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Like Sands in the Hourglass (Scooby-Doo fan-fiction)

Discussion in 'The Story Board' started by hobbyfan, Sep 19, 2015.

  1. hobbyfan

    hobbyfan Well-Known Member

    Jun 9, 2002
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    This story is a tribute to the crime dramas and mysteries I grew up watching & reading. You'll see what I mean as we go along. Recall that at the end of the Scooby-&-Scrappy-Doo Show's run, before it morphed into the New Scooby-Doo Mysteries, Shaggy and the Doos were running the Fearless Detective Agency, while Scrappy split time between that gig and helping his other uncle, Yabba, and Deputy Dusty out west.

    This will make Scooby's fever dream (Mystery, Inc., season 1) look like chump change. All characters in this story, save for ones I've created, are copyright Hanna-Barbera/Warner Bros./DC Comics.
    Setting: October 1982.

    Norville "Shaggy" Rogers had returned home to Coolsville after a lengthy business trip on behalf of his ailing uncle Fosdick, alias Uncle Fearless, founder of the Fearless Detective Agency. It was a rare instance of Shaggy traveling alone, without his faithful best friend, Scooby-Doo, who stayed behind with nephew Scrappy to mind the store. Scrappy was going over that day's mail, and handed Shaggy an envelope.

    "Seems as though you've got a secret admirer, Shaggy!", he exclaimed. "The envelope is laced with perfume."

    Shaggy sniffed at the envelope, and nodded.

    "You're right, Scrappy. It is perfume. I think now you guys know why I've cleaned up my act lately.", he said, admiring himself in a mirror. Indeed, instead of his usual sloppy appearance, Shaggy wore a suit & tie, had combed his hair, and even trimmed his tiny goatee. "I have to create a good first impression for any and all incoming clients while we take the agency national."

    "National? As in, across the country?", Scrappy wondered.

    "Precisely. I've got the rights to the Mystery Machine now, so I felt we could make that our mobile base of operations. Now, if you'll excuse me......."

    "What's with him?", Scooby asked.

    "I think he's in love.", Scrappy replied. "He's got a pen-pal in Metropolis."

    A few minutes later, Shaggy re-emerged from his office.

    "Tomorrow, we're going on the road again, but this time, you're coming with me.", he said.

    "Where to? Metropolis?", Scrappy teased.

    "Close enough. How about a return trip to Gotham City!"

    "It's been three years since the last trip.", Scooby recalled, "But it's just the three of us this time? What about Uncle Fearless?"

    "I've hired a nurse to take care of him while we're away. She'll be here in the morning.", Shaggy replied.
    The occasion was the annual Detectives convention, taking place in Gotham City at the Convention Center. Millionaire philanthropist Bruce Wayne, alias the Batman, was going over some last minute details with his associate, Alfred Pennyworth, who could see that his employer was a little disturbed by something.

    "The invitation to Mystery, Incorporated was returned, wasn't it, sir?", he asked.

    "Yes, Alfred, but half the team is unavailable at this time. Only Shaggy Rogers and the two dogs are coming. The others are all away at college, according to Shaggy. He's running his uncle's agency, so he's really representing two agencies at one time.", Wayne replied. "I won't have the Wonder Twins on this job. Seems Shaggy's uncle is ill and needs attention, but someone's trying to kill him, or so it would seem. So, Shaggy asked if the Twins could work undercover. Jayna's posing as a nurse, to avoid any undue romantic entanglements."

    "Ah, yes, I seem to recall Mr. Rogers became quite, shall we say, smitten with Miss Jayna the last time."

    "And vice versa, Alfred, but she's only doing this as a favor for him. He knows she's seeing someone else now. I happened to run into him recently in New York while he was on a case. He's changed since the last I saw him. Tidy, more professional. Seems breaking away from his friends has done him some good."

    "And perhaps the Batman will make an appearance at the convention?"

    "I'm supposed to do that tomorrow, but a surprise appearance tonight might not hurt."
    "I have a Fosdick Rogers on the guest list, and you're obviously not him.", Buck Crawford, event coordinator for the convention, said as Shaggy arrived around 5 pm. "Is something the matter?"

    "Yes. Uncle Fosdick is ill and unable to attend. I am on the guest list, though, representing Mystery, Incorporated, along with Scooby & Scrappy-Doo.", Shaggy replied.

    "Ah, yes, here we are. I was told to expect the three of you, but I was also told there would be a female companion with you."

    "Oh, no, plans were changed at the last minute."

    "You can go ahead and report to the front desk, Mr. Rogers. Since you have double representation, it'll save us some space."

    "Oh-ho!", Scrappy whispered. "So you were planning on having Jayna join you after all this time."

    "Not quite. She was supposed to be here with her boyfriend, Jimmy Olsen of the Daily Planet, but Olsen backed out due to a scheduling conflict, and with the prospect that someone could take a shot at Uncle Fearless, I thought maybe Jayna and her brother, Zan, could look after him for us. She agreed to that gig, and she'll let us know if we have to come home early."

    "The old Rogers luck strikes again.", Scooby teased.

    "Nah, she admitted when we last saw each other she was seeing someone, so she couldn't risk the thought of cheating on him, and I can't blame her."
    So who's after Uncle Fearless, to the point where the Twins are providing protection? More to the point, how many other famous detectives will Shaggy meet in Gotham? Scope it in chapter 2, coming in 2 weeks.
  2. hobbyfan

    hobbyfan Well-Known Member

    Jun 9, 2002
    Likes Received:
    Chapter 2:

    Detective Mumbly arrived with his commanding officer, Lt. Schnooker, around 7 pm. As Mumbly looked around, Schnooker was stunned to meet his brother, Demetrius.

    "Demo! What brings you here?", he asked.

    "I was going to ask you the same question, big brother.", Demetrius replied, hugging him. "Do you realize that by adopting a different identity, it was hard tracking you?"

    "Well, no one would believe a Greek detective working with a dog in the California suburbs."

    "Good point."

    Mumbly, meanwhile, made his acquaintance with the Clue Club, who were all present except for the team's leader, Larry. As Dottie explained, Larry had gone off to get married after graduating from college. Across the hall, Shaggy met with Taffy Dare. The former Teen Angel was now 20, and in college herself.

    "I'm so disappointed Fred, Daphne, & Velma aren't here.", she said.

    "So, where's Dee Dee & Brenda, and Capt. Caveman?", Shaggy asked.

    "Oh, I guess you didn't know. Cavey went back to his own time. I was so sad to see him go."

    "Well, he was fun to be around. Say, I had reserved a 2-bedroom suite, because I meant to have a date with me, but she cancelled. I don't think she'd mind if you took her place."

    "Oh, I'd love to!!"

    In the lobby, Justin Finkerton, the estranged son of the late detective, had arrived with two bodyguards.

    "Any sign of Fosdick Rogers, let me know. He's the one who blew the whistle on me and turned Dad against me five years ago.", he said.

    Meanwhile, back in Coolsville, the Fearless Detective Agency was being staked out by two suspicious looking men, who then contacted Finkerton.

    "Boss! Fosdick Rogers is here in Coolsville! You might want to leave the convention!", one said.

    "Terminate him, then come to Gotham and report to me!", Finkerton hissed.

    Inside the agency, "Fearless" Fosdick Rogers regaled the Wonder Twins with some war stories, but also explained his side of the issue with Finkerton.

    "Justin was the bad apple. His father wanted him to inherit the agency, but Justin was more interested in selfish, material needs. He hated his father's #1 operative, Inch High, more than his dad did, if you can believe it."

    "I think a friend of ours would like to meet Inch High.", Zan said.

    "Well, I think my nephew gets first crack, as Inch supposedly is headed for Gotham for the convention."

    Jayna glanced out the window, and saw the car parked across the road.

    "We're being watched. Seems Finkerton wasn't taking any chances.", she said.

    "There had to be something else between you and Justin Finkerton to warrant this.", Zan said.

    "Well, there is something else. He tried to take credit for capturing 7 of the FBI's 10 most wanted men, taking credit away from me, from his dad, Inch, and other respectable sleuths, to bolster his own ego. He went on TV, bragged about it, and then was exposed as a fraud by Phil Donohue.", Fosdick replied.

    "They've got guns pointed right here.", Jayna called. "I think we need to address this our way, brother."

    "Right with you, sis."

    The two gunmen trained their rifles toward "Fearless", and never saw their car being lifted into the air. Not by Jayna in any of her animal shapes, but rather by Mighty Man & Yukk.

    "Word's out there was a hit put on an old friend.", Mighty Man said. "You fellows wouldn't know anything about it?"

    The thugs fell out of the car, and ran. Jayna was waiting, wearing the form of a bull elephant.
    After the police took the thugs away, introductions were made. Yukk was tempted to remove the doghouse-shaped helmet that concealed his disfigured face, but Mighty Man talked him out of it.

    "Haven't you considered plastic surgery for Yukk?", Zan asked.

    "And take away what makes him an effective weapon? I don't think so.", Mighty Man replied. "No, I think the good Lord made Yukk this way for a reason."

    Abruptly, the car radio blared a message from Finkerton.

    "Have you bozos gotten it done yet? Time is money!!"

    Fosdick stepped to the radio.

    "No, they haven't, Justin, and they won't. Your ego's still bruised, I can tell, but there will be a reckoning in Gotham City after all."
    And, in Gotham, later that night, Justin met with another prospective hitman. One Floyd Lawton, better known as Deadshot.

    "For the money you're paying me, Mr. Finkerton, this had better be worth it."

    "Oh, it will be. It certainly will be."
    Around 8 the next morning, Scrappy & Scooby walked to Shaggy's suite. There was no sign of Taffy. Or Shaggy, for that matter. Scrappy, however, found signs of a struggle.

    "They've been kidnapped!", he exclaimed. "But who'd want them?"

    "Search me.", Scooby replied. "We'd better handle this ourselves."

    "Yeah, no sense getting a panic started."

    Meanwhile, Shaggy & Taffy woke up to find themselves bound. Taffy was gagged, and had been for several hours, alongside Brenda & Dee Dee.

    "Zoinks!", Shaggy exclaimed. "What's going on here?"

    "You were so easy to fool, Rogers. Separated from your teammates and your new girlfriend, you were easy prey."

    She looked like Taffy, but now, the long, flowing blond hair had been replaced by a short, black hairdo.

    "I am called Chimera, and I am your death!"
    Ooooh, boy, this isn't going to be a fun trip after all, eh? The conclusion in 10 days.
  3. hobbyfan

    hobbyfan Well-Known Member

    Jun 9, 2002
    Likes Received:
    Chapter 3:

    Ex-convict Eel O'Brian, the alter ego of Plastic Man, had arrived in Gotham with his wife, Penny, at his side. Their son remained behind in their new home in Hawaii with Hula Hula, who was now their housekeeper. As O'Brian, Plas passed himself off as a private eye, using his past as a crook to solve crimes. Sam Weaver, a former sheriff from New Mexico who moved to New York 10 years earlier, briefed him on the Fosdick Rogers case, now that word had gotten out that Shaggy had disappeared.

    "Justin Finkerton's been taken into custody.", Weaver said, "But he's already calling for a lawyer. If he knows anything about this, he's not telling."

    "I have an idea that could work.", Eel suggested.

    Meanwhile, Mighty Man, Yukk, & the twins were on their way to Gotham.

    "It so happens a friend of mine has business in the city.", Mighty said, referencing his alter ego of millionaire Brandon Brewster. "This might be a good time to check up on him."

    Jayna, wearing the form of a pterodactyl, sighted the hotel.

    "Ok, guys, you'll have to come down on your own as I get close to the roof. I can't risk landing carrying this kind of weight, and I don't mean the three of you.", she said.

    "Was it wise leaving Mr. Rogers back in Coolsville?", Yukk asked.

    "He'll be safe.", Zan replied. "Get ready to jump."

    Within 2 feet of the roof, Yukk & Zan jumped off Jayna's back. A simple tap of her brother's hand enabled Jayna to revert to her natural form, and Mighty Man cushioned her fall.

    "You remind us of a friend of ours, the Atom.", Zan said as Mighty perched himself on Yukk's shoulder.

    "Well, you might say he was an inspiration to me, Zan.", Mighty replied.

    "You'll have to excuse me, guys.", Jayna said as she went down the stairs. "I'll explain later."

    Chimera had found out over her short-wave radio that her patron, Finkerton, had been captured.

    "He'll never talk.", she sneered. "He promised me."

    However, she had her back turned, allowing Shaggy to free himself and the Teen Angels.

    "She wears a device on her belt that allows her to change her appearance.", Taffy whispered. "Take that away, and she's powerless."

    "Ok, I'll create a diversion. She can't hit us all at the same time.", Shaggy replied. Impulsively, Taffy kissed him.

    "I'll explain later.", she cooed.

    Shaggy crawled across the dirt in the cave at a quick enough pace to get Chimera's attention. With her back turned to Brenda, the teenager used a pair of shears to cut the belt off Chimera's waist. Without the belt, she couldn't change, and one pair of karate kicks from Dee Dee & Taffy turned her lights out.

    A few minutes later, Chimera was bound for the police, as a GCPD helicopter arrived to rescue the four young people.

    "We got a tip.", an officer said. "Your dogs were on your trail, Mr. Rogers, but a, ah, mutual friend contacted us."

    "Batman.", Shaggy thought to himself.

    Sure enough, the Dark Knight was waiting at police headquarters with Scooby & Scrappy.

    "D-d-d-did I miss anything?", Shaggy asked.

    "No, not much really.", Batman replied as Chimera was turned over to the major crimes squad. "I see, though, you had a busy night."

    "Not in that sense."

    "I noticed Scooby & Scrappy were on your scent, but they wouldn't have made it to the cave at all, not with all those rocks, and the high peak."

    "Must be the biggest mountain in the city."

    "It is. It's Mount Gotham, after all. By the way, Shaggy, your date finally arrived, and it took me about ten minutes to explain to Scrappy that it isn't Jayna, although she did have something to do with it after all."
    Meanwhile, back at the hotel, Schnooker & Weaver questioned Finkerton, who maintained his lies, even though they'd been debunked. Jayna, in her secret identity as Joanna Fleming, was busily taking notes alongside a friend, Wendy Harris, who was now a reporter.

    "Where's your brother?", Wendy whispered.

    "He'll be along. We made some new friends on the way here.", Joanna replied quietly.

    Upstairs, Plastic Man had entered Finkerton's suite. Penny, now dressed as a cat burglar, insisted on helping.

    "Just what are we looking for, honey?", she asked.

    "Evidence. If we can link Finkerton to the attempts on Shaggy and his uncle, he'll be going away for a long time. Ah, here we are!"

    Plas had found some notes, including a letter to Chimera, using her real name, Charlotte Braden.

    "Hmmm, that name sounds familiar.", Plas thought to himself.

    "No time to play the Thinker.", Penny warned. "We have to go."

    "And we will, doll, back to our suite."

    Once the O'Brians returned to the lobby after a wardrobe change, Eel had it all figured out.

    "Chimera's father used to work for Proteus, the master of disguise.", he said. "The belt she wears in the picture is similar to Proteus' identifactor, which he uses to change his appearance, or those of his victims. If I didn't know any better, I'd swear she was involved in some way with Proteus himself."

    Soon, Fosdick was heard on the speakerphone, as Yukk was now joined by "Action" Jack Travis, a troubleshooter for Goldie Gold's Gold Street Journal.

    "Mr. O'Brian is absolutely correct.", Fosdick said. "Except for one thing. Proteus is in prison, and his former aide stole a copy of the blueprints for the identifactor. The two had a falling out some time back, and Chuck Braden wasn't around when Proteus had his last run-in with the Justice League."

    Finkerton was taken to police headquarters and extradited back to New York. Shaggy went out on a date with Wendy the next night.

    "Sorry I was late.", she said. "I was working on a story."

    "Oh, that sounds familiar.", Shaggy quipped.

    "Jayna figured, since she's dating a reporter, maybe you & I could hook up. But the distance between us is too much, and I don't like the idea of a long-distance relationship."

    "And they say blondes have more fun.", Shaggy cracked. "I'd have to respectfully disagree."

    A few weeks later, back in Coolsville, Shaggy was back to his old, drab, sloppy self. However, as Scrappy noticed, Shaggy's little black book was filling up.

    "Is part of the point to going national so you can have a girl in every port?", Scrappy asked.

    "Not really. Aside from you & Scoob, I'm on my own, and it's time I finally took full advantage of that. Now, let me find the personal ads."

    The end.
    #3 hobbyfan, Oct 17, 2015
    Last edited: Oct 31, 2015
  4. Nickle98499

    Nickle98499 Member

    Dec 14, 2006
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    Sorry for not replying sooner hobbyfan but i've been busy as my folks, myself and my younger brother have been busy moving, plus I got busy with other things and didn't get to reply until now.

    You did a great job as usual with the story and this sort of goes with the way I'm thinking of shaggy being a ladies man. I also like the cameos throughout and the title of the fan fic.

    It reminds me of the open to days of our lives: "like sands through the hourglass, these are the days of our lives".

    In any case I enjoyed the story and I will definitely keep reading your fan fiction works on here.
  5. hobbyfan

    hobbyfan Well-Known Member

    Jun 9, 2002
    Likes Received:
    I was wondering if someone would pick up on the Days of Our Lives reference, given it's pushing 50 years. BTW, the opening line, spoken by MacDonald Carey until his passing, went, "Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives".

    Just started a new Archie & friends fan-fic, with the next chapter coming soon. More grounded in real-world social issues this time, in response to the Archie & Jughead reboots, merged with my pre-established storyline. This will be another short tale, more along the lines of 5-6 chapters, as opposed to three in this one.

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