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Megas XLR Episode idea scripts. (PG)

Discussion in 'The Story Board' started by Xerroo, Apr 9, 2005.

  1. bogy shashav

    bogy shashav Guest

    I havve only one objection, and it's about RegisCoop. I still feel kinda sorry for alt. Kiva, and i think she does not deserve to die in such a nasty way. Otherwise good work...as usual.
  2. Oni0

    Oni0 Wanted DOA

    Nov 15, 2005
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    I just leave for a few days and you guys post many good things. I read them all and i enjoy them very much and also like the new stuff you add on all the edits you did.
  3. Xerroo

    Xerroo Megas Fan

    Apr 6, 2005
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    Just re-edited Much Ado about Alternate Jamie as well as Anniversary Anarchy and Regiscoop.
  4. Darth-geister

    Darth-geister Member

    Nov 10, 2005
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    Regiscoop i think is the best one of the edits you did today.
  5. JTX

    JTX Member

    Nov 27, 2005
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    Not bad on the new edits. Twisted Megas as to be my favorite along with Regiscoop.
  6. Xerroo

    Xerroo Megas Fan

    Apr 6, 2005
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    Just Edited the following and have been revamped for your reading pleasure

    Interlude with a Bioloid
    Harold and Jamie go to Burger Barn
    There's Something about Kivo
    Flora and Ice
    Gorrath's Ark
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  7. Darth-geister

    Darth-geister Member

    Nov 10, 2005
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    I just read some and there are all good. Like Joyride and Harold and Jamie go to Burger Barn the most.
  8. Xerroo

    Xerroo Megas Fan

    Apr 6, 2005
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    Heads up.

    I just did Land of the Rising Fat (Fat Guy and Quazar) and now I did Honey, I shrunk the Megas.

    I also changed the episode order for Season 3 and Season 7

    Season 3
    Love at First Fight
    Ultrabot Z
    Honey, I shrunk the Megas
    Grill Power
    Tag Team
    How the Glorft stole Christmas
    S.S Warlock
    Attack of the Lurps
    The Good, the Bad, and the Megas
    Once Upon a Time in New Mexico
    House of 1000 Coopses

    Season 7
    Battle of the Bulge
    Enter the Megas
    Flora and Ice
    Gorrath's Ark
    System Error
    Battle of the Bands
    Project Diablos
    Fat to the Future 1
    Fat to the Future 2
    Fat to the Future 3
  9. Xerroo

    Xerroo Megas Fan

    Apr 6, 2005
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    What is this? It's a new episode!

    Revenge of the Nerds

    *The Episode begins in total darkness, we then see a match is lit and then we see the match light a candle and then we see multiple matches light up and more candles are light, then we see what appears to be 4 different nerds who look alot like the nerds Alex hangs out with from "MTV Downtown" but are younger like around the age of 19 thru 21*

    Dark One: *Voice actor is Tom Kenny he's the fat one* The meeting of the brotherhood of Darkness will now come to order! First we must initiate the roll call! Night Shade!

    Night Shade: *Voice actor is Billy West he's the one with the backwards cap* Here!

    Dark One: Shadowheart!

    Shadowheart: *Voice actor is Rick Gomez he's the tall one with the curly hair* Present.

    Dark One: And finally Pitch Black!

    Pitch Black: *Voice actor is Grey Desile as a guy he's the little guy with glasses* Here.

    Dark One: Good! Now that the roll call has been initiated now we must concentrate on our agenda for today! As you know that once a year the United States hosts the Galatic Gaming Guild Expo. And every time we participate in the video game contest. But alas, we never win! And do you know why?

    Shadowheart: It's because we always get our butts kicked by the reigning champions every time. I belive their names were Har-

    Dark One: Silence! If I wanted an answer I would of asked for one! Now you may answer the question.

    Shadowheart: As I was saying we always lose to Harold Cooplowski and his friends.

    Night Shade: Yeah we can't compete with them. they're just too good!

    Dark One: We are just as good if not better then him! The reason why he keeps winning is because of his constant popularity! The fans constantly cheer for him and his pals. But this year they will be cheering for us!

    Pitch Black: Uh...how are we gonna get them to do that?

    Dark One: I'm glad you asked Pitch Black. You see....this year G3 is holding a special contest, various arcades around the country have been installed with a super difficult game that no one has yet to beat. It is said that each of the arcades are connected wirelessly to all the gaming companies and stores around the country. It is also said that whoever defeats the game will send a message back to the the G3 headquarters in California and they will in turn host G3 in the town where the first game cabinet was beaten! You see if I can beat that game then we will be the popular ones and they will cheer for us and we will win!

    Night Shade: Dude you can't even get past the first level! There is no way you can beat it!

    Pitch Black: Yeah.....you'd have to like know the game in and out to do that.

    Dark One: I am well aware of that Pitch Black that is why I have this! *Shows stuff and papers* Here are detailed maps, analysis of enemies and powers, locations of safe spots and the locations of the hidden power-ups which will make the game easy. *The other 3 say good things and stuff* I know....And then once I study and examine them, I will go to the arcade tomorrow and win the game. When everyone sees me win then I will be remembered and the one who brought G3 to Jersey City!

    Nightshade: Uh...why don't we just go now and play!

    Dark One: Can't....I got cerfew. In fact I have to be in bed now.

    Shadowheart: But it's only 9:30 at night....

    Dark One: We must end our meeting for now. Tomorrow we shall all go down to the arcade with our new found knowledge and defeat the game once and for all. I hearby conclude the brotherhood of darkness meeting to be over! *They all blow out the candles* Uh.......guys....maybe we should turn on the light first before we blow out the candles. *We hear someone trip* Oww!!!!

    Pitch Black: Sorry.

    *Title Screen Plays*

    Revenge of the Nerds.

    *We are now at Jersey City Arcade and we see a whole bunch of people surrounded by a game console and we see people cheering on players and we see Coop and Jamie playing the game on Co-Op and they are moving the controls around and stuff and we see sweating and on the screen we see ships moving around shooting stuff and dodging attacks and stuff and we see people cheering them on*

    People: COOP! Jamie! COOP! Jamie! COOP! *As they continue cheering we see Racheal walk up to Jenna*

    Racheal: Hey Jen. What's going on?

    Jenna: Coop and Jamie made it to the final level of the game! All they have to do now is go through the enemy gauntlet and fight the final boss! They haven't lost any lives or health! If they win we get G3 to come here and free tickets!

    Racheal: Really!? Nice!!!! *She joins in the cheering* Coop! Jamie! Coop! *Back at the game we see the two ships shooting at more stuff and they dodge blasts and we see Coop and Jamie sweating and Coop is grring his teeth and he's pressing random buttons and the ships keep dodging in and out and then they come up to the final boss which looks like a giant robot that was used in "Totally spies episode Deja Cruise" and it's firing lasers and stuff at a ship and a ship gets hit and loses health*

    Jamie: Coop I've taken damage! Pass me a energy pack!

    Coop: Coming right up! *we see the other ship throw a health packet and some shield to the other ship and they both keep shooting and stuff trying to defeat the final boss* Nice try chump! *The ship swerves past the lasers and shoots the robot more*

    Jenna: Awesome! They are hurting the final boss! They might win!

    Racheal: Come on guys!!!! You can do it!!!

    *They continue to fight the final boss and the boss uses a super powerful attack but both Coop and Jamie's ships dodge the attack and they keep dodging and the robot shoots lasers out of it's eyes*

    Jamie: Come on.....come on. *We see Jenna Crosses fingers, Racheal clings to Jenna as they watch and we still see both fighter ships fire at the final boss and everyone is watching and stuff and then we see the ships and the final boss stop firing, the robot's head explodes, then it goes to it's knees and falls down, then completely explodes, then from the top of the arcade console a laser beam is fired into the air and everyone looks at it, meanwhile in space we see the beam and it hits a sattlite and it redirects the beam to California and shoots it there, meanwhile at California we see the hosts of G3 sitting and being bored*

    Host 1: *Voice actor is Dee Bradly Baker* Dude I told you this game contest was a stupid idea! No one can beat Hadius!

    Host 2: *Voice actor is Kevin Micheal Richardson* Give it time man! I'm sure someone is gonna win. *The beam hits a signal dish and it sends a message down into the building and the giant monitor flashes and stuff and they both look* Woah....

    Host 1: No way....someone actually beat that game! All right! Now we don't have to sit in this office anymore!!! *Presses a button and a green beam is fired into the air and it hits the sattilite and redirects itself at Jersey City Arcade and it fires down onto the arcade cabinet and on the monitor we see the two hosts on the screen* Congratulations!!!! You are the first person to ever beat Hadius! Because of your awesome victory and score we are going to host G3 at your town! *Reads the monitor* Uh....Jersey City! And you will get 4 tickets to go for free!!!!

    Coop: YEAHWOO!!!!!! *Everyone cheers and celebrates and stuff*

    Jamie: All right we did it Coop! We won!!!!

    Coop: Rock on!!! *Does the rock on pose thingy with Jamie, then their girlfriends come up and hug them*

    Jenna: you both won Coop!*Jenna hugs Coop happily* You were both great!!! *Coop grabs Jenna and leans her down and looks at her*

    Coop: We couldn't of done it without the support of our girlfriends. *Smiles and kisses her passionatly and so does Jamie and Racheal and everyone is cheering and stuff, later that day we see the Dark One go out of his house and he heads to the arcade*

    Dark One: Bye mom I'm going to the arcade!!!! *Walks into the city and is joined by his friends* Well gentlemen are you ready to make history!?

    Nightshade: Yeah! I've been studying the level designs and weakspots all night! I didn't even sleep!

    Shadowheart: Something tells me you didn't bathe either.....

    Dark One: Well worry not my dark brothers. Today we will become popular for bring G3 to Jersey City and then when the game contest takes place they will all be cheering for us and we will be admired and we will win!

    Pitch Black: You think we can really do it?

    Dark One: Of course we can! With my level 12 intellect and quick wits there is no game I cannot overcome. *As they pass a hardware store that has a TV show it goes to a special report*

    Newsreporter: *Voice actor is Kevin Micheal Richardson* We interupt the hopes of a young man to bring this special bulletin! * The nerds stop and watch the TV We see a reporter and behind him are a bunch of people cheering and stuff and they are at the Pizza Hutch* Today can be marked as a great day in history of Jersey City. It is because someone has finally beatened the special Hadious Extreme Difficulty Edition in our very own city. Here is the scene behind me. *We see people cheering on Coop and Jamie's name and the Dark One is surprised and upset* As you can see there are 1000's of fans who are wating here at the Pizza Hutch to meet with the people who made their dreams of going to G3 come true and *Looks in the distance and sees a car approach* And it appears that they have arrived! *They pull up to the front of the Pizza Hutch and there is red carpeting and all and out comes Coop and Jenna and they wave and everyone cheers and they walk down and then we see Jamie and Racheal come down and Jamie waves and smiles and they all go in and the crowd is happy and stuff*

    Dark One: No......NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! I can't belive it!!! This isn't happenening! *Starts to cry*

    Shadowheart: Oh man....tough break man....oh well at least there is next year.

    Dark one: No! I will not stand for another loss!!! Maybe we didn't get the fan support but that doesn't mean we won't win at the convention! Come on! We must engage the enemy! *They head for the Pizza Hutch meanwhile at the pizza hutch we see the gang enjoying themselves as many people cheer and say nice things*

    Goat: Man guys, I don't know how you pulled it off but you guys did it! You were both totally friggen great!

    Jamie: Yeah it was tough, but for a couple of veteran gamers it comes natural.

    Tiny: *To Goat* If you can say getting game over at least a thousand times is veteran then I wonder what amature is. *Goat snickers* Oh thanks for the free tickets to G3 guys.

    Coop: No prob. We were gonna use the tickets we won from the last convention so you guys can get in free.

    Racheal: How did you guys manage to win anyway. That game was on the toughest difficulty setting.

    Jamie: Man you wouldn't believe what we had to go though.


    *We see Coop and Jamie playing the game downstairs at night and Kiva is there and she is trying to sleep but she can't it's 1 AM and they are playing the game*

    *Back to reality*

    Racheal: Guess that explains why Kiva ain't here. She must be dead tired.

    Jamie: Yeah she needed some sleep.

    Goat: Man I can't wait to go. I hear there's gonna be a whole wing dedicated to chicks! So if you guys wanna look for me I'll be over there.

    Jamie: Yeah I hear they'll be modeling in swimsuits. *Notices Racheal staring at Jamie* Uh....but that's nothing compared to how good you'll look Racheal. *Racheal smiles smugly*

    Coop: *Stuffing a Pizza ham* Hey Jen. You should enter the competition. You and Racheal have a shot at winning.

    Jenna: You really think so?

    Coop: Yeah! The both of you kicked our butts on many occasions. I would love to actually have a challenge this year around. And if anyone could put me and Jamie in our places, it's you two.

    Jenna: *Looks at Racheal* What do you say Rach? You wanna go?

    Racheal: Hmm....*All of a sudden we hear the door fly wide open and we hear the Dark One's voice*

    Dark One: Out of my way! Out of my way! *We see the 4 nerds come in a push people down to clear a path and the Dark One pushes some guy who falls and spills his soda on him, they come up to our heroes*

    Jamie: Who invited them?

    Racheal: Not me?

    Coop: What the heck do you want....Edwin!?

    Dark One: How many times must I tell you my name is the Dark One!

    Jamie: Yeah...he's definatly a nerd...*Racheal snickers*

    Coop: I guess you came here to say how you plan to beat me in this years G3?

    Night Shade: Yeah and we are gonna kick your butts!!!!

    Jamie: Yeah whatever....don't you losers have like some dungeons and dragon game you could be playing right now?

    Shadowheart: Actually we don't play that till 4:00.

    Dark One: The point is that we will have the advantage this year. Since you won that game most likely by "cheating" this years G3 will be on our home turf. It is here where I feel I am at my best. This year not only will we humiliate you in front of millions of viewers but we will win and be the ones the fans will admire and cheer for. You've only gotten so far because of luck or by some method of cheating. Afterall a person with a level 12 intellect such as myself is more than *As he talks we see Coop get up and walk behind him* capible of beating a barberic and mindless caveman like your-*Coop gives the Dark one a Wedgie and Jamie gives Night Shade a wedgie* HURK!!!!!

    Coop: Oh yeah....you mean humiliate us like that!? *Everyone laughs at the Dark One*

    Night Shade: Oh yeah! But at least I don't live with my mom!!!

    Shadowheart: Yes you do.

    Coop: Yeah but I have a girlfriend. *Looks at Jenna lovingly* A sexy girlfriend at that.

    Dark One: Silence!!!! Heed this warning Harlod! In one month you will feel the full force of my wrath when G3 comes here! I will defeat you and your friend. We have spoken! *We see him walk out funny followed by his friends and Coop and the others just laugh at the nerds*

    Goat: Man...some people need to get lives....

    *Outside we see the nerds walking*

    Shadowheart: That didn't go as well as you expected didn't it.

    Dark One: And I didn't see you insulting the enemy!

    Shadowheart: I perfer to not get involved in confrontation.

    Night Shade: Well this time we are gonna win! I'm tired of getting 2nd place!

    Dark One: We shall spilt up into two teams! Me and Nightshade and you and Pitch black will be the other. This way we have 2 chances to win. Then when the finals come you two will take the dive so I can claim victory!

    Pitch Black: Hey! Why do we have to take the dive!?

    Dark One: Because I am your master and you must obey! Now I must go. I have "special preperations I need to make for the month ahead."

    Shadowheart: I guess you are going to play video games?

    Dark One: No.....something far more sinister.....*Starts to laugh eviliy* Ahem! That was your cue to laugh minions! *The other nerds laugh weakly then we see a sign that says "1 month later" we are now at the Jersey Dome and there are spot lights in the air and inside are tons of booths and people looking around and different game companies like "Capcorp" and "Bonomi" and "Ninetendu" and people are playing games and stuff and we see chicks displaying games and stuff and then we see the hosts of G3 talk*

    Host 1: Hey everyone and welcome to the 10th G3 expo here at the Jerseydome! I am Mike!

    Host 2: And I'm Scott! And tonight we have a grand show for you viewers at home if you are tuning to Game Station!

    Mike: That's right Scott! We got games, girls, and gear! But we also have the Game Contest where 8 teams will compete in a game off and the winner will recieve a new generation pack!

    Scott: That's right. The Winner will get a Funstation 3, a Megaloution, and a Z-Box 360 to enjoy for their very own! Complete with the entire library of games!!!

    Mike: Indeed Scott. But enough about that. Let's check out the chick booth and get to know a few of the ladies. *Both of them walk over to the chick booth, meanwhile in another area we see Coop playing an arcade game that's a fighter and Coop is winning, he's playing some other guy and Coop wins*

    Coop: Yeah! Hahah!!! I win. *To the kid* Nice try. Maybe next time. *The Kid walks away sad*

    Jenna: Coop....you didn't have to go so rough on the kid.

    Coop: Sorry Jen. I guess I'm just focused on the game contest so it's like I have to give it my all. Cause when I smash Edwin and his brotherhood of "nerdness" at the finals then I'll be home enjoying my new game systems!

    Jenna: *Smug* Oh yeah? Who said you were going to be in the finals? Didn't you hear. *Seductivly* I'm entering the competition to....so don't count on winning just yet.

    Coop: Really? Cool! I don't care if I don't win. I just want to humiliate Edwin again. Hey let's go find Jamie and Racheal. *Jenna clings to Coop and they walk off, we see Jamie playing a PSP game called Ultrabot: Powered Up at the Capcorp booth*

    Jamie: Man this game is so cool. You get to make your own levels and everything.

    Racheal: Aren't you worried about the game competition?

    Jamie: Me? Nah.....we always beat Edwin every time.

    Racheal: Who said anything about him. Me and Jenna are entering too so you should *Grabs Jamie by his shirt* be worried about us and not some nerds....

    Jamie: Really!? Nice.....

    Coop: Hey Jamie! Come on. We got to go get ready for the competiton! It's starting soon.

    Jamie: Oh Coop, you know the girls are in the contest too?

    Coop: Yeah. Jenna told me. Come on we need to get ready. *They all go to get ready, meanwhile in the basement of the stadium we see the Dark One looking at something and we don't see it and he has an evil grin on his face*

    Dark One: Yes....everything is coming to order, with this new weapon I will become an unstoppable force! When I defeat Coop at the finals I will add injury to his insult! I will - *Sound of needle scratching*

    Night Shade: Hey Edwin! Where were you! We have to go get ready and *Sees what the Dark One saw* HOLY TOLDEDO!!! WHAT IS THAT!? WHERE DID YOU FIND IT!

    Dark One: For your information. I built it using the blueprints from the video game Hadius and secondly you cannot tell anyone about this! This is the secret project I've been working on for a month! You said the contest is beginning?

    Night Shade: Yeah! We are taking on some guys in the first round. Come one we have to go!

    Dark One: All right, let me just cover up this and we can go. *Presses a button and then we see a giant cloth drop on what appears to be the same giant robot from "Deja Cruise from Totally spies" * Now let us go and defeat the enemy! *They leave we are now at the room and we see there are people watching we then see Goat trying to get with some chicks*

    Goat: So girls.....any of you wanna go see a movie when this is all over? I'm buying.

    Tiny: hey Goat...the competition starting. Coop and Jamie are in the first match!

    Goat: All right. I got to go ladies...I have to watch my man win! *They both leave*

    *We are now at the area where the games take place, we see Coop and Jamie and Shadow Heart and Pitch Black up first*

    Shadowheart: Listen....dispite what my "Dark Master" says. I just wanna wish you good luck.

    Coop: Luck!? I don't need luck. Just play man! *We see a chick hold up a round 1 sign and we see them play, both Coop and Jamie do rather well and the other guys are having trouble*

    Pitch Black: I could use some help here!

    Shadowheart: I can't...I have a bogey on my tail. *His plane gets shot by Jamie* Oh darn. *Both Coop and Jamie's ships are ganging up on Pitch Black and they shoot his plane out of the sky*

    Scott: And the winner of the first match is Coop and Jamie! *Everyone cheers* They'll advance to the semi-finals! *Coop and Jamie do the rock on pose thing*

    *The Next match is 2 unnamed dudes vs. 2 other unnamed dudes and it's a pretty bland match, one of them wins, then it's the Dark one and Nightshade vs 2 other unamed dudes and they play and we see their planes shoot each other down We see Night shade is about to shoot one of the planes but the Dark One gets in the way*

    Night Shade: Hey! He was mine! *We see night shade's plane get shot down by the other kid*

    Dark One: Perhaps if you payed attention to the game then you wouldn't of gotten shot out. *Shoots the other plane down* Looks like I have to carry our team again. *The next game is Jenna and Racheal vs 2 other people and Jenna and Racheal planes chase the other ones and keep shooting and they eventually shoot them down and they both give the rock on pose*

    Mike: Well that was a quick first round but now it's the semi finals. It looks like we have another repeat on our hands. Could we have Coop and Jamie vs. The Brother Hood of Darkness again?

    Scott: I wouldn't be so sure Mike. Don't forget the two girls. They have amazing gaming ability and the way I see it the Dark One and his pal Night Shade may not make it to the finals. Let's just see what the next round brings!

    *We see a Semi-Final sign and on the stage are Coop and Jamie vs. 2 unnamed dues and Coop and Jamie are shooting and chasing the other planes down*

    Coop: Hey Jamie! Ambush them from the front. I'll get them from behind!

    Jamie: Sure thing Coop! *Jamie's ship pulls out and the other 2 guys are confused then they turn around and gang up on Coop and Coop gets surprised but Coop manages to dodge them and they are chasing Coop's ship and they lock on to his ship and we see Coop is sweating again as he might get hit and one of the ships hit Coop and damage his wing and his ship is flying crazy but then we see Jamie come from behind and shoot 2 homing missiles at the planes blowing both of them up*

    Coop: Haha!!! Jamie!!!! *They do the rock on pose again* Now let's go watch our girlfriends play. *They get off the stage and go to the other game which is in progress we see Jenna and Racheal sweating as they play against the Dark One and Night Shade we see the girls ships shoot at the nerds and they dodge we see Night Shade is sweating but the Dark one is calm and collected*

    Night Shade: Man Edwin! How can you be so calm! I'm gettin gmy butt kicked! *Dodges a blast*

    Dark One: Relax Night Shade....*Smug* Everyone knows that girls cannot play video games, *The girls hear this and switch their attack to the Dark One's ship and shoot his ship down* What!? No!!! *Then they go back to night shade and we see Night shade dodging their ships and he gets lucky and shoots down Racheal's ship*

    Racheal: Oh man....all right Jenna up to you! *We see Jenna chassing Night Shade and she is on his tail and Night shade is sweating hard*

    Coop: Come on Jenna you can do it....

    *Everyone is cheering for Jenna and she locks onto to Night Shade's ship and shoots it down*

    Dark One: NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jenna: All right! *Does rock on pose thingy with Racheal*

    Dark One: This is not possible! *Steals the mic from Scott*

    Scott: Hey what the heck!?

    Dark One: What just happened is not possible! There is no way that a girl can beat a guy at video games. *People start to get pissed off at him* She must of cheated! The brotherhood of darkness will not stand for this! I demand a do over! I demand that we play again and everyone here will know the true outcome when I beat both of those girls at their game. I demand *Racheal gives the Dark One a wedgie* HURK!!!

    Scott: *Takes the mic back* Hey nice undies dork! *Everyone laughs*

    Mike: Well you know what they say Scott. That's what you get for being a sore loser! *We see the Dark One walk away upset*

    Coop: Ahaha!!! All right girls!!!

    Jamie: Hey Coop....now we gotta face our girlfriends in the final round! *We get a split screen both Coop and Jamie staring at Jenna and Racheal

    Coop: Oh boy.....

    *Back in the Basement we see the Dark One remove the cloth from the giant robot and looks at it*

    Dark One: Soon....I will make them all pay.....I WILL MAKE THEM ALL PAY!!! *Breaths heavily and coughs then gets his breath thingy and breaths*

    Pitch Black: I don't know.....are you sure you really want to do this?

    Dark one: Yes.....I have NEVER been humilated in all my life! Now everyone into the robot now!!! *We see them all get into the robot and the Dark One presses buttons and a hat that looks like Cerebro from X-Men comes on him and we see the robot light up* Yes......

    *Back at the stage we see both teams go up for the fianl round*

    Scott: Well this is it! The final round! So far it's been a pretty eventful match!

    Mike: But now it comes down to two teams. And get this....both teams are dating!

    Scott: Really? Hey...maybe they'll have *Snickers* Make-up love afterwards!

    Goat: Man I don't even know who to cheer for.....so I'm gonna go back to the chick wing. I think that one girl in the plumber suit was checkin me out! *He leaves and Tiny just watches*

    Coop: Well I guess this is it huh? Listen Jenna. I love you and you are the best girlfriend ever....but I'm still gonna have to kick your butt.

    Jenna: Oh we'll see who will win honey. Good luck BTW. *Kiss*

    Coop: You too.

    Jamie: So Racheal....ready to eat my dust.

    Racheal: Get bent....

    *Both players look at the screen and begin playing, we hear music and lights and we see ships moving and firing and dodging we see the guys sweating and everyone is cheering and stuff and we see constant playing and button mashing and everyone is cheering on and the match is good and stuff and it looks like it can go either way and people are getting into it and then we see a ship get shot down*

    Jamie: Coop I'm hit! You have to finish this one!!!!!!! *As his ship goes down it fires a shot hitting Racheal's Ship*

    Racheal: Oh man! Sorry Jenna....I'm out! *Both Coop and Jenna continue playing and fighting each other and it's a constant deadlock but then we see Jenna gets an oppotunity and goes in and hits Coop's ship a few times and Coop gets worried and then we see Jenna's ship is about to fire a missle when.......A giant fist punches the roof of the stadium and destroys the arcade console and both players are startled*

    Coop: What the heck!? *Then we see another giant fist punch the arena and grab the roof and throw it off. Then we see people running for their loves and stuff*


    Night Shade: Right! *The giant robot fires lasers into the area and blow up random booths including a POP TV booth, then we see the giant robot shoot missles from its chest and blow up stuff and people are running away as the robot wrecks havoc and we see the Dark One laughing crazily*

    Coop: That did NOT just happen!

    Jamie: I think it did.....

    Coop: Man I heard of being a sore loser but not like this! That chump just wrecked one of the greatest matches in Hadius history! *Coop and Jamie run to Megas in the parking lot followed by the girls*

    Jenna: Wait for us! *They come too, meanwhile we see the giant robot continue to destroy and wreck stuff and smash game booths with its fist and the Dark One is laughing*

    Dark one: Yes now the fools will see how stupid it was to laugh at me!!!!! There is no one that can oppose me!

    Pitch Black: Uh....Dark One? I'm picking up 2 things on radar.

    Dark One: Huh? *The robot turns around and sees both Megas and Megas 2 cracking their knuckles* What!?

    Coop: Hey chump! You got some nerve wrecking the joint!

    Dark One: *To Night Shade* He has a giant robot!? How come you didn't tell me this!

    Night Shade: I didn't know!!!!!!!!

    Dark One: No matter attack! *We see the robot run up to Megas and tries to punch Megas but Megas side steps and grabs the arm of the robot and throws it into the parking lot hitting some cars, then we see the robot get up and fire a missle at Megas but Megas dodges the Missle and goes into the air then from behind we see Megas 2 grab the robot and Megas kicks the robot in the chest and the robot goes down, the robot gets up and looks up at Megas and Megas 2*

    Shadowheart: Uh.....maybe this whole get revenge thing wasn't the best idea.

    Dark One: Do not worry my comrades. With my level 12 intellect I will outwit these stupid morons. *The Robot runs up to Megas 2 and jumps in the air and Megas 2 fires a fist into the air* Dodge Pattern Omega! *The Robot dodges the fist and comes down on Megas 2 and kicks it in the head stepping on it, then we see a missle come at the robot* Counter attack Phi! *We see the robot grab the missle and throws it back at Megas hitting them and blasting him into the stadium and falls by the chick booth and the chicks leave*

    Goat: Oh man......*Back at the battle we see Megas and Megas 2 go up to the robot and the robot grabs both Megas and Megas 2 and push them into each other, then the robot flies into the air and powers up a powerful laser blast at both Megas and Megas 2, both of them get up and see the blast and jump out of the way*

    Dark One: Give up fools. You cannot defeat the "Brotherhood of Darkness" We have watched every episode of Star Worlds and know everything there is to know about robot weaponry. You cannot defeat us!

    Jamie: Man Coop, you gonna let a bunch of nerds do that to you and Jenna?

    Jenna: Hey Coop! Let's combine both Megas into Megas Surpreme then we can take them out easy.

    Coop: I like the way you think sweetheart! *They both press the "Megas Surpreme" button at the same time and they do a mech transformation, Megas is on the top and Megas 2 is on the bottom, the Dark one is scared of this*

    Dark one: Uh oh......

    Shadowheart: Now I think would be a good time to conceed.....

    Dark one: Uh....I'm not scared! The brotherhood of Darkness will never surrender!!!! *Runs up to Megas Surpreme and the robot starts punching rapidly but to no avail, Coop and Jenna look at each other then at the robot and see the robot continues to punch Megas surpreme but no damage is done to Megas Surpreme*

    Pitch Black: Uh...Edwin....I think we should stop now....

    Dark one: No! I can beat him! *Keeps using the robot to punch Megas Surpreme, then we see the robot look up to Megas Surpreme and notices no damage was done to it* Ok.....maybe I can't beat him. *Megas Surpreme grabs the robot and pulls the robots arms off then the robot staggers a bit and falls down then Megas Surpreme steps on the head crushing it and the robot explodes we see the nerds get out but they are all surrounded by the gamers and stuff and they are angry.* Something tells me we should go.....*The Nerds make a break for it but bump into Coop who picks up the Dark One by the neck and holds him up, we then see Jenna grab Nightshade and Shadowheart and Jamie trip Pitch Black*

    Coop: Listen up you stupid little sore loser! You ruined the G3 convention, tried to destroy our robots, and you ruined what was perhaps the greatest match of all time! Now I hope you got some insurance pal cause this is gonna hurt! *Off screen we hear fist punches and screaming and yelling and stuff from the nerds and we see everyone watching and ooohing and aaahing and stuff, a few minutes later we see the 4 nerds with wedgies and they are hoisted up a flag pole by Coop everyone laughs including the hosts of G3*

    Mike: Hey Coop...mind if I add some insult to this injury as in....You 4 losers are banned from G3 forever!!!!!!!!

    Dark one: The Dark one will have his revenge! Owww....my butt hurts!

    Scott: Well folks unfortunatly we won't get to see a winner this year for the competition due to some interfereance but aside from that the robot fights were pretty good!

    Coop: Hold on guys.....who says the event is over? We still got one more match and I'm gonna face my girlfriend and win!

    *We are now at Coop's house and we see everyone in the basement watching Coop and Jenna play the game and finish the competition, we see people getting food from the food particlizer and we see them still playing and stuff and we see both players sweating and stuff and Goat is talking to some chicks then we hear an explosion and stuff*

    Jenna: ALL RIGHT! I WON!!!!! Wooo!!!!! Yeah!

    Racheal: All right Jenna! *Does rock on pose thingy*

    *Coop is surprised but is happy then*

    Jamie: Woah Coop, you lost.....

    Coop: Eh....you can't win em all I guess.....and if it wasn't me. I'm glad it was Jenna and Racheal. *Jenna leans on Coop and kisses him lovingly and stuff and so does Racheal*

    Mike: So folks it looks like this wraps up another G3 event from Jersey City. I'm Mike!

    Scott: And I'm scott telling you gamers to keep playing and rock on!!!!!! Hey Scott.....you have the feeling that inspite of all this we may have forgotten something!?

    Mike: Like what?

    End Credits: *We still see the nerds teathered to the pole*

    Dark One: Hello......someone please get us down......I'm supposed to be in bed now! Anybody? Hello? Oh come on!!!!!! I hate you all!!!!

    The End
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  10. Xerroo

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    Revenge of the Nerds is done.


    1: Villians: Nerds
    2: The episode title is the same title as the movie "Revenge of the Nerds"
    3: Hadius is a spoof of the famous Konami game Gradius the ships used looked alot like the Vic Viper as well
    4: The 4 nerds look exactly like the nerds from MTV downtown just with different voices
    5: Jenna and Racheal won the contest
    6: Ultrabot: Powered Up is a spoof of Megaman Powered Up
    7: A POP TV Booth was destroyed this episode
    8: Kiva does not appear in this episode
  11. King_of_doom

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    Cool episode i really laugh many times. The nerds reminds me of the Snake club nerds of The Grim Adventures(more on the fact that Tom Kenny and Billy West are doing the voices)
  12. JTX

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    I really enjoyed reading it. Like that the nerds tried everything and always end up in humiliation.
  13. Darth-geister

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    Nice to see a new episode and i like i alot, cool fights and funny moments
  14. Xerroo

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    Thanks. Also I have an idea for a new episode.

    Ultrabot ZU

    Based on the upcoming MegaMan ZX, a bunch of special metals from the future (43XX) come to the past and land on Earth in Jersey City Junkyard, both Coop and Jamie find them and wonder what they are. When Coop says Rock On he transforms into Ultrabot Z using the Z Metal. But he's still fat like Coop and he has Ultrabot Z's power, Jamie uses the U Metal and transforms into Uno, now they have super powers and they have 3 powers between them. Coop gets the Z, L, and F metals and Jamie gets the U H and P metals and become super heroes in Jersey City but the one who wanted to use them goes to the past to get them back at all costs even if he has to level Jersey City. But when the powers of the Metals and even Megas is not enough to beat the evil Serpentine (Voiced by Steven Jay Blum) then Coop might just have to think of combining the powers of the metals and Megas into one!!!!!!!
  15. Xerroo

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    Ultrabot UZ

    *The episode begins in the future, the year 43XX at least 200 years after Ultrabot Z's time, we see a bunch of bioloids bring in what appears to be a giant rock or meteorite into a giant warehouse and we see them carry the rock to a bioloid who looks like Serpent in "MegaMan ZX" He goes up to the rock and inspects it*

    Serpentine: *Voice actor is Steven Jay Blum* Hmm......Break it! *The bioloids aim at the rock and start shooting rapidly fast at the giant rock breaking off parts of it we see smoke and rock and stuff fly in the air as the bioloids continue to shoot away at the rock and stuff* Enough! I don't want the insides damaged. Hold your fire!!!! *As the smoke clears we see 6 different live metals, one resembles Ultrabot Z, another resembles Uno, and there are 4 more that resemble the guardians in MegaMan Zero* Yes.....*Picks up the Ultrabot Z and Uno metals* Finally....I have found it! These live metals are part of history! The history of a great war between humans and bioloids! It is said that the power of the legendary bioloids who brought peace among both are to rest within these very live metals! And once I harness their power I will use them to rule the entire world! All will bow down before me the great and all powerful Serpentine!!!! *To one of his minions* Take these live metals and put them somewhere safe where I shall examine them! *The bioloid goes and puts them on a shelf in the warehouse and below it is a time machine and the robot walks by and accidently flips the switch causing the time machine below to activate and the rumbling causes the live metals....all 6 of them to fall off the edge of the shelf and fall right onto the time machine and they are transported, we are now in the year 2006 or and we are in outerspace we see some flashes with light and lightning and then a time displacement portal opens up in space and out come the 6 live metals and they fly through space and stuff and they are seen headed to the planet earth.*

    *Title Theme Plays*

    Ultrabot UZ

    *We are now in Jersey City and we see Megas fighting what appears to be a giant robot the giant robot aims it's gun at Megas and charges up an energy blast and fires it at Megas, Megas dodges the blast and the beam goes through an O of a POP TV Sign and it hits a building destroying it*

    Kiva: Coop! If that beam hits us then Megas will incinerate. Not even our shields can protect us from an attack like that.

    Coop: I hear ya Kiva. *Megas runs up to the robot who is preparing to fire the beam again and Megas grabs the end of the gun and pushes it it and the beam fires but it backfires causing the gun to break apart* Hahaha!!!! Yeah!!!!

    Kiva: Nice thinking Coop! Now let's finish him off! *Coop inputs a cheat code and this causes Megas to create a cool energy sword and Megas runs up to the robot and jumps in the air the robot looks up*

    Coop: WAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! *Comes down and does some sort of samurai sword slash and we see Megas land and turn around and we see the robot fall to pieces and is completely distroyed, then we see the robot dissapate as well as the buildings, it turns out we are in the junkyard we see Coop's computer thing read an output score of 95%* Oh man....only 95 percent!?

    Kiva: 95 percent is very good Coop. And I'm glad that my training simulation device is working perfectly. This way you can train without destroying the city.....again.

    Jamie: Yeah we know how Coop is with destroying the city.....

    Kiva: Anyways Coop we're done for today. I'm gonna go use this with the girls. Jenna really wants to try it in space. So I'll let you and Jamie be for the rest of the day. *Both Coop and Jamie look at each other*

    Coop/Jamie: Nice!!!!!! *Does rock on pose thingy*

    *Kiva gets out of Megas and walks away*

    Jamie: So now what?

    Coop: Just hang out and relax.

    Jamie: That's it? No "Let's go smash or break something" No "Let's go to the planet of the space chicks?"

    Coop: No....

    Jamie: *They both get out of Megas and go down and start walking* Man I don't get you Coop....I mean you are like a super hero.

    Coop: So?

    Jamie: So!? Super heros have everything! Fans, a giant fortress of solitude or something, a butler, riches, fame, and fortune.

    Coop: You're point being?

    Jamie: You should have that stuff man! You pratically deserve it!

    Coop: Me? Nah!!! I don't want that kind of stuff. I'm happy with what I got. I have a loving girlfriend, friends who care about me, a device that lets me have any food I desire, and a carefree life. Not even all the money and popularity in the world would make me give it up.

    Jamie: Heh...you kidding. I'd so be on the fast train to good living. Just think how it's like being a super hero.


    *We see a bank robber steal Racheal's purse and they run away evily and snicker then bump into Jamie who is dressed up as a super hero and they look at him and shoot their guns at Jamie but he grabs the guns and crushes them then the robbers run away and then Racheal goes up to Jamie and hugs him and rubs his chest, then in another set we see a kid is crying cause his cat is stuck in a tree and we see Super Jamie go and rescue the cat and the kid admires Jamie and stuff then we see a comet headed towards Earth and we see Super Jamie go up and punch the comet destroying it and everyone cheers and we see Jamie at Jersey City City Hall where the mayor puts up a statue in his honor and Jamie poses for the camera*

    *Back to reality*

    Coop: Man...being a super hero isn't just all fun and games. I once heard my father tell me when I was little that "With Great Power comes Great Responsiblity"

    Jamie: So?

    Coop: With great power comes great responsibility.

    Jamie: Whatever....*Looks up* Huh? Hey Coop look up in the sky!

    *They both look up to see 6 twinkles in the sky and they head down to Earth and stuff and they are landing right at Jamie and Coop*

    Coop: What the heck!? *They get closer and they are going fast and they are going to hit Coop and Jamie*

    Jamie: *Girly Scream*

    Coop: Woah!!! *Tackles Jamie and the 6 things land on Earth hard making a huge crater in the junkyard when the smoke clears we see Coop on Jamie* Jamie you ok man!?

    Jamie: I will as soon as you stop crushing me!!!

    Coop: *Gets up* Sorry man. *They both walk over to the crater and go in it* What the heck was that! *We see smoke and when it clears we see the 6 live metals*

    Jamie: Woah....*Jamie picks up the Uno Metal and Coop picks up the Ultrabot Z metal* Hey Coop any ideas what these are?

    Coop: No idea! *Throws it up and stuff and catches it* It looks like some kinda Rock.

    Jamie: Hey Coop! They look like those rocks from that show with the super heros. The Justice Team!

    Coop: Yeah!!! *They hit the rocks togeter*

    Coop/Jamie: Rock on!!!! *All of a sudden the 2 live metals flash and they go into the air and they turn into elastic stuff and they go onto Coop and Jamie's arm*

    Coop: What the!? *The Ultrabot Z ensares Coop and it eats up his giant arm and goes onto his body*

    Jamie: What's happening to me!!! *The Uno won eats up Jamie's arm and goes onto his body after a while it stops and they look at each other. Coop is in Ultrabot Z's armor and Jamie is in Uno's armor*

    Coop/Jamie: Dude!!!!

    Coop: Jamie! You look like that Uno guy!

    Jamie: Yeah! And you look like that Ultrabot Z guy. *A part of Jamie's armor falls off of him it's his saber and Jamie goes to pick it up* What the heck is this thing?

    Coop: I don't know but check out what I got on my arm. Looks like some kinda blaster. *Coop looks at a pile of cars and aims and points and a giant blast comes out of the buster which makes Coop fall back on his bum and the blast hits the pile of cars making them go up into the air and one of the is falling on Jamie*

    Jamie: *Girly scream and cringes and he takes the thing he was holding and it creates a blade and it cuts the car in half, Jamie opens his eyes and sees what he did* Woah.......*Looks at his saber which is glowing*

    Coop: Jamie did you see that!?

    Jamie: Yeah....but how?

    Coop: Those rocks must of given us super powers!!!

    Jamie: Yeah or really cool battle armor. Haha!!!

    Coop/Jamie: Rock on!!!! *They do the pose thingy and transform back to normal and look at each other*

    Coop: Looks like were back to normal.

    Jamie: Do you think there is a way to control these things. Try having them touch each other that might work! *Jamie and Coop take the metals and have the metals touch but nothing happens*

    Coop: Guess that ain't it. Hm....Let's see....when we said Rock On and -*Coop transforms back into Ultrabot Z Metal* Hey I got that cool armor again! Hmm.....I wonder....Rock on! *Transforms back into Coop*

    Jamie: So that's how they work! When you say Rock and on in order they transform you back and forth!

    Coop: Hey Jamie! Let's try the other 4! *Coop gets the F and L metals and gives Jamie the P and H metals* All right let's try this orange one! *Takes the F one and holds it in the air* Rock on!!! *Transforms into Fefnir Live Metal* What happened Jamie!?

    Jamie: Dude you're packing heat!!! *Coop takes his arm cannons and fires them at a pile of junk and we see many huge explosions and stuff and missles are fired from behind and they attack the junk pile also* Nice....ok now let me try this one. *Takes the green Metal* ROCK ON!!!! *Transforms into Harpuia Metal and sees he has wings and twin sabers* Cool I can fly! *Flies in the air and takes his twin sabers and slashes them and creates a giant X slash and it turns an entire pile of cars into scrap* Woah....

    Coop: Neat!!! Now let's try this one! *Takes the Blue one* ROCK ON!!!!! *Turns into Levithian Metal and sees he has a halbred* So uh....I wonder what this does....*It fires a blast at a POP TV sign and it freezes* Cool I can freeze stuff with this. *Coop fires it again and freezes a whole pile of cars* Sweet!

    Jamie: Ok ok my turn now. *Takes the black one* Rock On! *Turns into Phantom Metal* Hey check me out! *Teleports to an area and back and keeps doing so then we see Jamie running fast and jumps in the air and fires Kunai's into the ice and it breaks* Cool I'm a ninja!!! Rock On! *Transforms back into Jamie*

    Coop: Rock on! *Transforms back into Coop* I don't know what they are but if they give us super powers then I say we keep em. We can do great things with these Jamie!

    Jamie: Yeah...we could be real super heroes and protect the city and get fame and stuff! We could be a team and fight crime together! Maybe even get our own comic book and TV show.

    Coop: What should we call ourselves?

    Jamie: Hmm....Hey! I can be changeman and you can be my sidekick morpho!

    Coop: Sidekick!? I ain't no one's sidekick. I say we be partners instead! We fight crime as a team!

    Jamie: Yeah that's fine also. Well now that we have a name we will need a fortress and a bultler.

    Coop: Hmm.....You know...Why don't we use the junkyard as our pad. I noticed some old police equipment we can use also. And we don't need a butler either.

    Jamie: How we gonna do that?

    Coop: Just come back tomorrow and I'll show you everything!!!! *Meanwhile back in the year 43XX*

    Serpentine: What!? *We see him choking the bioloid who was told to put the metals away* What do you mean you lost them!? I told you to put them somewhere safe! *The bioloid makes beeping noises* Well they obviously aren't here! *Pointing to where the bioloid did hide it* Wait a minute! *Looks below* The time machine! It's been activated! You fool! *Throws him into a wall* You must of accidently activiated the time machine and sent the metals into the past! Now I will never know the secret of unlocking their power! *To other bioloids* Pull the Time machine out! *They do so...it's a giant door thingy with buttons that is flat we see Serpentine open the door up and inside is a portal that leads to the past, he gives a tracker to a bioloid who holds it and scratches his head then we see Serpentine connect a wire to the bioloid then he pushes him into the portal and he yells in space we see another portal disturbance and it opens and out drops the bioloid hoisted onto a chain* FIND MY METALS OR ELSE!!!! *The bioloid turns on the tracker and begins to track* Well!? *The bioloid shakes his head no* Keep tracking. Those metals must be somewhere in the universe and I will get them back! I don't care if you have to stay in the vastness of space for all enternity! *The bioloid continues his search, the next day we see Coop inside what appears to be a hollow pile of junk and inside we see computers and stuff as well as comfy chairs and video game system and the food particilizer and other things then we see Jamie walk in and sees the stuff and it does the shing thing 3 times as it shows different stuff*

    Jamie: Woah....man Coop how long have you been working at this stuff for!?

    Coop: I was up all night doing this. Check this out! *Puts wires together and we see the TV monitors turn on* This is a special survallence system I put up in our fortress of Megatude! This way we can check out what's going on all over Jersey City and help those in need. I also made these cool belts we can use. I put 3 of the metals on mine and three for you. *Jamie gets the UHP belt and Coop has the ZFL belt*

    Jamie: This is awesome Coop. I can't wait to bring Racheal in here so we can-

    Coop: About that.....you can't bring or tell anyone about this! Not Goat, Kiva, or even the girls! This is only for you and I! *They walk out and Coop presses a car horn by the door enterance and it plays a custom horn tune and we see the door shut and stuff* Now that that is out of the way let's work on Megas. I need to fix him up a bit and *We see a beeper light up on Coop and Jamie's belts*

    Jamie: What's that?

    Coop: That's the distress call!!! *They are back inside the fortress of Megatude and we see Coop on the monitor typeing stuff, a monitor shows bank robbers stealing money from a bank and they run away* All right! Looks like our first gig!

    Jamie: So what are we waiting for! Let's get into Megas and-

    Coop: Megas? We can't use Megas! Then our identities will be blown! *Evil Grin* I got something better! *They are back outside and we see another hill and Coop presses a button and we see a junk pile open up and we see a rad killer motorcycle with the same flaming paintjob of Megas*

    Jamie: NICE!!!!!

    Coop: All right Jamie let's go stop a crime!

    Coop/Jamie: Rock on! *Transforms into Ultrabot Z and Uno metals then they get on the bike and they ride up a junk ramp and into the road next to the junkyard and ride off, they ride and they turn and stuff and they see the three bank robbers and the police is chasing them the robbers are in their car and we see two of them shoot at the cops but the cops shoot back, one of the bad guys shoot at the cops tires and the car swerves and crashes into the other car and we see explosions and stuff and the bank robbers laugh and then they see the motorcycle in front of them and they stop and swerve and stop and the crooks get out and look at Coop and Jamie*

    Coop: *With heroic accent* And where do you think you're going vile fiend!?

    Crook 1: *Voice actor is Dee Bradly Baker* Who the heck are you supposed to be?

    Jamie: *Also we heroic accent* We are the new heroes of Jersey City and we are here to stop you from your wrong doing!

    Crook 2: *Voice actor is Steven Jay Blum* Oh yeah...well my gun says otherwise! *The crook shoot at Coop and Jamie and the bullets do nothing and deflect off the armor* What the!? *Then we see Coop aim at the guns and fires a blast at the three of them destroying the guns*

    Crook 3: *Voice actor is Kevin Micheal Richardson* Let's get the heck out of here! *They run the other way*

    Jamie: I'll stop them! *He takes the H metal into his hand* Rock on! *Transforms into the Harpuia metal and flies into the air and we see the crooks leaving and then Jamie flies over them and lands in front of them* Going somewhere!? *The three crooks look at each other and they get out bats*

    Crook 1: Yeah right through you punk! *They try to smack Jamie with the bat but Jamie dodges it with swift speed and we see him use this twin saber slashes and destroys the bats and the crooks look at them, then turn around to see Coop aiming his buster at the crooks* All right we surrender!!!!! *We then see Jamie create a wind gust and the three crooks go into the air and we see Coop grab a trash can and the three crooks fall in it*

    Coop: Now that's what I call taking out the trash eh partner!

    Jamie: You said it chum! Now we must go off to the fortress of Megatude! *They get back onto the bike and ride off, we are now back at the base and we see Coop and Jamie back to normal*

    Coop: Haha!!!! Yeah! That was awesome Jamie!

    Jamie: I know!

    Coop: Who knew being a super hero could be so much fun! I can't wait till the next problem arises.

    *A bunch of stuff happens, we see Coop and Jamie playing video games and a warning buzzer goes off, they are then at the fortress of Megatude and and they see a fire in the city, they ride off on their motorcycle and head over we see Jamie in Harpuia mode faning the flames then using his head scanner he sees a mother and child trapped in, he goes in and grabs the child and mother and flies down to safety, then we see Coop in Levithian mode shoot water at the fire stopping it, the firefighters thank them and they ride off another day then we see Jamie walking home from somewhere and sees a little girl crying cause her cat is in a tree, Jamie goes and hides and transforms into Uno he walks up to the girl and the girl shows what is wrong with the cat and he goes up and slashes the branch with his U-Saber and then grabs the branch and the cat jumps up to the girls arms and the little girls thanks him and Jamie salutes, then we see Coop and Jamie working on Megas and their beeper thing goes off and they see a hostage situation over at another building so Coop and Jamie transform into Ultrabot Z and Uno metals and ride off to the building, we see the police having a standoff with 2 crooks in a building who have kids hostage and they fire on the police and stuff then we see Coop and Jamie ride up and stop they get off and the policeman tells them the situation, Jamie transforms into Phantom Live Metal and teleports into the complex undetected and gets the children and teleports out of there, then we see Coop transform into Fefnir Live Metal and uses the buster edit and aims at the crooks and shoots them out of the building where Jamie catches them and gives them to the cops then they salute and ride off and stuff, we then see Coop and Jamie talking to Kiva and then their beeper goes off and they are back at the fortress of Mechatude and they see a giant monster attacking Jersey City, then they ride off, we see Megas 2 fighting with the monster and Megas 2 fires a missile at it but it grabs Megas 2 and throws it into a building we see Kiva is with Jenna and Racheal and they fly back up and try to attack the monster but we then see a blur go past them it's Coop and Jamie on their motorcycle and we see them jump off and land on Megas 2, the girls look at Coop and Jamie though they don't know it's them and they both turn around and salute to the girls and then we see Jamie as Uno run off of Megas and land on the monster and uses his U-Saber stabs him and the monster is in pain then we see Coop aim his Z-Buster and fires a double shot at the monster and it goes inside his mouth and we see it explode from within then the guys salute to the girls again and ride off with the girls looking on in confusion*

    *We are now at Coop's house and we see Coop and Jamie going downstairs*

    Coop: Hey Jamie! Look the news!

    Newsreporter: *Voice actor is Kevin Micheal Richardson* And in other news, Jersey City is blessed with 2 brave heroes calling themselves Changeman and Morpho. They have done *We see several clips* many heroic acts throughout the city and have kept the city safe from evil doers. Many people of the city are quite thankful for their actions and generositiy towards the city. I for one will sleep safer knowing that they are around to help out.

    Jamie: Nice.....

    Kiva: There you guys are! *They turn around to see Kiva* I've been looking all over for you. Did you even know that there was a giant monster attacking Jersey City?

    Coop: Sorry....we were too busy working with Megas.

    Kiva: Well thankfully we got some help by those 2 new heroes. Changeman and Morpho. And as for you 2 the both of you have been slacking on responsibility. At least I can rely on your girlfriend for help.

    Jamie: Maybe we should tell her Coop so she'll get off our case...

    Coop: I guess. *They both get up* Uh.....Kiva. Can you keep a secret?

    Kiva: What?

    Jamie: Well....you know those two hero guys right?

    Kiva: *Raises eyebrow*

    Coop: Well the truth is...they are us.

    Kiva: *Laughs* Yeah right....you and Jamie superheroes?

    Jamie: No Kiva it's true! We are the ones that have been saving people in Jersey City. We'll prove it right now.

    Coop/Jamie: ROCKON!!!! *They both take out the U and Z metals and transform, Kiva is astouned*

    Kiva: So they were you!! *Back to normal* Guess that explains why one of them was so fat....

    Coop: You're not mad are you?

    Kiva: Actually....I'm impressed. You are using that power to do good. And it's rare to see Jamie not being a coward.

    Jamie: Very funny Kiva. *They both say rock on and return to normal* Well?

    Kiva: Well I guess with Jenna and Racheal helping me I don't see why you guys can't play hero.

    Coop: Hey this is serious business!!!!

    Kiva: And I see you have done good....but I think it's time you guys stop before that power of yours falls into the wrong hands.

    Jamie: Relax Kiva. *With heroic accent* There is not a villian alive in the universe that can take on Morphman and Chango!, *Kiva giggles, meanwhile in outerspace we see the bioloid still trying to track the reading, it's been a week and he still hasn't nothing*

    Serpentine's voice from the portal: Find anything yet!? *We then see Serpentine poke his head and he sees the bioloid shake his head no but then we hear a beep and he looks at the tracker and he nods yes then he pulls the bioloid up and he shows him the tracker* Excellent! So it's on Earth huh? Re callibrate the time machine for the year 2006 and for planet Earth! I will get my live metals back one way or another!!!!! *The bioloids nod and stuff and they prepare an army of bioloids who look like X phanteons from MegaMan Zero and stuff and they grab guns and weapons and stuff and they start to jump down into the portal and stuff at least a ton of them do then followed by Serpentine, back in Jersey City we see Coop and Jamie in the fortress of Megatude and stuff with Kiva*

    Kiva: Very impressive guys. I guess when you put your mind to it you can both be a good help to the world, now if you can just do that with Megas.

    Coop: Ha ha ha very funny Kiva. Look since you know about us I guess we have to make you a part of the team. Here take this. *Gives Kiva the L metal and Jamie gives Kiva the P metal* You can have these.

    Kiva: Thanks....but I can handle the bad guys without them. *Gives them back*

    Jamie: Suit yourself.

    Kiva: Why not ask Jenna and Racheal to be a part of your super hero team?

    Coop: Nah....as much as I love Jenna this thing was just gonna be a Coop and Jamie thing. Plus I only made one motorcycle and it's for 2 people. I guess we could ask Goat.

    *They all look at each other and start laughing, meanwhile at the Junkyard we see the bioloids enter the area with trackers and they get the signal in a junkpile and one of the bioloids point to it*

    Serpentine: Excellent! Get them! *The bioloids walk towards the pile and then inside we see a blue beeper go off and the three guy sare surprised*

    Coop: Uh oh?

    Kiva: What's going on!

    Jamie: A proximity alert! Someone is too close to our lair! *The montitor is on and we see various bioloids approach the pile*

    Kiva: *Using her scanner* Guys....those are bioloids....from the future!!!!

    Jamie: They must want our rocks!!!!

    Coop: Well they ain't getting them! Activating force shield now! *presses a button and when one of the bioloids touch the junk pile we see it create an electric explosion and the bioloid goes blasting back and the other bioloids look at him then at the junk pile*

    Serpentine: Fools! Don't just stand there! Blast that junk pile open! I want those metals now! *The Bioloids do so and we see shaking and stuff and inside*

    Jamie: Oh man!!! They found us!!!

    Kiva: Coop we need to stop those things before they destroy us!

    Coop: You mean Jamie and I have to. Let's go Jamie we need to get to the morphobike and stop these chumps! Kiva you get to Megas and should anything happen to us use the psychic link control! *Kiva nods and they run off, meanwhile we see the bioloids shoot the entire pile and it goes to rubble*

    Serpentine: Hold your fire!!! *The bioloids stop firing and stuff and then we see Serpentine go up to the pile and digs through the pile to find the Metals* No!!! They aren't here! Blast!

    Coop: Looking for us!? *We hear the custom horn and we see Coop and Jamie ride as Ultrabot Z and Uno and they land infront of Serpentine*

    Jamie: Sorry but if you were planning to destroy us then think again pal!

    Serpentine: What the!? How did you figure out the secret of the live metals!?

    *Coop and Jamie look at each other then at Serpentine*

    Coop: Uh...Live Metals?

    Serpentine: That armor you posses....it belongs to a legendary bioloid known as Ultrabot Z! You were able to acquire his powers through the use of Live Metal! I must know how you did it!

    Coop: Pfft...Like I'm gonna tell you pal!

    Jamie: Just who are you anyway?

    Serpentine: I am Serpentine....a bioloid from the future! I have come to take back the metals so I may use them to conqure the world!

    Coop: Oh yeah? You and what army?

    *We pan out and see tons of bioloids aim at Coop and Jamie*

    Jamie: Apparently the one that's aiming at us.....

    Serpentine: Power down and give me the live metals and I will not hurt you.

    Coop: Sorry chump but if you are gonna use these metals for evil then you can forget it!

    Kiva: *Via communicator* Coop! I don't think you can handle them all! Let's use Megas instead! I'll come over and get you guys!

    Coop: Wait Kiva! Just give us a shot! Me and Jamie can do this!

    Kiva: Coop it's suicide!

    Coop: I can do this! I know I can!!!

    Kiva: *Sigh* Fine....but if things get rough then we use Megas understand! *Ends Transmission*

    Serpentine: So you refuse? Very well then. *To his bioloids* Destroy them both! *The bioloids aim at Coop and Jamie and begin to fire we see both Coop and Jamie jump in the air and stuff we then see Jamie slash his U-Saber cutting a few bioloids in half then using his U-Blaster and shoots a hole in a few more bioloids, he then turns around and cuts the head off a bioloid, then we see Coop using his buster and fires random shots at bioloids blowing them up*

    Coop: Waaaahhhh!!!!! *A few blasts destroy many bioloids then we see Bioloids looking around and then we see Jamie as Phantom teleport above and throws Kunais at the bioloids putting holes in them, then we see him land and use his giant ninja star and he slashes more bioloids into pieces with it. We then see Coop as Levithian jump into the air and swing his giant halbred and cuts a bioloid in half, we then see Coop get hit by blasts and he sees an army of bioloids shooting at him, he creates a water guyser and throws it at the bioloids and they get hit in a tidal wave and they go pelted into each other, then we see more bioloids shoot at Coop but he creates an ice barrier then the bioloids stop and wonder if they got him and then they see many missiles go up into the air and aim at the bioloids and stuff and they hit them causing them to explode then we see the ice barrier shatter and Coop is now in his Fefnir form and he is firing powerful blasts of energy at random bioloids destroying them and stuff then we see a blast hit Coop hard, at another part of the junkyard we see bioloids shooting in the air and we see Jamie as Harpuia using his twin sabers and creates a wind blast cutting a bioloid into pieces and then we see Jamie land and run at bioloids and fight with his two blades as he slashes random bioloids but then we see a bioloid aim at Jamie and fire a wire at him and it ensares him*

    Jamie: Hey what the!? *The bioloid throws Jamie using the wire into the air and he lands by Coop who is just getting up* omphf....you ok man?

    Coop: I'm good. *They find themselves surrounded by more biolioids*

    Kiva: *Via communicator* Guys! Stop fighting! You can't handle them all by yourself! I'll have Megas come and get you!

    Coop: Not yet Kiva! I ain't done yet! *Coop whistles and his motorbike comes by him and both him and Jamie get on they ride off*

    Serpentine: Destroy them!!!! *The bioloids fire at the motorbike and it rides throughout the junkyard and we see Coop and Jamie transform into Ultrabot Z and Uno again and as they drive by bioloids we see Coop fire his Z-Buster at more bioloids and stuff and Jamie uses his U-Saber to cut down more bioloids destroying them, we then see bioloids fire missles at the motorbike and stuff*

    Jamie: Hurry Coop! Those missles are going to catch us!

    Coop: *Evil Grin* I don't think so. *Activates the Nitros on his bike and goes super fast and rides into a army of bioloids and destroys many of them we then see Serpentine grrr angerly and he grabs a giant laser cannon and aims at the motorbike which is destroying more bioloids and stuff we then see it go up a giant ramp and go into the air* YEEEEEEEEHHHHHAAAAAAAWWWWWWW!!!!! *As it comes down we see Serpentine hit the motorbike and it goes crashing into a pile of junk completely destroyed we also see Coop and Jamie injured well the armor cracked*

    Jamie: Oh man....that was close.

    Serpentine: Very well done but now it's over. I will get those live metals one way or another!

    Coop: No way pal! As long as *As he talks we see the armor run out of power and stuff* I have the power of the future then you will not *Both Coop and Jamie flash and return back to normal* Uh.....

    Jamie: Tell me that didn't just happen.

    Serpentine: Ah....so it turns out to be a bunch of weak and pathetic humans who have unlocked the mystery of the live metal. *His Bioloids aim at them* If you value your life you will tell me how to use the Live Metal!!!!

    Coop: Uh Jamie?

    Jamie: Yeah?

    Coop: I think now would be a good time to use Megas.......

    Jamie: Yeah.

    Coop: *Communicating to Kiva* Kiva! Help!

    Kiva: I'm on my way Coop! *Kiva using the psychic link presses a button and has Megas power up and fly into the air, we then see Coop and Jamie acting all smug*

    Coop: I ain't afraid of you pal!

    Jamie: Yeah why don't you go back to the year fourthy something X X!!!!

    Serpentine: HOW DARE YOU INSULT ME! DESTROY THEM! *The Bioloids fire upon Coop and Jamie but a giant hand protects them, it's Megas, we then see Megas pick up Coop and Jamie and they get in, then we see Kiva get in from the back*

    Kiva: Are you guys quite done playing hero?

    Coop: For now.....*To Serpentine* All right chump! I suggest you go home or else I'll have Megas here destroy you!

    Serpentine: *Serpentine presses a button and we see all the rubble from the destroyed bioloids merge into a giant powerful mecha that looks like the Hell Giant from MMZ4 but with spiked fists and stuff* I am not afraid of such a feeble robot!!!! I will take apart your robot and then gather the live metals for myself then I'll destroy you and leave!

    Coop: Oh yeah? Well destroy this! *Megas runs up to Serpentine's mech and punches him but he grabs his fist and pushes Megas back and Megas tries to break free but can't* Hey!? What the heck! *Then we see serpentine throw Megas into a junkpile, Megas gets up and fires 2 missles from it's shoulders and they hit Serpentine's mech but the attack does nothing and Coop is surprised form the smoke we see Serpentine's mech runs up to Megas and Punches Megas hard sending it flying and Megas goes down, then we see Serpentine over Megas*

    Serpentine: Did you really think you could of defeat me!? Such a waste! Now give me the live metals or else!

    Coop: Never! *Flies away form Serpentine and lands* I'm not gonna let you use these things for evil!

    Serpentine: Then die! *he fires a fist at Megas and it hits Megas in the chest breaking the armor and Megas goes down and is electocuting*

    Kiva: *Scans* Not good! Megas is too damaged to fight!

    Jamie: Oh man....why did we have to pick up those things! I knew they were trouble!

    Serpentine: *His Mech walks up to Megas and kicks him in the face* Last chance....give me the metals or else!

    Kiva: Coop, we better give him the Metals!

    Coop: And let him have is way!? No! This snooty bioloid of a chump comes to my time, tries to take the rocks I found and then does this to Megas!? This ends now! *Coop presses a button and we see the glove compartment open up and Coop puts the live metals into the compartment and they intergrate with Megas, we see Megas glowing and stuff*

    Kiva: Coop what did you do!?

    Coop: I'm just giving Megas a much needed energy boost! *When Megas dims down we see Megas has transformed, he has giant wings like Harpuia, the Scarf of Phantom, the Shoulder Cannons of Fefnir, the Halbred of Levithain, the Body of Ultrabot Z, and the Saber of Uno* Oh yeah....how you like that!?

    Kiva: Coop! I don't know what you did but Megas has become stronger! We can use this power to defeat this guy and stop him!

    Coop: My thoughts exactly! *We see Megas run up to Serpentine who fires a laser blast at Megas but Megas flies into the air and then fires a water blast from the halbred then he kicks the mech in the head, then we see Megas transform into a super powerful cannon like Cyborg did in "The End Part 1" and we see Megas charge up a powerful energy blast...*

    Serpentine: Grr....forget this! I'm out of here! *Creates a portal and returns to the future, but Megas fires into the portal and we hear explosions and a yell from Serpentine and then the portal shuts down, Megas flashes and returns to normal and then we see Coop grab the live metals and holds them*

    Jamie: Nice! We beat him! Ok Coop...give me my metals back.

    Coop: Uh....Actualy Jamie.....*We see Coop opens up the car hood and throws the live metals out the window and Megas puts his foot up*

    Jamie: Uh Coop....*Megas steps on the Live Metals destroying them* COOP ARE YOU CRAZY!!!! *Megas lifts his foot up and they are destroyed* Why did you do that Coop we had speed and power! We were superheroes!

    Coop: We still can be heroes....we'll just be using Megas from now on! *Smiles and then we see Jamie crying*

    Kiva: So Coop...did you have fun playing Hero?

    Coop: It was good.....but it was really cutting into my social life.

    Kiva: Well I guess it was for the best that you destroyed the metals. That way no one can use their power for evil. *We see Jamie crying* Will he be ok?

    Coop: Eh he'll get over it. *Stomach growls* Man all that superheroing made me hungry. You know what I'm in the mood for.....a nice hero sandwhich!!! *Megas walks into the city and stuff and surprisingly the city isn't destroyed*

    End Credits: We see that one of the live metals wasn't destroyed and we see Goat come across it and holds it then just chucks it into a crusher and it destroys it.

    The End.
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  16. Xerroo

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    Apr 6, 2005
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    Ultrabot UZ Is finished


    1: Villians: Serpentine
    2: This episode is based on MegaMan ZX, where in the future humans can use Live Metals to transform into heroes, the Model U is the Uno model which resembles Model Z and the Model Z is the Ultrabot Z model which resembles Model X
    3: The motorbike Coop made was based on Akira
    4: The other 4 models are not named but are based on the guardian models in ZX which are Harpuia, Fefnir, Levithian and Phantom
    5: Ultrabot Z and Uno do not appear in this episode
    6: Jamie's line of Fortress of Solitude and a butler are references to Superman and Batman
  17. King_of_doom

    King_of_doom kiva fan

    May 23, 2005
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    I enjoy reading this one because it got some supeheroe stuff, like the parodies and also some of the famous quotes from different superheroes.
  18. Darth-geister

    Darth-geister Member

    Nov 10, 2005
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    Really enjoyed reading this one. It's obvious that Jamie feels more confident because he knows that with superpowers the villains can't hurt him, it also haves some funny scenes.
  19. King_of_doom

    King_of_doom kiva fan

    May 23, 2005
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    I just read Fat to the future and i must say you really did a super cool job man, kudos for you.
  20. Darth-geister

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    Nov 10, 2005
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    I just read the new stuff and the edits. Nice job man, there really worth reading.

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