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Mainframe to animate Max Steel season 3 - UPDATED

Discussion in 'toonzone News Archive' started by Vin, Aug 3, 2001.

  1. Vin

    Vin DVDtoons.com

    Apr 20, 2001
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    Max Steel, recently picked up by Cartoon Network for it's third season, will look noticeably different. That's because Mainframe Entertainment, creators of Reboot and Beast Machines, among others, has been chosen to animate the new episodes.

    Mainframe Entertainment's CEO Lou Novak recently announced the show when he spoke to the Wall Street Transcript. Novak explained, "The most recent evidence of Mainframe continued success is Sony coming back to us with another property. We did Heavy Gear for them last year, and they just came back to us this year on a very tight schedule with Max Steel. I'm very encouraged, in terms of the overall market trends."

    Mairi Welman, a former employee for Mainframe up until the company's recent firing of many of its workers, had this to add about Max Steel and Mainframe; "MFE (Mainframe Entertainment) is doing 8 episodes of Max Steel to finish up the season started by another animation company. The hope is that it will lead to additional work from Sony."

    This will be the third animation company who has worked on Max Steel. The now defunct Netter Digital animated the first season, while Foundation Imaging animated the second season.

    Max Steel's third season was originally scheduled to be on Kids' WB! and would have been cel animated. The decision angered Mattel and Sony and fearing that it would hurt the toyline, they shopped the show to Cartoon Network. Cartoon Network ultimately decided to pick up the show and air it in it's original CGI animation.

    Max Steel was scheduled to premiere September on Cartoon Network, but it appears that it won't air before at least October. However, when it does premiere, it has been speculated that the show would be stripped weekday mornings in a Sony-produced block. The Cartoon Network Toonami block is also being considered as a possible home for Max Steel. Similarly, MFE and Sony produced Heavy Gear could be picked up by Cartoon Network, but at this time, that would only be added speculation. Look for more news regarding Max Steel on Cartoon Network coming soon!
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