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Marvel Animation in 2016

Discussion in 'The Marvel Animation Forum' started by Frontier, Dec 19, 2016.

  1. Frontier

    Frontier Moderator
    Staff Member Moderator

    May 28, 2010
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    2016 proved to be a strong year for Marvel Animation as they continued to deliver multiple animated series on Disney XD.

    Notable highlights of 2016 include:

    - Ultimate Spider-Man continuing into it's 4th (and last) season, titled Ultimate Spider-Man vs. The Sinister Six, features Spider-Man (voiced by Drake Bell) forming a new team of Web Warriors to combat Doctor Octopus (Tom Kenny) and Hydra as Doc Ock attempts to create a new Sinister Six team to destroy Spider-Man.

    Along the way Spidey battles new villains such as Hydro-Man (James Arnold Taylor), Morbius (Ben Diskin), Carnage (Dee Bradley Baker), Mr. Negative ( Keone Young), and Mysterio (Mary Kate Wiles) and travels with Miles Morales (Ogie Banks) into a new dimension-hopping Spider-Verse adventure with new Spider such as Blood Spider (Ben Diskin), Wolf Spider (Christopher Daniel Barnes), Web-Beard (Will Friedle), Webslinger, and the Gwen Stacy Spider-Woman (Dove Cameron).

    He is joined by new Spider-heroes Scarlet Spider (Scott Porter), Madame Web (Cree Summer), and Spider-Woman (Tara Strong) as well as teaming-up with notable Marvel heroes like Dr. Strange (Liam O'Brien), Ant-Man (Grant George) and Moon Knight (Diedrich Bader). Ultimate Spider-Man will conclude with a two-part series finale in January 2017.

    - Avengers Assemble returns for a 3rd season, rebranded as Ultron Revolution, that sees The Avengers reform to battle insidious new threats like Baron Zemo (voiced by David Kaye), the Masters of Evil, Kang the Conqueror (Steve Blum), Baron Strucker (Robert Atkin Downes), the Yelena Belova Black Widow (Julie Nathanson), Klaw (David Shaughnessy), and the Leader, as well as returning major threat Ultron (Jim Meskimen).

    Along the way the team works alongside heroes both new and old, including Dr. Strange (Liam O'Brien), Ant-Man (Grant George), the Thunderbolts, the Inhumans, Ms. Marvel (Kathreen Khavari),The Vision (David Kaye), Captain Marvel (Grey Griffin), Black Panther (James C. Mathis III), and Red Hulk (Clancy Brown). This season will conclude with a four-part Civil War event in January.

    - Guardians of the Galaxy concluded it's first season, which saw the ragtag bunch of misfits team-up with the Inhumans, Thor Odinson (voiced by Travis Willingham) and Asgard, and reach the planet Spartax where Peter Quill finally meets his father J'Son (Jonathan Frakes). The group also battles with major Cosmic Villains such as the Mad Titan Thanos (Isaac Singleton Jr.), Ronan the Accuser (Jonathan Adams), Korath (Dave Fennoy), Nebula (Cree Summer), and Maximus the Mad (Diedrich Bader) in their search for the Cosmic Seed. Guardians has been renewed for a second season that will premier next year.

    - Set around Halloween, the Hulk: Where Monsters Dwell animated movie saw The Hulk (voiced by Fred Tatasciore) team-up with Dr. Strange (Liam O'Brien) and the Howling Commando's to save a group of children trapped under the thrall of the demonic Nightmare (Matthew Watterston) on Halloween night. This is the second Animated movie released digitally/On-Demand by Marvel Animation after the Christmas-based Frost Fight movie last year.

    - Based on the line of figures, Marvel's Funko shorts feature various Marvel characters in Funko form in cute, comedic adventures.

    So, what are your feelings towards Marvel Animation in 2016?

    What were your highlights/favorites of the year?

    What disappointed you?

    What do you hope for from Marvel Animation in the future in terms of their products or the quality of their productions?

    What are you looking forward to from Marvel Animation going into 2017?
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  2. Rick Jones

    Rick Jones Hero Fan
    Staff Member Moderator

    Feb 27, 2008
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    With both USM and AA being pretty good this season, I'd already say it's one of the better years since EMH ended (which someone will jokingly say "isn't saying much"). The Funko shorts are nice little features, though I'm still really looking forward to the shorts done by the French guys, etc.

    Where Monsters Dwell was a cool idea for a Halloween special and Doctor Strange cross promotion. I still wish they'd up the production value a bit and treat these more like movies, differentiating them from the TV shows, but I can't really complain when I think they do a good job. I'm hoping to see them continue with more movies and I'm always open to see them try something else targeted at older fans, too. It would be awesome to see more than these small stories and to see something more epic.

    GOTG has been very hit or miss for me and I wish that wasn't the case.

    I'm looking forward to seeing what they do with the Spider-Man series. I feel as though I should have lowered expectations but it would be nice if they did a great job. There's also Disney's Big Hero 6 series on the horizon, which I'm expecting good things from.

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  3. Greg91

    Greg91 Member

    Dec 30, 2013
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    Ultimate Spider-Man Vs. The Sinister Six has been pretty strong so far and a nice continuation of the improvement we were seeing in Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors. Miles Morales' inclusion to the main cast was very welcome and enjoyable as well as Scarlet Spider. The S.H.I.E.L.D. traitor was a great twist, even if it was spoiled for me online. The writing for the New Sinister Six episodes in that regard was excellent and the kind of suspense and pathos I wanted see more in this show. The story with Hydra's attacks, Doc Ock's plans and Nick Fury's disappearance were great. Plus we got the animation debut of characters like Anti-Venom, Spider-Gwen, and Moon Knight!

    It was unfortunate to see Spider-Man take over S.H.I.E.L.D. over Curt Connors, Maria Hill (after her cameo in Avengers Assemble), the return of Agent Coulson, etc. Also, I didn't like seeing Spider-Man dump another group of superhero friends (the New Warriors) for his group of Spider friends. The show had too many characters to service. Despite that, overall, this was a great season of Ultimate Spider-Man (from what I've seen) and storytelling wise, the kind of show I would've liked it to be back when it started in 2012.

    Avengers: Ultron Revolution has been another impressive improvement following the solid second season of the show. While I haven't seen much at the moment, I've been impressive with what I have seen. Avengers robots hunting down the team, Iron Man and Black Widow teaming up to find Cap, Baron Zemo and an interesting roster of the Masters of Evil taking on Hawkeye, etc. have been pretty exciting. I'm interested to see where it all goes.

    Guardians of the Galaxy continues to be my favorite current Marvel animated show! While Star-Lord's goofiness can get old, I can get past it for the camaraderie between the team and the storytelling. The Asgard War two-parter was one of my favorite animated moments of the year. It was so exciting and intense with so many players. The lead-up to that two-parter was pretty strong too with great characters like J'son, Mantis, and Victoria.

    The season finale fell a little flat in comparison to me. Asgard War was so exciting with Thor, the Warriors Three, Thanos, Loki, etc. The showdown on Earth with Thanos in the finale didn't feel like it was on the same level of excitement. Fortunately, the holiday episodes were the last season one episodes to air and they were pretty good.

    I didn't see Hulk: Where Monsters Dwell, but it looked decent. I don't know where I could see this movie since I don't buy movies digitally. Also, the movie was barely promoted. I have no idea why that was the case. The Funko shorts were fine. I enjoyed the Rocket/Groot one the most for its Looney Tunes style antics. Otherwise, they were pretty simple.

    For 2017, I hope Ultimate Spider-Man ends on a strong note and Marvel's Spider-Man is a truly different and more traditional Spider-Man series with a focus on Peter Parker once again over his superhero alter ego.

    Guardians of the Galaxy season two is introducing Adam Warlock, the High Evolutionary, and the Avengers, which is exciting. I'd like to see some characters return like Mantis, the Black Order and Titus as well as new characters like Phyla-Vell, Mister Knife, and Darkhawk.

    I'm excited to see the Big Hero 6 animated series. I loved the movie and I'm totally up for more of that in a weekly format. Lastly, I hope the shorts with Rocket and Groot as well as Ant-Man and Wasp are pretty good.

    Overall, a year of improvement for Marvel Animation with a pretty positive future ahead, I'd like to say.

    I really enjoy these year in animation discussions @Frontier! Thank-you. :D
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  4. RoyalRubble

    RoyalRubble Moderator
    Staff Member Moderator

    Mar 8, 2009
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    My thoughts on the Marvel animated projects released in 2016:

    - Ultimate Spider-Man had a pretty solid season this year. Just like last year's Web Warriors season was an improvement over what we had before, the current Sinister Six season is another big improvement. A lot of entertaining episodes, cool characters, some pretty interesting twists and stories inspired by some big events from the comics. Plus, the long-awaited return of Mary-Jane, even if only for a few episodes. I think the show is better written now (Scarlet Spider's back-story, for example) and the characters are more likable than before, but there are still a few issues spread throughout. Some of the characters suddenly change their personalities (and then change back by the end of the episode) just to reinforce the moral of the story. The actual Sinister Six didn't really appear as often as the show's title would imply, but they still made their presence felt in some of the earlier episodes. They still had a bigger impact on the show than Ultron on Avengers Assemble (more on that later). Then there's the fact Doc Ock has been used a little too much on the show. Still, I enjoyed it for the most part. I don't really have a favorite episode from the season but there was some pretty cool stuff here - the Symbiote Saga, the new Spider-Verse arc, the Spider-Slayers, etc. Looking forward to the big finale next year.

    - Avengers Assemble improved a lot as well. Ultron Revolution has been an enjoyable season for the most part, even if I think the best episodes so far were the ones that didn't include Ultron. I liked how we had these mini-arcs spread throughout the season, a pretty nice format which I think worked out nicely so far. Just about all of the Avengers got some decent to great characterizations. Plus the return of Ant-Man, and introductions of Captain Marvel, Black Panther and Vision (though the last one could have used an actual origin story). Not to mention the new Inhumans, Ms. Marvel and Inferno. It's a shame they didn't appear in too many episodes yet, even counting ther episodes left to air, there are only 3-4 more chances for them to appear. The villains have been fun as well (well, maybe not Ultron...) I think the best villain this season was Zemo - I wasn't expecting we will get 3 different generations of Zemo as the season progressed. Speaking of which, my pick for best episode this season is probably "Saving Captain Rogers". There were some other solid episodes as well, like Black Panther and Captain Marvel's debuts, or "Seeing Double". Their version of World War Hulk was a bit disappointing. Similar to USM, I'm looking forward to the big finale in January.

    - Guardians of the Galaxy has been pretty great. At the time it started airing, I thought it was the best current Marvel cartoon. Now, it's still good but the others improved. Hopefully this means its second season will be an improvement as well. The Spartax story-arc was the highlight of the season as far as I'm concerned. They didn't exactly resolve everything they set up and rushed it a little towards the end, but it was pretty awesome overall. From the drama and tensions between Quill and J'Son. to the debut of Angela, and even the guest-appearances of Thor and Loki. The finale with Thanos, felt a little underwhelming. It wasn't terrible, just not as exciting as some of the previous episodes were. As a whole, a pretty good first season and I am interested in seeing how the next one will play out.

    - Hulk: Where Monsters Dwell was a pretty good movie. I liked how they paired Hulk with Doctor Strange and the Howling Commandos. The animation wasn't too bad, either. The story felt a little tedious as it played out mainly since it was something we have seen before in other cartoons. I didn't care much for the villain, Nightmare. He was a decent enough antagonist but he just felt boring (and towards the end, his evolved form was pretty ridiculous). Still there were some cool little scenes like addressing the conflict between Bruce Banner and the Hulk, something that hasn't really been used in the cartoons for a while. Overall, a decent idea for a Halloween movie and I wouldn't mind seeing more like this - hopefully not all Halloween or Christmas themed, a little better written and animated, and not with the Hulk as the star. :p

    - The Marvel Funko shorts were pretty cute. They're fun and have a certain charm to them that makes it a nice experience. It's a neat idea for a series and I would like to see more stuff like this. It's pretty reminiscent to the animated Lego stuff, which I usually enjoy.

    For 2017, I'm looking forward to just about everything we know about so far. The new seasons of Avengers Assemble (with even more new heroes and another new title) and Guardians of the Galaxy.

    Next on my list of stuff I'm looking forward to would be the Big Hero 6 animated series. I wasn't a huge fan of the movie but enjoyed it. And the designs for the show look pretty great to me, so I hope it will be a fun series.

    I'm curious to learn more about the new Spider-Man cartoon, the little we learned so far isn't exactly what I expected and not really enough to make me that eager to see it. But I will definitely check it out.

    Then there's also the Ant-Man and Rocket & Groot shorts they promised a while ago. Not much, but I am looking forward to those as well.
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  5. Troy Troodon

    Troy Troodon Well-Known Member

    Jan 16, 2014
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    Okay, quick summary.

    Ultimate Spider-Man has come a long way from being mediocre at best to actually being a much more decent show. The voice acting has improved, the animation is still good, and the stories got much better and helped develop Peter as a character. While this show may not be as good as Spectacular Spider-Man, and it does look like the newer show coming may be returning to Spectacular's roots in terms of story telling, I'll be honest when I say I am kind of gonna miss this show, if only because it did come a long way.

    Also like USM, Avengers Assemble has also gotten better... but I still can't say it's good. For me the problems are still remnant, the animation is still not good, the voice acting still needs better direction, and much of the stories are still poorly developed as well as a majority of the characters. There are some saving graces though like the inclusion of the Thunderbolts (namely Mimi/Songbird) and of course the awesomeness of new heroes like Captain Marvel and Black Panther; but for the most part the stories are still bland and most of the original avengers are still unlikable, I do mean most not all btw.

    I got nothing to say about Gotg, but that's mostly because I actually stopped watching the show because unlike USM and AA, it did NOT in fact get better; in fact I felt the show actually got worse with every successive episode. Sort of the same problems as AA to an extent, and I think my main problem is not so much the story, but the characters themselves, for me the Guardians are just so bland and so unlikable that it's not really investing to the story.

    Then of course there's the latest and greatest animated film, Hulk: Where Monsters Dwell.
    (sort of a regurgitation of my previous review :sweat:)

    Much like with Justice League vs. Teen Titans, I feel the title is somewhat of a mislead, since it should be titled, "Marvel's Dr. Strange and Hulk!" and that's especially apparent with the release of the Doctor Strange live-action movie, starring Benedict Cumberbatch.

    As a more recent Marvel animated film, it was alright for the most part. It shows it's true potential, though not exactly in the same league as, The Batman vs Dracula. I'm not asking for too much from them, but I do feel they still could have done better in some spots.

    Again the animation for the most part is not very impressive, although the coloring and character designs did seem more remnant to some of Phil Bourassa's work like Young Justice or the CW Vixen short series, or at least have it in the same quality as Ultimate Spider-Man.

    As for the voice work, Fred Tatasciore is spot on as always as the big green goliath, plus Liam O'Brien as Doctor Strange himself, both did solid performances with their roles. The other voice actors for the Commandos and the teens did fine with what they were given, it's nice to hear new talent fill in like Edward Basco as Warwolf for example; though I can't help but feel Matthew Waterson tried a bit too much to be more like Troy Baker's impersonation of Mark Hamill's Joker; I have not heard of any of these actors, but for what it's worth they still did a good job with what they were given.

    The musical score tends to vary between casual AA music, to something more original and more akin to orchestral themes from the DC Animated movies. The latter I would very much have preferred rather than this inconsistent track.

    I'm not surprised it's not as "adult" as they promised, but it would have been nice for them to push the envelope and at least try and have plot writing, again closer to something from DC.

    ... Okay I know for some it seems unfair for me to compare DC and Marvel sometimes, since that's basically comparing apples to oranges, so let's compare apples to apples shall we; in Hulk vs. Thor, an animated movie prior to Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, thus setting the phase to that continuity later, we get to explore more of Bruce Banner's character as the man behind the monster, and it explores more of the perils regarding The Hulk's pure rage without Banner's humanity to keep him in check.

    And not only was the characterization of Bruce and Hulk more explored there, but the animation was better as well; and there was also the Dr. Strange animated movie, that also delves into more uncomfortable territory with the movie's psychological and emotional nature.

    But yeah I get those were more mature, so for something geared more for kids, there's always some episodes of EMH if anyone can name some. It's been a while since I watched that show again, so I'm afraid I'm not as familiar with some of the episodes' themes.

    So maybe if they had a bigger budget, they could add more fluidity and expression to the character animation and not just rely on cheap camera pans.

    I also felt Hulk's own personality, as departured from Banner's, seems a bit to naggy; Hulk is usually the strong silent type and doesn't really let his ego about being a hero get to him. He's fine with being a hero but he doesn't boast about it.

    As for scares... well they did have plenty of scary ideas (some of which I won't spoil here in fact) but for the most part at least they didn't actually come of as scary per say, even for something child friendly.

    Overall, this film is alright. Kids might like it, but probably not adults who want something more from it, though I myself certainly didn't regret watching it. I did enjoy it, but I still wish it could have been better.
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  6. SweetShop209

    SweetShop209 Well-Known Member

    Jan 5, 2014
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    I don't have much to say. Marvel Animation has done really well this year. Spidey, Avengers, and Guardians have significantly improved, providing a better balance of action, humor, and serious moments. Hulk's movie is a personal highlight of mind due to how dark but still meaningful it got. The Halloween setting is definitely fitting. Spidey will be missed, while I look forward to more Avengers and Guardians.
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