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    Here is a list of episodes and studios that worked on Loonatics Unleashed. Please note that on the DVDs, they are placed in production order, which is what I will list them by.

    Season 1:
    Main Title Animation: Dong Woo Animation/DR Movie
    Loonatics on Ice: Dong Woo Animation
    Attack of the Fuzz Balls: DR Movie
    The Cloak of Black Velvet: Dong Woo Animation
    Weathering Heights: DR Movie
    Going Underground: Dong Woo Animation
    The Comet Cometh: DR Movie
    The World is My Circus: Dong Woo Animation
    Stop the World I Want to Get Off: DR Movie
    Sypher: Dong Woo Animation
    The Menace of Mastermind: DR Movie
    Time After Time: DR Movie
    Acmegeddon (pt. I & II): Dong Woo Animation

    Season 2:
    Main Title Animation: Dong Woo Animation
    A Creep in the Deep: Dong Woo Animation
    Secrets of the Guardian Strike Sword: Moi Animation
    I Am Slamacus: Dong Woo Animation
    The Heir Up There: Moi Animation
    Apocalypso: Dong Woo Animation
    The Family Business: Moi Animation
    Cape Duck: Dong Woo Animation
    The Hunter: Moi Animation
    It Came from Outer Space: Dong Woo Animation
    In the Pinkster: Moi Animation
    The Music Villain: Dong Woo Animation
    The Fall of Blanc, Part I: Moi Animation
    In Search of Tweetums, Part II: Moi Animation

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