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Lucky Lydia APM Music Breakdown

Discussion in 'toonzone Animation Wiki' started by SB20xx, Feb 12, 2012.

  1. SB20xx

    SB20xx Oooooh!
    Staff Member Moderator Reporter

    May 13, 2003
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    - Samba - Gerhard Trede (title card)
    - Elevation - Trevor Duncan (morning)
    - Miranda Samba - Alec Gould (Lydia wakes up)
    - Unknown Tune - Jack Shaindlin (Lydia leaves the house)
    - Take a Peek - Jack Shaindlin (Lydia leaves Bernice's house)
    - Petite Flirt - Jack Shaindlin (Lydia goes to the boys' clubhouse)
    - Samba - Gerhard Trede (Lydia is rejected by the club leader)
    - Dachshund Walk - John Fox, Mac Prindy ("This is membership drive week.")
    - 200 Bright - Jack Shaindlin ("I think we should let her in.")
    - Jamaica Road - Dolf Van Der Linden (initiation)
    - Danger - Jack Shaindlin (shrunken head)
    - Guitar Stings P - Paul Lenart and Robert Duke Levine ("All right, but to join our club, you gotta go by the rules.")
    - Guitar Stings N- Paul Lenart and Robert Duke Levine ("Biff's Big Book of Rules says...")
    - Guitar Stings Q - Paul Lenart and Robert Duke Levine ("Pass them, and you're in.")
    - Guitar Stings L - Paul Lenart and Robert Duke Levine ("So uh, know any good dastardly deeds?")
    - Who Me? - Jack Shaindlin ("Nick's room.")
    - Burlesque - Jack Shaindlin ("You gotta clean Nick's room.")
    - Danger - Jack Shaindlin ("Any second now...")
    - Who Me? - Jack Shaindlin ("Oh no, I couldn't do that.")
    - Danger - Jack Shaindlin ("All right, I'll do it!")
    - Samba Tropical - Gerhard Trede (old man's back is cured)
    - Alex on the Road - Steve Simmons (boys and Lydia walking)
    - Saloon Bar - David Farnon (card game)
    - Danger - Jack Shaindlin ("I want the most dastardly deed of them all.")
    - Mambo Livre - Alec Gould (ending)
    - Chrisamba - Jack Shaindlin (credits)

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