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Marvel Comics Solicitations - October 2016

Discussion in 'Marvel Comics and Collectibles' started by Ed Liu, Jul 25, 2016.

  1. Ed Liu

    Ed Liu That's 'Cause I ATE IT!!!
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    Sep 6, 2001
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    Marvel Comics Solicitations for October 2016


    My comments:

    - I love Skottie Young

    - An "Enchanted Tiki Room" comic book? Well, I scoffed at a movie based on Pirates of the Caribbean, and the first one turned out to be not SO bad, so maybe.

    - I just pre-ordered the first Mockingbird TPB based on the previews I could get at on Comixology, but the cover of Mockingbird #8 would have sealed that decision for sure.

    - I'm vaguely interested in the Man-Thing v2 collection, since I grabbed vol 1 and I like Steve Gerber. But I'm wondering if I can get my local library to order it instead so I can borrow it.

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