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"Meet The Fuccons" Fuccon Weak Is What It Is

Discussion in 'toonzone News Archive' started by Chad Bonin, Dec 19, 2005.

  1. Chad Bonin

    Chad Bonin a.k.a. Knux Five
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    Jan 6, 2002
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    James and Barbara Fuccon, along with their son Mikey, are your standard American family. They've just moved to Japan and are trying to get used to the Japanese way while raising Mikey to be a stand-up kind of kid. Will Mikey be able to grow up in this Fuccon household, or will the viewer be completely lost in the Fuccon world?

    It's about Fuccon time. When I heard that ADV was releasing some series called Meet The Fuccons, I downloaded the torrent preview they had set up and it looked Fuccon cool, in a Tom Goes to the Mayor sort of way. As the third person to have this Fuccon disc in my possession (yes, it was passed around like Pretty Woman), I walked away... Fuccon disappointed, that's what.

    Meet The Fuccons has a Fuccon funny concept. Take three department store mannequins, pose 'em and let the cameras roll. Yes, it's technically not animation, as it's live footage of still mannequins that occasionally move. (The biggest movement you'll see is a bra fall off.) The Fuccon Family is a rather 1950's American family in a 2005 Japan world. Thusly, you'd think all the humor would come from culture shock or even that the Fuccon family is surrounded by real, live, moving people (they're not, but that would have been a sight), or their out-of-time mentality.

    No, no, there's not much humor from that. Admittedly, the show does get in a few really funny bits, like Mikey's tutor (who, in James' mind, is stripping in front of his son), or the elaborate plan to get Mikey to drink his milk. (Let's just say American Dad did the same thing.) Each "episode" consists of a few one or two minute bits... which may be the show's greatest downfall. Watching all the bits in a row tends to drag, but watching them individually? They each give off a Comedy Central or Adult Swim commercial vibe; weird enough to tide you over during the commercial break, not weird enough to keep your attention for a full length of time.

    Here's my suggestion; if any channel picks this up, air it throughout a night. It could be in Comedy Central's Friday Night Fix, or Adult Swim's Sunday.

    Just don't watch it for a whole Fuccon half hour.

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