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List of Whatever Happened to...Robot Jones? Episodes

Discussion in 'toonzone Animation Wiki' started by Robot_Jones, Nov 17, 2013.

  1. Robot_Jones

    Robot_Jones My name is EGGSPITCH

    Nov 17, 2013
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    Season 1
    1.Whatever Happened To...Robot Jones?/Electric Boogaloo/Groovesicle:Robot Jones learns that he has been put into a human public school that he must now attend. While in class, he believes that the problems are too easy which results in him getting sent to the principals office for being a smart alec to the teacher. Later the same day as all of the school kids are eating lunch, the principal trips on a wire which he later finds out is Robots charger cable. After finding out it was Robot Jones, he gives him three months detention for tripping him, which angers Robot Jones so much that he starts malfunctioning and scares away everyone. Later, he rants about the humans in the hallway and almost gives up completely on them, until he develops a crush on a girl who is wearing braces. He then realizes that humans are not all that bad and that he needs to study more on them./Lenny and Denny Yogman try to trick Robot Jones so they can steal his brain./A Music Video About A nudist and his dog.
    2.PU to PE/Vacumn Friends:Robot Jones fears taking a shower in gym class because he thinks he will rust./ Robot Jones befriends a vacuum cleaner after thinking humans and robots cannot be friends.
    3.Cube Wars/Sickness:Everyone becomes obsessed with solving their Rubiks Cubes, but Robot Jones' superior mind allows him to solve it almost instantly. The Yogmans sabotage Robot's cube, however, and he begins to malfunction./The Yogmans prank Robot Jones by inserting a virus-filled floppy disk in Robot's disk drive, and he becomes very ill.
    4.Parents/Embarrasment:Robot Jones must bring his parents to parent-teacher night at the middle school.Chaos ensues from there./ Robot Jones wants to ask out Shannon to the Harvest Dance, but his nervousness causes his exhaust to malfunction whenever he gets near her.
    5.Politics/Growth Spurts:Robot jones Runs for school counsil president./ Robot Jones modifies himself to be tall enough to be on the basketball team.
    6.Jealousy/Scantron Love:Another robot named Finkman becomes infatuated with Shannon, and Robot Jones gets jealous./Robot gets romantically involved with his history class' Scantron machine.

    Season 2
    1.Gender/Math Challenge:Robot Jones wonders about his gender, as he was never assigned one being a robot./Mr. McMcMc challenges Robot Jones to a math competition to determine who is the smarter one of the two.
    2.Family Vaction/Hair:Robot and Socks go on a spring break vacation together with their families, but Robot's parents are clueless as to how a vacation works./Seeing other boys in school with hair makes Robot want hair of his own to impress Shannon, but he has trouble finding a hairstyle that suits him.
    3.Garage Band/Work: Robot, Socks, Cubey, and Mitch form a garage rock band together. They focus more on being cool rather than actually practicing songs, which confuses Robot./Robot Jones gets a job with Dad Unit at the robot factory to make extra money.
    4.The Yogmans Strike Back/Hooky 101: The Yogmans hypnotize Robot's friends Cubey, Socks, and Mitch to go against him./Robot Jones,Socks,Cubey,and Nitch All Play Hookie.
    5.House Party/School Newspaper: Robot Jones throws a big party at his house while his parents are away./Robot Jones gets a job for the school newspaper and writes stories about Principal Madman.
    6.Safety Patrol/Popularity:When Robot Jones is put on the school's safety patrol, he enforces the rules very strictly./Robot Jones sends a decoy version of himself to school so that he can attend a robotics expo, but the decoy ends up becoming popular with his classmates.
    7.Summer Camp/Rules Of Dating:Robot Jones tries to impress Shannon by showing off his woodsman skills at a summer camp./Before Robot can go on a date with Shannon, he must remember to abide by the rules of dating for robots.
    NOTE:Series Finale.

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