Coop you almost got us killed fighting that thing!

    Coop: Relax! I beat him didn't I?

    Kiva: Yeah, but we wouldn't even had to of fought him in the first place. But you just somehow managed to get onto its
    bad side and have him almost destroy us!

    Coop: What choo talking about Kiva? *We see Kiva raise an eyebrow*


    *We see Megas is doing some training and we see Megas is firing missiles at a giant rock and it blows up and stuff. However
    one of the missiles misfire and go off course hitting a robot far away who was just flying. The robot then follows the source
    of the missile and sees Megas and aims at Megas*

    Coop: Uh oh...

    *Back to reality*

    Coop: Ok...for the record, that wasn't intentional!

    Jamie: Yeah you know how Coop's weapons backfire.

    Kiva: That's exactly the point! If Coop was a more responsible person he would make sure Megas was free of bugs and glitches!

    Coop: Hey! I am responsible!

    Kiva: Are you kidding me!? All you ever care about is stuffing your face and watching wrestling and playing video games! You
    don't even care that you have an alien race trying to destroy you and enslave Earth!

    Coop: Yeah but I keep beating them don't I!?

    Kiva: Yeah and in the process destroy an entire city! You treat Megas like some toy you can use at your own pleasure! You
    never take anything seriously! *As Kiva goes on we see Jamie look out the window and we see the 2 fists that were following
    Megas before close in* It's all just a big game to you!

    Coop: Kiva I just don't see what the big deal is! I have my way of beating the bad guys and it works!

    Kiva: Your way causes more damage than the bad guy does!

    Coop: Well besides this guy I haven't done anything stupid in awhile.

    Kiva: Yes you have! You already caused 3 robots, 2 alien monsters, an entire army to attack us and you almost got us sucked into a black hole! And that was all in 1 week!

    Jamie: Uh guys.....

    Coop: And I BEAT THEM! You keep worrying too much!

    Kiva: ERRGH! That's not even the point! What I'm saying is that you don't take anything we do seriously! Megas is supposed to be the key to defeating the Glorft and saving the future! A future that I can't even return too because of you!

    Coop: Hey! It's not my fault you sent Megas to my time.

    Jamie: Guys.....!

    Kiva: I wish I didn't! I regret even allowing you to use Megas! And now thanks to you, I'm stuck in this primitive time
    period and I'll never get to return to my time!

    Jamie: GUYS!

    Coop/Kiva: *Angrily* WHAT!?

    Jamie: Incoming fists...

    Coop: Huh!? Woah! *We see Megas get hit very hard by the fists and we see Megas is hurtling in space. We see Kiva hit the
    back of her head very hard and she is out cold. We see Megas is rumbling and we hear beeping noises and Jamie is screaming
    like a little girl as Megas goes hurtling in space. We see Coop grring trying to regain stabilization and we see Megas is
    headed towards Earth and we see Megas land in Jersey City Junkyard and comes down hard* Oof...man that was close! You ok Jamie?

    Jamie: I'm fine. *We then see the fists land and are now motionless in the junkyard.*

    Coop: Woah...last desperation attack. Well I'm glad that's over. Kiva. Why don't we go and get some lunch and...*Sees Kiva
    out cold* Kiva! KIVA! *Shaking her* Get up!

    Jamie: Dude! She's out cold!

    Coop: Oh man. Not good. We better get her some air! *We see Coop carrying Kiva and they are out of Megas and they are in the junkyard and we see Goat getting a tan and we see Kiva on the ground with a towel by her head and Coop and Jamie looking on.

    Jamie: Man that must of been one nasty bump. *We see Kiva groaning slightly and slowly waking up*

    Coop: Good! She's coming too! *We see Kiva fully awake.*

    Kiva: Huh...what? Where am I?

    Coop: Kiva. I'm glad you are all right! How you feel?

    Kiva: I feel fine.....but I have just one question. Who is Kiva?

    *Both Coop and Jamie gasp then look at each other*

    *Title theme plays*

    Memory blank

    Coop: Huh? You are!

    Kiva: I am? What are you talking about? *We see Kiva get up and look around. She is walking around and is confused and
    has no idea where she is.* Do you guys know where I live? *We both see Coop and Jamie look at each other.*

    Jamie: Looks like Kiva got hit harder than we thought.

    Coop: Kiva! Don't you remember what happened? You were knocked out!

    Kiva: I don't remember any of that. But thank you for helping me recover. Now if I can just find out where I live. *As
    she continues to walk around we see Coop and Jamie look at each other.*

    Coop: What the heck's going on Jamie? 2 minutes ago she was down my throat about me and Megas and now she's like in her own little world.

    Jaime: That blow to the head must of given her amnesia.

    Coop: Amnwhata?

    Jamie: You know...when you get a bump on the head, lose your memory and you don't even know who you are.

    Coop: That's bad right?

    Jamie: Yeah.

    Coop: Ok...no sweat. All we got to do is just jog her memory. She'll be back to her normal self once we get done with her.

    Jamie: No wait....Coop. Don't you realize what this means?

    Coop: What?

    Jamie: *As he talks we see Kiva just walking around and stuff for no reason* Kiva doesn't remember anything about her. Who
    she is, or where she's from. It's like she's a completely different person!

    Coop: What's your point?

    Jamie: This is an opportunity Coop! We can shape Kiva in our own image! Just think! No more nagging, no more having to
    train! We can make Kiva like us! We can even get her to like rock music and even wrestling! And you could teach her how to
    play video games!

    Coop: I'm not so sure Jamie. I don't like Kiva's nagging as much as anyone, but she's the only person who knows the inner
    workings of Megas better than I do. It ain't right to mess with her memories.

    Jamie: Coop. This is a once in a lifetime chance! We have to take it! Just trust me on this. When this is all over,
    we'll have a better, more enjoyable Kiva. *We see Jamie turn around* Hey! Kiva! Come here! *We see Kiva turn around and
    look at Jamie*

    Kiva: Excuse me but are you talking to me? *Jamie nods and she comes* Why do you keep calling me that? Is that my name?

    Coop: Yeah that's your name.

    Kiva: So then you guys must know who I am and where I'm from.

    Coop: Yeah. You're from the fut-*We see Jamie interrupt him*

    Jamie: You went to school with us! You were good friends with me and Coop. We did everything together.

    Kiva: I did?

    Jamie: Oh yeah! You were a real party animal in college. Look. I know this is all hard to take in but you have amnesia.

    Kiva: What's that?

    Jamie: It's memory loss. But don't worry. Coop and I can help you regain your memory. Come. Let's get out of here and go
    home. *We see the 3 of them walk to Megas, it then pans over to the hands of the giant robot that was destroyed and they are laying in the junkyard, we see one of the hands beep and it slowly moves its fingers. We now go to Coop's basement and we see Kiva on the couch sitting and Jamie is behind the couch and Coop is playing video games*

    Kiva: So is this where I live?

    Coop: This is my house actually and - *Jamie interrupts again*

    Jamie: Well yeah but you live in the basement. See...you had a fight with your parents and decided to move out. So you
    moved in with Coop. And you live in the basement.

    Kiva: Oh....*feels her head* Ugh...this is so much to take in.

    Coop: Don't worry. You'll remember soon enough. *Dies in his video game* Oh man! I almost made it to the final level

    Kiva: Are those your video games?

    Coop: Yeah! Pretty cool huh!?

    Jamie: Yeah. You play them all the time.

    Kiva: Could I play?

    Coop: Sure! *Give the controller to Kiva* Don't expect to get past the first level since you are sort of new to
    this...*Pause* Well with your memory gone and all so *We see Kiva play and she has a bit of trouble at first. Then does
    better, then she's really getting into it and beats the first level.* Hey not bad! *We see Kiva stick her tongue out as she
    really gets into the game and does better and better and we see Coop and Jamie look at each other then at the game as Kiva continues to play. Then it does a 4 split screen thing. The top left shows Kiva's fingers on the controls. The top right
    shows the game as Kiva does good. The bottom left shows Kiva looking determined to win. The bottom right shows the game
    saying "Level complete!" as it flashes. Then we see her at the final level as she's playing we see her teeth grinning as she
    fights the final boss who looks like the evil robot that Megas fought in the start of the episode and she destroys it. And
    the screen says. "Congraturations! A winner is you!"*

    Coop/Jamie: Woah....

    Kiva: *Turns around smiling* Coop! That was exhilarating! I got the high score! Have I always been this good?

    Coop: Uh...yeah! You even beat me a few times.

    Kiva: I want to play another one! What other games you got!? *We now see Coop and Jamie look at each other, and then it shows Coop put in a different game and it's a shump. We see Kiva play and she does excellent. We see Coop smile and we see the screen say "You won!" Then Coop puts another game in and it's a fighting game. She plays as Robut and is fighting Glontron and she gets a flawless victory. Then we see another montage of Kiva playing random video games and doing good at them and after awhile we see her tired out.* Phew! That was fun! And you know what? I'm starting to remember now. *Taunts Coop* I always did kick your butt didn't I? *We see Coop look disgruntled*

    Jamie: Yeah...enough of that. So you remember who you are yet Kiva?

    Kiva: Well...not really. *Her scanner beeps. She gets it and looks at it* What's this? It looks like some kind of
    futuristic beeper.

    Coop: Uh...

    Jamie: It's mine! Yeah. I asked you to hold it for me before you got amnesia. Let me have it. *We see Jamie check it*
    Uh Coop. It's the Glorft.

    Coop: Oh man! Can't they ever give me a break?

    Kiva: I'm sorry but...who are the Glorft? *Pause*

    Coop: Explain later. Got chumps to fight. *We see them go upstairs and they are now in the car, the car backs up into the
    garage and Megas comes out destroying the garage. We are now in Jersey city and we see Megas surrounded by the Glorft. We see a mech point at Megas*

    Gorrath: ATTACK!!! *We see Glorft mechs run at Megas and we see Megas cracks its knuckles and we see Megas punch a mech. Then we see Megas grab another mech and throw him into another. We then see Megas grab a mech and pound it's head in creating dents and stuff. We see a mech fire a machine gun blast at Megas but Megas jumps in the air and does a body dive.*

    Coop: WAAAAHHHH!!! *We see Megas land hard on some glorft mechs.* Then we see some random stuff as Megas punching a mech, then Megas throwing one into a building, then Megas jumping off a building and giving another Mech an elbow. Then it does a 4 split screen with one half of the television showing Megas firing a machine gun blast and the other half of the TV showing 3 screens. The top shows a mech getting blasted by gun fire. The middle part shows Megas firing a missile at a mech
    destroying it and the building behind it. And the bottom shows Megas ripping off the arm of a mech and smacking another with it. We then see Coop turn the steering wheel as he grrs*

    Kiva: So you guys fight all the time?

    Coop: Yeah! Don't you remember!?

    Kiva: Not really! I have amnesia!

    Coop: Oh yeah! I forgot!

    Kiva: So you have amnesia too!?

    Coop: Nevermind!

    Jamie: Look out! *We see a glorft mech punch Megas and Megas goes flying and lands on the ground and we see Megas look up to see the barrel of a gun from Gorrath's mech and inside we see Gorrath smile evilly*

    Gorrath: This game is over Earther! Now I will destroy you and enslave this world! *We see Megas grab the gun and throw
    Gorrath's mech over him and he lands on the ground hard. We then see Megas get up*

    Coop: Not so fast squid! I still got one trick up my sleeve! *We see Megas press a button and we see Megas open up. Out
    comes tons of missiles and stuff. We see Gorrath get sad eyes and we see Megas fires everything and we see a lot of explosions and stuff as buildings and mechs get destroyed. When the smoke clears we see the entire city leveled and glorft mech parts everywhere. We see Gorrath's mech is the only one standing and he looks at Megas and grrs.*

    Gorrath: You may have won this time human but I will return! And when I do I will be victorious! *We see Gorrath's mech
    fly away*

    Coop: Hahah! All right! Kiva! Make a note! Earth 1, squids 0! *We see Kiva look on and she appears to be distraught
    over the destruction of the city* Kiva? *Sees Kiva* Uh oh...

    Jamie: Looks like she got her memory back.

    Kiva: Coop.....you just destroyed the entire city fighting the Glorft.

    Coop: I didn't mean too! It was an accident!

    Kiva: That.....was......*Smiles* Awesome! Do it again! *We see Coop and Jamie look at each other*

    Coop: You aren't upset?

    Kiva: Are you kidding! That was so cool the way you kicked that slimy dudes butt!

    Coop: Uh...yeah! Hahah! *We see Coop and Jamie do the pose thing but then Kiva does it also and knows exactly how to do
    it. When they are done she looks surprised and looks at her hand.*

    Jamie: Looks like you're getting your memory back.

    Kiva: Yeah....well some of it anyway. *We then hear Coop's stomach growl*

    Coop: Man I'm starving. Let's go get something to eat. *We see Megas walk away from the city that's destroyed. We are now inside the Burger Barn and we see Coop with a plate full of burgers and we see Kiva has a giant belly bomber deluxe in her hands and she looks at it as ketchup, grease, and stuff drip from the burger. Then she looks at Coop who is eating one. We see Coop look at Kiva with his mouth full* Something wrong?

    Kiva: Uh yeah....are you sure I eat this kinda stuff.

    Coop: Oh yeah. *Gulps* You love this food right Jamie?

    Jamie: Yeah. It's your favorite. *We see Kiva look at the burger and put it to her mouth and she opens up but then closes
    it and moves the burger away.*

    Kiva: I don't know...

    Coop: Trust me. You'll love it. *We see Kiva put her mouth to the burger and take a bite out of it. She eats and then she
    gets O O eyes and a smile. Then she starts eating fast and talks with her mouth full*

    Kiva: Oh wow....this....is....delicious! I love it.......so good.....*Finishes it* Can I get another one!?

    Coop: Sure! I was gonna order more anyway. *We see Coop get up and go to the cashier*

    Kiva: Coop wait! *Coop turns around and we see Kiva smile* Acutally...can you get me 2 more. I love them! *Coop smiles*

    Coop: Got it! *We see Coop go to the cashier*

    Jamie: So Kiva...you remembering anything more yet.

    Kiva: A little. I remember how much Coop loves to Eat. And how his habits seemed to have rubbed off on me a little. I
    shouldn't eat so much but it just tastes too good! *We see Coop come back with the food in bags*

    Coop: I'm taking them to go. We gotta get to the junkyard and do some body work on Megas. Megas needs a tune up after the fight with the squids. *They get up and leave* Oh Kiva. I got you some more fries too. You know incase you want them.

    Kiva: Thanks Coop! *We are now at the junkyard and we see Coop working on Megas. We also see Kiva working on Megas using a wrench and stuff and we see her turn some things and we see Coop help her out.* How'd I do?

    Coop: Great! A lot better than I expected. I mean you know with someone who lost their memory and I thought that maybe you didn't know how to use a wrench.

    Kiva: Coop. I only forgot who I am. I know how to use a wrench! *She continues working on Megas. We then see Goat come

    Goat: Yo dudes! They got that new action movie playing at the drive in!

    Coop: You mean that ninja guy!? Awesome! Jamie we should go see it with our girlfriends!

    Jamie: Yeah. Rachael’s been wanting to see it for a long time now. *We then see Goat go up to Kiva and put his arm around

    Goat: So red. Perhaps you and I could go see this movie together huh? *Kiva pauses*

    Kiva: I'm sorry....do I know you? *Moves his arm away from him*

    Goat: What are you talking about Kiva!? It's me Goat.

    Kiva: Sorry. The name doesn't ring a bell. *To Jamie* Do you know who this guy is?

    Jamie: Yeah he owns the Junkyard. He's a friend of ours.

    Goat: Yo Jamie. what's up with Kiva? It's like she doesn't know who she is!

    Jamie: She doesn't. She's got amnesia. *Quietly* And we're trying to make her less of a nag. *Goat grins*

    Goat: Doesn't know who she is huh? Well then. Perhaps I could help her get her memory back. *Goat goes up to Kiva and
    puts his arm around her again* Kiva! How could you forget me? I'm your boyfriend!

    Kiva: You're my boyfriend? *Upset look on her face* Why would I want to date someone who is creepy like you?

    Goat: Uh....err....guys...

    Jamie: That's cause you actually like creepy guys! Oh yeah. You and Goat always had a thing for each other.

    Kiva: You sure? *Looks at Goat* You know...now that I think about it, I guess he's got a certain charm about his

    Goat: Oh I've got more than charm Kiva. Why don't you and I go for a walk and I'll show you just how creepy..er...charming
    I can be. *Pause then Kiva smiles*

    Kiva: Sure! I'd like that. *We see Goat and Kiva walk and we see Goat put his hand on Kiva's she looks then Goat just
    keeps his hands to himself. But then Kiva smiles and let's him hold her hand*

    Coop: Dude...I can't believe you let that happen.

    Jamie: Oh come on Coop. I'm sure Kiva will like him.....*pause*

    Coop/Jamie: Nah!!! *We are now treated to a long montage. In this montage a lot of stuff happens. There is no sound, only
    music. Anyway the stuff that happens here is a span of 1 month.

    1: We see Coop and Kiva plying video games. They are playing the flight simulator game from "Breakout" and it appears to be
    dead even. We see both Coop and Kiva with determined looks on their faces and we see Coop grring and looking at Kiva who is calm and collected and she is beating Coop good. We see Kiva win and we see her smug and she puts her arms in the air and celebrates that she beat Coop again. Coop looks annoyed but then gets an evil look on his face and grabs Kiva by the
    shoulder and she turns around and we see Coop put up 2 fingers. Then Kiva nods and they play again.

    2: We see Megas fighting a robot that looks like Robo 47 from "War of the Monsters". We see it go into a building and then
    it gets up and then we see the top half of its body spin around and it goes into Megas and hits him hard and Megas goes into
    a building. We see Coop cringing and Kiva who is now in the front seat next to him and Jamie in the back. We see Coop angry
    and Megas gets back up and runs at the robot and punches it in the face. Then we see both Megas and the robot grapple. We see the robot's eye look at Megas and fire a laser at it sending Megas back. We then see Megas grab a giant pipe and throw it at the robot impaling it's eye thing. The robot just stands there doing nothing as it electrocutes. Then we see Megas
    grab the robot by the arms and head butts it super hard and the robot goes down. We then see Coop, Jamie, and Kiva give a
    high five to each other.

    3: We are now at the drive in and it's night. We see a lot of people are watching the movie. And we see Coop's car without
    Megas and on the screen we see a ninja guy using nun chucks taking out ninjas. We see Coop and Jenna in the front and we see Jenna is leaning on Coop. In the back we see Jamie with his arm around Rachael. Then we see another car pull up and the window goes down and we see Goat in the car with glasses on and we see Kiva pop her head out and smile at them and we see Jenna and Rachael look surprised at this and both Coop and Jamie laugh.

    4: We are at the ocean and we see the fisherman from "Breakout" and a huge swell appears and out comes Megas fighting a
    giant kraken that looks like the kraken from "Pirates of the Caribbean." And we see Megas trying to get the squid off but it
    is wrapped around Megas good. We then see Coop look at Kiva and Kiva points to her head. Then Coop smiles and yells and
    bashes his head hitting a button which causes Megas to fly into the air and come down into the ocean super fast and we see
    Megas hit it's head on the ocean floor and we see the Kraken let go then go up to the surface all knocked out. Then we see
    Megas come up and we see Kiva and Coop do the pose thingy with Jamie.

    5: We see Coop and Jamie outside and they are drinking soda. We see Jamie try to burp but it comes out weak. Then we see
    Coop go and he lets out a long burp. Then Kiva tries and apparently her belch is the longest. This surprises Coop. Then we
    see Coop with a smug grin and puts his arm out as if he wants to arm wrestle. We then see Kiva and Coop arm wrestling. At
    first we see Coop is going to win but Kiva fights back and Coop is surprised and gives it full force but then Kiva manages to
    come back and win. Kiva taunts Coop and Coop looks surprised but amused at the same time.

    6: We see Megas fighting a robot that looks like Proto Man from Mega Man but his armor is black and he has no face. We see
    the robot shot at Megas and Megas goes into the road and goes back until he hits a building. Then we see Megas get up and
    the robot aims at Megas. Then we see Coop look at the robot then at the dashboard and we see Megas use the "Target
    acquisition" function and we see from Megas's point of view the robot and we see targets appear on the robot. We see a lot of targets on the robot. Then we see Coop look at Jamie and he is smiling evilly and has his fists by him as if he was telling
    Coop to do more. Then he looks at Kiva who is doing the same thing. Then we see Coop press the button more and more targets appear. The entire robot is completely covered in targets. We see Coop look at both Jamie and Kiva and they both nod. Then we see Coop fire and a crapload of missiles come out and attack the robot completely destroying it. We see Coop, Jamie, and Kiva laugh.

    7: We are now at a rock concert and we see a band playing and people cheering and stuff. We see Coop and Jamie with Jenna and Rachael also rocking out and then we see Kiva head banging and she loves the music and we also see Goat who is dressed in his "MTV Downtown" outfit with Kiva and they are enjoying it as well.

    8: We see Megas in space and we see Megas fighting the Glorft again in space and we see Megas and Megas 2 fighting the
    Glorft. We see Megas hold a mech and we then see Megas 2 crack its knuckles and punch the mech's head off. Then we see more mechs attack Megas and Megas 2. But then we see Megas and Megas 2 aim at the mechs and both of them fire a super power laser that merges into one and it destroys the Glorft mechs. We then see both Megas and Megas 2 do the pose thing and inside Megas we see Kiva smile as the Glorft are destroyed.

    9: We see Coop, Jamie, and Kiva watching wrestling and we see Kiva has a Mega Slush and a burger and she's eating and we see one guy slam the other guy and Kiva cheers on as the guys beat each other up in wrestling.

    Now we are at Coop's basement again and we see Coop watching television and Jamie is just chilling. We then see Kiva come
    downstairs and the guys look and we see Kiva now wearing the clothes she wore in "Terminate Her" And she has red lipstick
    and blue eye shadow.*

    Jamie: *Whistles* Wow Kiva. You look nice.

    Kiva: Thanks. I'm glad you guys like. This is much better than wearing that stuffy outfit all the time. Where did I get
    that thing anyway? Well anyways I'm off.

    Coop: Where you going?

    Kiva: I've got another date with Goat. We were just gonna hang out at the junkyard. You know for a guy like him he really
    is nice. *Both Coop and Jamie look at each other.* Anyways before I go...I want to thank you guys for helping me get my
    memory back. It feels good to be back to normal.

    Jamie: Uh sure.

    Coop: Heheh....yeah! *We then see Kiva kiss Coop and Jamie on the cheek*

    Kiva: You guys are sweet. I'm off. *She leaves* Oh and Coop! When I get back, we are gonna play another game of cavern

    Coop: Sure thing! I still have yet to beat you! *We see Kiva go upstairs and leave. We see Coop relax happily. We then
    see Jamie stretch.*

    Jamie: Ahh...what did I tell ya Coop? Isn't this Kiva so much better?

    Coop: Yeah! I like this new Kiva. She likes everything we do, and she doesn't give me any slack when I mess up!

    Jamie: I know. And not only that, but it seems a lot of your habits have rubbed off on her.

    Coop: No kiddin. If she keeps eating like that then she'll get as big as me!

    Jamie: Yeah then Jenna will have competition. *We see Coop's smile turn into a frown and he sighs.* What's wrong
    Coop? I thought you liked the new Kiva.

    Coop: I do Jamie. It's just that...well....it ain't that we lied to her. I mean don't get me wrong Jamie. This Kiva is
    cool but it's not who she is man. We can't just keep feeding her lies.

    Jamie: Relax Coop! It's been a month already and everything is so much better! I bet she doesn't even remember anything
    before this.

    Coop: Still. What if she does get her original memory back? Then we'll be in big trouble.

    Jamie: Don't worry Coop. I've been reading up on amnesia and here is what I found. The only way she'll remember who she is
    if she gets hit a 2nd time. So as long as she doesn't get hit in the back of the head again she'll never remember who she
    is. And if we need the old Kiva back we just hit her ourselves and she'll be back to normal and won't even remember what

    Coop: I still don't like this Jamie.

    Jamie: Chill out Coop. It's been a month and nothing bad has happened. What could possibly go wrong now? *We are now at
    the junkyard and we see Goat and Kiva walking and it's night. We see them go onto a pile of junk and they sit and look at
    the stars*

    Kiva: The stars are beautiful aren't they Scott.

    Goat: Scott!?

    Kiva: That's your real name isn't it?

    Goat: Yeah. *Looks up* The stars do look good don't they. *Then looks at Kiva* But they aren't as lovely as you. *Kiva

    Kiva: You know. For a woman who just got amnesia recently....it feels as if I've known you all my life. And under that
    creepy demeanor, you are a real sweet guy. *We see Goat smile and we see him look at Kiva and Kiva looks at Goat. They
    prepare to kiss when Kiva's scanner beeps* Huh!? *Grabs her scanner* Sorry about that. I must of brought Jamie's beeper
    my mistake. I wonder who it is. *We see her press buttons but nothing happens* How do you work this *All of a sudden we
    hear an explosion and see a bright flash of light* Woah! *Both Goat and Kiva go tumbling off the junk pile and they get up
    and look at the 2 giant hands that attacked Megas in the beginning of the episode.* What the heck is that! *We see the
    hands look at Kiva and Goat and head for them and try to punch them. But we see Kiva push Goat out of the way. The hands
    miss then come back and go for them. We see Goat run away and Kiva looks at Goat then at the hands coming for her and they try to grab her. Kiva goes in between some junk and the hands miss. We then see the hands look and they start grabbing stuff and throwing it destroying stuff. One of the hands grab an old giant boat and throws it. It hits a junk pile where Kiva is and we see everything shake and part of the boat hits a POP TV billboard that was on top of the pile. Kiva herself loses her footing and falls. She then gets up and runs away from the giant hands.* Looks like I'm gonna need Coop's help! *She fiddles around with the scanner/communicator* How do I work this thing! *Back at Coop's house we see Coop relaxing eating a philly cheesesteak when the communicator activates*

    Coop: Huh!? Kiva! What's up!?

    Kiva: Coop! I've got trouble! I could use that giant robot of yours right now!

    Coop: Be right there! *Communication ends* Let's go Jamie! We've got a bad guy to smash!

    Jamie: Cool! *We see them go upstairs and they are in the car and the car goes into the garage and Megas comes out
    destroying the garage. Back at the Junkyard we see the hands shooting laser blasts at stuff causing destruction and the
    like. We see from a junk pile Kiva with a pipe in her hand. She then throws something at one of the hands. It's a rock. It
    hits the finger of one of the hands and both of them look at Kiva*

    Kiva: Yo chump! Up here! *Kiva jumps in the air with the pipe* WAAAAAAHHH!!!! *She tries to hit the hand but it smacks
    Kiva hard sending her flying into a pile of junk. She gets up and looks at the hands who aim at her. She looks terrified as
    the hands charge up energy and prepare to fire at her. But then we see Megas land and Megas swipes the hands making both of them go flying into a pile of junk. We then see Kiva get into the front seat of Megas*. Thanks guys!

    Coop: No problem! *We then hear rumbling and we see the hands emerge from the pile of junk and look at Megas. Coop has a
    very surprised look on his face.*

    Jamie: Those things again!? I thought they were dead when we destroyed that robot!

    Coop: Yeah! *We see the hands open up* Oh well. It's not so bad. I mean instead of fighting a whole robot, I'm just
    fighting a pair of hands. *We see the hands fire and wavy lines go out and hit the junkyard and we then see tons of junk fly
    into the air. The junk starts swirling around and then melts into liquid metal. Then we see the hands turn into liquid
    Metal and go into the blob of metal and then it transforms into the same robot we saw at the beginning of the show but now it has spiked knuckles and giant missiles on its body.* Oh you've got to be kidding! *The robot then punches Megas and Megas goes flying out of the junkyard and into the city. We see Megas crash into a building. Then Megas gets up and we see the robot punch it's fists at Megas.* Bad move pal! Now you are gonna get it! *We see Megas run at the robot and the robot
    runs at Megas and they both grapple. We see the robot apply pressure onto Megas and we see Coop grr at this and then we see Megas throw the robot over him. The robot gets back up and fires a spiked fist at Megas and it hits Megas and Megas goes flying into a bunch of buildings. When Megas gets up we see Coop with a scared look on his face as the robot is in the air and tries to smash Megas from above with a powerful punch but Megas moves out of the way and the fist hits the ground causing it to go down into the ground more and it creates a shockwave.* Woah! He's real serious now! *We see the robot aim at Megas and it's arm turns into a cannon and it fires a powerful electric blast at Megas and Megas is hit. We see Coop, Jamie, and Kiva screaming. Then we see Megas go down. Then get back up.* Everyone all right?

    Kiva: I'm fine. But man that thing ruined my date!

    Coop: Don't worry! I'll smash him one for you! *We see Megas fly towards the robot and grab it and they go flying into the
    city. We then see Megas push the robot into a building and start punching it hard. We see the robot take more damage and
    then we see Megas open up it's chest and then we see the autobot matrix of leadership come out and fire a super powerful
    blast at point range at the robot destroying it but he hands are left.* Hm...that was easy. *The hands get back up and stun
    Megas with an electric shock then Megas goes down. We then see the hands create yet another new body from the debris in the city. When Megas gets up it sees the robot come at them and kicks Megas hard sending it down to the ground. Then the robot repeatedly stomps on Megas and we see the guys cringing as this happens. But then we see Coop press buttons and then Megas grabs the leg of the robot and throws him off of Megas. Megas then gets back up and fires a machine gun blast at the robot putting holes in it's body. Then we see Megas run at the robot and jump in the air.* WAAAAAAHHH!!!!! *We see Megas give the robot an elbow and we see explosions and when it's done we see the robot is destroyed again.* That should stop em.

    Jamie: Uh Coop! Look! *We see the hands are in the air and they once again use the debris in the city to create a new body
    robot. The robot then fires a spiked fist at Megas and Megas jumps to dodge it then comes down with a body dive on the robot but the robot fires a laser blast from its eyes and we see Megas go in the air and land on the ground. We then see the
    robot's fist transform into a giant warhead detonator like "Lugnut" from "Transformers Animated" and we see the tip of it
    beeping. Megas gets up and Coop sees this*

    Coop: Uh oh. *The robot punches the ground, then we pan out to the city and we see a giant explosion like the one in
    "Universal Remote". We then see the city ravaged by the robot We also see Little Tommy drinking a slush*

    Little Tommy: Coooollll......*We then see Megas get up.*

    Coop: Man talk about holding a grudge! *To the robot* Hey pal! Would it help if I said I was sorry!? *The robot just shoots
    a blast at Megas and Megas goes flying into a building which collapses and falls.* Guess not. *Megas gets back up*

    Kiva: What's taking you so long to beat this guy Coop!?

    Jamie: Apparently every time we beat this thing it just creates a new body for itself. But how?

    Coop: Kiva! See if you can find a weakness!

    Kiva: Me!? I don't know how to! *The robot tries to hit Megas but Megas dodges and fires a blast at the robot. The robot
    repairs itself then fires an energy ball at Megas and Megas is hit and goes down. The robot then shoots the spikes on its
    fist at Megas and it connects causing Megas to kneel and electrocute. We then see the robot run at Megas and punch Megas hard sending it flying.*

    Coop: Kiva! We need your expertise! You know how to work Megas! Find a weakness!

    Kiva: How!? I don't know how to work this thing! *We see the robot hit Megas a bunch of times and Megas goes into yet
    another building. We see Coop grr*

    Coop: We have to tell her now Jamie! I knew this was a bad idea!

    Jamie: No! Don't!

    Kiva: What are you guys talking about!?

    Coop: Kiva! The truth is this. You aren't who we said you are! You're really from the future! And this robot is
    yours...well mine. But you know how to work the computer in the back!

    Kiva: What!?

    Coop: We lied to you and gave you false memories because the old Kiva we know was always keeping me in check! You really
    are a responsible person and you know what to do! And right now I could use the old Kiva! *We see the robot try to megaton
    punch Megas again with the warhead fist but Megas gets out of the way and throws the robot then rips out its arm but the arm attacks Megas and reattaches itself to the robot. The robot then throws Megas then gets up and fires a missile at Megas hitting Megas then opens up and fires a bunch of blasts at Megas and we see Coop and Jamie yell.*

    Kiva: I'm sorry! I don't remember any of that! Only what you told me!

    Coop: Come on Kiva! Try to remember!

    Jamie: Coop wait! Just smack her in the head again and she'll be back to normal!

    Coop: Yeah! *We see Coop attempt to do so but hesitates.*

    Jamie: Do it now!

    Coop: I can't! I ain't gonna hit a girl like that!

    Jamie: Then I'll do it! *Jamie hits Kiva but he isn't strong enough to knock her out*

    Kiva: Oww! What are you doing Jamie!? Cut that out!

    Jamie: Man! I'm not strong enough! *We then see the robot grab Megas and hold it into the air and then we see the robot
    throw Megas into another building and Megas goes down. Megas is in bad shape and is electrocuting. We then see the robot
    set up another megaton blast* Not good!

    Coop: I ain't gonna let some regenerating robot destroy my planet! *We see Megas run at the robot and try to tackle it but
    the robot uses its other arm to slam Megas away as it prepares to fire another megaton blast.* GRRRR!!!!

    Kiva: Coop! Let me fight him!

    Coop: No way! *We see Megas run again at the robot but it again smashes Megas away hitting another building. Then we see Megas fire at the robot but the robot fires counter shots to nullify the attack and a few get to Megas doing more damage. Megas is kneeling again and looks horrible*

    Kiva: Coop! Listen to me. Whether you were lying or not, this is who I am! And right now I need you to trust me! Just
    like I trusted you guys. Let me fight him! I'm just as good at video games as you and from what you told me you used video
    games to base the controls of Megas. I can beat him! I know I can! *We see Coop look at Kiva then nods*

    Coop: All right! *We see Jamie get into the back and Coop into the passenger seat. Kiva gets on the driver seat then we
    see Kiva rev up the engine and go at the robot as it is about to smash its fist on the ground. The robot looks at Megas who
    is holding its arm.*

    Kiva: Sorry. But I don't think so! *We see Megas pick up the robot* WAAAAHHHH!!!! *Megas throws the robot into the city
    and it goes down. The robot looks at Megas and we see Kiva with an angry look on her face* Listen up you regenerating tin
    can! You destroy my city, hurt my friends, and ruin my date with Goat! Now I'm gonna take you down chump! *We see Kiva
    punch her fists which cause Megas to do the same. We then see Megas fly at the robot and grapple with it. We see Megas play mercy with the robot and Megas does good. The robot lets go and we then see Megas punch the robot. Then Megas grabs the robot by it's head and pushes it into the ground. Then we see Megas create the cool energy sword and proceed to stab the robot with it. But the robot moves out of the way and gets up. We then see Megas run at the robot but the robot fires its fists. We see the fists open up and fire blasts at Megas but Megas uses the sword to dodge them. We also see Kiva with tongue out and a smug grin on her face as she blocks the attacks. Then we see Megas go up to the robot itself and jump in the air and slashes the robot. We get the generic anime standoff where in the end we see Megas falter, but then the robot is sliced in half. The fists then go back to the robot and repair it. We then see Kiva look and her eyes widen. When the
    robot repairs itself we see Megas fly at the robot and grab it and push it into another building. Then we see Megas punch
    the robot rapidly. The robot then fires a missile at Megas and Megas goes flying. We then see the robot in the air and
    prepares to megaton punch the ground but Megas grabs the robot and sends it down to the ground. Then we see Megas open up and fire everything at the robot completely destroying it. We see the hands of the robot try to rebuild the robot but it loses energy. It tries again but can't.* Looks like you ran out of energy chump!

    Coop: Woah....that was awesome! *We see the hands look at Megas who does the bring it pose but the hands turn tail and run away*

    Kiva: Not so fast! I ain't done with you yet! WAAAAAAHH!!!! *We see Kiva head butt a button in the same style as Coop with
    hard force. Then we see Megas fly up to the hands and grab them, then crushes them destroying the robot once and for all.*

    Coop: She did it. Kiva did it! Hahahaha!!! Rock on Kiva! *Goes to do the pose thing with her but she is now out cold
    again* Uh oh.

    Jamie: Looks like she hit the button too hard.

    Coop: Better give her more air. *We see them outside and back at the junkyard or what is left of it and we see Kiva down on
    the ground. She slowly comes too*

    Kiva: Ugh....ergh...Coop? Jamie? What's going on? Where am I? *Looks at herself and now it is apparent that she has her
    old memory back* And WHY AM I DRESSED LIKE THIS!? *Both Coop and Jamie look at each other*

    Coop: Kiva! You ok?

    Kiva: No I'm not Coop! The city is destroyed again because of your irresponsibility and I find myself not wearing my normal
    clothes! *Pause* Explain!

    Coop: Uh....we were going to a rock concert! And along the way we got into a skirmish. *Kiva raises her eyebrow* My

    Kiva: How typical. *Sighs* Coop....I don't understand why you can't control yourself. I mean I know I've been a bit harsh
    to you and I realize I can't change you and who you are. But all I ask in return is that you be a little more careful with
    Megas. I'm only telling you for the safety of everyone.

    Coop: It's ok Kiva. You just had a rough time.

    Kiva: How long have I been out?

    Coop/Jamie: A few weeks/hours.

    Kiva: Ugh..*Feels her head* I'm tired. I'm gonna go lie down. Then tomorrow we are going to continue training and we are
    also going to run a full systems check on Megas. We need Megas to be in top form incase the Glorft decide to attack us.
    *She walks away*

    Jamie: I guess she's back to normal now.

    Coop: Yeah.

    Jamie: Well. It was fun while it lasted. *As she walks we see Goat return and out of breath*

    Goat: Guys....huh...heh...I ran to get help! *Notices the thing is completely destroyed* But I see you handled it. *Then
    goes to Kiva and puts his arm around her* So Kiva. Now that the robot is gone. Why don't we continue where we left off? *We see Goat pucker up for a kiss then we see Kiva grab Goat hard and throw him to the ground hard. Goat looks surprised*

    Kiva: Not even in your dreams! *Walks away. We then see Coop and Jamie go up to Goat who gets up slowly*

    Goat: I...take it....she's back to normal huh? *Coop and Jamie nod. Then Goat passes out a bit. We then see Coop and Jamie laugh then it pans out to Jersey City being destroyed*

    End credits: We see Kiva back in her regular outfit look at the photos of what happened in the month and angrily look at Coop and Jamie who both chuckle weakly then we see Kiva crack her knuckles and then we see Coop and Jamie gulp, then we see 2 arms grab Coop and Jamie and we hear fist punching and stuff*

    The End
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    Memory Blank Notes

    1: Villians: Regenerating Robot
    2: Kiva loses her memory this episode but gets it back at the end.
    3: The type of amnesia Kiva has is global amnesia. And like in most cartoons a 2nd bump on the head returned her to normal.
    4: Kiva acted alot like Coop in this episode due to his influence.
    5: The regenrating robot's brain and data was stored in its hands. It was able to create new bodies by collecting scrap metal and molding it.
    6: A POP TV billboard is destroyed.
    7: The fisherman from "Breakout" is seen during the montage.
    8: The Glorft, Jenna and Racheal are also in the episode but Jenna and Racheal have no speaking dialog.
    9: The robot's megaton punch attack is similar to Lugnuts punch attack in "Transformers animated"
    10: Steven Blum has dealed with memories on another show: BIG O
    11: Goat and Kiva go on a date. But Kiva wasn't herself since she had amnesia.
    12: The regenerating robot looked like a cross from the Iron Giant and Gigantor.
    13: The Kraken Megas fought in the ocean looked similar to the giant monster in "Pirates of the Carrebeian: Dead Man's chest"
    14: Another robot Megas fought looked like Proto Man from the Mega Man series.
    15: Yet another robot Megas fought looked like Robo 47 from "War of the Monsters" A playstation 2 game.
    16: Apparently because Kiva was like Coop, she was able to pilot Megas effortlessly but now that she's back to normal it's doubtful she can now.
    17: Apparently the robot hands were in recover mode and took over a month to recharge.
    18: The name of the episode is the same as a Danny Phantom Episode "Memory Blank"
    19: Kiva calling Goat Scott is based on his name from MTV Downtown.

    Also I am changing Season 6 episode order.

    Season 6 is now

    1: Channel Surfing
    2: The Dukes of Megas
    3: Space Ape Escape
    4: Twisted Megas
    5: The Cockpit
    6: Lifestyles of the Fat and Gluttonus
    7: Roughin it
    8: Anniversary Anarchy
    9: Ultrabot Z: Powered Up
    10: Harold and Jamie go to Burger Barn
    11: Memory Blank
    12: When Kivo comes calling
    13: Regiscoop

    Also I plan to revamp my scripts again.
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    Just a note. I have completely revamped the Invasion of the Body Switchers which will now be called "Fatty Friday" and which you can read at the bottom of page 3 of this topic.

    I'm also going to replace Joyride of Season 7 with this.

    Season 7

    1: The Callout
    2: Enter the Megas
    3: Fatty Friday
    4: Flora and Ice
    5: Gorrath's Ark
    6: Rosh-O-Megas
    7: System Error
    8: Battle of the Bands
    9: Deathmatch
    10: Project: D.I.A.B.L.O.S
    11: Fat to the Future 1
    12: Fat to the Future 2
    13: Fat to the Future 3
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    Me devil Mayhem

    *The episode begins in
    Jersey City, we see Coop playing with wires inside the car. They are at the junkyard and we see Jamie get into the car*

    Jamie: What are you trying to do Coop?

    Coop: I'm trying to see if I can hook back in the transwarp drive.

    Jamie: Dude.....didn't you like lose that thing? I thought Kiva said that it would teleport itself indefinitely.

    Coop: Yeah...funny thing about that.


    *We see Coop watching TV and stuff and then after a bit the transwarp drive teleports into Coop's hand and he looks at it and closes his hand and smiles*

    *Back to reality*

    Coop: I guess it was just my lucky day! *We see Coop fiddling some more with the drive* Man I just hope I can get it to work. Kiva will be happy to know I found it.

    Jamie: Need any help dude?

    Coop: Nah...I should be done soon. And......*We see Coop make the final connections*...there! It's all finished!

    Jamie: So now what?

    Coop: I guess we should test it out. *We hear the engine purring as they talk*

    Jamie: You sure we should? I mean the last time you used the transwarp drive you teleported us to a bunch of killer death robots.

    Coop: Well don't worry. I'm sure it won't happen again. I say we use it once then we go back home after.

    Jamie: I don't know....maybe we shou-

    TOO LATE! *Coop activates the transwarp drive and we see Megas teleport somewhere....we now go to what appears to look like Earth but in the middle ages. Let me make it clear that this isn't Earth but a planet that is based on medieval culture. With that aside we see a village being terrorized by a giant black dragon. The dragon looks very similar to the Argorok from Zelda: Twilight Princess. We see it step on a cottage and we see people running for their lives. The black dragon then breathes fire and torches a hut. We see a man with a cart of stuff and he trips and falls. He then gets up to see the Dragon above him and we see the dragon open it's mouth and get closer to him. It's implied that he ate the man. We then see more people running for their lives and then it pans to a castle. Inside we see what appears to be a man and a wizard who looks like Merlin.*

    King Thaddeus: *Voice actor is Rob Paulson* I say Merlinus! Haven't you been able to conjure up a suit of armor for me to combat the dragon yet!?

    Merlinus: *Voice actor is Jeff Bennet* You can't just rush these things my king! It takes patience to create a knight using magic!

    King Thaddeus: Forgive me old friend, but I desperately need an armor I can use to fight of the evil Dragon. Our best knights were already devoured by the beast’s ravenous hunger. And I fear our kingdom has very little time left.

    Merlinus: Ok. Let me try one more time. *Pours in some stuff and we see hair go into a cauldron, then we see him take a wand and shoot some lightning into it and the cauldron bubbles, then the top explodes we see a bright flash appear. When the light disappears we see Megas*

    Jamie: Coop! Next time give some warning!

    Coop: Hahah! It worked! *To Jamie* Uh....sorry Jamie. *Pause* So...any ideas where we are?

    King Thaddeus: I say Merlinus....I think you overdid it on the spell.

    Merlinus: Yes...quite.

    *Title theme plays*

    *We are still in the giant castle*

    Jamie: So Coop. Any idea where that thing teleported us too.

    Coop: Looks like a giant castle. Well at least we know it works. Now let's teleport out of here and go home! *We see Coop try again but it doesn't work.* Uh oh?

    Jamie: What's wrong?

    Coop: I think I shorted out the fuse for the transwarp drive!

    Jamie: So..just fly us back to Earth.

    Coop: I can't! I don't know how to get back home without the navigational system....and Kiva has it! *Jamie face palms*

    Jamie: Nice going Coop.....you once again get us stranded somewhere with NO IDEA HOW TO

    Coop: Chill out! At least it can't get any worse!

    King Thaddeus: I say there! What do you think you are doing in my suit of armor!? *We see both Coop and Jamie look down at the King*

    Coop: Uh...what are you talking about?

    Thaddeus: You see my wizard friend conjured up a suit of armor for me. And you happen to be in it! Now be so kind as to remove yourself from my armor please. *We see both Coop and Jamie look at the King, then at each other then break out in laughter*

    Jamie: Dude! He thinks Megas is a suit of armor!

    Coop: Haha! What is this!? Are we in like the middle ages or something!?

    Jamie: *Gets serious* Wait a minute Coop. We might be in the middle ages!

    Coop: What do you mean?

    Jamie: Dude! You might of accidently transported us back in time!

    Coop: But the time drive doesn't work!

    Jamie: Doesn't mean that you couldn't of messed with it!

    Thaddeus: *Ahem's loudly causing Coop and Jamie to look at him* Excuse me good gentlemen but you are still inside my suit of armor! Now remove yourself!

    Coop: Hey pal! For your information this is my robot Megas!

    Thaddeus: No it's not. It's a suit of armor created by my esteem wizard Merlinus. Now don't make me repeat myself!

    Coop: Dude...I'm telling you that this ain't no armor!

    Thaddeus: Listen to me! I need to use that armor at once! My kingdom is in great danger! A terrible dragon is ravaging the country side!

    Coop: Uh what Dragon? *All of a sudden we hear explosions and we see the Wizard out by the window*

    Merlinus: I do believe my king is referring to that one! *We see Megas walk over and kneel down and look out the window to see the Dragon attacking some stuff and starts to walk towards the castle. Jamie screams like a girl*

    Coop: That's it? Pff...I can take care of this scaly chump with ease!

    Thaddeus: You...wish to fight the dragon?

    Coop: Hey no sweat! I'll beat up this dragon and save your kingdom! Let's go Jamie! *We see Megas power up and fly out of the castle*

    Thaddeus: Hey wait stop! *We see Megas destroy part of the castle as it flies out and the king sighs* Merlinus....the next time you summon me a knight, please do it outside! *We see the Dragon crawling on the ground as it roars and tail whips a cart of food sending it into the air and it hits people and we see the Dragon then tail whip a cottage destroying it. We see more people run away from the Dragon as it comes closer to the castle but then Megas lands in front of it*

    Coop: Hey puff the magic dragon! You wanna fight? Well how about fighting me! *The Dragon just roars then charges at Megas*

    Jamie: Here he comes Coop! Get ready! *The dragon tries to tackle Megas but Megas picks up the Dragon*

    Coop: ERRRRRRRRRRGGGRRRRRRGGRRRRRRGGRRAAAAAHHH!!!!!! *Megas throws the Dragon over him and it goes down* Man! He's a heavy one! *The Dragon gets up and tail whips Megas causing him to trip* Whoa! *Megas falls down onto a couple of huts destroying them. Then Megas gets back up.* Oh...so you like playing dirty huh? Well I can play dirty too! *We see Megas grab a patch of land and toss it into the air and it hits the dragon in the eyes. The dragon is now blind.*

    Jamie: Nice! *We then see Megas run up to the dragon, and do a baseball slide by it. Then it grabs the dragon's neck and puts it in a headlock then starts punching it in the face many times. The dragon then squirms and moves it's neck and manages to throw Megas off and Megas lands on the ground. Megas then gets back up and the dragon shakes its head and comes too and it looks at Megas with its menacing red eyes and it starts to kick up ground like a bull* Get ready Coop! He's gonna charge again!

    Coop: I'm on it! *We see the dragon charge at Megas and Megas is ready to tackle the dragon again but as it gets close we see the dragon move it's neck to dodge Megas then slam Megas with its neck again sending it into a castle wall and it goes down destroying part of the castle. We see King Thaddeus face palm*

    King Thaddeus: Oh no...I just had that part of the castle rebuilt!

    Merlinus: Well....on the bright side he is holding his own against the Black Dragon. *Megas falls again onto another part of the castle, then gets up*

    Coop: Sorry! My bad! *Megas goes back into the battle with the dragon. and we see Megas get on the dragon and ride it like a horse* YEEEHAWWW!!! GIDDY UP!!! *The Dragon bucks around widely trying to shake off Megas but Megas holds on, we then see Jamie with a stopwatch and we see the dragon bucks more then it gets Megas off and Megas falls into the dirt again. Megas gets back up*

    Jamie: Dude! 10 seconds!

    Coop: Hahah! All right! A new record! *Does the pose thing with Jamie, but then the dragon flies in the air and hits Megas dead on* WOAH!!!! *We see Megas go flying far from the impact* WAAAAAHHHH!!!! *Megas lands in a forest and goes into the dirt and leaves a dirt trail and knocks over some trees as well. Megas once again slowly gets up.* Ohh....all right. I think it's time to stop toying with the dragon.

    Jamie: Dude! He's in the air! *Points and we see the dragon flying and circling Megas as it roars, then flies away then comes back and dives at Megas breathing a stream of fire. It hits the front part of Megas causing it to glow red, we then see the controls heat up and Coop gets hurt*

    Coop: DEOW!!! Man that's hot! He's heating up the controls! *The dragon makes several passes at Megas and continues to breath fire at Megas making Megas hotter and hotter, it shows a screen of Megas core temp going up and we hear beeps and stuff*

    Jamie: Not good! Megas is gonna overheat!

    Coop: I better clip this dragon's wings and now! *We see Megas power up and fly towards the dragon and grab it. Then we see the Dragon flying erratically and it heads back to the castle and we see the King and the Wizard with O O eyes.*

    Thaddeus: Oh dear...*We see Megas and the Dragon crash into the castle and then we see Megas get up and grab the dragon by the tail and starts slamming him around, then spins the dragon really fast and throws him into the air, we hear the dragon's roar get softer as it goes into the distance. Megas then moves its hands in accomplishment for what it did.*

    Coop: Looks like he won't be bothering those guys for awhile.

    Jamie: Uh Coop. *we see Coop look and the entire village and woods are destroyed by the fight between Megas and the Dragon.*

    Coop: Uh...whoops!

    Thaddeus: I say you there! *Coop looks down to the King* I don't know who you are, or where you came from. *Smiles* But I want to thank you....for defeating the dragon.

    Coop: No problem!

    Thaddeus: Would you mind telling me your name brave knight?

    Coop: Sure! The name's Coop.

    Thaddeus: Well then Coop. I invite you and your squire into my castle....or what's left of it anyway, and throw a feast in your honor for saving our lives. *The king goes back inside*

    Coop: Nice! I was getting kinda hungry anyway!

    Jamie: What's a squire? *They are now inside and we see Coop, Jamie, the King, Merlinus, and many other people eating food, Jamie is eating some stuff and we see Coop eating a giant turkey and stuff and everyone is looking at Coop stuffing his face in amazement. We then see Coop eat some ham and drink a goblet of stuff and then we hear Coop belch loudly* Oh yeah....that hit the spot.

    Merlinus: I say there. You have quite an appetite!

    Coop: *With his mouth full of food* Yeah...thanks. *Gulps*

    Jamie: Hah! This is only a small snack to Coop. *King Thaddeus raises an eyebrow*

    King Thaddeus: I see....well anyways I just wanted to thank you again for your courage and bravery.

    Coop: Hey no problem.

    Merlinus: So tell me....where exactly are you from?

    Coop: We're from
    New Jersey. Ever hear of it?

    Merlinus: I'm afraid I can't say that I have.

    Jamie: *To Coop* Coop don't you remember. You sent us back in time!
    Jersey doesn't exist.

    Coop: I'm not sure Jamie. I don't think this is Earth. Yo kingy dude! What planet it is?

    Thaddeus: First off....my name is not "KINGY Dude" my name is King Thaddeus. And you are on the planet Arthurian Terra.

    Jamie: Heh...that's a funny way of saying Earth.

    Merlinus: Oh so you must be Earthers! *They nod* Oh yes. We've heard alot about you and your culture. You see our galaxy was fascinated by Earth and how their people evolved so quickly and rapidly. So the leaders of all the planets decided to emulate the different time periods of your world. The planet you are on based our culture on your "Middle and Dark Ages!"

    Jamie: What about the other planets?

    Merlinus: Well we have a Cro-Magnon Terra, a Bruticus Terra, an Explora Terra, an Industria Terra, a Moderna Terra, and then there is the Futura Terra. *Coop and Jamie look dumbfounded* Call it homage to your earthly customs if you will.

    Jamie: Well that's neat and creepy at the same time.....

    Thaddeus: Yes...well now that's good in all but now we must get serious. Coop, once again I must thank you for defeating the dragon, but I fear it is not the last we have seen of him.

    Merlinus: Indeed. He will most certainly return as long as the Black Knight controls him.

    Coop: Black Knight!? Who the heck is that!?

    Thaddeus: The Black Knight was once a knight in one of the neighboring kingdoms. However he quickly grew bored with his position due to the lack of a worthy fighter. The Black Knight lusted for battle and to see if anyone could best him in battle. He eventually turned on his kingdom and decided to take it over. Not even the knights who protected the land could stop him. Soon he took over the other kingdoms...and now we are the only one left.

    Merlinus: The Black Knight's power is great....he even tamed the ferocious dragon you fought before and it is now in his control.

    Coop: Sounds like this guy has issues! *We see a chick give Jamie some food and giggle and Jamie winks and smiles. Then we see the King get up and kneel by Coop.*

    Thaddeus: Oh brave knight. I beseech you. Please...protect my kingdom and defeat the black knight once and for all.

    Coop: Uh....*All of a sudden Coop's communicator rings and it's Kiva. It's static at first*

    Kiva: *BBBZZTT* oop! *BBZZTT* are you!? *Bzzzt!* me Kiva!

    Coop: Uh...gotta answer this! *To Kiva* What's up Kiva!?

    Kiva: Where are you!? I've been trying to contact you all day!

    Merlinus: Who is this? Is this some kind of witch?

    Kiva: *Angrily* WITCH!? Coop get back here now!

    Coop: Uh....gotta go Kiva! *Shuts transmission* Sorry about that! So you need me to protect you guys from a knight right? No sweat! Me and Jamie can handle any chump!

    Thaddeus: I thank you brave knight. And as a token of my gratitude you may stay here in the castle. All of my servants are your servants.

    Jamie: Cool....

    Coop: Yeah! Just leave that knight to me! I'll smash his face in! *We then go to what appears to be a dark tower. We see the Dark Dragon fly above the giant tower and land on a giant perch that is big enough for the Dragon to stand on. We then see an evil knight in armor that looks like the Black Knight's armor in the Fire Emblem games but with different designs and he has evil red eyes.*

    Black Knight: *Voice actor is Kevin Michael Richardson* I see you have returned....why? *The Dragon just roars* You mean to tell me that you were defeated? *The dragon nods* You know I do not tolerate failure. Do you know the price of failure? HEEEEYAAAA!!! *We see the Black Knight take his sword and jump into the air and slash the dragon across it's eye causing it to scream and fall off the perch. The Dragon now has a scar on his eye. The Dragon regains stabilization in the air and hovers.* Now unless you want a matching scar for your other eye I suggest you don't fail me again! *The Dragon flies away, then a poof appears and we see what appears to be an ugly witch of sorts with grey hair and it looks like the witch from Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves/Men in Tights.* What do you want woman?

    Witch: *Voice actor is Wendee Lee* Don't you think you were too hard on the Dragon?

    Black Knight: Hmph! *Turns around and walks back into his tower* The fact that he was defeated at all is inexcusable! However.....I am intrigued that the Dragon was defeated by someone other than myself....

    Witch: You are are you?

    Black Knight: Yes. It seems that whoever did defeat the dark dragon may be considered worthy. *Grabs his giant sword*

    Witch: Are you doing what I think you are doing?

    Black Knight: Heheheh....what does it look like I'm doing witch?

    Witch: I think you are planning to go fight the one who defeated your dragon.

    Black Knight: You know me all too well.......*Holds his sword into the air* I will personally go find the one who defeated my dragon and thrust this blade into his SKULL!!! *The word skull echoes thou gout the tower. We are now back to the castle and we see Jamie getting pampered by many girls. He has only a pair of shorts on and he is getting a back massage by a blonde woman and we see him happy and content.*

    Jamie: Oh yeah....that's it.....a little lower.....that's right. Aaaahhhh.....*We see a girl feed him a grape.* Oh yeah. Life just doesn't get better than this eh Coop.

    Coop: Yeah! *Eats a turkey leg* We save a bunch of people and we are regarded as heroes! *Kiva contacts Coop again* Oh Kiva! Sorry about before....

    Kiva: Coop! Mind telling me what's going on!? WHERE
    ARE YOU!?

    Coop: You wouldn't believe it! I got the transwarp drive back!

    Kiva: That's impossible! You set the transwarp drive on an indefinite warp cycle!

    Coop: Well somehow it warped right into my hands! So I put it back in Megas and somehow transwarped Jamie and I to some middle age planet!

    Kiva: Well get back here Coop. I want to run a systems check on Megas!

    Coop: Uh yeah...2 things! 1: I have no idea how to get back to Earth since you have the navigational component. And 2: *Pause* I promised some guy I'd defeat a black knight. So I can't leave yet.

    Kiva: *Sighs* Coop this is why I don't want you doing anything without my permission. Anyway never mind. If you made a promise then stay there and help out anyway you can. In the meantime I'll try and find a way to get you guys back.

    Jamie: *Relaxing* Take your time Kiva. *Stretches* Take your sweeeeet time. *Transmission ends* Well *Yawns* I think I'm gonna hit the sack now. I'll need the rest so I can be worshiped tomorrow. *Goes into a big soft bed.*

    Coop: Hey. Don't let all this hero stuff go to your head. Don't forget it's me who does the work. Well anyways I guess I could use some rest myself. *Goes into a bed as well* Night Jamie. *Goes to sleep*

    Jamie: Night Coop. *Goes to sleep as well. We are then outside and we see the Dark Dragon fly towards the castle and on him is the Black Knight in his armor and he has his sword in the air. We then see a watchman look and see the Dragon and he gets scared and sounds a blow horn and we see the Dragon shoot rocks of fire at various towers destroying them, we see people running for their lives and then we see the Black Knight aim his sword for the main part of the castle and the Dragon flies down there and attacks it. Back inside we see Coop and Jamie sleeping and the explosions rattle them out of the beds*

    Coop: WOAH! *Falls down, then gets back up* Oh man! What the heck is going on out there!? *Thaddeus shows up*

    Thaddeus: Brave knight! I am afraid that the Black Knight has come for you! He will not stop attacking until you show yourself!

    Jamie: Great...just like the guy to attack us when we aren't expecting it.

    Thaddeus: Hurry Coop! You must get to your stead! There is no time to lose!

    Coop: Right! Let's go Jamie! *Both Coop and Jamie leave, back outside we see the Black Knight cause more destruction by attacking huts and stuff and setting fires to the woods and the dragon attacks stuff also.*

    Black Knight: WHERE
    ARE YOU KNIGHT!? COME ON OUT AND FACE ME! OR ARE YOU A COWARD!? *The Dragon roars* IF YOU DO NOT COME OUT THEN I WILL LEVEL THIS KINGDOM AND ALL OF IT'S INHABITANTS!!! *The Dragon lands and aims for the castle, the Dragon is about to breathe on it but then we see the Dragon is grabbed by Megas and Megas tosses the Dragon away from the Castle.*

    Coop: I hear you looking for me pal? Well here I am!

    Black Knight: What is this!? Some kind of metal giant!? How pathetic! You are no match for me and my dragon. You will be destroyed!

    Coop: Oh yeah! Well get a load of this! *We see Megas go up to the Dragon and punch it hard, but it does nothing and the Dragon then just strikes Megas with its newly armored tail sending Megas down. Megas then gets back up*

    Black Knight: That may have worked once before, but now my Dragon is invincible thanks to the magic armor my witch had created. You don't stand a chance.

    Coop: We'll see! *We see Megas fly towards the Dragon but the Dragon flies into the air, then comes down and aims at Megas and tries to crash into Megas. Megas jumps out of the way and then we see the Dragon fly up towards Megas. We then see Megas get behind the Dragon and ride him again like before* YEEEHAWWW!!! *But then we see the Black Knight take his sword and fire an energy slash at Megas sending him off and Megas falls onto a bunch of cottages destroying them, then Megas gets up and looks at the Dragon*

    Black Knight: I've already told you that your struggle is useless! You cannot win against my power! *We then see the Dragon swoop down and try to hit Megas but Megas grabs the dragon and starts punching it, the Dragon then flips Megas over and Megas goes into the air but regains balance. Megas then creates the cool energy sword and holds it in the air and comes down*

    Coop: WAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!! *We see Megas slash the dragon with the energy sword but it just dissipates* Huh!? *The Dragon then hits Megas with it's mace tail again sending it flying.*

    Jamie: Oh man...looks like the dragon learned a few new tricks!

    Coop: *Merlinus appears on the monitor* Yo wizard dude! That's the deal with the Dragon!

    Merlinus: The dragon is wearing an armor created by magical properties! It renders the wearer impervious to damage.

    Coop: Oh that's great....any way to destroy it.

    Merlinus: You would need to have a weapon forged of the same exact material to damage it.

    Jamie: I'm sure Megas's got something that's like that!

    Coop: Only one way to find out. *We then see Megas go into the air then come to a stop, we then see Megas fire it's fists at the Dragon but the Dragon dodges. Then the Dragon comes for Megas, then we see Megas fire a machine gun blast at the Dragon but the blasts just dent off the armor as if it was nothing. Then we see Megas get ready and grab onto the Dragon. Then we see both Megas and the Dragon go flying in the same direction, we then see the shoulder parts of Megas open up and out come 2 missiles and they fire at the dragon and explode, we then see Megas leave from the Dragon as it is covered in smoke. We see Coop do a fist pump* Hahaha! YEAH! *We see smoke then it clears and the Dragon is still good.* No way!

    Black Knight: Hmph. That didn't even slightly tickle. *The Dragon then fires a blast at Megas and Megas goes down to the ground hard* Are you done with your display of foolishness?

    Coop: I'm just getting started! *We then see Megas fire more missiles at the Dragon and they hit then Megas goes through the smoke and grabs the Dragon and does a flip and throws the Dragon to the ground and it lands on its feet. The Dragon then flies back up and hits Megas sending it falling but Megas lands safely and the Dragon then fires another blast at Megas but Megas counters with a flaming 8 ball destroying each others blast.*

    Jamie: Look out! *We see the Dragon come for Megas and flies right over him creating a wind causing Megas to stumble and fall.* He's coming back! *The Dragon then hits Megas from behind and this causes Megas to fall right onto the castle again. We see the King and the Wizard move out of the way to safety as Megas goes down. Then Megas turns around and the Dragon lands on Megas pinning him to the ground and we see the Dragon try to bite the head of the car part but miss. Jamie screams like a girl. We then see Megas shine the car lights super bright and the dragon is blinded then we see Megas power up and fly out from under the Dragon and goes into the other part of the castle completely destroying it.*

    Coop: Uh...sorry about that. *We see fire blasts fly by Megas but miss. We then see the Dragon fly at Megas. Megas fires energy blades at the Dragon but the Black Knight scoffs and the blades hit the Dragon but do no damage. We then see Coop grrr at this and then Megas opens up with more missiles and fires them at the Dragon and they hit but the Dragon flies out of the smoke and his mouth is full of fire and he opens up and hits Megas dead on with a flame blast* AAAAHHHHH!!!! *Megas goes down once again and we see the Dragon try to crush Megas with its weight but Megas gets out of the way. The Dragon just roars.*

    Jamie: Man nothing we do has any affect on him! Hit him with something stronger!

    Coop: You got it! *We then see Megas put its hands inside and we see Megas gather energy, on the side of Megases arms we see an energy meter start at red, then go up and it goes to orange than yellow, than green for full energy. We then see Coop pull a lever and Megas fires a strong blast of energy at the Dragon, the Knight gets up and laughs then jumps in the air and strikes the blast with his sword and it reflects back to Megas* Oh boy. *Megas gets hit super hard and Megas goes flying and lands hard. We then see Megas get up and Megas is kneeling and electrocuting. We see the King look on depressed.*

    Black Knight: Heheheheh.....I admire your relentlessness, but it will do you no good. I've already explained to you that my sword and armor are impenetrable to any of your attacks. But seeing you kneel before me is quite satisfying. I think I shall let you live to be my servant. Now....SWEAR YOUR ALLEGANCE TO ME OR BE DESTROYED!

    Coop: No way! First you attack a bunch of innocent people, then you sic a giant dragon on me, and now you want me to be your servant! I don't think so! I'm ending this now! *We see Megas fly to the Dragon and try attacking it again with punches but they do nothing, then we see Megas fire a blast at the Dragon but nothing happens, then we see Megas create a powerful shock blast that hits the Dragon but once again it does nothing, the Dragon than just strikes Megas with its neck and Megas does down again.*

    Jamie: Oh yeah...alot good that did us. *The King appears on the monitor*

    Thaddeus: Brave Knight! It's pointless to fight the Black Knight any longer. Please just surrender!

    Coop: No way! I made a promise that I was gonna protect you guys and I intend to keep it!

    Jamie: Forget it Coop. Let's just leave. I'm sure this was meant to happen anyway.

    Coop: I ain't leaving Jamie! I'm gonna take this guy down! *Megas slowly gets up and walks towards the Dragon*

    Black Knight: How foolish....I put you down again and again and yet you still continue to come at me. Perhaps you need to be educated as to just who I am. I am the most feared warrior on Arthurian Terra! No one can compare to my power! I am the bringer of chaos and despair! I AM THE BLACK KNIGHT! *We see the Knight jump into the air and take his blade and prepares to strike Megas and he slowly goes down*

    Jamie: Coop get out of the way.

    Coop: Not a chance! I'm standing my ground! *We see Jamie try to get out of the car but sees the Knight coming down.*

    Jamie: AAAHH!!! *We then see the Knight strike the hood of the car but his sword is destroyed.*

    Black Knight: WHAT!?

    Jamie: Dude! He destroyed his sword on the hood of your car!

    Coop: Uh...what the heck just happened!?

    Merlinus: *Via monitor* It appears that part of your stead contains the same magic properties as the Black Knight's armor and sword.

    Black Knight: *Jumps off of Megas and lands back on the Dragon* You shall pay for destroying my blade! Now I will destroy you once and for all! *We see the Dragon roar at Megas.*

    Jamie: Looks like we are gonna need alot more car parts if we are gonna beat this guy. *Coop pings*

    Coop: That's it! *We then see Megas fly away from the battle, we see the King, the Black Knight, and Merlinus look on, then the Knight looks at the King and Merlinus.*

    Black Knight: It looks like your so called hero has abandoned you. Now I shall destroy your kingdom. *We see the Dragon roar and power up and fire a powerful flame blast.* Say goodbye! *The dragon fires, but then Megas comes back down and hits the blast with a giant metal sword.* What!?

    Coop: Hey buddy. Miss me? *We see Coop has a sword that looks like Excalibur.*

    Thaddeus: My word! His stead is holding a blade similar to the Black Knights!

    Merlinus: We may prevail yet my King!

    Black Knight: Where did you find a blade like that!


    *We see Megas land on Moderna Terra, a planet that is like present day Earth and Megas lands in a junkyard similar to the one in Jersey and we see Megas act as a blacksmith and forges car parts and takes them and pours in stuff and hits things with a hammer and stuff then we see Megas hold a giant sword in the air.*

    *Back to reality*

    Coop: It's amazing what 4 years of shop class can teach you! And now that the playing field is even. It's time to end this battle! *We see Megas run at the dragon and the dragon flies away but Megas jumps in the air and takes the blade and strikes the Dragon creating a huge gash in the Dragon, then we see Megas strike the dragon again and armor parts fall off the Dragon, then we see Megas grab the Dragon and throw him to the ground, we see the Dragon fire at Megas but Megas swings the blade and it deflects the attack and hits the Dragon causing more armor to fall off. Megas then keeps slashing the Dragon and it shows various screens of armor falling off, when it's all done all the armor has fallen off the Dragon then we see Megas jump in the air and come down with the Blade and impale the Dragon right in the eyes and it pans out and we hear the Dragon shriek in pain. Then it shows the Dragon fall to it's death.* All right! How you like that "KNIGHTY!" We then see the Black Knight get up and look at Megas.*

    Black Knight: Enough! *We see the Knight take his sword and hold it in the air and prepares to fight Megas. But then he kneels down and puts his sword on the ground.* I lay my weapon down in defeat. You have bested me in battle. For this I shall surrender to your terms.

    Coop: Uh yeah....stop being evil and junk. It's more fun protecting people than causing trouble.

    Black Knight: Very well. *Takes off his helmet, his voice is no longer dark and sinister and we see him and he has yellow hair and a beard similar to Coop's* I shall do as you wish. I will no longer use this sword to torment, but to protect. *To King Thaddeus* I shall relinquish control over the other kingdoms and give them back to their former rulers. I also apologize for the trouble I caused. I...I just wanted a good battle. And you brave knight have given me one. *We then see everyone cheer and Coop and Jamie do the rock on pose thing. We are now in the newly built castle and we see both Coop and Jamie kneel before King Thaddeus and we see him with a sword.*

    Thaddeus: On behalf of all of Arthurian Terra....I want to thank you for bringing peace back to our world. *We also see the Black Knight now in a normal Knight armor look on proudly at Coop.* Now one more time. Please tell me your names.

    Coop: My name is Coop!

    Jamie: And my name is Jamie!

    Thaddeus: Very well. *Takes his sword and knights Coop* I dub thee sir Coop the Gluttonous! *Then Jamie* And I dub thee sir Jamie the cowardly!

    Jamie: Hey! *Everyone cheers and we see Coop and Jamie get up and look happy. We then see Coop and Jamie get back in Megas*

    Thaddeus: Are sure you won't stay for dinner? You are guests at my castle!

    Coop: Thanks but we gotta get back. Kiva's gonna have our heads if we don't.

    Jamie: Uh Coop we don't know how to get back....

    Coop: I fixed the transwarp drive. So it should work now!

    Merlinus: Will you return to visit?

    Coop: You bet! I had alot of fun being a knight. But I need to go home. You guys take care and rock on! *Coop activates the transwarp drive and Megas teleports away. We then see Megas return to Earth in the Junkyard we also see Kiva and she gets into Megas.*

    Kiva: Welcome back guys. Where did you go?

    Coop: It was so cool! We went to this planet that's like in medieval times, we fought a giant dragon, and defeated a black knight!

    Jamie: Yeah! We even got knighted!

    Kiva: You a knight? Hahaha! Don't make me laugh!

    Jamie: Hey! That's no way to treat me! Sir Jamie the courageous!

    Coop: Uh I thought he named you sir Jamie the cowardly? *Kiva laughs more*

    Kiva: Well did you guys have fun playing knights?

    Coop: Yeah! It was a blast.

    Kiva: Well good. I need to run a systems check on Megas. So we better get started.

    Coop: *Smiles* Gonna have to wait! Right now I feel like eating some turkey! Come on Kiva! I want to show you something cool! *We see Megas power up and fly away.*

    End Credits: We see the gang at a place similar to medieval times and we see Coop and Jamie are enjoying themselves and such. Kiva looks on and smiles a bit.

    The End.
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  19. Xerroo

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    Medevil Meyhem is done


    1: Villians: The Black Knight
    2: This episode is based on Authurian legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the round table.
    3: The Knight looks like the Black Knight from Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
    4: Nothing POP TV was destroyed this episode.
    5: Kiva has few speaking roles and rarely shows up this episode.
    6: The blade Megas was using is similar to the legendary blade Excalibur
    7: The Terra Galaxy based each planet off of Earth culture.
    1: Cromagdon Terra: The Ice Age and Age of Dinosaurs
    2: Bruticus Terra: The Roman Empire
    3: Authurian Terra: The Dark Ages and Middle Ages
    4: The Explora Terra: Age of Exploration
    5: The Industra Terra: The Industrial Revolution
    6: The Modera Terra: The Present
    7: The Futura Terra: The Future world
    8: Coop's car is made out of the same material as the Dragon's armor and the Knights sword and armor.
    9: We see Jamie wearing only shorts this episode for a short period of time.
    10: Coop got the transwarp drive back.
  20. martin_m95

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    *reading through the episodes*
    actually, these episodes aint so bad
    *evil kiva dies*

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