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Magic Tricks

Discussion in 'The Story Board' started by ChikoritaCheezit, Feb 25, 2015.

  1. ChikoritaCheezit

    ChikoritaCheezit The Random Shipper

    Feb 19, 2015
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    All right, here is a story I wrote in my Creative Writing class for my idea for a cartoon. Enjoy!

    We open on a stage at the local auditorium. A voice from off screen is played.

    Moe (Offscreen): Ladies and gentlemen, feast your eyes on the guy who is more stupendous than a snake, more wonderful than a whale, stage opens, revealing Moe in a magician outfit and there is a flashy banner with the name, ‘Magic Moe.’ Me, MAGIC MOE!

    The audience is silent. Moe frowns frowns the lack of enthusiasm, but continues anyway.

    Moe (Clears throat): I bet I know what you’re all here for. You’re here to watch me amaze you with some amazing tricks! As he is doing this, Moe is pacing on stage, carrying a magic wand he pulled out. He stops pacing. Well, have I got a surprise for you! I have brought with me today my newest magician in training, and offspring! Starts to point towards curtain. MAGIC MARK! Curtain opens, but shows no one coming out of it. Cricket noise in the background.

    Moe (A bit nervous, and scratching his head) Uh, well, that’s just part of his act: appear invisible, go backstage, then appear with his daddy. Starts walking backstage. Let me check on him. He goes backstage.

    The scene then cuts to backstage, where we see Moe’s wife, Denise, checking up on the props while Mark, age 9, is sitting in a chair in a magician outfit similar to Moe’s, but in a kids size.

    Moe (approaches him and talks a bit softer): Mark, you’re on, lets start the show.

    Mark (Looks up at him with a mixture of sad and angry): I don’t wanna be a magician! They’re all as fake as reality TV!

    Moe (Looks shocked for a second, then goes back to his magician voice): Well, you have to. It’s the family tradition!

    Mark: Dad, you were the only one in our family that was a magician. Grandpa Stan owned a comic book store, We’re not royalty,and I wanna make video games.

    Denise (Comes up after finishing having last check on props): You know, he may have a point.

    Mark: Besides, you’re a pretty outdated magician.

    Moe (Gasps): Outdated? Why I’m one of the most famous magicians in Houdiniville! I mean just look. Pulls out magazine with his face on it titled, ‘Magic Monthly.’

    Mark (Grabs the magazine from him): Yeah, in 1994! Shows him the date it was published. It says May 1994.

    Moe (Cringes for a second): Well, Pulls out another magazine. I’m on the cover of this recent magazine.

    Mark (Grabs that one and flips it around to show Moe. Yeah, in Remembering the 90s Monthly! Shows more view of magazine. It says, ‘Remembering the 90s Monthly.’ He puts it down.

    Moe (Feels defeated. He starts begging on his knees.): Please, just do it for your daddy!

    Mark (Looks at him and feels a bit guilty.): Well I don’t know.

    Moe: I’ll get you the new Danger Unicorn game.

    Mark (Shows him with a thinking face as he talks in his head.): Dad looks so guilty. I think I should help him. But not for the Danger Unicorn game. Even though that game does look sweet.

    Mark (Stands up with a more optimistic tone and face): I’ll do it!

    Moe (Looks up and gets happy again.): YES! Now, lets get this show on the road! He leaves toward the curtain with Mark slowly following.

    Denise (Watching them leave.): Those two really get along now don’t they?

    Back on stage, several, audience members have left but some are still there. Moe pops out of the curtains.

    Moe: Sorry for the delay, but I have brought with me, my magician in training: MAGIC MARK! Moe points towards curtain again.

    Mark (Appears out of curtains kind of nervous and nervously waves at the audience.): Um, hi? Audience sits there, dead pan with cricket noises still playing.

    Moe (Clears throat): Now for my first trick, I shall pull a rabbit out of my hat! Takes off top hat and proceeds to pull out nothing. He looks down with a shocked face as he starts digging around for the hat, pulling out other animals such as a frog, a rat, a cat, his car keys, a watch and a gold bar worth a million. Come on, come on, where are you? He feels something heavy. Man you’ve gotten heavy. He is panting as he’s trying to pull it out. He pulls out what appears to be an anvil. He lifts it over his head. It stays in the air as he looks up, rolling his eyes on how cliched it is as it falls on him.

    Mark (Stands there chuckling a little due to the cartooniness of it all. Then stops wondering if his dad got hurt.)

    Scene goes back to back stage. Moe walks up as his squashed appearance goes back to normal. Denise looks at him in confusion.

    Moe (a bit angry): Where is Ronald?

    Denise: He’s not with you

    Moe: No, he wasn’t in the hat.

    Denise (looks down): Oh, there he is.

    Scrolls down to Ronald the Rabbit. He is on a tiny recliner chair reading a tiny magazine named ‘Carrots Monthly’ with a bunny on the cover who looks suspiciously like Bugs Bunny. Ronald looks up at Moe, who is tapping his foot. He gets a scared face and jumps up, grabs his hat and jumps in.

    Cuts to back on stage where Mark is trying and failing to do a juggling act. A few more people have left. Moe walks back on.

    Moe clears throat): Anyways, for my next act, I will-

    The lights suddenly go out, with only his eyes in view. Laughter is heard in the background.


    The lights turn back on and it shows wally on stage in a wizard outfit. Moe looks at him, confused and angry.

    Moe: Wally, what are you doing here?

    Wally: This is my show today?

    Moe: Are you insane? This is my show today?

    Wally: (Darn that scheduling). Well, the audience wants to see me more. Wizards are the new magicians!

    Moe: Oh, you mean the imaginary creatures who perform ridiculous spells?

    Wally: Says the magician performing phony tricks!

    In the audience, a little kid is heard crying, having his hopes and dreams up. The mother brings the kid out of the theater, ticked off.

    Wally looks at the audience, remembering they were there.

    Wally: And now, Wizard Wally has brought with me a special guest. My new wizard in training.

    Moe (Looks at him with a disappointed face): Oh real original (sarcasm)

    Wally: BEHOLD, WIZARD WILLY! Opens up his cape, and Willy comes out, in a wizard outfit similar to his dad.

    Willy (Looks around with an odd expression. He then sees Mark): Hi Mark.

    Mark: Hi Willy. Got roped into doing your dad’s act?

    Willy: Yep.

    Mark: Told you he’d buy you the new Danger Unicorn game.

    Willy: Yep.

    Cuts to both their dads, arguing over their acts ripping each other off. More audience members are leaving. In their arguing, the lights suddenly go out again. Another voice is heard.

    Ellen: LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! BE PREPARED TO BE DAZZLED BY THE ONE AND ONLY, ENCHANTED ELLEN! Lights go on and there she is. WITH MY ENCHANTRESS IN TRAINING, ENCHANTED EMILY! Emily suddenly pops in from backstage, in an outfit just like her mom’s.

    Emily (Looks around and sees Mark and Willy): Oh hey guys.

    Mark and Willy: (both look over): Oh, hey Emily. Got stuck in your mom’s act with the new Danger Unicorn game.

    Emily: Yep.

    Mark and Emily: Figures.

    Emily: That’s our parents.

    Mark and Willy: Yep.

    Ellen (Laughing maniacally and talking all crazy): BWAHAHAHA! I’M THE BEST ENCHANTRESS IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE! Makes really crazy faces. In the process of this, her husband, Cameron comes out.

    Cameron: Yeah, this is what happens when she’s had too much coffee.

    Moe: You know what, this is making us lose the audience, lets just do all our acts at the same time.

    Wally and Ellen: OK

    They all start trying, and failing to do their magic acts. More audience members are getting bored and are starting to leave. Mark, Willy, and Emily are watching.

    Willy: Man, this is a disaster.

    Emily: They’re gonna be the laughing stock of the town.

    Mark: We’ve got to do something.

    Willy analyzes all the tricks they are doing. He sees Moe still trying to pull Ronald out of his hat. Then sees Wally making a psychedelic effect with his wand. Then he sees Ellen making fireworks through an opening in the ceiling to avoid setting off the sprinklers. A lightbulb appears over his head.

    Willy: THAT’S IT! Sees light bulb over his head and turns it off. We’ll combine their tricks together and make the best darn magic show they’ve ever seen.

    Emily: How are we gonna do that.

    Willy: OK here’s the plan: They huddle together as he whispers the plan.

    The scene cuts to Mark sneaking under the table where Moe’s hat is. Mark goes under the table and sees Ronald, tired out. He pulls out a mini trampoline and puts it under him to make him jump higher. Ronald jumps much higher out of the hat. Audience gets interested

    Willy takes out a bouncy ball and throws it over at Wally’s want. Wally flinches when the ball hits the want, and repositions it over where Ronald is still jumping around. Audience is more invested

    Emily sneaks under the stage and calculates where the fireworks are positioned. He bangs the bottom of the stage to move the fireworks. They move over so they’re shooting near the rabbit and the effect makes a stellar combination. Audience is dazzled and cheering.
    The 3 magicians see the audience members cheering, smile, and continue doing what they’ve been doing. They have a big finish with all of their tricks for an even more epic combination and take a bow. Roses are being thrown on the stage.

    Moe: Why thank you!

    Wally: We hope you enjoyed the show.

    Ellen: Please come again soon!

    The audience starts clearing out. When they’re all cleared out, the cricket noises are still there. Zoomed in, it shows Calvin the Cricket, cheering with a bunch of Magic Moe merchandise as he realizes the show is over and hops away.

    Denise comes out, clapping her hands

    Denise: That was amazing! You did a wonderful job!

    Cameron: It was quite the show!

    Moe: Ah yes, it was a wonderful show. I certainly dazzled them with my rabbit trick.

    Wally: What do you mean your trick. It was my wand effects that saved the day.

    Ellen (Laughing): No way, my fireworks were the ones that impressed the audience.

    The three look at each other, then proceed to more arguing. As they are doing this, the three kids walk up to them.

    Mark: Um, Dad. You promised you’d buy us the Danger Unicorn game.

    Moe (Too busy arguing, but quickly remembers. He quickly pulls out his wallet, and gives him money.): Yeah, Mark, here it is, enjoy yourselves. (Goes back to arguing.)

    Mark (Looks at the other two.): Well let’s go.

    Willy and Emily: OK!

    All three walk off, as Ronald follows them.

    Mark: Ronald also wants to play

    Willy: Oh come on, he always wins.

    Emily: How is that even possible, he lacks opposable thumbs?

    Mark: Who knows?
    As they walk off into the sunset, Ronald comes up in front, with opposable thumbs holding a sign that says, ‘The End.’


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