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List of Cartoon Network HQ bumpers

Discussion in 'toonzone Animation Wiki' started by RandomMe, Mar 25, 2013.

  1. RandomMe

    RandomMe An Imaginary Friend

    Dec 30, 2012
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    Domino: set against a green background. The chain begins with the starting piece (labelled "GO"), then a piece palls to the rest of the chain, revealing the logo. Noticve that the "GO" piece gets a cameo near the end!
    Fly: A black square, taking the role of a fly eats three white square. The fly sleeps and metamorphs into the CN logo, flying like a butterfly.
    Disco: A white square is dancing on a dance floor, but is then annoyed by a black square who does a weird dance, launching the white square off screen. Ther CN logo falls on top of the square and the dance floor.
    In the Water: The CN logo is bathed in the water (at sea, maybe, because of the seagulls), and constantly flips throught the ID.
    Bomb: A square bomb explodes and pieces of the CN logo fall.
    Bowtie: A black square vibrates. The white square flies and slowly morphs into a bowtie. The CN logo apprars from the two halves (top and bottom).
    Bowling: A brownish-orange bowling ball knocks out the wight square-shaped pins.
    Abduction: Various colored lights flash over parts of the CN logo. It is then abducted by a UFO (another bloody square).
    Breakout: The CN logo is surrounded by blocks.
    Topless: A black square reveals its sides, scaring the white square. The sides are actually the CN logo!
    Prison Break: A white square jumps to the top of a fence.
    Generally, there were many different bumpers used during this era: on a white or black background, where the action of one character passes over to the action of another on another square. On May 8th, 2005, CN HQ changed its bumper set lightly, with moving squares and minor changes to reflect the launch of Boomerang to most of Europe, erasing al classic cartoon characters, replacing them with more newer characters.
    The City era was unveiled to CN HQ and CN PL+HU+RO on April 21st, 2006 (Friday). CN HQ, instead, got silent versions of the City bumpers. Sime "Back in 5" bumpers were used for no apparent reason whatsoever, despite CN HQ carrying no adverts at all.
    Around July 2006, new bumpers were added, designed by "anrick". Soundtracks were added to the new bumpers. The existing bumpers were left unchanged.
    Most of these bumpers are available at a South African YouTube channel signed "fostersfriend".
    Introduced around April 2009 on many european variants of CN (all but the turkish version), eight bumeprs were used, divided into four pairs: the arrows and those items getting in the CN logo, and that stuff getting out.

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