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List of Sailor Moon: Black Moon Clan characters

Discussion in 'toonzone Animation Wiki' started by NayokoKihara, Nov 2, 2010.

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    The Black Moon Clan are the villains of the third story arc (episodes 60-89) in the Sailor Moon metaseries. In the English dub of the series, they are called the Negamoon Family, in attempt to tie them to the Negaverse. In the original show both groups are unrelated.
    They are the inhabitants of the Planet Nemesis, a fictional tenth planet in the Solar System, and come from the 30th century. Through the power of their earrings, made of a Black Crystal, they are given the ability to travel through time and space as well as create and manipulate negative energy. Members of the clan were identified by an upside-down black crescent moon on their foreheads, a symbol which constrasted the similar marking identifying a member of the Moon Kingdom. They are led by Prince Demand but the true power behind the clan is his adviser, the mysterious sorcerer and seer Wiseman. Their goal is the destruction of Crystal Tokyo by attacking it in the past and to take back the planet Earth for themselves.
    Planet Nemesis is described as a planet of negative energy with the ability to vanish from sight. It can still be seen through X-Rays.
    (Information is mainly limited to the anime and manga versions of the series, with few exceptions for facts from the live action series and stage plays. Live Action or Stage Musical-only characters are not listed.)

    Story of the Black Moon Clan

    During the 21st century, the Earth suffered a serious ecological disaster in which the entire world was encased in ice. Sailor Moon used the power of her Silver Crystal to melt the ice and revive all the people on Earth. Because of what she had done, Sailor Moon became the world's hero and was chosen to become the ruler of it. Together with her now husband Mamoru, they took on the identities of Neo-Queen Serenity and King Endymion and created a second Silver Millennium on Earth with its capital at Crystal Tokyo. It was a peaceful utopia free of crime, disease, poverty and war and thanks to the power of the Silver Crystal, all the inhabitants of the Earth became functionally immortal. However all was not well beneath the surface, there were many people on Earth who felt the utopia they lived in was unnatural or who desired the power of the Silver Crystal for themselves. They banded together and started a rebellion to overthrow Neo-Queen Serenity. In the end they were defeated by Serenity and the Sailor Senshi and were exiled from Earth.
    The Black Moon Clan are the descendents of these traitors who settled on Nemesis, the 10th planet of the solar system. For hundreds of years they lived there, establishing their own society where love, friendship, loyalty, truth, and decency were openly reviled and only success and power were respected. Over the centuries of exile, the clan's magic powers increased and so did their longing to return to their home planet. By the time of the 30th century, the Clan now under the leadership of Prince Demand decided they should return to Earth. Around that time they were befriended by Wiseman a mysterious cloaked being who showed them how to use the power of the Evil Black Crystal which lay in the center of the planet. At first he promised them that he could give them the power and ability to go to Earth and appeal directly to Neo-Queen Serenity to gain amnesty for the citizens of Nemesis, who had committed no crimes themselves.
    However over time, his influence slowly began to corrupt Demand and his court and he convinced them that the only way the Black Moon Clan could live in peace on Earth was to conquer it by force and destroy Crystal Tokyo for being the cause of all their sufferings. With a large armada of spaceships, the Black Moon launched a surprise attack on Crystal Tokyo (who at the time was suffering from a mysterious failure of their defenses) destroying nearly all of it except for Neo-Queen Serenity's Crystal Palace which was protected by a barrier created by the Sailor Senshi. The Queen and King were injured in the attack and forced to go into crystallized healing hibernation. Their daughter, Princess Usagi (Chibiusa) with help from Sailor Pluto managed to escape to the 20th century Japan with the Silver Crystal of the future in an attempt to get the help of the Sailor Senshi of the past.
    Seeing the threat to their plans and receiving advice from Wiseman that they could have an easier time destroying Crystal Tokyo by attacking it in the past, Prince Demand sends Rubeus and the Ayakashi Sisters to the past to capture "the Rabbit" and to flood Tokyo with their dark power all the while being completely unaware that he and the rest of the Clan are being used by Wiseman for far more sinister purposes.

    Key Figures

    === Death Phantom (Wiseman) ===
    The Death Phantom, or Wiseman, is an immortal form of Chaos from the future. In the English dub he is only called "The Wiseman" and is said to serve the Doom Phantom, a dangerous entity that created the universe and now wants to destroy it through Wiseman (Doom Phantom is represented through a skull in the anime).
    In the anime Death Phantom approached Prince Demand when he was young, and the Black Moon Clan were the descendants of the traitors who were exiled to Nemesis centuries before by Neo-Queen Serenity and King Endymion. While posing as Wiseman, Death Phantom tricked the Clan into gathering power for him. He promised them the power to go to Earth and appeal to Neo-Queen Serenity for amnesty for the citizens of Nemesis, who themselves had commited no crimes. Wiseman's influence transformed their minds until they carried out his revenge plans, and plans for the destruction of Earth.
    Death Phantom cares little for his followers, going so far as to kill Saphir after he and his brother realize they have been lied to. He provides counsel for Rubeus during his mission, but does not care about his death, and humiliates Esmeraude when she asks him to make her the Queen of Nemesis. He also manipulates Chibiusa's memories to transform her into the Black Lady. In the end Death Phantom is destroyed, but Nemesis and it's citizens are not.
    In the manga things are slightly different. The Death Phantom was a man with dark powers living in Crystal Tokyo, and he used his powers to wreak havoc on the community. His powers included "death hands" (the ability to reach long distances to attack people) and "death vision" (the ability to control others with a glance). Neo-Queen Serenity banished him to the barren planet Nemesis, where he merged his spirit with the planet and they became one. He cloaked his decaying body and went to Earth, convicing people that the 30th century Utopia of Crystal Tokyo was an abomination against nature (all citizens were immortal due to power from the Silver Crystal). These people formed the Black Moon Clan, and he led them on a rampage through Crystal Tokyo, and then into the past to obtain the Silver Crystal and carry out his revenge.
    Death Phantom, or Wiseman, just as in the anime cares very little for those he controls. He kills two os his own followers himself (Rubeus and Saphir), and when faced with a new method for power he turns Chibiusa into the Black Lady. When Prince Demand attempts to kill the Wiseman, his body shatters, and Chibiusa reveals that he is Nemesis. Once all of his followers are gone, and Chibiusa is no longer the Black Lady, he creates a large dark energy swirl to kill the Sailor Senshi. He is defeated when Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon attack him with a double Moon Princess Halation.
    Death Phantom is voiced by Eiji Maruyama in the original Japanese anime. In the English dub The Wiseman was voiced by Tony Daniels (who also voiced Jedeite). Death Phantom was portrayed by Kenji Tominaga in the 2000 stage musical.

    Prince Demand

    Prince Demand, called Prince Diamond in the English dub, is the leader of Planet Nemesis in the 30th century. He was born on a prisoners planet and led his people in a fight for revenge against those that banished them, though he originally wanted to reason with Neo-Queen Serenity, to explain that he and his people were descendants of criminals, but not criminals themselves. Wiseman manipulated him until he was unforgiving toward the people of Earth.
    During an attack on Crystal Tokyo he and Neo-Queen Serenity see one another, and he becomes fascinated with her and the anger in her eyes. While in the past he recognizes Sailor Moon as Neo-Queen Serenity's past form. He kidnaps her and dresses her up; she is rescued by Tuxedo Kamen. Later during an attack on the Black Moon, he finds Sailor Moon again and attempts to use his powers to force her to love him, but is unsuccessful.
    Prince Demand comes to realize that Wiseman is using him after listening to Sailor Moon and Saphir. He saves Sailor Moon when the Wiseman tries to kill her, sacrificing his own life.
    In the manga Prince Demand hated the inhabitants of Crystal Tokyo because he felt their long lifespans were blasphemous, and they were all corrupt. Wiseman convinced him to use the power of the Black Crystal of Nemesis, and using this crystal, Demand formed a plan to go back in time before the Moon's influences, to create a new history.
    He first became obsessed with Neo-Queen Serenity during the initial attack on Crystal Tokyo, when she ran from her palace in search of her daughter, Small Lady. He realized the Sailor Moon of the past was the same person, and kidnapped her and brought her back to Nemesis. He went so far as to kiss her when she awoke, only to be slapped and rejected. Though the planet absorbed her powers, leaving her unable to transform, she later escaped with her friends and caused Nemesis to collapse.
    When Prince Demand realized Wiseman was using him he turned on him, and Spahir attacked him and he was forced to kill him. He attempted to bring together the Silver Crystal of the present and the future to destroy the time-space continuum, but was stopped by Sailor Pluto. After this failed he tried to kill Sailor Moon, but was killed himself when Tuxedo Kamen joined forces with her.
    Prince Demand is voiced by Kaneto Shiozawa in the original Japanese anime. In the English dub he is voiced by Robert Bockstael (who also voiced Helios). Prince Demand was played by Hikari Ono in a stage musical.

    Blue Saphir

    Blue Saphir, called Sapphire in the English dub, is the younger brother of Prince Demand, and the alchemist of the Black Moon Clan. Though he invented the earrings made of black crystal, he is the only member of the clan that does not wear them. He is also more rational than most members of the clan.
    In the manga Saphir likes to work with the lowest of the Black Moon Clan's minions, droids, rather than serve his older brother. He is the only one to question the intentions of the Wiseman, and his brother's sense in listening to everything he tells him. This provokes a violent reaction from Prince Demand, and he accuses Saphir of wanting all the power for himself.
    When Prince Demand kidnaps Sailor Moon and she finds Saphir's laboratory, he admits that she is guiltless and their plans make no sense, but attempts to kill her anyway, as he believes all conlflict comes from her and the power of the Silver Crystal. Neo-Queen Serenity then activates her crystal, giving her the ability to transform on Nemesis. The power from Sailor Moon causes the planet to be unstable; Saphir and Demand are both rescued by Black Lady, who takes them to the Wiseman's castle. Wiseman loans Saphir use of his "demon hands", and hits them both with a mind control spell. Demand's "Evil Eye" makes him immune to Wiseman's mind control, and he kills Saphir when attacked.
    In the anime a relationship from the past with the eldest Ayakashi sister, Petz, is hinted at. There are also hints that he may have feelings for Esmeraude. Saphir hears Wiseman talk about using his brother and the others just to reach his own goals. Saphir then steals the power of the Black Crystal and takes it to Earth in the past, also reuniting with Petz. He is helped by the Sailor Senshi, but killed by Wiseman before he is able to wsrn his brother. The black moon mark on his forehead is revealed to be gone after his death, when his headband falls off.
    Blue Saphir is voiced by Tsutomu Kashiwakura in the original Japanese anime. In the English dub he is voiced by Lyon Smith. Blue Saphir was played by Yuri Kuroda in stage musicals.

    Green Esmeraude

    Green Esmeraude, called Emerald in the English dub, is a selfish woman with a distinctive piercing laugh. She wears tight fitting dresses, stiletto boots, and opera-length gloves.
    In the manga Esmeraude is obsessed with Prince Demand, and she attempts to have the Sailor Senshi killed by her subordinates Achiral and Chiral. When her plan fails she attacks Chibiusa in the 30th century by strangling her with her newly revealed monsterous hands. She is stopped by Sailor Venus, and Sailor Moon tries to use "Moon Princess Halation" on her, but it fails. Esmeraude counters by using her multiple hands to strangle Sailor Moon, Sailor Venus, and Tuxedo Mask. The ability to use "Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber" is given to Tuxedo Mask when King Endymion's spirit is behind him; he uses the new attack to kill Emseruade.
    In the anime Esmeraude passes up the chance to rescue Rubeus from his exploding ship, and succeeds him. She is still obsessed with Prince Demand, who in turn is obsessed with Sailor Moon. She goes to Wiseman in jealous rage and demands the downfall of Sailor Moon and that Prince Demand be hers. He gives her a tiara that he claims will make her the queen of Crystal Tokyo. She accepts and it increases her powers; soon she is overwhelemed by the new dark power and she turns into a dragon that attacks the Crystal Palace. The Sailor Senshi fight the dragon, unaware that it is Esmeraude, and Sailor Moon defeats it. Esmeraude reappears as the queen she had wished to be, surrounded by a glow, only to be sucked into a dark vortex that appears under her.
    Green Esmeraude is voiced by Mami Koyama in the original Japanese anime. In the English dub she is voiced by Kirsten Bishop. Green Esmeraude was played by Miki Kawasaki in stage musicals.

    Crimson Rubeus

    Crimson Rubeus, known only as Rubeus in the English dub, is the first of the Black Moon Clan to appear in the 20th Century on a mission to find someone using the codename "Rabbit". He follows orders from Wiseman and the Prince, and he leads his own team of minions called the Ayakashi Sisters.
    In the anime Rubeus is the love interest of the youngest Ayakashi Sister, Koan, but he does not care about her at all. When the Sisters reform to normal life Rubeus captures the Sailor Senshi and uses them to blackmail Sailor Moon into bringing him the Silver Crystal in order to save her friends. When Sailor Moon arrives he transports them all to his spaceship where a battle to save the Senshi takes place. Chibiusa successfully destroys the crystal that controls his spaceship, causing it to catch fire. Sailor Moon then attacks him and frees the Sailor Senshi, after which she and Chibiusa teleport out of the ship. Esmeraude appears and confronts Rubeus, and he begs her to save him from the burning ship. She refuses, saying he has failed too many times to be of use, and leaves him to die as the ship explodes. She later reports to the Prince and Wiseman that he died during battle.
    Contrary to the anime, in the manga he only captures Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, and Sailor Jupiter; he is unable to capture Sailor Venus. He also realizes there is more to the Wiseman that what is seen, and is killed by Wiseman when he attempts to confront him.
    Crimson Rubeus is voiced by Wataru Takagi in the original Japanese anime. In the English dub he is voiced by Robert Tinkler.

    Black Lady

    Black Lady, called Wicked Lady in the English dub, is the brainwashed form of Chibiusa. Wiseman finds Chibiusa, frustrated after failing to revive her mother, and uses his magic to twist the memories and thoughts of her family in order to control her. He converts her by telling her nobody loves her, and laying the "seeds of guilt" for what she had done.
    The power of the Black Crystal causes her to grow older. She wears a satin and organdy gown and the black moon earrings worn by the Black Moon Clan. Her hair grows longer, and the crescent on her forehead turns to that of the Black Moon. Her appearance is the result of Chibiusa's wish to become a beautiful lady like her mother.
    In the anime Black Lady attempts to kill her family and the Sailor Senshi because she believes she is unloved by them all, and her only friend is her toy Luna-P. This differs from the manga, where she throws away Luna-P and dismisses it as a childish toy.
    Black Lady attempts to use her dark brainwashing powers to seduce her future father, Mamoru Chiba, and to destroy the Sailor Senshi. In the anime she tries to kill Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask, but is saved from her anger when Sailor Moon transforms into Neo-Queen Serenity, her mother, and embraces her, changing her back to Chibiusa. This again differs from the manga, where the death of Sailor Pluto saddens her to the point of breaking Wiseman's power over her. Her tears activate the future Silver Crystal, allowing her to become Sailor Chibi Moon for the first time.
    Black Lady is voiced by Kae Araki in the original Japanese anime. In the English dub she is voiced by Liz Wartenberg Brown.






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